K Street Kate's Everyday Eight

Especially in light of recent economic troubles, in this New Year many of you will resolve to cut corners and save some money. Here are my eight everyday tips to spend less and enjoy more.

Read the full list here.

Inaugural Shoot With the Media Mavens

I came back to DC after Christmas excited about some new projects - one of which was a photoshoot two social media friends of mine helped set up for us with the assistance of several local "angel" businesses.

HUGE thank you to to Pamela Sorensen and Andrea Rodgers for an amazing shoot - and to Dennis Roche and his staff at Roche Salon, everyone who put up with us at the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown, Heather Guay and Bloomingdale's in Chevy Chase, Lacey Kirstein of Lacey K Shoes, Aba Kwawu of the Aba Agency, Keith Lipert Gallery, and Zaid Hamid Photography.
Here's a tease. Want to see more??

From the release:

(WASHINGTON, DC) – Washington, D.C. area businesses came together to showcase their vision of what will be worn to Inaugural events this year in an artistic photo pictorial by photographer Zaid Hamid which features three local women at the forefront of social media: Andrea Rodgers of http://www.askmissa.com/, Kate Michael of http://www.kstreetkate.com/ and Pamela Sorensen of http://www.pamelaspunch.com/. Aba Bonney Kwawu, President of the Aba Agency, a luxury marketing, public relations and special events boutique, styled the shoot with the intent to create images that represent the fresh face of fashion at this year’s Inaugural events, and to highlight each blogger’s personality. “President Barack Obama’s inauguration will not be like inaugurations of old. As he is ‘The People’s President’, we will see much variety in the types of celebrations. From the formal State Balls to the hot cocktail parties and after parties, the red carpets will look much more like that of those in Hollywood and beyond,” said Kwawu.
Kwawu selected formal and cocktail dresses from Bloomingdale’s, Chevy Chase with a variety of designers including Chetta B, BCBG, Marc Bouwer, Teri Jon and Diane von Furstenberg. Local designer Lacey Kirstein of LaceyK Shoes provided the footwear, which are available at Saks Jandel as well as online. Keith Lipert chose the jewelry for each look from his collection at Keith Lipert Gallery. “It’s very exciting that the lead taken by the incoming First Lady, Michelle Obama allows us to explore design and style in new ways,” said Keith Lipert.
“The choice in hair, makeup, jewelry, clothing, shoes and our models in the photo shoot were reflective of the newness overwhelming the Nation’s Capital. The Obama Campaign showed us the power of being contemporary and diverse, and their use of the new technologies was unprecedented,” said Dennis Roche, whose Georgetown Roche Salon offered the shoot’s hair and makeup styling.

The photos were taken at the architecturally unique Ritz-Carlton in Georgetown. The hotel’s industrial chic design incorporated the property’s historic incinerator architecture with contemporary luxury to a stunning effect. Images were taken in Executive Chef Quang Duong’s Fahrenheit restaurant, the Ritz-Carlton Suite, and made use of the spectacular height and architecture in the Round Room underneath the former smokestack.
(Pictured from left to right: Kate Michael, Andrea Rodgers, Pamela Sorensen by Zaid Hamid in the Ritz Carlton Georgetown’s smokestack room - to enlarge the image, please click on it directly)

Images from the shoot will be available on December 30, 2008. Please contact Zaid Hamid at info@zaidhamid.com

Ginger Boutique

Tonight I had the opportunity to interview Gretchen, owner of Ginger in Bethesda, for an exciting new show that will air at the beginning of January. More on the show later...

Ginger is a fabulous and sometimes funky boutique where local fashionistas can feel safe knowing they're finds are savvy and singular.

Gretchen is expecting some unique inaugural gowns to come in this week (!), but my favorite item in the store is a sure standout - a yellow bag - the "it" color for 2009.

But... about those inaugural dresses...

