Never Discount a Tuesday!

The plan was simply to head over to Rosa Mexicano to send Jess off to her new job (General Manager of the new Washington Kastles!!) with our well wishes... but how could I be so close to the Verizon Center without stopping in to see the Caps defeat the Minnesota Wild by 3 points?! For the first time in six years, no less!

The players on the ice were really quite a draw (particularly Brooks laich, who contributed especially well to the win - all four points!)... but the biggest draw in the stands was Pat Sajak, seated just a few seats down from me. I bet he took 100 pictures with fans last night!

All in all, it felt like one of my old crazy Tuesday nights, so I couldn't resist ending it the way we used to... with a famous cheese popover from BLT Steak. What did you think I was gonna say??

Just Another Sports Show

This week on the show I confess that I've always wanted to be on Dancing With the Stars, I give some high kudos to the Maryland Terps, and I seriously rant about how Congress has no business holding hearings concerning HGH use.

Angelina Loves... Tim?

Good friend Tim Ryan and the Angelina Jolie impersonator at our Oscar party to benefit the Red Cross last night. More on the party to come...
(From the always amazing photog, Pat Ryan)

Oscar Night DC

Thank goodness the writers' strike ended up time for us all to celebrate the Oscars! All of us on the Oscar Night DC Host Committee, trying our best to raise money and awareness for the Red Cross of the National Capitol Area in a unique and exciting way, held our breath until the night actually took place. And what a night it was!!

The only officially sanctioned Oscar Night party in the District was held at Posh Sunday night, with the leading ladies and gentlemen of society coming out to support the mission of the Red Cross and discuss the best in motion pictures over the last year. Pamela Sorensen, Victoria Michael, Pamela Brown, and so many others were in attendance and modeling their finest. It's impossible to say who was best dressed at our event, though I think Amy Adams took best dressed on the Hollywood Red Carpet. (Emerald green always works with auburn tresses, and Amy loooked amazing!) Our own Andrea Rodgers wore a stunning red gown, which was the color of the night back in LA, with Heidi Klum, Anne Hathoway and even Miley Cyrus wearing rouge.

(Here, I am pictured with John Tsaknis. I wore blue.)


I stopped here on my way back to DC from the pageant (I love being a History Dork! Plus, it fits in with the New Years' resolution to see new sites!). My favorite new knowledge... six generals died here, three on each side. How's that for fairness in a battle that ended up a decisive turning point in the Civil War?!

Known for being the "Bloodiest One Day Battle in American History," at the Battle of Antietam (or the Battle of Sharpsburg) 23,000 soldiers were killed, wounded or missing after twelve hours of fighting on September 17, 1862. Antietam led to Abraham Lincoln’s issuance of the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation.

Miss Berkeley County/Miss North Eastern

While I was in Berkeley County, West Virginia this weekend, two major competitions were going on. One was the national tap water tastings... where Los Angeles surprisingly won the title for Tastiest Tap. The other was the annual Miss Berkeley County/Miss North Eastern pageant, which I would be judging at the Apollo.

Miss West Virginia, Tiffany Lawrence, (pictured with me at left) was one of my favorite friends after the 2007 Miss America pageant, and I was thrilled to see her and watch her perform again for the audience Saturday night. Not only is she beautiful and smart, she's so incredibly selfless that she's running for a seat in the West Virginia House of Delegates! I encourage you to vote for her if you're registered in WV!

Back to the beauties on stage... at the end of the night, Kasha Brown was crowned Miss Berkeley County and Amber Miller Miss North Eastern.

Princess Porridge

Miss Virginia 2006, Adrianna Sgarlata, Miss Apple Blossom 2007, Lauren Collier, and I enjoyed dinner and beauty queen gossip Friday night in Clarendon. It was a fun night out in preparation for my trip to judge a pageant in West Virginia this weekend.

A Rookery in the Neighborhood

Jeff Dufour of the Examiner claims that Webster's dictionary defines Rookery as a "haunt for gregarious animals." After an extremely hush-hush opening party last night, I went to Mr. Webster myself to find out why Bo had chosen the name.

