Model Mayhem

After hours of modeling Saturday at the launch of Charriol (Fine Jewelry Dapartment, Nordstrom, Tyson's Corner) I was ready to kick back and spend quality time with friends... celebrating another birthday, of course.

My excitement for Mike Kosmides' Carvel birthday ice cream cake will only be eclipsed by another "sweet" endeavor he will be announcing in the very near future. Wait for the news!!Plus, just when I thought everyone had crawled out of the woodwork to wish him a Happy 33rd, Jimmy Lynn stroles in with Yul Kwon (Survivor, Cook Islands)!

I did have to leave the BBQ Bonanza as I was going to cover the K Street Anniversary/Madison party for DCStyle. BUT since the bouncers had my photographer escorted out of the party... I thought twice about what I would say. I do have to thank Lounge owner David Chung for apologizing for my photog's inconvenience. You can see the write-up soon on the DC STYLE website. Even so... I think I should have won the Channel purse giveaway just for that!

So it was on to Play - until the feet that had been squeezed into too tiny (but very awesome!) Miu Miu patent leather booties for the fashion event were screaming for relief. Days later, the searing pain continues... but it's nothing some leftover ice cream cake can't hush for a while.

DC Statehood?

Just a note to those who call for DC Statehood... this is neither a statement in favor of nor in opposition to the idea. Yet especially as a vote is expected in the Senate this week - and as I was told by someone (who will remain nameless) that there was overwhelming support... I would like to publish the result of my poll.

Again, I can only speak to those who read my blog and chose to participate in my poll. The results are interesting:

What is your opinion on DC's slogan "Taxation Without Representation?"
I am in favor of DC Statehood. (0%)
DC residents should not pay Federal taxes. (50%)
It beats my state's slogan. (50%)

How Green it Is!

Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nick Jammet (all "green" 22 year old recent Georgetown grads and creators of the new DC Sweetgreen restaurant) celebrated the opening of their take-out salad restaurant in Georgetown Friday night.

Green - organic - is the new black…and this salad shop is already taking off in a big way! So many attended the opening that the party had to be held in an adjacent vacant warehouse with small groups escorted over to the "standing room only" shop to sample the greens and yogurt inspired by L.A.’s Pinkberry.

The grab-n-go greens, touted as the “Chipotle of salad bars," could turn into the newest franchise in the District. The guys hope to sprout shops on the George Washington campus, Dupont, and Bethesda should the Georgetown store stay in the "green".

Sweetgreen is located at 3333 M Street (corner of M and Bank).

And the Deadly Hallows...

As always, my quest for literacy in the District continues... so I love the Harry Potter craze!

I was in the Barnes and Noble on Friday night watching the mania as the book was about to be released. These were by far the best costumes.

I've just finished the final book myself. I think in 10 years time, I may have to go back and re-read all 7 of them. Just as I did with C.S. Lewis' Narnia series, I think I'll get a different message from the stories as my perspective on life and "growing up" changes. In my humble opinion, that's the mark of a masterpiece!

Miss DC 2007

A Magical night has to end magically. And it did.

I both dreaded and anticipated placing the Miss District of Columbia crown on my successor, but I was intent to enjoy the show until that time came. While the contestants competed in Swimsuit, On-Stage Question, Talent, and Evenng Gown... I performed my dance from Miss America, asked on-stage questions (which I did not make up!), escorted the little prince and princesses, did my farewell walk, and then crowned Shayna Rudd our new Miss District of Columbia 2007.

From the moment I met her, Shayna had a very special - magical- quality about her. I knew she had what it takes to capture the crown and the hearts of the people of the District.

I wish all of the contestants well this year, in hopes that if they are eligible, they will come back next year having continued to work toward achieving the crown. And to Shayna - ALL the BEST - I hope your year is as incredible as mine.

What's Next for Miss DC 2006!?!?

One of the most common questions I'm asked is "What are your plans after giving up the crown?" I was always sure that I was going to stay in DC, continue advocating for issues affecting the District, and wanted to begin a career in communications.

I've finally found it! While I'll still be modeling, freelancing for DC Style, and making appearances around the District (yes, I can still be hired - send requests to I have been talking to a local choreographer about parts in upcoming shows in the District (such as The Secret Garden coming to Glen Echo Park later this year.)

The most exciting news is that I have accepted a full-time position as Communications Manager for the Greater Washington Sports Alliance and will be starting almost immediately after retiring my title.

Thanks for all of your love and support this year - the future only promises more excitement!

Practice, Practice!

