Inside Washington Program

Gosh I love programs that bring college students from around the country here to DC! That's how I first came to know and love this city, and I can't help but hope that some of these intelligent young men and women take my lead.

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with a class of student interns from the Miami University of Ohio. I remember sitting through similar lectures when I was in their seats... so I tried to impart some true wisdom and relevance, while at the same time engaging in my usual ramblings. And they asked questions, so I know they listened!

It was wonderful to see such eager, bright faces and know that each of them came to the District with a purpose - to meet as many people as possible and see what the city has in store for them. Each day I find out more about what it can do for me, so I only see promise in the future for all of us!

DC... Destination of Choice?

I recently attended the Annual Marketing Outlook Meeting of the Washington Convention and Tourism Corporation (WCTC) in DC's own amazing convention center. Besides hobnobbing with some of the best and brightest business minds in the area, I learned a TON about what DC is doing to bolster its image and help me in my quest to make DC a destination city.

You're getting a sneak peak at the city's newest "logo"... perhaps with a top secret slogan to follow! Anything has got to be better than our current, and appropriate, yet so stale, "American Experience."

I'm thrilled that DC is finally putting the city at the heart of its branding mission, showing the world that DC is more than just monuments and mortar. DC is a Destination of Choice!

Sourpuss City - Here's Why!!

Take one look around and it's easy to see that DC is not a "Southern City." Passersby do not call out in greeting, common courtesies are very often ignored, and practically NO ONE smiles!

I am apparently a Southerner (and someone who believes Southerners are always more beautiful because they are both pleasant and have pleasant expressions), and I smile too much for DC. I thought I was making the city a better place - but I've realized why everyone, especially the women in this city, are so SOUR, and men, take note! It's mostly because of YOU!

A simple smile in passing is an acknowledgement of humanity, not an open invitation! Women have adapted to maintain passive expressions (or rudeness) so as not to have to ward off unwelcome advances, lengthy conversations, and creepy staring.

DC could be a Smily City instead of a Sourpuss one. Say "Hello" in passing. Stop staring! And take that smile or nod for the simple act it is meant to be.

Experiments in Video / Wizards Birthday Mention!

Ok, so my birthday was in March. This is old. Very old. But in an effort to increase my technological savvy, I'm adding video to my blog/vlog.

Plus, it's great to see that even back in March I was already getting into the game... I wish they had let me know that I was on camera so I wouldn't have been chatting so much!

Sometimes We're Crabby

It's rare, but from time to time, some of us actually do leave the District for strange, faraway lands. For example, Tuesday a dozen or so of us choose our own adventure at a literal 'Hole in the Wall' - the Bethesda Crab House. Yes, that's Bethesda, Maryland.
It wasn't my FIRST time cracking crabs, but each time certainly is a unique experience. If you're an expert like my friend Paola (the Birthday Girl), 6 or 7 crabs takes no time at all. When you're me, on the other hand, you're tired after three (and you probably felt like giving up after the 1st one)!

Even so, it's an East Coast tradition... and like they say in one of my favorite movies (Mystic Pizza starring Julia Roberts), "You don't monkey with tradition!"

You still have time to enjoy some Maryland Blue Crabs before the crabbing season comes to an end. And don't worry - you can actually find them in the District, too.

Just another day at the park...

To top off a wonderful (if not winning) sports weekend, I enjoyed a Sunday afternoon at the ballpark. The Nationals played the Mets, but lost, as they have sadly lost the last 5 of 6 games. But I will keep going, and cheering, because baseball is definitely my favorite sport.

Of course the highlight of the game was seeing Wily Mo Pena's first homer as a Nat in the 4th inning. Welcome to Washington, Wily!

Hail to the Redskins!

Ok, so we lost 12 -10... but the first home game of the preseason was a nailbiter to the end. As superficial as our tour of FedExField will appear, Elle Collver and I were very into the game.

