Mate's 2nd Anniversary

I remember when it first opened. I'm not a fan of sushi, but it was the only place in town to go for dinner or apps, then stay for drinks as it turned into a night time louge. It quickly became an "it" spot in Georgetown.

Wednesday we celebrated the 2nd anniversay of the opening of Mate with Capitol File magazine.

My Fly Soundtrack

Sometimes I think the soundtrack of my life could be"Glamorous" or "Bright Lights" or I'm sometimes just hoping for "Beautiful Girl." Lately life seems to be more "Party Like a Rockstar." I'm certainly not complaining about all of the fun, but when we're out like we're out on a Tuesday!??!

Piero Spada always takes care of starting the party, especially on Tuesdays when the 4 AM Mile Flyers show up (that's supposedly us, but I doubt any of us has actually been there until 4...) But Piero does love tequila, so watch out!

The DJ on Tuesdays at Fly rocks, and last night I was ready for dancing with the stars. Mustaffa and I literally took over the dance floor! Yes, I do realize that I have an overactive social life - especially for a Tuesday!!


She warned us to be hungry for dinner! Pamela's Punch came together once again to celebrate Pamela's 1st Runner-Up accomplishment at Chima (pronounced she-ma) in Tyson's Corner.

This Brazillion steakhouse has something for everyone, from an absolutely fabulous salad and sides bar to the renowned mouthwatering meat passed around to the tables. We laughed, talked, got to know each other better and ate, and ate, and ate.


When the Madisons take over my favorite night spot, it's sure to be a spectacle, so this year's MadiSCENE party was appropriately themed. I don't think I've ever seen the place so packed! As one friend said to me this morning at brunch, "I haven't had that much fun at Play since your birthday, Kate!"

The DJ spun Fergie's "G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S" as we ascended the stairway into the club. We may have been sardines, but we were gorgeous, glittery ones! Pink feather boas and pearl necklaces seemed to come from nowhere - and everyone was wearing them. The cocktail of choice seemed to come in a champagne flute, although Budweiser Select and P.I.N.K. vodka were official sponsors of the evening.

Jessica Elledge, Katherine Kennedy, Victoria Michael, Katherine Minor, and I staked our "spot" on the dancefloor, receiving a revolving line of visitors coming and going. I could have danced all night... and I think I did!

Tony's Over the Hill

Lordy, Lordy, Tony Hudgins is 40!
Yet again, we come together to celebrate a birthday... the big one for Tony, our favorite "District Attorney turned Executive Recruiter while owning night clubs workaholic". A huge group of us gathered at Oya downtown to start the birthday party, which would inevitably find its way to Play Lounge.

Tony's parents , Paul Song and new wife Lisa Ling Song, and the guy gang inclusive (Sheriff Abdullah, Michael Kosmides, and Bill Dean) along with "the rest of us" took turns roasting the birthday boy. The best jabs of the night centered around Tony's rough 'best man's speech' at the Ling/Song wedding.

The lengthy meal ended with a spirited game of credit card roulette. (All the guys put in their credit cards and each girl took a turn choosing one card out of the mix. The last two credit cards in the pot split the entire bill!)

Then, of course, we jumped over to Play (which Tony and Sheriff own and operate), to celebrate in style. It's my favorite place to party because the dance music is the best in town and it's one of those places where you always know you'll see a familiar face. Last night, to celebrate Tony, the place was packed with familiar faces!

Sexy Singles?

Lest one start to think that the life of an almost former Miss District of Columbia starts to dull with time, let me take through last Thursday night's festivities.

Remembering that I am a graduate student, I did have to attend class (which my parents will be happy to hear!) and then rushed home to quickly change and dart through the rainy streets of Georgetown to the Four Seasons to meet Dina Davalle, Anna Kimsey, and Kat Minor.

In the summer, the Four Seasons puts on a weekly Thursday party to showcase area businesses and shops. It's always a collection of who's who about town, and a great place to meet to start off a fun evening out.