(Photo credit, Joe Reblando)

Entering pageant week, long production rehearsals are well underway. We are just days away from finding out who the next Miss District of Columbia will be!

Pictures of the 14 Miss contestants and 4 Teen contestants are posted on the organization's website

Potomac Playday

Wyn Sheridan and Trish Lilly invited us to join them aboard Wyn's boat Sunday afternoon. Following a morning of heavy rehearsing for the upcoming Miss DC pageant, the respite was very welcome. Besides, all of my evening gowns will look better with a tan!

Another Day..Another Birthday

The "Big M"... Milano. One of the most popular restaurants and night spots in Georgetown was lucky to have Justin Wine and friends (probably 30 of us!) feting his big day last Friday. Everyone who didn't go out of town for the weekend, as so many in DC do during the summer, planned a full and feisty night out with our favorite "Wine."

After Milano, the entire crew transferred to Play Lounge. (If you're they go there all the time? The answer is YES!) And we were not alone, Bill Hall - of the DC Sports and Entertainment Commission - was spotted, as well as some pro-basketballers playing in Italy.

Meal Ticket

After the recent celebration of two fantastic years in business, Indebleu continues to build on its success by offering an updated menu. The restaurant invited friends to try out the new offerings and then spend the evening together in the Tanta Lounge for the 1000 Nights party. Kathryn Minor, Dina Davalle, Anna and Grier Kimsey, and I (along with most of our friends) wouldn't miss it!

Amazing is the best word I can use to describe my meal - naan pizza, scallops, black cod, and "spaghetti and meatballs" (an interesting ice cream served in strands, which actually looked like spaghetti and meatballs, but thankfully didn't taste like it!).

Saeed Benani, sommelier extraordinaire, treated my table of girls to champagne, which we carried downstairs to join everyone in the Lounge - packed, as always, but we knew some gentlemen with foresight enough to reserve a table.

Kudos to Indebleu, and especially Arjun, for great food and a chance to enjoy it with great friends!

Dina's Day..and D'Acqua

I did warn you that everyone I knew was having a birthday... My roommate and very close friend, Dina Davalle, celebrated another year of gracing the planet with her presence last Wednesday.

Where to have the birthday bash?? Just in time, Victoria Michael, no relation (although I sometimes do tell people that she is my big sister!), saved the day! She has just signed on to market the new D'Acqua restaurant at 8th and Pennsylvania NW. So the crew headed over to "the old Signatures" to meet Chef Enzo Febbraro (formerly Chef at Filomena in Georgetown). We stuffed ourselves with Italian seafood fare while Dina held court over the entire restaurant - Happy Birthday!

Interestingly, on the same night, D'Acqua was hosting a HurryDate event. While it did seem wildly popular, none of us tried it.. this time!


It seems everyone's parents must have been trying to have an Independence Day baby. The calendar over the next few days, even weeks, is filled with birthday dinners and celebrations. I think everyone know is turning another year older!

So in addition to toasting the birthday girls and boys, this is the perfect opportunity to check out new (sometimes just new to me!) restaurants in the city - hopefully a helpful review for those in the District and those coming to visit the Capitol City.

Neyla (Mediterranean) is the spirit of prosperity, abundance, and success... Happy Birthday, Shivi! The place was very affordable, even for our large group. The dish style, tapas, was very appropriate for a celebration... and the wait staff was extremely courteous. We enjoyed the semi-private back room, loved the fried cheese and hummus, and sipped sangria.

Sunshine for Summertime Article

Did you know that the more times my published articles are viewed, the more money I earn for them? If you find these interesting, please pass them on!

Also, I welcome any ideas for future articles... send them to me via my website

Play Ball!

The Nationals won today, and I'd like to think it was because I brought them a bit of luck.

I was honored that today was Miss D.C. Day at the Nationals! Miss District of Columbia's Outstanding Teen, Elizabeth Payne, sang the National Anthem - she's amazing! - and I got to throw out the ceremonial first pitch!

As everyone was stressing to me how important it was that I just make sure the ball goes over the plate, I was a bit nervous that I might not throw well at all... and I will admit that standing on the pitcher's mound was just a bit too daunting. So, I stood just a bit in front of the mound (that's not cheating!) and... made it over the plate!
I got to keep the ball (I'm hoping to have some of the players sign it for me) and watch the rest of the game in the stands with some of the other Miss D.C. contestants and some of the Miss D.C. Board. After all of that fun, the Nationals win was icing on the cake.

See the video of my first pitch here on YouTube courtesy of John Cole.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

I am a country music fan. When Bill invited me to join him in the Clark Construction suite at the Verizon Center for the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert, I was soooo excited!

