Toys for Tots Holiday Fun at the Park

With more than another excuse to get together, good friends Windy Sheppard and Amanda Walke along with other great hosts, held a holiday gathering at The Park at 14th last night. Everyone was asked to bring a new toy for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program. By the end of the night, the pile of toys collected would have overstuffed Santa's toy sack!

(Pamela Sorensen, George Muresan, Victoria Michael, and I after donating toys to Toys for Tots.)

Charles Nolan Fashion Show at Saks

Holiday shopping, fabulous fashions, and an incredibly generous cause brought women (and men!) out to Saks in Chevy Chase last night. The annual Saks holiday show featured Charles Nolan designs and benefitted St. Jude - an amazingly worthy research hospital where patients are never asked to pay!

The design line-up was amazing, and Charles Nolan was equally so. He's a designer who takes great pride in his work and his presentation and knows the importance of making fashion fun. I was thrilled to work with him and help make the show a success!

It's official - Happy Holidays everyone!

Miss America Models Ann Hand at Milano

(Miss Americas - Phyllis George (1979) and Lauren Nelson (2007))

Lauren Nelson, Miss America 2007, was in Georgetown at Milano last night modeling the newest jewlery designs from Ann Hand's new Miss America collection. Ann Hand has been named the Official Jeweler of Miss America, and created some incredible pieces to showcase the coveted crown. In addition to the lovely pieces, Miss America wins big, because 25% of sales go to the Miss America Scholarship fund! I'm particulary in love with the long strand of pearls Lauren was wearing on her entrance last night!

(After a long day of events, I am pictured here with Teri Galvez, Executive Director, Miss DC Organization; Art McMaster, President MAO; and Sonya Gavanker, Miss DC 1998.)

Oscar Night DC

Our local Red Cross Chapter was approached by the Academy of Motion Pictures to host the only official Oscar Night party in DC in February. I am so honored to have been invited by my good friend and chair of the event, Pamela Sorensen, to serve on the host committee.

The committee had its first meeting at Teatro Goldoni last night, and the event is already shaping up to be incredible. Our own Pamela Brown (WJLA) will be serving as the Mistress of Ceremonies. You won't want to miss it!

Contact me if you are interested in helping our local Red Cross chapter to raise over $1 million through this and other special events. And be sure to watch for more information as we approach Oscar Night!

Capitol File Holiday Party

Once again at The Park, this time for the Capitol File magazine holiday party with guest of honor and December covergirl Mira Sorvino. The gals and I headed out to the first of many in a busy holiday celebration season. Kudos to Capitol File for inviting a great mix of guests - the evening was a grand success!

Honoring Sean Taylor

Tragic. There isn't much left to say... but to honor the life of the man we loved to watch -who had so much potential - not only in the game, but in life as well.

2nd Runner Up at Miss DC USA

(Photo - Patrick Ryan)

Last night at the Miss District of Columbia USA pageant, I did what I always do. I shined on stage. I gave the competition my all in every phase - there couldn't have been, and wasn't, any better.

I'm proud of myself for taking on a completely new pageant system, with new rules and new expectations. And I took 2nd runner up!
(photo credit- Joe Whiteko)

Thank you to those who came to support me. I can't express how much it means to me to have an audience that appreciates me. As always when I'm on stage, I enjoyed every minute!

What does this pageant mean for me? Not much, really. I'm still Miss District of Columbia 2006, and I had a chance at Miss America. And I said I was going to have a hand in making D.C. a sexy, sophistictated city... I will.

Thanksgiving Eve at the Park

Staying in town for Thanksgiving is not as bad as it sounds (especially if your parents are coming to see you the weekend after!). There are usually a couple of good parties to attend... This year, the place to be was The Park.

Just recently opened at 14th Street at Franklin Park, The Park is a 4 story lounge/club... you may remember it from the MLS Commissioner's party.

With everything going on in life, I hadn't been out in a while, so it was good to see everyone (and solicit attendance for the pageant!).

Thanks for posting pictures, Pat! (photo, Pat Ryan)

Thesis Revisions...Already!

I've gotten comments back from my first thesis reader. Uh oh! Apparently my writing is more "entertaining" than "academic"... which comes as no surprise. I have 15 days to make revisions - major ones, including changing my thesis statement! - and try again to see if I am able to defend this semester. Fingers crossed, please!

Oh yeah, and the pageant is THIS WEEKEND!!!

Interview Outfit FOUND

Days - literally- days of searching for this outfit, and I have finally found something that can work as my interview outfit for the Miss DC USA pageant. Honestly, I had to miss the Pros vs. Joes poker tournament on Saturday night as I went from mall to mall to random store looking for something professional, yet fashion-forward, that reflects my personality yet still says "pageant" - an impossible feat!

If you've been following, this completes my wardrobe.. now I only have five days to complete the final touches and ACCESSORIZE!