The party of the night was the Christiania Vodka/Capitol File Little Black Book party held at the 1010 Massachusetts rooftop. Sold to some as an opportunity to consider purchasing condos in the building and others as a sexy singles in the city party, the guest list was quite a melange. Capitol File featured a number of my friends in the Little Black Book issue, and tickets to the event were rare - I know several who claim they will not pick up next month's issue because they failed to score an invite! - I'm surprised that almost everyone new that I met was a real estate agent!!! However, I did see one of my absolutely favorite photogs... and I can't wait to see if our picture makes the next issue. Pamela Sorensen, new Account Manager for Christiania was with us, Justin Wine, Nicole Barner, and David Sutphen, to name but a few.

While the night continued to chill and the bartenders started to run out of glasses, the gals and I headed on to another Thursday staple, Milano. Sadly, the scene was a bit stale (very unusual for a Thursday) probably because Congress was in a late night session to try to resolve immigration - resolving world peace seems easier - and couldn't get out to the "Power M" to shmooze.

So... we sauntered over to Blue Gin, where the Resort themed party that Jamie Hess planned actually turned into an informal after party for the Little Black Book shindig. I did see Jay Varma, Andrea Van Dell, and Carl Becker. The night, and the group, come full circle once again!

Champagne Tasting @ Indeblue

Girls' Night Out bursts out a mildly educational bubble.

We're never shy about celebrating with the bubbly... so this was the perfect occasion for us to have a girly get-together.

Kat Minor, this week's birthday girl (I am starting to think it's one perpetual birthday in this town!) succeeded in planning her bash to stand out from the status quo. She arranged for Indebleu to host a Girls Champagne Tasting and dinner last Wednesday night. Sommelier Saeed Bennani directed the event, teaching almost 20 female friends to taste and enjoy various champagnes and sparkling wines.
He could have diverted into the technical aspects of producing champange, but knowing his audience, he kept the night light and fun. We did leave knowing why champagne corks have that mushroom shape. Do you? No, not because champignon (close to champagne) is French for mushroom. The pressure from the carbonation produced inside the champagne bottle pushes the cork to spill over in the process of champagne-making.

We really did learn a little and have a lot of fun!

The Manny

(Photo credit: Kyle Samperton)

Dashing into Ralph Lauren for what I expected to be a typical book signing and cocktail party at a cothing store in Georgetown (wait - should that be typical!?), I was pleasantly shocked at how fully I enjoyed myself. Not only did I stay the entire time... but I chatted with interesting people, met a creative author, and sampled the best hors d'oeuvres EVER passed at a function like this.

The Manny is about a"Mom trying to balance home, job, husband, and kids in the tableau of the wealthy in Manhattan," according to author Holly Peterson. While this sounds just a touch too much like real life - especially since the author herself lives at 72nd and Park, I'm convinced it's a juicy read. These literary wizards find way to make ordinary life scandalously readable and interesting.

Washington notables came to toast the tale - Ben Bradley, Nora O'Donnell, and Paul Wharton were in attendance, milling about the RL Collection and sipping champagne (with those amazing hors d'oeuvres I can't rant enough about.. Susan Gage Catering.) Looks like having a Manny is IN!

1st Web Exclusive (DC Style)

Check out my first web exclusive at DC Style!

The topic: Fall Hairstyles. I know we're just getting set for summer, but for those of us with an eye for fashion, it's all about thinking ahead.

Man and Woman of the Year

The annual Leukemia and Lymphoma Man and Woman of the Year Gala was held at the Mellon Auditorium Saturday night. Twelve Man/Woman of the Year candidates held their breath after ten intense weeks of fundraising - begging - and collecting items for the Gala's silent auction. Who raised the most money... who would be Man/Woman of the Year??

Nail biting until the last moment, monies raised from the auction items were tallied. Then retallied. Never before had the total reached this level - or been so close between candidates!

