Literally, a Literary Tragedy

Two three alarm fires in one day. First, historic Eastern Market, on Capitol Hill, caught fire this morning, allegedly from a dumpster fire behind the building. The entire Southern section of the building gutted.

With Eastern Market still smoldering, at 12:30 this afternoon, the Georgetown Branch of the DC Public Library caught fire. This building, a "flagship" of the library system according to Mayor Fenty, housed the Peabody Room, an unmatched collection of historic documents.

It is unclear what caused the fire, nor if any of the documents were saved. The Peabody Room held documents relating to almost each of the historic Georgetown mansions, copies of newspapers relating the history of Georgetown as an independent city and then a city incorporated into the District, and priceless paintings. The head librarian of the Peabody Room said he often had nightmares about today and thought about "what he would grab first."

The library, like most, has smoke detectors but no sprinklers.

I happened to be grocery shopping at the "Social Safeway" about one block away when the fire started. Flames reached so high into the sky it seemed the entire city block was on fire. Wisconsin Ave. was shut down almost entirely from M Street to Whitehaven. Trucks from every fire station in the city came to the library's rescue, yet heavy smoke and flames kept firefighters from entering the building for almost 2 hours. Spectators gathered on the street and wept.

Visting my friend, and sponsor, Louis Everard at his store across from the library today, I asked him about the tragedy. He told me about the priceless documents the library held, how he used to research in the Peabody Room in 1965, and what devastation the whole community felt.
As Louis thanked a passing fireman for his efforts, I thought of the history lost today - both in the library and Eastern Market - but in the least, looked forward to helping to rebuild in the future.
(Photo credit, Eastern Market, Washington Post.)

Pamela's Punch Team Fundraiser

(Pictures - Pamela and a Grooming Lounge Guest. I am posing with Dina Davalle and Roby Penn.)
Each year the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society holds a competition for Man & Woman of the Year. My good friend, Pamela Sorensen is vying for the title among many worthy competitors, and I have joined her team – Pamela’s Punch – to support her efforts to raise money for this important cause.

Last night she held her first official kick-off fundraiser at the Grooming Lounge where the men enjoyed facials, mini-manicures, and other pamperings, and the women sipped cocktails and noshed on selections from the menu at BLT Steakhouse.

No definitive word yet on the figures, but I’m sure Team Pamela’s Punch is well on our way to making Pamela Sorensen Woman of the Year for 2007 and helping to fund research and medical techniques to combat Leukemia and Lymphoma!

*On a personal and more sober note, I want to dedicate my involvement on the team to my Grandfather, Ike Tarver, who succumbed to Leukemia and related complications in 2004.

B. Michael Fashion Show

B. Michael is one of the preferred designers of Mrs. Fenty, wife of the Mayor of the District of Columbia. Saks Jandel and B. Michael, with Mrs. Fenty in attendance, held a private fashion event to showcase B. Michael's upcoming Fall line.

I can't decide if I like the suits or the gowns the best. Each trend seemed more exciting than the last... but I do think it was the black skirt suit I wore (with a very Jackie-O boat neckline and a back-buttoned deep-V cut jacket) that got the most oohs and aahs. Very elegant and stylish. Very D.C. !

Here are pictured me in two of my runway outfits for the show. I am accompanied by Ashley, Alexandra, and Cat - all models with my agency, T.H.E. Artist Agency.

A percentage of the proceeds from the show are donated to benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of Washington, DC.

White House Correspondents' After-Revelries

*Pictured: Dina Davalle, Pamela Sorensen, James Gomez, me, and Erwin Gomez. Courtesy of Erwin Gomez Salon and Spa; Dina and I courtesy of Yona!

Not at all as an appearance as Miss District of Columbia, I joined friends (Victoria Michael, Pamela Sorensen, Sarah Rosenwinkel, and Dina Davalle) attending one of the three major after parties of the White House Correspondents' Dinner Saturday evening. The Capitol File party, held at the Columbian Ambassador’s (Her Excellency, Carolina Barco) home, was unique in its decadence.

The mansion was splendidly decorated in a sort of 'Carnivale' theme with the towering court jesters, dancers... and I think I may have even seen a mime! Every room had a theme bar. Although I tried to spend time in each of the many rooms, I will admit that I stationed myself for the majority of the evening in the dessert dining area because there I was sure to see everyone coming through!

One highlight of the evening was meeting Petra, a model whose recent Humanitarian work in the wake of the Tsunami disaster has been inspirational. A stunning beauty, of course, I was pleased to find her also very gracious and engaging. I also very much enjoyed meeting and speaking with Kate Roberts, knwon and celebrated for starting YouthAIDS. Other actors, actresses, etc. of note were in attendance. I did not have my picture taken with - as many did - Sanjaya, although he was there for a good portion of the evening.

I'm certain that the Bloomberg and Reuters after-parties were fun as well... but did they have digital media cards and coffee in their goody-bags?? Kudos to Capitol File - always a great time!