Openings and Overtime

A touch out of our comfort zone, Dina and I ventured over to the site of the new Newseum at the recommendation of several friends who have raved about The Source, a two-level 'Wolfgang Puck' restaurant that opened just a month ago. It was suggested that we give our regards to Klaus Puck, and we're so glad that we did! His generosity helped us to have a more than fabulous time at the restaurant... and eat more kobe sliders than we should have. We'll be back often, I'm sure!

The event of the evening was the MLS Commissioner's party to kick off the championship match Sunday (New England Revolution v. Houston Dynamo) at The Park. Some of the greatest in soccer were there, including my good friend Alecko Eskandarian, League MVP in 2004! No Beckham sitings... but there were tons of Revolution fans, as they were bussed in free of charge if they could secure tickets to the game... 40,000 fans would attend the game Sunday - and Dynamo would take it for the 2nd straight year.

Come See the Secret Garden!

I hyped the Secret Garden rehearsals, but never blogged about our opening weekend - no pictures to prove it was a grand success... but it was! Now in our second weekend, we are ready to spill, or- uh...share, the secrets of the garden again. We'll be performing every weekend until December 16th.

Since I have no pictures from the stage to display... here are some rare backstage shots with Andrew and Stacie.

I play many parts... Mary's mother, Rose (who dies of cholera in the first two minutes of the play and returns often as a ghost); a Chinese ancestor; a fox; and sometimes Colin's mother, Lily (who also dies and has some ghostly returns). Doesn't that make you want to come and see how I get through all of those costume changes in only an hour?!

Just Another Sports Show

I love this picture from last night's show taping.

Am I upset because Ruben (Producer) keeps spelling my name wrong? Am I hyped because of the upcoming Redskins/Cowboys game? Am I shocked because Lila mentioned my competition in the Miss DC USA pageant? Actually, I'm ranting about O.J. Simpson... but you should watch this week's show to see my other fun faces.


I can't disclose the details of my big news just yet... but its something I've been hoping for since joining Just Another Sports Show! To celebrate, I went to Fritz Brogan's new bar, the Gryphon Room (underneath The Guards) to celebrate Windy Sheppard's birthday. Happy Birthday to one of the happiest girls I know!
Here I am pictured with cute couple Sarah Waites-Elkins and David Miller. As I've been preparing for the pageant, I've been checking out some new trends. Today I was feeling kind of retro... I got so many compliments on the dress and the necklace (thank you for shopping with me, Mom!) but I also got called a bumble bee. Was that a compliment?!

Hmmm... That Dress Looks Familiar!

After Miss America I heard a lot of people say my evening gown made my body look amazing, but that the dress itself wasn't that spectacular. This was mostly because of the cutouts. (I always have a leg slit!)
That critique is why my pageant findings today were so interesting! I've already seen it (a version of it... because no one would be bold enough to repeat a Miss America dress!) win a state competition for the Miss USA system.
Congratulations to my good friend, Amanda Kozak, who did what I'm hoping to do this year - consecutively win the Miss DC and Miss DC USA titles. It's not easy to win one title, much less both - in a row. That's huge, Amanda! By the way, girl, I love your dress!


It's not quite the masterpiece I had in mind when I set about writing this 'thing'... but it's done! The first draft that is... the draft the panel reads to determine whether or not I should be ready to defend my thesis next month and GRADUATE with my Masters degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced Academic Studies.

As I've told everyone, I've been a hermit - had to sacrifice some fun for the finish... but the end of school is in sight! (Yeah, yeah, technically I'm still enrolled in in my MBA program, but I think I need to take time off, indefinitely...)

Sadly, the big celebration can't come until after the pageant in only 11 days!!

Bruce Springstein @ Verizon

I am told the show sold out in 12 minutes.

So I should be super thankful to Bill for getting me a ticket to go with him and some guys he works with (and one wife!) to the Bruce Springstein concert at the Verizon Center last night. Truth is - it was a great show, really a great one - but definitely a venue packed with MALE concert goers, and sadly, I only knew two songs all night (both in the encore).

Apparently he's so popular he sold out the place two nights in a row. He's also so popular he can use the stage as a pulpit for lots of political commentary...

No cameras allowed. I even saw security attempting to stop the use of cell phone cameras. Good luck with that! I did snap some supremely poor shots from the suite level... but the Post got some that were so much better. Photo credit above: Gerald Martineau.

Brunettes Take Three - Without Me :(

Saturday was the Third Annual Blondes v. Brunettes football game to raise money for Alzheimer's research. Last year, just months before Miss America, I helped the team to defend the title. This year, I had plans to prove myself as Tight End yet again, but the opening of the show at Adventure Theater and other conflicts kept me from the field.

I am proud to report that my Brunettes did not let me down! We've won the game all three years! The crucial coaching of John Barnett along with team Captain Miriam Warren and the marvelous Martha Jane Zaring led the team to victory. I'm sure the team was awesome, though I didn't get to attend the game ... I got pictures from the celebration party!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Amy Senger, Co-Founder of the New (fun and fabulous) School of Post-Modern Dating, for sending me these great pics!