In the end, Patrick Judge came away as man of the Year and Michelle Fried won the Women's title. My close friend, Pamela Sorensen, placed 1st Runner-Up, collecting over $129,000 in donations for the LLS! The collective total from all candidates soared over $850,000 - a record that will catipult the Capitol Region to the top in the national LLS fundraising challenge.

You can check out more new pics from my photo shoot with Joe Whiteko in this feature article just posted to


What a beautiful Saturday - a perfect day to be outside, in DC, playing basketball! Today was the 12th annual Hoops Dreams Charity Basketball Tournament and Community Festival.

To raise funds and celebrate the achivements of students, mentors, and supporters of the organization, this tournament helps students pursue their dreams of attending college as one supporter said, "as students, not as student athletes" because this is about kids getting a higher education because they WANT it.

Along with other "local celebrities" I played in the Celebrity exhibition game. Player #1, on the Red team, along with Mike Hines, Darryl Pounds, Miss DC Teen USA Jasmine Alexis, Councilman Jack Evans, and so many others... we WON! (Well, we beat the Blue Team, but it was a pretty creative game, and no fouls were called on either side...) Interestingly, I mainly guarded Miss DC USA Mercedes Lindsey. This was our first appearance together, and it's about time! Both she and Jasmine were great!

Mayor Fenty came to show his support, along with other corporate sponsors, and even tourists visiting the District for the 1st time! The day continued with a 3-on-3 game tournament and other activities throughout the day.

Congratulations on another successful year to Susie Kay, tireless enthusiast and Founder of Hoop Dreams!

Creative Restoration

The tragic destruction at the Georgetown Library on April 30, 2007 continues to bring the community together to restore and rebuild.

Ginnie Cooper, Chief Librarian for the DCPL says, "It's awful... an historical legacy too important to lose. But...we will bring back a library that serves all the residents of this community... We so deeply appreciate the help of those who are coming forward to support this effort.”

Of course donations are accepted:

901 G St, NW #400
Washington, DC 20001

However, my personal favorite option is the new Harold and His Purple Library Tee. One of my favorite old books turned TV show comes back to save the day! Funds from the sale go to re-stocking the library. You can pick up yours at the Proper Topper.

White Nights

Continuing the fundraising effort for Leukemia & Lymphoma "Man and Woman of the Year," we filled Indeblue dressed in all white Friday night. Seyhan Duru's 6th annual White Party, always a see and be scene, became the venue for many of us with a social conscience to start the drive toward the last week of this intense campaign.

All of the candidates are counting their monies, calling in last minute donations, and hoping the auction items they submitted for the Gala this Saturday will put them over the top to make them Man or Woman of the Year. Of course I'll be there Saturday to bring the news to you firsthand! (Thanks to Windy Sheppard, Woman of the Year 2006 for providing spaces at her table.)

A modest donation and some creative white made for a fabulous fundraising fete at the Indeblue Tantra Lounge! Good luck to Seyhan... and stay tuned to find out how much money was raised and WHO WINS!

VSA Arts in Action Family Festival

"VSA arts [an affiliate of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts] is an international non-profit organization founded in 1974 by Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith to create a society where all people with disabilties learn through, participate in, and enjoy the arts."

As I also believe strongly in the arts - and literacy - I was thrilled to be invited to read at Celebrity Story Hour at the VSA Arts in Action festival at Union Station.

I read "We'll Paint the Octopus Red," a delightful story by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen. In the book, it takes Emma some convincing that she will enjoy being a big sister. But she is convinced!When she finds out that her little baby brother, Isaac, is born with Down Syndrome, she worries that he won't be able to do all the things she was so excited about doing with him. She learns that through loveand patience, he'll be able to do all of those things, if she shows him how.

Arts in Action continues through tomorrow evening at Union Station. Check out plays, concerts, and other events and activities for the entire family!

Democrats Detail Iraq Plans at SAIS

In an effort to hear from all sides, I attended what was meant to be a Democratic debate on candidates' proposals for an Iraq response. Willing participants to engage in this discussion were Senator Joe Biden (DE), Congressman Dennis Kucinich (OH) and former Senator Mike Gravel (AK).

