As always, I'll post a picture from the show after it airs... but wanted to say that the taping at ATR was awesome last night! We had a great crowd, very high energy, and a spirited conversation - mostly because there's a huge divide between Pats and Giants fans.

Between segments, we had trivia (winners won Just Another Sports Show T-shirts!). I'm amazed at how much people know... not just about sports - but about US!!

We're looking to tape off site every couple of weeks, so if you know of a place that you think would welcome us - let us know!

'Crowned' Winner

If you watched the season finale of 'Crowned' on the CW last night... the winner was my good friend Jenileigh Sawatzke and her mother.

Just one year after she represented Wyoming in the Miss America pageant, she has a new crown, title, and chance to better the world. Biggest congrats, Jenileigh!

DC United Signs Mercelo Gillardo

I went to the press conference for the introduction of DC United's new Argentinean midfielder, Marcelo Gillardo, yesterday. I'm surprised at how 'compact' the soccer studs always seem to be, but I don't doubt his mastery on the field. They showed a video montage that made him seem like the soccer Superman!

DC is NOT 'Walkable'

I can only assume that the term 'walkable' so often used to describe DC means one doesn't need a car. Goodness knows I don't want to literally WALK everywhere! And this implies that we have public transportation that is available and easy to use. I vehemently disagree.

How can we be expected to use alternate transportation options or rely on public transportation when it is so UNRELIABLE?

Take this morning, for example, as I waited in the rain for the bus. I ride the bus every morning. Is this because I'm supremely conscious of the environment? No. My office does not provide parking. Lucky for me, I'm at least on the busline, even though I live in Georgetown, which declined a metro station. Anyway... first the 32 bus and then the Circulator rolled through my busstop without stopping!!! (This is not the first time it's happened... and I wasn't the only poor soul waiting!)

Bus service isn't the only poor public transport. I think, in a major city and national capitol, metrorail should be available 24 hours a day - and should be expanded to take passengers to destinations outside of the regular tourist hotspots. There is only one city that does this well, and I know DC is not NYC, but it is our best model of a 'walkable' city.

To be fair - I know we can get there. DC can be 'walkable.' People will take public transportation if it becomes consistent and reliable. Also, I do know it's a tough job, and every bus operator I've ever met has been very professional and NICE. I just wish you would stop for me!

Just Another Sports Show

This week on the show, I have to decide to cheer for the Patriots, defend my Kentucky Wildcat basketball team, and rant about the abuse of marijuana by sports stars. Wanna hear more? We're filming live this Wednesday at the American Tap Room in Reston (7 PM) and have started a show blog to keep you up to date in between tapings.

Who's In Control of the Spy Satellite?

Over the weekend, the government told us that a U.S. spy satellite has lost power, could not be controlled any longer, and would hit the earth - who knows where - in late February or early March. Well...that certainly makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Since they like to take credit for all things unpredictable and unpleasant, I'm waiting for Al Qaeda to claim that they have control of the wayward device. Bin Laden will release a tape predicting the explosion of some major U.S. monument... or - since we never know where they might strike - it could be a sleepy mid-Western town... But more likely, since the earth is ~70% water, it'll fall into the ocean. Terrorism thwarted once again :)

Jete Society Dance Party

Thanks to Cindy Jones and Victoria Michael, I finally got to go to what might be one of my favorite dance parties in the city - because this one benefits the ballet. Last year, I was dancing on the Miss America stage, this year, the action was on the dance floor at the French Embassy.

I had a particularly wonderful time because I saw old friends, met some new people (including dancers from the Redskins and Ravens cheerleading teams and Septime Webre!) and enjoyed the performances of the Washington ballet dancers. The ballet happens to be holding auditions today. I'm not ready ;)

Post Embassy, we kept up the dance party. We grooved with Leigh Bodden (CB for the Cleveland Browns ) at The Park and ended the night at Play.

Indebleu for Restaurant Week

Indebleu is always a first-choice when looking for food and fun after a Verizon Center event. I went there after the Wizards beat the Grizzlies and remembered that for two weeks- it is celebrating Restaurant Week!

My favorite item on the regular menu, the black cod, is on the restaurant menu as well. I absolutely suggest you try it - and tell them I sent you!