ConsignmentCocktails on CityShopGirl

CityShopGirl.com sends me hot deals and cool savings to my inbox every weekday. But today's Deal of the Day was super special - THANKS FOR PLUGGING ConsignmentCocktails.com!!
Take advantage of CityShopGirl's special reduced listing fee... and join me in receiving their e-mail blasts for some more amazing finds!

And a huge thank you to Pamela's Punch for posting on ConsignmentCocktails' potential as well!

Dinner at Darlington

There is no better way to ease back into life in DC post-Christmas-with-the-family than a dinner with great girlfriends.

Victoria Michael was wonderful to set up a small group at the Darlington House (you might remember it from the BvB draft party this year...) where I had never been to eat. The butternut squash tortellini was scrumptious! And the 'home for the holiday' stories were hilarious!!

Lucky us - Crazy Rick Holtzer's birthday party was just upstairs, so we didn't have far to join a big group of his well-wishers. Happy Birthday, Rick! Sorry I had to duck out early to get some rest for the big shoot tomorrow...

Merry Christmas

I braved the airports - on standby no less - to make it back to Atlanta to spend Christmas morning with my family, especially my three adorable little nephews.

Santa was good to everyone. He didn't leave lumps of coal (or even carbon credits!) in anyone's stocking :) And I'm sure the family will be eating leftovers until next week!

Here's hoping you and those special to you had a very Merry Christmas as well. Look forward to big news and more fun for K Street Kate in the New Year!

Georgetown Basketball

One of my favorite sports is college basketball... I'll either disappoint you or make your heart beat faster by telling you that I'm a Kentucky Wildcats fan. I don't know exactly why, but I'll bet it has something to do with my parents dressing me up as a Wildcats cheerleader every Halloween until I was 10...

But tonight wasn't about the Wildcats - it was about the Hoyas. Georgetown has the awesome advantage to play their games at the Verizon Center, so Anne, Marybeth Coleman, MB's Mom (Beth Coleman) and Dad (taking the picture at left) spent some time at the Phonebooth watching Georgetown beat down Florida International (76-38).

#1 lesson learned from the evening: college kids really will do anything for a free t-shirt. #2 note to self: Open Chevy Chase bank account and pose as a student so I can get sweep the $100 prize money for Chevy Chase fan of the game!!

Social-ite Media Shoot - Get Ready for This!!

Reprinted from release:
Using social media to develop followers – both actual and virtual – has been a strategy of the savvy from “Obama Girl” to Barack Obama himself. Though these strategies have been in use for some time, the Obama campaign has served to shed new light on the importance of new media applications, such as blogging, Twittering, and Plurking, to develop a base of brand support. Those in social media are excited to share in exploring the potential of these technologies with an enthusiastic community of media mavens.

Three prominent Washington influencers are also at the forefront of social - or perhaps more aptly named, social-ite – media. In much the same way as Obama, Andrea Rodgers of Ask Miss A, Kate Michael of K Street Kate, and Pamela Sorensen of Pamela's Punch hope to use social media applications to make Washington a better place, driving their followers to volunteer, fundraise, and support local businesses.

Fashion photographer Zaid Hamid, along with top hair stylist Dennis Roche, plans to create an amazing photo pictorial featuring D.C.'s Socialite Media Mavens in provocative poses embodying each socialite’s individual personal brand. "The girls are so different, yet they really compliment each other nicely," said Dennis Roche of Roche Salon, "We'll poke fun at Andrea's reputation as a diva, and probably incorporate her favorite accessory -- her dog. Pamela loves the color red and she almost always has a glass of champagne in hand, so we'll make use of props and have fun with this shoot!"

"Kate is a beauty queen, ballerina and professional model. Pamela and Andrea both have some modeling experience," said Zaid Hamid, "I feel sure that the girls are going to do great! They all have so much personality and are so animated!"