Gravel, a self-proclaimed "crazy uncle who has come down from the attic after 26 years," provided the first interesting solution of the evening. Congress should make the war illegal and then throw the President (or anyone else) in jail who does not comply. Gravel guarantees that persistence on the part of Democratic leadership in the House and Senate – coupled with pressure from constituents – would eventually produce a majority sufficient to override the inevitable Presidential veto. "We'll have the troops home by Christmas 2007 [if we set to work on this right away]!" A creative plan, with a few unrealistic assumptions, but a plan nonetheless.

Kuchinich's plan is hazy, yet gives his view of war as an instrument of foreign policy. Put simply, war is not the answer. Kuchinich introduced legislation that would insure that Iraqis retain full control of their oil supply and revenues, and calls for the United States to lead an effort toward reparations for the Iraqi people. "We are on the threshold of a new world… we are waiting for a President who sees it and is willing to make it happen."

"There is no purely military solution," Biden admits, "so I've proposed a detailed political solution as well." Support must be secured from the Sunnis as partners, probably in the form of oil revenue sharing. Troops should be withdrawn incrementally, with a small force left behind to maintain stability with the aid of other interested nations in the region. "This preserves the possibility of a soft landing in Iraq. Not a victory, but a soft landing." The most important aspect of Biden's plan was to "promote and enforce a decentralized federal system as the Iraqi Constitution calls for. The central government in Iraq should be limited uniquely to common concerns." Federalism and limited government are certainly interesting principles to hear from a Democratic candidate.

It would be interesting to hear others' ideas (namely Clinton and Obama) expressed in detail instead of press release sound byte. We should look forward to future candid discussions and expect the Republican candidates to organize such a forum to propose their plans for the Iraq conflict as well.

Birthdays at BLT

I've noticed a trend among my friends - we seem to have a favorite "birthday party spot."

It's most unusual for two reasons... that we should all find the food and atmosphere of the same restaurant appealing to celebrate our big day, and that we should all venture outside of Georgetown (our preferred social scene) and still have such a great time!

BLT Steakhouse served my big birthday bash dinner last March and has since feted Tai Mullen, Christina Martin, (others I'm sure I've missed) and last night, Shannon Snow.

We love it because the servers understand service, the atmosphere is chic, and the menu pleases everyone. You absolutely must have the giant cheese popovers! The gnocci is amazing, I don't even have to tell you how wonderful the steaks are... and if you save room, it'll be the best peanut butter pie you've ever tasted. (Even if you don't save room, you should still nibble the chocolate confections brought with your check while they are warm and chewy.)

We always have such a great time. Whose birthday is next!?!

Shoot with Len DePas

For many years Len DePas' Photographer's Studio has provided star quality photographs for the contestants in the Miss District of Columbia Scholarship Pageant. Len also donates a portait to the reigning Miss DC in remembrance of her year of service. As my year draws to a close, Len and I met for a photoshoot in my Miss America wardrobe.

Much thanks to Len for his artistry and professionalism!

"Less is More" at the Corcoran

One of the perks being a writer... the press pass! I accompanied veteran DC Style blogger, Yona Park, to the Corcoran Gallery of Art's annual 1869 Society Ball last Saturday to learn the tips of penning for the publication. Featuring the new "Modernism" exhibition, the event was themed "Less is More" and asked guests to wear creative black tie.

In my opinion, there are two ways to understand the theme. As I always love to sparkle and take the word Black Tie very literally, I figured it must mean... less fabric. So I donned my backless silver sequin halter cut down to there and arrived at the art museum a bit surprised. Apparently the rest of DC's social dolls took "Less is More" to mean "Simple is OK" and chose more plain, solid, straight gowns. Everyone looked gorgeous, of course, but my desire to dress up was slightly disappointed.