Wizards Win!

The Wizards stomped the Grizzlies last Friday night at the Verizon Center (104 - 93). The win was expected, since Memphis isn't having an outstanding season. This gave some of our non-starters a chance to get some real-game experience... but as usual, if was Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler and DeShawn Stevenson who were stand-outs for the win.

(Photo credit: Jonathan Newton)
Love the new scoreboard - but I couldn't stand to look straight up at it much from the front seats. Gave me more reason to keep my focus on the game, I guess!

Miss America

One year ago, I was on the Miss America stage. Nervous, excited... wondering if who I am was going to be good enough. A year later (actually it didn't take that long... I knew well before taking the stage that night... I'm surrounded by supportive, loving friends and family!), I realized that it wasn't the audience, or the judges, or a bigger crown and title that could make me good enough. I enjoyed the competition - but the esteem had to/has to come from myself. Take me or leave me, I'm happy with who I am and proud of what I do and accomplish.

Here we are one year later. New girl for DC - same competition. I see some truly spectacular candidates on that stage.

Regardless of the outcome, I'm proudly cheering for Shayna this weekend. She has such a strong spirit and sense of purpose. She has never needed the title to boost her self worth, but she has used it to enhance the District during her time as Miss DC.

I think that's the true purpose of the Miss America program. Not to put a girl on display as the 'most beautiful' girl in the country (for that year), not merely to select an ambassador for each state (although its a wonderful, if sometimes thankless, job), and not only to promote the four 'pillars of the crown' - style, scholarship, success, and service in society. Miss America is about allowing a young lady to truly understand her own beauty (inner and outer) and use it to beautify the world around her. After all, "the sun shines not on us, but in us." (John Muir)

UPDATE** Miss Michigan, Kristen Haglund, won Miss America Saturday night.


After last night's Press Club seminar re: Writing for Web/New Media, I've decided to start Twittering!

As always, its an experiment in new technology that takes a ton of time whcih hasn't yet come back to me in the form of any $$, but I'm riding the wave into the future of Communications and Media - so let's all be a-twitter!


"You should get those legs insured."

Yes, and I should also take my own advice and wear cute leggings or stockings. It's too cold outside!!

Dancing With the Stars: Late Nite!

Dancing With the Stars and Karina Smirnoff are coming to the Verizon Center on January 30th... and then joining Late Nite with Eric Haase for an Official Tour After Party across the street at Indebleu.

Meet me there for fun, dancing, and autographs with Karina and her "dancing friends." Are you a dancing star? They'll even be judging a dance competition on site!

Chance for Life

Today I reserved my space for the Chance for Life wine tasting and after party (no poker tournament for me... I'm no good at gambling!). The 3rd annual event will be held at the City Tavern Club with Martin Corboy, last year's poker tournament winner, joining the list of prominent hosts.

One great reason to go is that the winner of the poker tournament gets a $10,000 ticket to the 2008 World Series of Poker... another is Kennedy Snyder, now 7 and a half, who loves that it's HER event, and she's helping to raise money for Kennedy's CORD Foundation and a chance for life.


While almost everyone I know was saluting Ted's documentary in Park City, I took a little adventure trip of my own - to Annapolis. I had only visited the site of our nation's temporary Capital (post Treaty of Paris in 1783) once before, and as it's only about a 45 minute drive from Narnia, it was perfect for a quick weekend get away.

Although unimpressed with the actual grounds of the Naval Academy (it was BELOW FREEZING! but there was just no one about and no GREEN SPACE), I loved the town and would recommend the Reynolds Tavern Bed & Breakfast to anyone looking to benefit from both history and hospitality during their Annapolis visit.

Found Photos!

From the Capitol File new issue party at The Park at 14th...

Just Another Sports Show

Another great show... and a new feature on the website. We're blogging!

Grand Opening: Results Gym

When we will I ever again be able to chow down while I beef up?

The sparkling new Results Gym by the Farragut North metro station opened its doors to the Washington workout crowd last night.

Joe Reblando and I went, we saw, we conquered (more of the punching bag appetizers than the punching bags themselves). And we thought about how we actually should come here to workout - it's so convenient!

