Nats Home Opener in the New Ballpark

Even if I had imagined it, it couldn't have turned out any better. My old home team (Braves) vs. my new home team (Nationals) ... in the new stadium... playing for a SOLD OUT crowd. It comes down to the bottom of the 9th inning. The score is tied, 2-2. Two strikes on the count. Hometown hero, Ryan Zimmerman steps up to bat. And cracks a homerun to center field to win the game. Incredible!

It was going their way from the beginning... the President threw out the ceremonial first pitch. The first pitch of the game was a strike, the first batter struck out... and all the firsts would have belonged to the Nats had Chipper Jones not hit the first homerun to score the Braves' first run. Regardless, the first win in the stadium goes to the Nats, and the rest, is history.

For those that have yet to visit the stadium, it's amazing. I didn't want to leave my seat for a moment of the action, but maybe during a slower game I'll have a change to try the batting cages or activities in the "Fun Zone." And they were right - not a a bad seat in the house!

Leukemia/Lymphoma Ball

After the marathon and a short nap, I stopped by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's annual Ball (this year's theme: the Roaring Twenties) to cover the event for DC Style. This is always one of the biggest and best balls of the year. I mean, really - Jay Leno was the guest of honor!

More to come in the article - should be out this week.

Marathon Madness is Over!

The SunTrust National Marathon was not only a great race, but a great day yesterday, especially frm my post at RK Stadium. It was inspiring to see each and every runner cross the finish line.

I had been following the stories of several of our runners (mostly for press pitches) and was happy to report a three-peat win for Michael Wardian (2006, 2007, 2008 National Marathon winner!), PR times for Mayor Adrian Fenty and WMZQ's Brian Egan (who ran for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) and that our women's half was won by our own local running diva, Samia Akbar. We wish her luck as she goes o
n to compete in the women's marathon olympic trials next month!

Can you spot me? I'm behind the Mayor and 150 DC kids, who completed the final mile of the Junior Monumental Milers Program, in yellow :)

SunTrust National Marathon

Want to know more about that marathon (and half marathon) the Sports Alliance is producing? Click here to see me talk about the event, and our need for volunteers, on our Official Television Station, NBC4.

FYI... the map they put up is wrong - that's the course from 2006! Check the National Marathon website for up to date course information.

I'm a Homeowner!!!

Wondering where I've been lately?? (Other than preparing for the marathon...) I closed on a condo today, and am officially a first-time homeowner in the District of Columbia!

The process was educational - as is doing almost anything for the first time - but I must give thanks and kudos to my wonderful team of real estate agents, Nate Guggenheim and Anne Savage of WC & AN Miller. In just one weekend of looking (I was pretty particular about my location) we found the perfect place for me.

Lots of paper work, some fund juggling, and much thumb twiddling later, I signed the papers this afternoon and am holding the keys to my first "home".

What am I looking forward to most... other than decorating?? My loan payments and fees are comparable to what I currently pay in rent. So, even now, with a "mortgage crisis" upon us, if you've been responsible and saved well, homeownership can not only make sense, but make 'cents' as well!

Dress to Impress

This, while not ME, is one of the outfits I modeled tonight at Tyson's Corner Center for Dress to Impress.

We showcased a mix of colorful spring collections, suiting, and work-to-weekend casual while participants sampled tastings from some of the restaurants in the mall, including Brio and Coastal Flats.

Why does a modeling job always make me want to go shopping!??

Chelsey's Send-Off to Miss USA

Monday night, all the Pageant Patty's got together at the home of Teri Galvez, Executive Director of the Miss DC Program, for an intimate send off for Chelsey Rodgers to Miss USA.

Chelsey placed 1st Runner-Up for Miss DC twice, but won the Miss DC USA title on her first attempt. She's chosen her wardrobe (evening gown at right), worked tirelessly with her trainer, and is set to board the plane for Las Vegas this week.

The Miss USA Pageant will be live from the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Vegas on April 11, 2008. As one of her court (I was second runner-up) I was happy to be there to wish her well at her send off and see the progress of her preparation. Good luck, Chelsey!

Easter in Washington

What a year to be in Washington, D.C. over Easter weekend! Not only do we have the best brunch spots (I was at the Four Seasons - WOW!) we also had the first and second rounds of the NCAA Men's basketball Tournament at the Verizon Center. I took a break from the munching and March Madness to pose for this scenic shot with the Capitol.

New! The Newseum

It's not set to open until April 11th, but the Newseum allowed a few "friends and famly" to explore its spectacular seven stories before the doors open to the masses next month. Calling it an 'interactive experience' is an understatement. I could have wandered around the place all day, and probably will after it has been open for a while.