The photos will be taken at the architecturally unique Ritz-Carlton in Georgetown. The hotel's industrial chic design incorporates the property's historic incinerator architecture with contemporary luxury to a stunning effect. Images will be taken in Executive Chef Quang Duong's Fahrenheit restaurant, the Ritz-Carlton suite, and make use of the spectacular ambiance of the roaring fire in the Lobby Lounge.

Aba Bonney Kwawu, President of the Aba Agency, a luxury marketing, public relations and special events boutique will style the shoot with the intent to create shots that are over the top and highlight each socialite blogger's personality. Her styling credits will include top designers featured at Bloomingdales, accessorized by LaceyK Shoes and items from Keith Lipert Gallery.

Images from the shoot will be available on December 29, 2008. Please contact Zaid Hamid at info@zaidhamid.com.

Consider alternative gifts this Christmas

Less than 6 shopping days left until the big guy in the sleigh comes shimmy-ing down the chimney and you still haven’t crossed those most difficult-to-buy-for friends and family off your gift list? Rediscover the meaning of the season and support local, national and international causes while honoring friends and family members with alternative gifts.

Read the full story here.

Red Cross Oscar Night

Our local Red Cross Chapter was AGAIN approached by the Academy of Motion Pictures to host the only official Oscar Night party in DC next February - seems it's a yearly tradition! I am honored to serve on the host committee for the event again this year.

Last year's party at Posh was a huge success. The writer's strike ended just in time to roll out our red carpet and congratulate some of DC's own celebrated nominees. So what's new for this year?!?!

The event is already shaping up to be incredible as we welcome back WJLA's Pamela Brown to serve as the Mistress of Ceremonies at the HARD ROCK CAFE. You won't want to miss the party (or the auction with a chance to win a signed Gibson Guitar)!

Tickets are already on sale ($85 GA, $150 VIP). A HUGE thank you goes out to Michael Saylor for being the presenting sponsor of the evening!
Contact me if you are interested in helping our local Red Cross chapter to raise over $1 million through this and other special events. And be sure to watch for more information as we approach Oscar Night!

BOURBON STEAK Opens in Four Seasons

The renovations at DC’s Four Seasons hotel have had Washingtonians scratching their heads for months. What could top the recently renovated lounge or luxurious lobby? All will be revealed tomorrow. (Except that I’m revealing it TODAY!)

Read the story here.

Last Minute Christmas Party

If I didn't know those guys, I might have doubted that they really put it together at the last minute... but I do know those guys, so I'm just impressed that they pulled it together so well! Martin Corboy, Doug Dixon, Sheriff Abdalla, and others hosted their annual Last Minute Christmas Party last night... invites out on Facebook just a day or so before the event.

It's a fun time every year - McFadden's - door donations to support the CORD Foundation. I loved the DJ a little too much, as evidenced by the aerobic workout I got on the dance floor!

From this picture you'd think we were at a Memorial Day party instead of a holiday happening - but there is exactly one week until Santa's big day!

K Street Kate's HH at Tattoo

Thanks to all who came out tonight to help me raise funds to combat breast cancer and support Susan G. Komen for the Cure. What struck me most was the number of guys that came out to Tattoo to support the cause. Way to stand by those special ladies your lives, gentlemen!

At left, Mark Drapeau and his friend Katie pose with Nakeva Crouthers and me. At right, ambience shot of the bar - though I must have just missed the big screen showing one of Tattoo's awesome 80's music videos.
Left here, David Miller and Anne Lee with me as the night ended. We're still waiting on totals to find out how much was raised!
I was so pleased to have so many wonderful friends attend, but equally as impressed that experts in the field - such as the National Center for Plastic Surgery - came to support. Success on all fronts!

DoggyNetwork Commercial Filming

It was Sunday morning. Early. And I was freezing.

No, I don't have a dog, but I was pretending to walk this adorable teacup Yorkie named Tinkerbell.

DoggyNetwork.com, a new start-up, was filming it's Spring commercial.. and I was working with "doggy actors" for the first time in my life. They were taking direction as well as they could, but that didn't keep my hands from becoming big blocks of ice!