Last time Tim came into town, he was nursing a sore throat, so those of us in the audience this time got to take advantage as he made up for his last D.C. performance. For three and a half hours he and Faith sang for a packed house - not even taking the time to change outfits, as performers so often do.

From "Live Like You Were Dying" to "Real Good Man" to "Indian Outlaw"(his first hit), Tim's performance was stellar. Faith was amazing, too. I'm not usually the most inclined to see a live music show, but this one was definitely worth it!
A huge thank you to J.L. Herndon and Clark Construction for inviting us to attend with them!


Like the island get-away, but not intended to be as relaxing. Ibiza seems to be an old warehouse turned dance club, reminiscent of Flashdance, "She's a Maniac", but spinning much more current tunes!

Four (or more) large rooms showcase different genres of music, and obviously draw much different crowds. It would seem there will be something for everyone once the club is in full swing.

Tonight was the grand opening. Kim Kardashian was the socialite hostess, although she was not spotted. DJ AM finally came in at midnight... and the view from behind his DJ booth was the best in the house.

Amanda Walke, Jaime Windon, Jimmy Lynn and I explored the entire place, from the rooftop patio terrace to the trance room (Crate and Barrell furniture throughout!) and enjoyed free cocktails all night thanks to special VIP passes from the sponsor, Washington Life magazine.

My DC Style write-up was published at Check it out!

Palisades July 4 Parade

One of the first things I expected to do last year when I won my title was participate in an Independence Day parade. I was crowned so close to the 4th last year that I wasn't able to make it happen - a mistake I wouldn't make twice!

This July 4th, I celebrated the day (in the morning, at least) in Palisades. This part of DC, very close to Georgetown and Glover Park, has an annual Independence Day parade. I was so surprised by how many spectators were there, impressed with the other paraders, and very honored with the reception I received!
Thanks to Greg Gary for driving his new BMW convertible - the hottest car in the parade - for me to ride on!

Battle of the Bronzers & Eye Intense

Check out my most recent Web Exclusive published by DC STYLE magazine... "Battle of the Bronzers" -

Plus, I've been published on Associated Content!
You can check out my recently published content "Eye Intense" at:"

Pre-Liberty BBQ at Henderson Hall

Fort Myers is a Marine installation neighboring the Pentagon that houses Marine administrative operations for the Virginia, Maryland, and DC area. With many Marines set to go on leave for the Independance Day holiday, I was invited to join them in celebrating the birth of our nation and saluting their service with a Pre-Liberty BBQ at Henderson Hall.

A DJ spun tunes, hamburgers and hotdogs were plentiful, and there was even a drawing for gift certificates to the Exchange (like a Department store on campus).

I enjoyed making new Marine friends and introducing some of the girls who will be competing for my title later this month. As always, thank you to our service men and women for being my HEROES!

Meet Virginia

Miss Mountain Empire takes the Miss Virginia crown!

There is no way in the world I would miss seeing my dear friend, Miss Virginia 2006, Adrianna Sgarlata, give up her crown. Of course I wanted to see the Miss Virginia competition, too, but being in the audience when Adrianna sings is an amazing experience in itself! Her rendition of The Battle Hymn of the Republic gives you chills!!

The pageant was held at the Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center last night and aired live on ABC affiliates in Virginia and in the District.

The Top Ten held some surprises, but the state of Virginia can be very proud of the results - Hanna Kiefer took away the crown last night. Her talent was a phenomenal ballet of pointe. Her evening gown was stunningly eleggant, and her ability to express herself on stage was quite impressive.

Just a few weeks remain until I have to give up my crown, too, and the District will have a new Miss America representative. Who will it be??

Meet Virginia (Teen)...

After being judged myself all year, I was happy to sit on the other side of the table and help the Miss Virginia's Outstanding Teen organization select their new titleholders for the Teen and Preteen division. The Teen Queen will go on to represent Virginia at the Miss America's Outstanding Teen pageant in Orlando, Florida and frequently stand alongside Miss Virginia as she makes her apperances around the state.
The criteria are the same as for the Miss contestants: Interview, Evening Gown, Talent, and Lifestyle/Fitness.

Portions of the pageant were aired on ABC affiliates (including ABC-8 here in the District) last night. It was fun to watch myself at the judges table after intently watching wach of the girls on stage!

The winners were:
Preteen - Dominick Fink
Teen - Caitlin Brunell

Shown here: Miss DC Trainer, (also a judge!) John Morris and I with Caitlin's proud parents - her father is Mark Brunell of the Redskins.
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