Main Entry: rook·ery
1 a: the nests or breeding place of a colony of
rooks; also 2: a crowded dilapidated tenement or group of

Well, the recently renovated building certainly wasn't dilapidated (though that seems to be the particular draw of Bo's other basement bar - Smith Point). And I'm not just talking about a new coat of paint; the hard wood floors were so freshly polished that more than one partier nearly crashed and burned! But there were plenty of people in attendance to pick them up (or cushion the fall)...

The opening was a well-kept and invitational secret, but an event no one wanted to miss. The two floor, soon-to-be restaurant was as well stocked as its bar - mostly with the usual crowd along with some fun social surprises. From now on, THE LIST is in full effect. Private is the passkey - although the exact details on joining the exclusive club are yet to be detailed.

I hope to be a regular - especially as it's in my new neighborhood (more on that exciting news to come!!) - and because this is sure to be a "breeding place of a colony of" fun friends.

Photos from Junko Koshino @ Kennedy Center

Photos courtesy of the fabulous Joe Reblando.

Total Eclipse of the... Moon

I had the great fortune to see the lunar eclipse last night while enjoying dinner at what is probably my favorite restaurant in the city, Mendocino. While VERY COLD, it was worth it to see the moon turn into an "orange colored sky."

It's kind of a rare phenomenon, actually. (Though not as rare as a solar eclipse.) 'An eclipse of the Moon can only take place at Full Moon, and only if the Moon passes through some portion of Earth's shadow. The shadow is actually composed of two cone-shaped parts, one nested inside the other. The outer shadow or penumbra is a zone where Earth blocks some (but not all) of the Sun's rays. In contrast, the inner shadow or umbra is a region where Earth blocks all direct sunlight from reaching the Moon. If only part of the Moon passes through the umbra, a partial eclipse is seen. However, if the entire Moon passes through the umbral shadow, then a total eclipse of the Moon occurs.'

The Stuff of Science Fiction

(Picture from the Washington Post)

That spy satellite that I've been following... the military announced that the mission was a success - a direct hit! No small towns in the United States will be annihilated or cratered with debris, as it will burn up upon entering the earth's atmosphere.

Al Quada thwarted once again!

President's Day Parade

I didn't celebrate President's Day yesterday. I don't mean that I didn't have the day off (I did), or that I didn't see a parade (I did), or that I wasn't patriotic (I was). It's just that in Virginia, they keep the original spirit of the day. They celebrate George Washington Day, in honor of his birthday.

In Old Town Alexandria I saw bands, floats, wagons, horses, and historical reenactments. It was the "largest parade celebrating George Washington's birthday in the USA"... wonder where is there a larger one outside of the country?

ABC's DANCE WAR Guerilla Marketing

Does guerilla marketing work? Well, obviously, it does - or it's just funny enough to me that MY SITE was deemed worthy - because I am going to post about ABC's Dance War, and if you're like me... and had never heard of the show, you are probably going to follow the link and find out what it's all about.

Amy, from a guerilla marketing company, sent me an e-mail through my website telling me that they had new information from the BBC about the show's finale and thought I might be interested in some of the "exclusive content and gossip." She then went on to tell me about what each of the characters was up to. My favorite:

Qui's and Corina used to date.Qui's is obsessed with the Lakers. It's been really hard for him to be without sports center, and he can’t understand how the other guys in the group could care less.

Equally as interesting, Drew Lachey is singing tghe opening dance number for the finale episode. Was Nick already booked for Dancing With the Stars?

Chance for Life

Equally successful as in years past, this year's Chance for Life events dealt a 'full house' to the City Tavern Club in Georgetown. To raise money for pediatic spinal chord cancer research, under the inspiration of 7 1/2 year old Kennedy Snyder, attendees played in poker tournaments, participated in wine tastings, and partied (did you really think this wouldn't be a part of the event??) for the cause.

A female finally won the poker tournament, now in its third year, and will take a gamble with her winnings - a $10,000 World Series of Poker Tour ticket. Friend and apparent fellow Matrix fan, Michael Saylor (it's a joke - he was wearing a long leather jacket and shades) was the only acquaintance of mine skilled enough to make it to the final table.