Thanks to the work of a diligent producer and a lot of piecemeal shots that will surely be fun to edit, the commercial storyline came through. Pretty soon, these guys will be in big business! Ricky - thanks for hiring me to be your "dog walker"!

*DoggyNetwork.com is (obviously) a website for the canine enthusiast. Check it out for your "Doggy on Board" signs.

From the K Street Kate Party - My New Choos!

Now I have to go somewhere warm for New Years just so I can wear them. Can't wait!!!

Celebrating the Season at the 2008 Georgetown Jingle

After watching fifteen interior designers compete to decorate the most elaborate evergreen, trimming your own holiday tree is almost too tempting!

The seasonal spirit was certainly in the air as event co-hosts Erwin Gomez, (Erwin Gomez Salon & Spa) and Ms. Cynthia Bruno celebrated the annual Georgetown Jingle.

Read the full story here.

United Way Tocqueville Celebration

Thanks to PricewaterhouseCoopers for underwriting this year's United Way of the Capital Area's Tocqueville Celebration of Appreciation. I was honored to be at the Canadian Embassy Friday evening to be celebrate with those who have given so much to the efforts of the United Way this year.

Particularly, I was proud to be there to support my great friend and mentor, Frida Burling, who was the recipient of the Toqueville Award presented at the United Nations just a few weeks ago.

And whomever had the great idea to include a copy of "Democracy in America" in each gift bag - that was awesome!
(At left, Frida congratulates another United Way supporter.)

Triple Threat Glossies

Thursday night's downpours and dropping temps didn't stop ALL THREE of DC's major glossy mags from hosting chic events all over town. Which one(s) to attend? Who could choose!

DC Modern Luxury held a benefit shopping party for the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts at Tommy Hilfiger in Georgetown. This was an important stop to the night because I'm still trying to cross TWO picky brothers off my Christmas gift list! Seems as though a lot of people were out in search of Rugby sweaters and cashmere gloves - the event pulled in a great crowd for the stormy weather.

Just up the street at Reiss (one of my very favorite stores!!) Washington Life was hosting a similar soiree. It's amazing how a DJ and a little bubbly can really wipe away the December doldrums.

No shopping, just celebrating for Capitol File. The mag threw Tattoo Bar's one year anniversary party. Yes, that's where we'll all be Tuesday for my happy hour (and then dance all night!)... so the anniversary celebration can continue!

Kathlin Argiro, Trunk Show @ Fornash

Between the efforts of DC socialites, fashionable politicians, and the newest inaugural gown craze, the District has lately been high on everyone’s Style File. One huge benefit of acknowledging our city chic is that designer trunk shows are making their way into the District – and with them comes a chance to meet the designers creating that incredible couture...

Read the full story here.

Inauguration 101 on the Web: Where and What Not to Wear

For those lucky or monetarily lucrative enough to be in town for the combination Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday/Inauguration of Obama, there is now a comprehensive clearinghouse of information on all local events and nightlife taking place during the week of January 16th-23rd: InaugurationEvents.com. And if you’re worried that someone might be sporting the same styles to some of those events as you – don’t worry. I've got you covered there, too.

Read the full story here.


I finally made it out to National Harbor to see Kooza tonight, tickets courtesy of Goldstar Events. Though the show has almost run its course in DC, the packed audience was a testament to how great Cirque du Soleil can be when it goes back to its origins: acrobatic performance and clowning as an art form.

My favorite part may be a departure from the usual crowd charmer - everyone seems to love the contortionist duet. Me, I couldn't get enough of the duet on the unicycle! What strength, agility, and true grace were required!

If you haven't made it out to see Kooza, you have just a few performances left. The Grand Chapiteau packs up on December 14th!

K Street Kate Benefit Happy Hour for Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Come out and toast with me for a great cause. We're saving the ta-tas... with Susan G. Komen for the Cure!