American Tap Room

Out with some sports show co-hosts after the show taping this week. We're hoping to tape live at ATR next week - and want you to be in our audience.

From the Forgotten Photos File

This photo was taken for a DC Style article by photographer D. Episcopo, who then COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED and has not responded to my numerous requests to purchase these prints.

Also - there was a make-up artist at this shoot.. so why does my face look so void of color??

Dave Barry

I've been a fan of this guy since I stole my Dad's 'Dave Barry Is Not Making This Up' in high school. (Dad has his entire collection - others were funnier.) And now he's coming to DC - to GW's Lisner Auditorium.

I may have to go to see if he still looks like he did in his cameo appearance of Monty Pyton's Quest for the Holy Grail. February 6th at 8:00. Tickets available at www.Lisner.org.

Beaten by Ballet

Did I mention that I went to a dance class last weekend? First one in years. Literally. It kicked my butt and it was awesome. My calves are sore four days later. The triumph? I still think I can dance.

It's not really my thing anymore, but I just may be so confident I have to try out for the show. DC is one of only 6 cities on the audition tour. Try-outs at the Atlas Performing Arts Center, February 21.

My Own 'Book Drive'

On the strong recommendation of a very wise source, I've started devouring a novel I should have enjoyed long before now. The problem with reading is... the story consumes you.

Hard to believe the prospect of being snowed in over the long weekend is more appealing than travel right now. I'm no longer jealous of my friends headed to Sundance.

UPDATE** I read the last words of the book and immediately thought of my high school English teacher, Ms. Beals. Tell me, Kate, what is the theme?? So many themes. Main point: individualism vs. collectivism. Something I think we still struggle with today.

Pledging for the Plunging Hons

In what promises to be COLD weather on January 26th, my good friend and fabulous photog, Jaime Windon, and her group of Plunging Hons will plunge themselves into the icy waters of the bay in full hon get-up to raise money and awareness for the Maryland Special Olympics.

I've contributed to help them make a huge splash - both in festive costume and in monetary donations to the worthy cause. You can, too - here's the fun website, designed by Jaime.

Necessary Advice

"Being monogamous should not be a chore. When I'm with someone, it's because I only want to be with that someone."

Convo with wise friend Jess re: relationships.


My hot sports show co-host Lila Meredith doing her "Associated Press thang" at the BET Honors Saturday night. I can't believe she got to interview Tyra Banks!!

When Did Paolo's Become "The Spot"?

I joined one of the smartest men I know, Councilmember David Catania, and friends for a birthday celebration in his honor last night. Happy Birthday, David! You deserve a year of all the best that life can bring your way.
Then out with the Chardonnay Trio to catch up on gossip since the winter holidays.

Just Another Sports Show

I got to give lots of props to my alma mater's President, Michael Adams on this week's show.

My Awesome Aura

"You shine with a bright light. You...uh...yeah."

Expo attendee commenting on me and my colleague at our booth.

NBC4 Health/Fitness Expo

Up early to man the National Marathon expo booth at the Convention Center.

BET Honors Pre-Party

I hear that Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, John Legend and some others were partying with us at the Park last night, but I'll admit I didn't see them. I was having such a good time with my friends and Ronnie's champagne that weasling my way into the fourth floor private room became priority #2.

Phone Convo Candids

"I like guys that are way hotter than him. These people are amateurs."

Discussion re: jealous, territorial girls. Her honesty cracks me up.

NOVA Hates Me and I...

HAD to leave Narnia for a short meeting in Alexandria and thought I could get a quick cab at least to the metro station afterward. No. Not a chance.
How can a place call itself a city if someone has to walk/search ten blocks and then Stand. In. The. Middle. Of. The. Street to flag down a taxi??

DC Style: Blind Ambition

Check out my most recent DCStyle posting of upcoming film premiere, Ciego.

Campaigns & Election Magazine Redesign

I stayed at the Miss America Send-Off party a touch longer than expected and totally missed the Campaigns and Elections Magazine Redesign party, which I'm sure was a blast. My apologies to friend and superb managing editor, Christie Findlay.

Now that the word is out, see it for yourself if you're into knowing, umm... what's going on with the future of our country!!!