Dean's Dinner and Drinks

We love celebrating birthdays. There's nothing better than food, friends, and festivity. Last night, to fete Bill's birthday, we packed Teatro Goldoni. I think a highlight was when the jazz band started up Happy Birthday as the dessert came out. The night was a who's who of those who stayed in town over the long weekend. After literally closing down the restaurant, the group divided between the new club Josephine and ever-popular Play.

You can bet there will be some aspirin needed to rally for the Chance for Life fundraiser at the City Tavern Club Saturday night!

More Valentines!

Dinner With an Artist

What a grand idea! It's one of those traditional questions to ask someone 'who they would invite to dinner if they could invite any guest.' For artists, many of the following greats are on the short list!

To raise money for their programs in the DC Public Schools, the Fillmore Arts Center is creating a "salon experience" for Washington art patrons. Up to 8 guests will have the chance to have dinner with the artist of their choice: Sharna Fabiano (Tango Dancer), Rebecca Cross (Painter/Potter), Michael Kahn (Artistic Director), Nora Pouillon (Chef), Chuck Brown (Musician), Ethel Kessler (Stamp Designer), Alan Cheuse (Author), and my personal favorite since I've worked with him!!... Dana Tai Soon Burgess (Choreographer).

Please contact Anne Masters, 202-337-3748, for tickets or more info on having "Dinner With an Artist" on March 6, 2008.

Conversation Hearts from Home

This thought scares me, because I am SO NOT ready... but my friends (my age friends) from back home in GA... have KIDS! Adorable ones. Ones that you just want to pick up and snuggle and give kisses...and then give them back to their parents because they are so cute they might make you want to have one and you are SO NOT ready.

I got the most precious Valentine from Maddie and Maddie's Mom (college roommate/sorority sister/best friend) yesterday. Is there just cuteness in the water down there?

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Whether you're celebrating with a sweetie or not, it's a great day to share the spirit.

I'm particularly thrilled today... yes, I got the most beautiful huge bouquet of red roses at work (so cliche and still SO my favorite!) and I also was feeling well enough to be at work today. Sad, but almost equally as exciting, because being sick is no fun.
I hope Cupid's got good aim today. Happy St. Valentine's Day!!

Do I Make a Good Food Critic?

I've been trying out some new restos lately... while I still have my favs, there is some good new stuff out there. And these restauranteurs are really innovative!

A group of gal friends and I met for a charity event planning session at Rock Creek Mazza last weekend. Kind of like a Lean Cuisine, this place is all about portion size (but tastes waaaay better). Each entree has only 500 calories and is made up mindfully of good carbs, fats and proteins. The butternut squash soup and chicken sandwhich on rye were surprisingly delicious and filling.

The coolest part? We always say we want 'just a bite' or maybe two of some scrumptious dessert. Well, you can have it! I've never seen bites listed on the dessert menu, and I think it's a tasteful idea.

Celebrations @ West End

I'll start by telling you that it's in the Ritz at 22nd and M. This is important because no one will tell you that. You'll wander around the intersection wondering where it may be and when you finally find it, you'll say... why didn't they just say it was in the Ritz?!

My first experience at West End Bistro was wonderful because, as usual, it was a celebration. (Cami is blowing out her birthday candles!) I also had no idea that it had become the IT Monday spot... I ran into a whole town of people I knew at the bar (not literally, although I'm waiting for the day this happens).

While the place reminds me of something, I just can't place it. I think the experience of a familiar feeling is part of West End's charm. And a spectacular warm goat cheese salad doesn't hurt either!
Happy birthday to Camilla and Nicki. Not bad at all for a Monday.

The Ninja Terps

I was cheering for the away team in the other Phone Booth (Comcast Center) Saturday night. Yeah, yeah... I'm all about Greater Washington sports - but the WOLFPACK was kind enough to give me an awesome ticket... even right next to rockstar Freshman (Forward Center from Marietta, GA) J.J. Hickson's mother-in-law. He and Gavin Garnett were definitely the ones to watch...

If only the game had ended after the first half.

Red Cross Oscar Night

I've really been amping up my charitable committee contributions lately. All worthy causes - and FUN events!! I've told you about this one before, but it's COMING UP, and I don't want you to miss the only officially sanctioned Oscar event in the city.