D.C. Big Read

This month, the Humanities Council of Washington, DC encourages the entire District to read Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God. Yesterday was the Big Kick-Off Celebration!

WUSA9's Andrea Roane was Mistress of Ceremonies, with MANY important Washingtonians in attendance. I know it was particularly interesting for me to sit between Dr. Clifford B. Janey, Superintendent of the DC Public Schools and Mr. Victor Reinoso, Deputy Mayor for Education for the District - but wonderful to hear them both speak of the importance of literacy in our community and joined efforts to make it a priority, especially through important events such as the Big Read.

I was honored to be selected to provide remarks at the celebration.

It will continue all month with readings at each branch library, local businesses, and bookstores District-wide.

Miss DC receives Pollin Award for Community Service

Former Washington Bullets player Ledell Eackles presented me with the Verizon 2006-2007 Pollin Award for outstanding dedication to the DC Community at last night's Wizards vs. Magic basketball game. That's us - up on the big screen!!

This award was named after Abe Pollin, Chairperson for the Washington Wizards and Verizon Center. Pollin is a man who is celebrated for his willingness to help improve the quality of life in his community and beyond.

The Pollin Award honors individuals who show an outstanding dedication to their community. Pollin Award winners are chosen based on their activity in the community and the impact they make on it.

A special thank you to the Verizon Center Community Relations staff for arranging such a special and memorable awards presentation.

JLW's Tossed & Found Preview Night

For 15 years running, the Junior League of Washington's annual fundraiser has been a "high end rummage sale" with proceeds benefitting the League's many charities and literacy partnerships. This year, they selected me to be the Honorary Chair of Tossed & Found at the Crystal City Ships.

The venue was amazing - an old retail store space donated by the property management company - and the goods were even better! Designer handbags, amazingly current electronics, anything and everything for your kitchen... and everywhere else!

Of course I did a little shopping, but in between I called out prize drawings and called out time for the silent auction. Thanks to those who came to support the Junior League of Washington and had a great time. Above, me and Tossed & Found shopper John Alexiades, of Federal Stone and Brick.

NFL's JB Awards

April 12th I attended the Gridiron Gala for the JB Awards presentation.
JB Awards are conferred upon NFL players, nominated by their teammates, for their outstanding community service. Annually, a Gala is held in honor of JB Award recipients in Washington, DC.

This year, the Ten JB Award Nominees were:
Darnell Dinkins, Cleveland Browns
John Lynch, Denver Broncos
Donald Driver, Green Bay Packers
Jason Taylor, Miami Dolphins
Shaun O’Hara, New York Giants
Duane Starks, Oakland Raiders
Grant Wistrom, Seattle Seahawks
Ryan Nece, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Renaldo Wynn, Washington Redskins
Chad Pennington, New York Jets

Special Award Winners:
Tony Dungy
Marshall Faulk
Everson Walls
Lamar Hunt
New Orleans Saints:Deuce McAllister, Michael Lewis and Scott Fujita will be accepting this award on behalf of all the players from the New Orleans Saints.

It was great to meet some of these men and thank them for serving in their communities. I would also like to send out a special HELLO to the soldiers from Walter Reed whom I met at the Gala - I hope you all had as wonderful a time as I did!


Irena Holiat, you are an inspiration to me! I met Irena at an event just weeks after my crowning and could not have been more impressed with her enthusiasm for taking on others' causes. Though she is in New Jersey, we've kept in touch and she frequently sends me information about important events to attend in the District.

Yesterday she and others took the train down, and graciously invited me to join them, for the SCORE - Counselors to America's Small Businesses - luncheon honoring good friend, Melanie Sabelhaus.

SCORE provides professional guidance and information to maximize America's existing and emerging small businesses and bring them success. SCORE serves over 300,000 clients each year, and it's growing!

I've never seen anyone as vibrant, energetic, and passionate as Melanie. Just listening to her accept her Lou Campanelli Award brought tears to my eyes and made me want to run out and give 100% more to my own causes!

Thank you to Irena, my tablemates, and Melanie Sabelhaus for an afternoon of inspiration.

Green & Blue in Dupont

Last week, a new women's Chic Boutique opened in the District. It's called GREEN & BLUE, and is located at 1350 Wisconsin Ave.

As the store owners were looking to advertise their items and find a "face" for their store, I was honored that they chose me! I had a blast shooting with world-class photographer Jez Coulson, playing dress-up in the trendiest clothes of the season, and seeing the dream come together.

Here's a few previews. To see more, visit, and of corse, visit the store to buy everything you see here and more!

Inside Edition

In case you missed it (like I did!), my friend Chad was sleuth enough to find last Thursday's episode of Inside Edition on YouTube. Yet again, the topic of the day was the ATTRACTIVENESS of the District, and how women in positions of power are not afraid to show their femininity and their brightness (of personality and intellect).
I am glad I seem to be the spokesperson for the cause! Taping was fun, and the crew from Inside Edition was the best!

My only complaint... even though I worked on the Hill for over three years, I still only get the "Intern" title. The fact checking department missed a few promotions, I guess :)

Here's the link:

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