Tonight was my first time in the Redskins stadium (ok, I've been there once before - last year - but we never even ound our seats!) so I was curious to really look around. Our seats were Club level - awesome - but next to some Steelers fans, so we headed to the Suites. Suites are fun, but the excitement of watching your team with thousands of screaming people beside you is lost in separation by inches of plexiglass, so we couldn't stay there. Just as we were leaving the suite, who do we run in to but Mercedes Lindsey, Miss District of Columbia USA?!

(Mercedes was bummed because boyfriend Jason Campbell was injured in the first quarter and unable to play for the rest of the game.) She gave us tickets to sit in the lower level (probably Jason's seats). Sitting close to the field was fun - except that we were sitting in the midst of a crowd of Steelers fans... why did we let them take over our stadium??

So, through all of that moving around... we did get to watch a good portion of the game. Although we lost, we had some great plays and great throws by Mark Brunell! I'm excited to return to FedExField again to watch the 'Skins play - and win!

One Lump, or Two?

Cameras strictly forbidden, so I can't treat you to pictures of Friday night's Styx/Foreigner/Def Leppard concert at the Nissan Pavillion. I will say that although I am not a die-hard fan of 80's music, it was a blast. I knew almost every Foreigner song!

Even so, I think the whole venue was really there, waiting, for the British rock band to "Pour Some Sugar on [Us]."

"Little Schnozzy"

It's been almost a full month since our first baby anteater was born at the National Zoo to Momma Giant Anteater, Maripis. This is exciting, not only because we can't expect a baby panda every year like last year, but also because these animals eat up to 30,000 insects daily! Besides, the zoo has once again asked for our help. What will the little "sucker" be named?

Little Schnozzy has been the most popular, but as others are quick to point out, he won't be little for very long. The other suggestions sound mostly hispanic... which is appropriate since the natural habitat for the giant anteater is Central and South America.

Vote for your favorite in the poll on my sidebar.

My personal favorite... Cyrano. Get it?? :)

White (House) Wedding?

I'm not a personal friend of the twins... but this is certainly very fun news. Our oldest First Daughter, Jenna Bush, is engaged!

Yes, Henry Hager finally popped the question. Maybe when Jenna is finished with her upcoming book tour and Henry has finished his MBA at UVA we will have the first wedding at the White House since Tricia Nixon wed Ed Cox (1977).

And for those of you who are sticklers for tradition - yes, Henry first asked the President for his permission. Good boy!

A Simple Man?

DC Mayor Adrian Fenty may have ditched his security detail in an effort to solidify his "man of the people" image. The motorcade takes up less space in the morning madness on Massachusetts these days - and the Mayor spends a lot more time driving around with the rest of us looking for a parking spot.

Fenty's apparent mentor, Mayor Bloomberg of New York, may have set the precedent. Bloomberg takes the subway to work... and much as Fenty borrowed Bloomberg's ideas on his school takeover initiative, Fenty decided to follow in his footsteps to become a simpler man.

Kudos to Fenty for his efforts, but the premise is a bit bogus.

Why should average people in DC want their "celebrities" to act like them? Shouldn't the Mayor be entitled to some special treatment? And most of all, why should maintaining a pollable image keep him from the security he actually does need? We crave celebrity and call for inferiority. We expect great sacrifice, even taking away the small perks of the job.

My thoughts - If we continue to demand that our politicians/celebrities cut corners, our great men and women won't apply for the job, and we really will be forced to submit to the leadership of a simple man.

Beckham PLAYed

The winner of the dueling aftererparties was... either Lima or Play, depending on how you measure. If you care how many people were at the party, and that the D.C. United actually won the game, you were at Lima. If you just wanted to see David Beckham, but figured that he wouldn't show at a crowded venue, you picked Play. Or, if you were me, you went to both!

Jessica Jacobs and I (Greater Washington Sports Alliance staff) pose with Bobby Boswell (D.C. United) at Lima. Bobby was the official host of the party, along with the gorgeous Katherine Kennedy, who leaves us too soon for Europe. He and the United beat the Galaxy at home 1-0!!
My boss, President of the Greater Washington Sports Alliance, Bob Sweeney, and I pose at the party just before Bobby and the rest of the United come in from the game.
*Just for fun - we were passing by Steve Madden in Georgetown on our way to the parties, and the store was having this fun red carpet, fashion sale scene. We didn't stop in, but did pause for a picture. Only in Georgetown!