My First Pair of Jimmy Choos!

At last night's Choo Box party, I hosted a wonderful group of girlfriends (and some adventurous guy friends) in Chevy Chase to try on the new Jimmy Choo Cruise collection and take advantage of some spectacular deals on luxury shoes, handbags, and other accessories.

Most items in the store were 30% off, but if you could wait until Wednesday to pick up your Choos, you could score them for a stellar HALF of their original price. There was so much shopping going on!

Thanks to all of those who came out. Thanks to Famoso for providing drink and appetizer specials for those of us who stopped in after the Choo extravaganza. And a HUGE thanks to my incredible "man friend" who gave me the most wonderful present - my first pair of Jimmy Choos!
Photos courtesy of Constance Christakos.

Reminder for Monday!

Don't forget to have those toes pedicured over the weekend in anticipation of K Street Kate's Choo Box party at Jimmy Choo Monday night.

We'll search for the perfect Holiday and Inauguration accessories from Jimmy Choo, and try on coveted shoes and handbags. Be one of the first in Washington to preview and shop the new Cruise 2009 Collection!

RSVP by phone 240.223.1102 or email:chevychase@jimmychoo.com.

Gift bags available to the first 50 ladies in attendance.

*And to keep the celebration going, Pamela Sorensen has generously arranged to have M Cafe (just up the street!) continue our Chevy Chase chic-fest. Enjoy drink specials and an hour of free appetizers after K Street Kate's Choo Box Party!

Weekend Events to Kick-Off Your Holiday Mood

Looking for some fun this weekend to enhance your holiday cheer?

Read the full story here.

Nothing but the Truth

Last night's marathon started with a Capitol File new issue party - a movie screening of Kate Beckinsale's new movie, 'Nothing But the Truth.' It is a Valerie Plame-style flick - journalist outs the CIA agent and spends time in jail for her integrity to the source - a thought provoking one for sure! Kate acts beautifully... and was just as beautiful in person!

Despite rumors that Kobe Bryant was hanging out at Mate just up the street, we headed straight to Paper Moon for the annual Mistletoe & Cocktails holiday party put on by several bachelor buddies. Crowds, craziness, and general clinging seemed the rule of the night. I couldn't deal.

Looking for more calm with my cocktails, I followed another crew down the street (where everyone ended up anyway). Toasts and tired eyes... Hello, December!

Tuesday's Badgley Mischka show to benefit St. Jude

I posted some quick pics after the event, but you can read the entire story here.

MooJoo Ken

Ok... I'll admit that at first I thought it was a famously eclectic Chinese food restaurant. How was I to know about the cool clothes and accessories at MooJoo Ken!!? That's why we were we all heading up to U Street to check it out.

Tonight's Disco party at MooJoo Ken was really all it was advertised to be. There were go-go dancers in the window, painted models, mixed music, and diva designs. At left, models Kate and Nicky pose with nothing but painted MooJoo fashions!

But now I've learned about the line - and you should, too! I heard all about the distinct patterns of MooJoo Ken's garments, scarves, handbags and shoes. Tonight's feature was the "Filling Station," but the "Foggy Bottom" design really caught my eye as well. Everyone really wanted my favorite item in the store - the fabulous red and black bag pictured on high at right. It's high up there on the holiday wish list!
A huge thanks to Alex, one of DC's hardest designers at work, for my "Filling Station" scarf, which I am wearing next to Tiffany at left.

Sweet Sucess - Sesto Senso

YOU are the first to know!

After the paperwork was signed and the deal done... there was much rejoicing! That's right - there are new owners of Sesto Senso, that Italian restaurant in Dupont that has been serving scrumptious fare for over 15 years. And here's to 15 more...and 15 more on top of that!

New owners Said Oudghiri (Yaku), Rodrigo Garcia (L2), Osmar Nunez-Vilches (Mate), and Moe & Joe Idrissi (Bodgea, News Cafe) joined together to breathe new life into 'Sesto' - so look for exciting news surrounding this place in the coming year!