I have to admit I focused more on the fashion than the art, and I couldn't begin to tell you about the "Modernism" exhibition. There was, however, a very ritzy ride in the middle of the atrium that captured my attention... which just leads me to believe that what they say about shiny things be true.

Shine on!

DC Style Magazine

Fun news! My efforts to break into a career in journalism may finally pay off...
DC Style magazine, a web-based publication focusing on fashion, shopping, nightlife and community events in DC has accepted me as a freelance writer.

Check out frequently for blog postings about anything and everything DC. And make sure to check the byline... you just may see a familiar name!

*** UPDATE! I've been published. Check out my first Fashion and Shopping article at:

Welcome Home American Heros

The contestants joined me at a special celebration honoring our troops and veterans today at the Veterans Hospital in the District.

After a short tour of the facilities, we had the opportunity to visit with participants of the celebration, including soldiers recently returned from places such as Iraq and Afghanistan, family members of troops, and hospital and veteran affairs employees.

Chief Z - #1 Redskins Fan gave us all a special welcome shout-out and led us in a rousing chorus of "Hail to the Redskins."

It was a particular honor to welcome home all of our American heroes - both from current conflicts and past wars. Thank you for your service and for being MY hero!

CMN & Wal-Mart - Miracles Happen

Partnerships are almost always positive. When Children's Miracle Network teams with Wal-Mart it's certainly a good thing. When CMN and Wal-Mart join with the Miss America Organization, it's a great thing!
At the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Winchester, Virginia last week there was a special celebration. Twenty years of this amazing partnership brought together Wal-Mart management and employees, Children's National Medical Center staff and children's Champion Ambassador Joey Lora, with me, Miss District of Columbia.
Shoppers joined in by enjoying cake and punch, getting to know Joey, and buying those familiar $1 balloons that mean so much to Children's Miracle Network funding.

Joey Lora is truly a miracle! Having over ten brain surgeries in his 8 years, most of them during his first two years of life, in which half of his brain was removed and portions stopped functioning after a stroke, he currently survives and thrives on only 40% of his brain. While he still still suffers debilitating and very frightening seizures, he makes huge strides almost daily. He was so proud to show me how therapy helped to progress muscle movement in his arm and he even wanted to learn karate!
What makes Joey even more of a miracle is his amazing enthusiasm for life. Nicknamed Mr. Personality, Joey makes friends everywhere he goes and leaves everyone he meets with a smile. He loves to learn, he loves to try new things, and just like every little boy, he dreams big dreams of what he will be when he grows up (and of course it changes constantly!).
Joey's mother, Sandy, summed up her sadness, her strength, and her hopes in looking back over their long and continuing struggle. She reflected on his health complications and the number of times which he was almost taken from the world, and said she figured that he is just not supposed to be here. Yet he is... and she hopes that it is because he is supposed to serve as an example of the great work Children's Miracle Network is doing for so many children around the country - to help people put a face to a miracle.

The Paul Song/ Lisa Ling Wedding

He wore a tux. She wore Asian inspired couture. The ushers were ninjas from Karate Kid. Oh yeah - a Samurai and some Geisha girls showed up, too!

I think when Paul Song and Lisa Ling asked their wedding guests to come for their Los Angeles wedding at the Union Station in "Asian Chic" they possibly meant something a little more traditional. But knowing these two and their crazy friends, the event had to be both memorable and over the top!

The wedding itself, a short ceremony held outside the train station, included an adorable poem about how Paul and Lisa met and fell in love and a very touching message about prayers being answered. Then, the newlyweds received their almost 600 guests and entered the Great Hall of Union Station.

Six food carts held Asian delights such as Japanese sushi, Thia dumplings, and Chinese egg rolls. The ticket windows converted to mini-bars and served guests until after 1:00 am. Their was much dancing and celebrating, of course, but the highlight of the reception was the Bride and Groom's rendition of "I've Got You, Babe," set to their own words.

We wish them well on their honeymoon and as they start their new life together in Los Angeles!

(No costume for me, I wore a simple A-line with a possible Asian themed print.)
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