Miss DC 2007 Send-Off

In about a week, Miss DC 2007, Shayna Rudd will head to Vegas for the Miss America pageant. Family, friends and supporters held a send-off celebration last night at the Croatian Embassy to wish her well and preview her competition wardrobe.

I remember back to just last year when I was celebrating my send-off at the home of the Taiwanese Ambassador. It's strange (but fun!) to be on the other side of the table (or podium) this year. We all wish Shayna the best and will be watching, either in Vegas, or on TLC.
(Here, my beautiful friend, Amanda Lewis, Miss Black DC USA. Photo credit: Celia Messing)


(Rolling my eyes...)
"My momma would be so happy if I brought you home."

Reason #1 why I both love and HATE riding the bus.

Joe Gibbs Resigns as Head Coach of the Redskins

More to come after his news conference at 3:00 this afternoon...

The Redskins will begin the search for a a new coach immediately, with former coaches on Gibb's staff, Greg Williams and Al Saunders as frontrunners for the job.

**UPDATE - There is no update. The press conference lasted an hour, and no new information was reported. He wants to spend more time with his family. He, nor Dan Snyder, knows who will replace him, or when it will happen. He has no interest in coaching elsewhere. Someone actually asked him how it felt to go through the retirement rigamorale for the second time... and if we could expect a third!

Hanging With A Homegirl

My stylish lawyer/fashion writer friend Yona and I went out for some comfort food and controversial conversation last night. It's awesome to spend time with someone who challenges me to think so much. But I'm not sure if it was the brainteasing or the wine that makes my head hurt so much this morning.

The BEST PART is that she recently moved into her own apartment... which I envy VERY much. It's HUGE, and in an awesome part of town, and she's having such a fun time decorating it. Obviously, I'm jealous - I'm totally not cool enough to pull off having my own geisha girl wall art!

Madisons & Mimosas

I got together with my gorgeous girlfriends for a morning brunch to kick off the new year Sunday morning at Town Hall.
I get a lot of questions about where beautiful, talented, intelligent, inspired, and inspirational women can find each other... the Madison is one of those places for me. And we happen to be in a membership recruitment period - though I have no idea how many spaces are available...(membership is capped at 100).
Isn't having fun, fearless, fabulous female friends THE BEST!?! Another New Year's Resolution is inevitable - to make more time for girlfriends in 2008!

Redskin Fans Unite

I've never seen so many Redskins fans together outside of DC... ummm, except at Redskins Park, in Maryland. We all collected at a bar in Virginia, Bailey's in Ballston, to watch the Skins [try to] beat the Seahawks.

We did our best to cheer them to a win. I'm even wearing someone else's rally cap for good luck. There's always next year, right?

Just Another Sports Show

GO REDSKINS (Ummm... until yesterday...) !

I had to put my little nephew in the penalty box this week. How could he be a Cowboys fan?!

Iowa Caucus Results

I know that because I'm usually so politically conscious, one would expect me to have a strong opinion on the Iowa caucus results last night. I don't. (But I do LOVE the fact that Rudy Giuliani just skipped it entirely!) As much as I like Huckabee, particularly as a person, this is one case where I feel the amount of time and energy (not money) spent campaigning in an area determined the outcome.

On the Democratic front, it certainly is surprising that Hillary came in third, but not surprising that Obama took a strong lead. I've been watching and listening to Obama a lot recently, and I think he well understands that, as important as experience may be, people (especially in the Democratic party) are looking for a change agent in this election. #2 is also very handsome!

Saks Jandel Fashion Show

Wearing Peter Som to benefit the Salvation Army...
Photo credit: Tony Powell

Relaxation and Resolutions

Sunshine, warmth, water... and watching a whole lot of great sports - that was my New Years vacation in Key West, Florida. As all vacations are, it was too short, but as relaxing as it was, we packed everything in! The pool, the beach, biking, turtle racing, Duval Street, the amazing New Years Eve dinner and dancing celebration, and even more...

So now it's 2008, and I'm ready to make a new resolution. (In 2007, the resolve to do more things that made me 'happy' was more than successfully accomplished!) What's new for the new year? New places. New experiences. More travel!
It's going to be a great... 2008.
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