Badgely Mischka to benefit St. Jude

I want to rename December as 'Fashion Month.' Tuesday night, 15 models from THE Artist Agency walked the runway at Saks, joining Mark Badgely and James Mischka to showcase their new Cruise Collection and raise money and awareness for St. Jude's Research Hospital.

It's no secret that Badgely Mischka gowns and cocktail dresses are some of my very favorite - but this collection was affordable, too. No item in the show cost greater than $1,000. Affordable luxury!
The gowns were remarkable, and so is St. Jude - not only for the care and attention they give each of their patients, but because NO PATIENT is ever turned away for their inability to pay.

Other fashionable events this week include MooJoo Ken's Disco party thrown in conjunction with Pamela's Punch and Tu-Anh's Shop for Shelter sale and fudraiser. Check back for postings on these great events and other happenings during my 'Fashion Month.'
Thanks to Pamela Sorensen for taking runway photos and Ashley Mangen for shooting some backstage pics!

Holiday Wish List

McLean Robbins,writing for the Washingtonian, asked me what's topping my wish list for the holidays.

Check out 'All I Want for Christmas' here.

OUT on the Town

Guarav Singh, Mary Lesh, Alex Miguens, Osmar Nunez-Vilches, Marlena Kent-Cooke and Rodrigo Garcia with me at L2 in Georgetown.

After a scrumptious dinner at Sesto Senso, the group headed out on the town Saturday night. From beginning to end, it was a night of throwbacks... and comebacks.

Here's to kicking off a month of holiday happenings!
So true... perhaps the definition of our generation!

Mixologists talk top sips for the season

'Tis the season for celebrations. Holiday gatherings and festive meals call for cheerful atmospheres and perfect pairings. Seasonal produce from the table can, literally, set the bar.

Read the full story here.

K Street Kate's Choo Box Party

It's K Street Kate’s Choo Box Party!!!!!

Please join me on December 8th from 6pm-8pm for a fashionable fun Girlfriend Party at Jimmy Choo Chevy Chase. We'll get to search for the perfect Holiday and Inauguration accessories from Jimmy Choo and try on coveted shoes and handbags. Be one of the first in Washington to preview and shop the new Cruise 2009 Collection!

Enjoy champagne, light hors d’oeuvres and plenty of girl talk to give you a shopping experience like no other. In order to attend please RSVP by phone 240.223.1102 or email:chevychase@jimmychoo.com.

Gift bags available to the first 50 ladies in attendance. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've got a loooong list of things (and people!) for which I am thankful. Included on that list... is YOU! Hope your holiday is a wonderful one.

Modeling Inaugural Fashions on 20/20

This afternoon with George Worrell, famed event planner in the DC area, some of the Miss DC USA contestants and I modeled inaugural fashions at Saks Jandel in Chevy Chase. Jaqueline strutted a classic red power suit that we could all imagine Michelle Obama wearing to any of the daytime inaugural events; Nicole was glamorous in an Isaac Mizrahi long cocktail ensemble, and I wore the essential evening gown (I am almost always the gown girl...)

Watch for us tonight as we air just after Barbara Walters interviews the Obamas on 20/20.

Pictures to come as well!

Found Photo

Thanks, Anne, for sending me this picture from Friday night. Great times at L2... for all the celebrations!

Happy Birthday, KK!

Who else can get Hudson restaurant to open especially for their birthday?! A Red, White and Blonde Birthday...

We celebrated Katherine Kennedy, affectionately nicknamed 'KK', in early morning style with brunch and bubbly.

A couple dozen friends came together to croon the birthday song while KK made her wish. Hoping for a successful run for the 'Blonde Charity Mafia' reality show perhaps?

Ultimate Cupcake Challenge

They say it’s the girls that are made of sugar and spice and all things nice, but a local boy sure took the cake – or cupcake – in a recent recipe challenge for the ideal cupcake creation.