There will be free admission on opening day, so expect crowds! But it'll be worth it - especially if you try your hand at pretending to be a news anchor or White House Correspondent.

My full write-up on the experience is coming soon in DC Style...

Dear John...

The Nationals unexpectedly cut pitcher John Patterson yesterday, about a week before he was looking forward to opening the season at new Nationals Ballpark.

He's missed most of the last two seasons due to injuries with his right forearm... and though his health was expected to be better for the start of the season, that arm tightened again in exhibition games, leading the Nats to look to some of their new (and younger) pitching prospects.
I'm a particular fan of John's, especially as he recently married my friend and predecessor, Miss DC 2005, Shannon Schambeau Patterson. I know he's going to be picked up - and quickly. Best of luck to you, John!
**UPDATE - John signed with the Texas Rangers.

D.C. Driver Welcomes Famous to DC...With Wreck

Yes, Kate House wrecked her car into Ben Affleck's SUV yesterday on K Street. She said he was overly polite about the incident and even told her to 'Take care of yourself, and take care of that car. Don't cry anymore, it's all right.'

Ben, Russell Crowe, and Rachel McAdams are in town filming State of Play.

How Are Those Brackets Holding Up?

Well, if you're like me, you took most of the biggest gambles on your NCAA Men's basketball brackets in the first round. I just couldn't resist advancing my favorite teams, although I knew that it was a long shot.

After watching yesterday matches (especially UGA vs. Xavier at the Verizon Center and my Kentucky Wildcats vs. Marquette) I actually thought my gamble teams might have a fighting chance. But... no. Well, I did pick Kansas St. to beat USC - so I guess not ALL of my gambles were a mistake.

Update - I'm currently 11th in my office pool. And we have some major games today! Though I should be cheering for the hometown team, I'm hoping Tennessee beats American (sorry!) because I've chosen TN as my tournament champions.

Turkish Delight

Click the title above for my latest article in DC Style Magazine.

Here's a picture of me with Prevent Cancer Gala Co-Chair and lifestyle expert David Tutera. This year's theme and featured country was Turkey.

Back in Business

Click the title above for my latest article about Eastern Market re-opening in DC Style.

Pink to Drink

The Madisons have chosen Race for the Cure as our philanthropy focus this year.

You are welcome to attend our fundraiser at Smith Point on Thursday night... enjoy the two hours of open bar, sip $5 cosmos after 11:00, and be PINK to DRINK!

No Luck for Wiz on St. Patty's Day

Watched what was once my hometown Hawks stop the Wiz short winning streak Monday. There was green everywhere for St. Patrick's Day - and even a leprechaun to bring my now hometown Wizards team some luck!
Apparently the pot of gold and four leaf clovers didn't make it into the arena :(

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

For you...for luck!

Have a great (and green) day!

Just Another Sports Show

This week on the sports show I get mad at Dwayne Wade for sitting the bench on his JOB but planning a recovery for the Olympics. I defend the Nationals parking situation to the chagrin of my co-hosts... and we all commit to post our college basketball brackets to the Just Another Sports Show blog.

Cosmetic Trends @ Nordstrom

Backstage, preparing for the seasonal cosmetic trends show at Nordstrom, Pentagon City.

Caron Butler's B'Day

The game is not even over as I'm writing this, but I know where the after party celebration will be. Whether it's a court victory or not, Caron Butler is headed to The Park for his birthday party hosted by Kim Kardashian. Who knew Caron was a good friend of Kim's??

The usual invited crowd, and everyone else, is sure to be there, but I've decided at the last minute to lay low. WORK (and preparations for the marathon!) are wearing me out! I can't believe I also had to decline tonight's DC Scores Soccer Ball...

If you head over there, and don't even think about using my name at the door (what if I change my mind at the last minute!?), tell Caron I said GREAT GAME!

**Update - the Wizards just beat the Cavaliers 101-99.

Recap of Triple Threat Birthday

The Triple Threat Birthday recapped on Pamela's Punch... 1) Because I couldn't write it better myself 2) because my ego would get a bashing on LNS if I tried to write about my own birthday... :)

Oh what a night. Actually, day and night. Ladies who lunch met yesterday (Tuesday) at Cafe Milano to celebrate the birth date of our dear friend Victoria Michael. There was plenty of champagne, vino, food and flowers, but the real party was last night at Teatro Goldoni, where the “Triple Threat”, Victoria, Kate Michael (no, no relation, nor are either related to sports broadcasters Larry Michael or George Michael), and Sarah Rosenwinkel. The restaurant held the private party reception in the middle room from 8pm - 10pm, but it soon spilled out into the bar and restaurant. By the time 11 rolled around the restaurant was practically at capacity. Some notables were Stan Kasten, Nationals President and Minority Owner, as well as Chair of the Baseball Committee, Bill Hall - both are geared up and excited for the season in the new stadium, and sports writer and show host, Michael Wilbon, who looked well recovered after his minor heart attack earlier this year.