Junko Koshino @ Kennedy Center

Backstage at the Junko Koshino fashion show, on the Millinium Stage at the Kennedy Center. This eclectic Japanese designer created a punk couture runway show to kick-of the center's Japan! showcase this month.

Elaborate hair, crazy cool costume couture... you can see it on video here.

V-Day is D-Day?

If it weren't for people asking me what my Valentine's Day plans were going to be... I don't think I would have even expected Valentine's Day to be coming up so quickly!! What am I doing? I'm looking forward to a low-key evening with my sweetheart and another fun couple at the fabulous Blue Duck Tavern in the Park Hyatt.

Are there other fun things (and not just couples' events) going on? Absolutely! So many!
Here's some...

Event: Valentines Day 2008 "Cupid is going to shoot you in the @ss this year!"
What: Club Party
Host: The "In Crowd" DC!
When: Thursday, February 14 at 9:00pm
Where: IndeBleu
To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

The Italian Embassy is hosting a night of dinner, drinks, and dancing to benefit the Land Rover America's Polo Cup...

Or... you can search for nudity in art at two of the city's top museums, either the National Gallery of Art or the American Art Museum. Participants, in teams, will search for answers to tricky and humorous questions. Advanced reservations are required. (877)-9-GO HUNT.

Luke's Wings Fundraiser

Coming up March 1... Luke's Wings Fundraiser at the City Tavern Club. Just a $45 donation can help wounded soldiers' families receive must appreciated travel planning services and travel tickets to visit their famly members at Walter Reed. Hope to see you there!

District Sample Sale

VIP tickets on sale Thursday at 10 AM sharp! Don't miss it!!

A Model Night Out

The casting for the Japan show was an event in itself - reminded me of a Broadway audition! So when most of us made the casting, a celebration was in order (plus, it was Alessandra's birthday!).

I darted from the Cap File party to meet the beauties for some sushi and saki at Lotus, and then we got our groove on at The Park around the corner. A gaggle of TALL drinks of water caught a few too many creepy eyes... we took advantage of an empty Dodge Mansion (Bill was at the Super Bowl) for our own private dance party.

I LOVE chilling with the girls!

Capitol File's Terrific Twos!

Capitol File turned two last night, celebrating with a private soiree at the historic Decatur House. Niche Media founder and CEO, Jason Binn was in attendance, as well as new issue cover guy, Forest Whitaker with his stunning wife Keisha. (If you don't know him from The Last King of Scotland, you've seen him in TV series, The Shield.)

The (seeming) mass exodus of the city for the Super Bowl didn't hurt this party a bit. As is every Capitol File event, it was a collection of interesting (and fun!) people - and the Whitaker's were no exception. Keisha even lovingly introduced Forest as "the macaroni to her cheese" as they took to the dance floor.

Happy 2nd Birthday Capitol File!

No More Highlights

Just back from Erwin Gomez salon and feeling brilliantly brunette again. Not that I wasn't brunette before, but those highlights that I convinced myself would look great on the Miss America stage were MORE THAN peeking through after two corrective colorings. I just couldn't let it go any longer - especially with the resort runway season upon us.

Eugenio (formerly of Roche Salon) is an expert colorist and good friend. He got me back to brown in no time! Now I'm ready for the go-see for a HUGE Japanese fashion show coming to the Kennedy Center later this month. And I won't have to sport so many ponytails!!

Heart Show

From the Heart Show - a luncheon and fashion show to benefit the American Heart Association.
(Designs by Lafayette 148)

Found Picture!

Dionne sent me this picture from the dressing room at the Miss DC USA pageant. We had such a good time!
Makes me think I should wear false eyelashes everyday :)


The sports show taped at the American Tap Room is up on our website.
Find out why I'm wearing gray, my Superbowl score prediction, and why I think golf is the most boring sport.

Backstage Blabber

Halle Berry for Versace was a disaster. But Giselle for Versace... now that's hot. She makes that jumper look H.O.T., and I know in real life it's so not.
Backstage at the Heart Show. Models perusing Vogue...
K Street Kate - Voted "Best Local Online Magazine" by Metromix!