Read the full story here.

A Capital Collection

Today is opening day of the 50th annual Junior League Capital Collection of Holiday Shops! A tradition in shopping you definitely don't want to miss!

I spent the morning at the Mariott Wardman Park selling Books for Bright Futures bookplates to savvy shoppers (for only $5 you can help fund our JLW literacy programs!) while I watched some of the best deals get snapped up - the early bird chomped at the worm!! In addition to simple shopping, you can attend special events, Martinis and Mistletoe and (for the Moms) Shop & Tot.

Some of my favorite booths that you'll want to check out were: Hollyberries, Ms. Chocolate, Pink Pineapple and Two Laughing Ladies.


Samy K for Metromix.com was at the Style Savants party... and was nice enough to include our photo in his write-up. Thanks to Metromix for sponsoring the Bond bash!

Click here for the post.

Holiday Wishes for Our Troops

Join me in participating in the American Red Cross "Holiday Mail Call" program. Last year the Red Cross reviewed and distributed over 600,000 cards to our wounded service members at hospitals around the country and overseas. This year we may reach a million!

Here are the "rules":
-Sign your card.
-Send a card, not a long letter.
-Do not include personal information such as an address or phone number.
-Do not send enclosures of any kind.
-Get your cards in before December 10th.

Here's the mailing address:
Red Cross Holiday Mail Call
P.O. Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791‐5456

It may seem a bit early, but the holidays are upon us. Season's Greetings!

Style Savants @ The Park

Dressed to kill last night at The Park, a committee of stylish scenesters hosted a Bond-themed soiree. Bond girls (and plenty of potentials!) sauntered throughout Park's four floors, creating quite a stir... well, shaken not stirred - and blowing on some lucky gentlemen's dice.

Purportedly, there was a prize for the casino tables and best dressed, but I may have been having too much fun mingling to pay attention if the winners were announced. I also couldn't take my eyes off the FFP Fashion Show tape running in the background - it was my first chance to see myself in the show!

Kudos to Laura Carlson on yet another great theme event! And thanks to Lindsay Mask - GOLD hot Bond beauty - for sending me this picture at left.

WaPo Reprint of Go Out Guide

HUGE thanks to Marlene Hall who sent me this link today of the re-print of my Going Out Guide in the Washington Post (Sunday Source): http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/11/14/AR2008111402387.html

The original (and more complete) list was published a few weeks ago. If you've been to any of my favorite places and loved them (or didn't), let me know!


In hopes that we might make it to see at least some glimpse of the famed Victoria's Secret fashion show in Miami last weekend, we caught an early flight down Saturday morning and spent a few quick days in the sun while DC was damp and drizzly.

While we didn't make it in to see Heidi model the 12.5 million dollar bra, we sunned a bit, enjoyed the popular Shore Club, lunched at the Delano and partied in its 'underground' Florida Room, happened upon one of the opening nights of LIV at the newly renovated Fountainbleau, tasted stone crabs at Joe's, and scooted around in a ride that made everyone stop and take pictures. What a weekend!

Midtown Lounge Opens

Friday night I also excitedly attended the "opening" of Midtown Lounge, formerly Play Lounge, in Dupont. It was supposed to be a celebration of the end of a successful year forthe First Chukker polo team, but I doubt anyone else there knew they were there for that... or even what the First Chukkers were at all.

I have to admit, I loved it!

Play Lounge, once the adult playground of Dupont, blew out with a bang earlier this Fall. Its recent purchase by the Michael Romeo Group, and subsequent closing for immediate renovation, shocked some frequent Play partiers... Read the my entire post on the opening for the Examiner here.

Fabulous Frida!

Last Friday, so many of Frida Burling's friends braved the drizzle and daunting traffic (motorcades on Friday at rush hour!!) to celebrate her selection for the United Way's Tocqueville Award. Especially at 93, Frida is one of DC's truest treasures - and a philanthropic inspiration to me every day!