Also - Congrats to big sis, Victoria Michael (a blonde!) for individually raising the most money for the wonderful cause.

I'm Still Here...

I'm always thankful for our veterans, but today I'm even more thankful for a selfish reason (what could possibly be more selfish than allowing them to sacrifice all for my safety and well-being??) I'm uber thankful to have the day off so that I can devote the day to finishing the draft I must turn in of my Masters thesis this week.

Lots of blogging to catch up on... from the Secret Garden opening to Blondes v. Brunettes and more! Check back later in the day for an updated blog courtesy of the men and women we honor today.

By the way... still no interview outfit for the pageant. Oh no!

Fun Fact - Grand Old Party

The elephant commonly used to symbolize the GOP was first drawn today in 1874. Why the elephant? Because it has a far reaching trunk? Hmmm... I don't think so. Because it has a good memory?? Well, maybe this elephant needs some Ginkgo biloba! Those traditional characteristics of the Republican party have been forgotten along with the tale of how this symbol got its start!

For the "real" story, read this.

Kiefer Films 24 in Georgetown

Not just a rumor... that WAS Kiefer Sutherland filming "24" on O Street in Georgetown yesterday.

Pageant Prep

Having play rehearsal every evening (yeah... and that darn Masters Thesis!) sure is making it tough to finalize my pageant preparations. I have only about two weeks before the big day!

Most days I spend my lunch time in the tanning booth. I use the stand-up booth because I think it makes my tan more even. I know there are those of you out there who think I'm nuts for tanning in the first place... but have you ever been in a pageant?! My swimsuit finally came in - Victoria's Secret to the rescue! Wardrobe is finally coming together.

Still no interview outfit, though. I've been everywhere!! Even all of my favorite dress shops. Ugh!

And I'm sure I'm getting some funny looks on my way to work. Whitening my teeth with Crest strips on the MetroBus. That's hot.

Adventure Theatre & Dana Tai Soon Burgess!

That play I've been telling you all about... The Secret garden opens this Saturday at Glen Echo Park! We were so fortunate to have renowned choreographer Dana Tai Soon Burgess setting the show... and Michael Bobbitt as Adventure Theatre Artistic Director. Here Dana is with a large number of the cast after rehearsal tonight.

AND... Watch out for this up-and-coming cutie... Emily Price. She's our "Mary" and she's going to knock your socks off!
(You'll understand the camel when you come to see the show...)

Furs at Maximilian (Bloomingdales)

Luxurious yet controversial! Taylor Williams and I modeled fabulous furs from Bloomingdales' Maximilian Fur Room.

Just Another Sports Show - Oops!

From this week's Just Another Sports Show:

Ok... two things. WHY was I wearing my hair this way?! That one piece stayed glued to the side of my head the entire 30 minutes!

Two, I'm going to be the first to put myself in the "penalty box" for wrong information. Maryland has NOT received a bid for the Peach Bowl this year. I'm in the wrong for taking faulty information off the internet. Please forgive me. Sometimes I do know what I'm talking about... maybe I was so excited about my Bulldogs that I couldn't be bothered with the Terps??

Saks Jandel Salvation Army Fashion Show

I hate posting without pictures... but when you're on the runway, you can't exactly take a camera with you. I've googled and googled - were there no photographers there??

It's obviously not me, but I did wear this...

Wednesday morning was the annual Saks Jandel and Salvation Army benefit and fashion show. Each year, a fabulous designer joins the cause. Last year, I was elegant in Escada. This year was the phenomenal Peter Som! And he was there.. prepping us before the show.. it was incredible. Incredible.

And no camera. Me, without a camera! I'm ashamed.

I got blogged again...

Someone ran across this in a blog posting yesterday which made me laugh. Thanks for sharing!

PS: While dealing in Miss DC ‘05 (Patterson’s girl) and ‘07 (JC’s girl), a search for Miss DC ‘06 had to be conducted. You know, just to see if she’s dating Andray Blatche or something. Results reveal that her name is Kate Michael, and, strangely enough, she has a blog and co-hosts a sports TV show. Relationship status? Unknown." (From Mr. Irrelevant)

Besides the fact that if they had read my blog they would know my relationship status... Why can no one understand the difference between the Miss America system and the Miss USA system?? I outline it for you here in this prior post.

Here's the stats for those still having trouble:

Miss America contestants -
Shannon Schambeau Miss DC 2005
Kate Michael Miss DC 2006
Shayna Rudd Miss DC 2007
Miss USA contestants -
Candace Allen Miss DC USA 2006
Mercedes Lindsay Miss DC USA 2007
Kate Michael Miss DC USA 2008 (???)
K Street Kate - Voted "Best Local Online Magazine" by Metromix!