Lobbyist David Mercer and real estate mogul John Mason were in attendance as was the now movie producing John Cecchi, who made an appearance after the screening of his film “Under the Same Moon”.

The After Party (this town cannot have a party without a pre-party and and after party for some reason) was at Fly Lounge, where the ladies took over tables and danced the night away.
Happy Birthday to the lovely ladies of the Triple Threat.

(Pictured: Pamela Sorensen, Kate Michael, Stan Kasten, Sarah Rosenwinkel, Michael Wilbon, Victoria Michael)

More Triple Threat FUN! - We even made the Kelly Ann Collins Report...

Quotes from the Campaign

"Any time anybody does anything that in any way pulls this campaign down and says let's address reality and the problems we're facing in this world, you're accused of being racist, so you have to shut up," Ferraro told the Daily Breeze. "Racism works in two different directions. I really think they're attacking me because I'm white. How's that?" - Geraldine Ferraro

Read ABC News article, here.

"I don't know how somebody who's in second place (can be) offering the vice presidency to somebody who's in first place." - Senator Barack Obama on a potential Clinton/Obama ticket.

Just Another Sports Show

I'm all about the comparisons this week. The honor in retirement for both Joe Gibbs and Brett Favre, Gilbert Arenas' fear to get back on the court juxtaposed with Nick Johnson's (Nationals) stepping back up to the plate after his broken leg...
I even get to talk about streakers!

Deals and Steals at the District Sample Sale

Click the title above to read my latest article in DC Style magazine.

Sunny San Jaun

I know I was spoiled. I had only to look out my window each morning and see THIS to know it. And while I might have pinched myself, the sunburn set in after only Day 1 of poolside tanning :)

After last year (The Inn at Little Washington) I didn't think my birthday could be celebrated any better. No need to compare - Puerto Rico was just as special... and the sun didn't
hurt either!
I'm back with a bit of a sunburn, surely a couple of extra pounds and an empty wallet - the nickle slots did me in. But I'm ready for 26!

Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday - the celebration continues with friends in DC this week.

Happy Birthday Bouquet

Received just before I headed off to San Juan... at least I got to enjoy them for a little bit. I'm feeling spoiled with the flowers lately - and I love it! Merci beaucoup :)

Just Another Sports Show

Last week's show... I was the first to make this connection - Sean Taylor wore #21. The point spread between the Redskins and the Cowboys was... 21. Guess which draft pick the Redskins have this year? The 21st.

District Sample Sale Steals

If you were not at the District Sample Sale last night, you missed... $15 bargain bins from My Sister's Closet, beautiful $200 evening coats at Sangaree, cute dresses (and crowds!) at Urban Chic, and the entire inventory of Setchi and Alex Boutique - two local stores closing and liquidating, where fashion finds were a-plenty!

I bought staple shirts and shorts... I learned my lesson last year about buying things I hadn't tried on!

The deals were great, but I'm especially proud of this year's sample sale for the amount that was raised through Labels for Love, Inc. to benefit Martha's Table Summer Camp.

Luke's Wings

Entering City Tavern for a night of celebrating - Luke's Wings Inaugural Flight... or the organization's first fundraiser, to provide travel tickets for the families of wounded veterans hospitalized at various military hospitals including Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
Folks I hadn't seen in years came out to support the cause; and even my brother was in town to join in on the introductory celebration.

Getting Ready for the Sample Sale...

The District Sample Sale is tomorrow... and we are all preparing for the bargains!

Remember, no tickets will be sold at the door. To maximize the shopping fun, here is a little guide for what to wear:

Quick-change attire is key.
Leggings, camis, a stylish frock--things you can try on clothing over (that will look great when preening for the cameras) will get you in and out of every booth fast!
Some stores may have try-on areas, others won't, so be prepared!
May I also suggest traveling bagless - no bulky purses - just some cash, some credit, and a photo ID :)

The Michael Sisters!

At the Caps game this week. We won!!
Doesn't Victoria look amazing? :)
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