Since I regrettably wouldn't be able to travel with some other of her biggest supporters and the United Way of the National Capital Area staff to see her honored at the United Nations for her seven decades of service to United Way, it was particularly special for me to share a few moments with Frida and congratulate her on this amazing recognition.

So many strong letters of recommendation were submitted to the nominating committee in hopes that they would see the obvious: that Frida is a most remarkable woman! At the celebration last week, what had to have been one of Frida's favorites was read - support for her nomination from President-elect Obama. Among the rest of the mere mortals who hope to follow in Frida's footsteps and continue doing good for the our community, my fellow Junior Leaguers (two past presidents!) Kristin Urbach and CC Christakos were there to support and celebrate.

Frida embodies one of my favorite quotes - which I used in my recommendation for her to receive this honor, "The sun shines not on us, but in us." - John Muir

Diggin' In for the Doggies

Way to go WHS! Capitol File sponsored an event to benefit the Washington Humane Society and Fashion for Paws at Tommy Hilfiger in Georgetown last night. Despite the drizzle and dreary temps, quite the crowd came out to support our favorite puppy charity princess, Tara deNicolas. (Honestly, the weather was yuck - and see below!)

What a fun night! I finally had the opportunity to meet (though we are often in the same social situations) fellow blogger, Angie Goff (at right).
We sipped and gossiped while we shopped. It's a wonder no one spilled food or cocktails on Tommy's wares by the end of the night... and we left with shopping bags and anticipation for this year's doggy style fashion event, reported to be again at the Italian Embassy.

At right: Julia Karpov, Donna Lee and I checking out some of the totally Tommy steals and deals!

Blondes vs Brunettes Tackle Alzheimer's

It is not a question of who has more fun, but rather.. who is more fierce on the field. A crowd gathered last Saturday, November 8th to see what the answer would be. And this was no powder puff! Aggressive athletes took to the turf at the 4th Annual Blondes vs. Brunettes charity football game... click for the full article.

Nueva Vida Art Show (and Sale!)

Not sure what to do next Thursday? It's a big day for buzzing about... but since I just heard this "buzz" I thought I'd pass it on...

What: Nueva Vida Art Show and Sale
When and where: 11/20/2008, 6:00-8:00PM, 4925 Loughboro Rd., NW
Why it's cool: The Ambassador of Mexico Arturo Sarukhan and Mrs. Veronica Valencia-Sarukhan are chairing this year’s event, a fundraiser to benefit Latinas with breast, cervical and ovarian cancer in the Washington metropolitan area. The reception, art exhibit and sale will feature the works of latin american artists. And of course because... you'll see me there!

Contact Paradigm Event Management, 202-332-3556, for tickets and information.

Pamela's Punch

Congratulations to my fellow blogger and great friend, Pamela Sorensen who celebrated two years of telling the city where to party, play, primp and purchase on her blog, Pamela's Punch.

Hudson (a special highlighted partner of the Punch) threw Pamela and her friends a bash to "write home about" last night - complete with yummy hors d'oeuvres and drink specials, like the ever-present-at-a-Punch-party, Pamela's Punch!

It was also a night for remembering what a great year we've had! Looking back over my posts from the year, I can't imagine we've done so much, made such a difference, and met so many people! (Above left, the Kate's... me, Katherine, and Katie. Right - Amanda Walke, Seda Atam, and Joanna Block. Below - Pamela looks radiant talking with Chris Jacobs of Girls in the Know...)

After hanging out at Hudson, we continued another tradition - the L2 afterparty! (Which was convenient because I was already headed there to celebrate Allison Katz's birthday...)

And I met Nashville Star Finalist, Fireman Tommy Stanley, with Milinda Jefferson getting ready for filming of the military's version of American Idol - Operation Rising Star. They are looking for people for their studio audience.. sounds KStreetKate and Punch-worthy!

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