The Redder the Better

One of the only people who can pull together 250+ movers and shakers on a Wednesday for a party in her honor, Pam Sorensen outdid herself at Mate last night. The venue was primed, but I don't think the air conditioning system knew what hit it... just prooves the celebration was super smoke!

Geoff Livingston wrote this of the party:
Pam Sorensen’s 6th annual birthday bash at Mate was the must attend event of the summer. Some of the luminaries in attendance: Jim Kimsey, Founder and Chairman Emeritus of AOL; Mike Wilbon, Sports Journalist for Wash Post, Co-Host PTI on ESPN; Kevin Richards, President, Christiania Vodka; Kadrieka Maiden, Founder of Fashion Fights Poverty; Mark Ein, CEO of Venturehouse; Greg Baroni, President, Unisys Federal Systems; Philippe Cousteau, Chief Ocean Correspondent, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and President of Earth Echo International; Bill Dunlap, world renowned artist; and, Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy.

While the list of attendees was indeed impressive, it was the smoking great time we had that took the cake! Warning, Pamela - I might have to steal this theme - it's red hot.

BBQs, Bars & Baricades

Let's just say I was celebrating one week of the new job...

Tuesday night started out simply with a BBQ at Steve Andronico's house with Curtis Jablonka, the beautiful Becker brother/sister duo, Ed Romanoff, Michael Saylor and the other usual suspects.

Yet I had made a promise - not that Piero Spada needs any help to promote Fly Tuesdays! So we joined heavy hitters Kate Adamson, Seyhan Duru, Gary Clark, Fernando Murias, Charlie Thomas... (See why you should make Tuesday the new Saturday?!) for a serious workout on the dancefloor.

Just after Dina and I got home, Carl Becker's text did make me a little nervous. Yes, even on a Tuesday the DC Police are cracking down on drunk drivers, setting up baricades and administering sobriety tests. (Of course, Carl was fine - he was just sending us a warning to be careful!) So - take a taxi! - it's worth it, even if we do have a silly zone system in the District.

Fever (See me Dance)!

Thanks to John Cole, who took this video of my talent performance at the Miss District of Columbia pageant and uploaded it onto YouTube!

Legg Mason in Dazzling DC

One of my favorite friends and photogs, Pat Ryan, captures Andy Roddick laughing at a press conference after defeating Radek Stepanek right here in DC! Andy is going on to the quarterfinals of the Legg Mason Tennis Classic.

A Thirsty Thursday

Since I ended up having to walk home from work Thursday afternoon (isn't the Circulator supposed to come through every 10 minutes??) I did make a point to stop in (to cool off!) to the Four Seasons for the weekly Thursday Toasts and Tastes in the Garden Terrace promotion. This week's features: Belvedere Vodka... and probably Keith Lipert Antiques as he was conspicuously in attendance.

Just as the usual crowd started to roll in, I had to jet to make it in time to celebrate Atila's birthday at the City Tavern Club. A good group of us gathered before the big birthday bash to enjoy a wonderful seafood meal prepared by Chef Polk and entertainment provided by Susie Coggins and Sam Dredge. Sam's band will be playing at CTC on Aug. 12th - don't miss it!
Still, something was missing. Where was the re-cap of the night or the forum of crazy caddiness the next morning on LNS?!? Just like Atila, Ford, and Reed to always leave us thirsting for more!

Day 1 at the Sports Alliance

I survived the first day - and loved it!

You can check out the Sports Alliance and some of my future projects at The most immediate event is the SneakerBall, an annual fundraising Gala for GWSA. This year, we will be honoring Debbie Yow, Frank Robinson, and Bobby Mitchell while wearing our black tie attire and sneakers at the National Building Museum on September 18th. Tables are still available! Contact Jeana Foster for information at

And thanks to those of you who wished me well on my new endeavor. Only through Day 1, and I still know it's going to be great!
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