Georgetown House Tour

Click the title link above to read my posting of the Georgetown House Tour (Patron's Party) in DC Style.

Wiz vs. Cavs (Game 4)

The officials spent time reviewing only one of the major plays in the Wizards vs. Cavs game yesterday, but we can bet the Wizards and Eddie Jordan will be reviewing them ad nauseum. Was it the same team that beat 'James and the Backups' at the Verizon Center by some 30 points earlier in the week? Was something off...or did we just lose the magic of Soulja Boy?
Here's what we did do well...
Antawn Jamison led with 23 points.

Darius Songaila, not usually my favorite, played his heart out.

We USUALLY got our free throws.

Here's what we can work on...

Go for the two point shots when the threes are out of reach.

Don't expect Gil to deliver the clutch shot Hail Mary.

Get those rebounds!

Birthday BBQ

Happy Birthday to Sherif!

There's no better way to celebrate the first wonderful weather weekend of the Spring than a day poolside with good food and great friends.

But how in the world did I get stuck cutting the massive frozen ice cream cake?? Anything for you, Birthday Boy! Hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did... until the allergies set in ;)
(Photo taken by Grace Oh.)

Capitol Olympics

Ok, so I missed the Opening Ceremonies, but I did get there just as the fire drill was ending. Hundreds of friends, dressed up in their full-on athletic gear, crowding the sidewalks around the Capitol Building was a sight to see - until we finally got up to the 101 Constitution rooftop and were able to see the really amazing wonder... a Michael Saylor party.

Each is bigger and better than the last, but costume parties always outdo themselves. There were aerialists, dancers, ice skaters (yes, she really kept those shoes on all night!), hockey players (yes, the guy in the Ovechkin jersey really was Ovechkin!), an NBC news crew, and a bunch of boxers - including me and Bill.

The band was incredible, but when ISN'T Mr. Greenegenes? DJ Seyhan rocked us out during band breaks. The weather was perfect. And the crowd... will be talking about this one for weeks!

Just Another Sports Show

This week on the show we took a break from auditioning. We also mourned the end of the Caps' Stanley Cup efforts, and lamented Olie's bahavior at cleaning out his locker. What's expected of the Wizards as the Cavs come to the Verizon Center to play... and can the Nats win 75 games this year??

Top Chef Challenge - LLS Woman of the Year

Just as I helped Pamela Sorensen, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year candidate in her efforts to achive top fundriasing honors last year, I committed to help the team of Andrea Van Dell for the 2008-2009 campaign.

Andrea's team is hosting a unique Top Chef challenge on Thursday, May 1, at the home of Mr. John Barnett. Some of the Top Chefs are local celebrity DJ Seyhan Duru, Fletcher Gill, David Weirshousky, Carl Becker, Lilly Harris, Brian Bennett, Nomey Druskin, Cory Rice, Philip Ballard, Katie Lapp , Maireni Melo, and Scott Kahle. Executive Culinary Chef , Nicholas Stefanelli, will taste the dishes and decide who is DC Top "Chef"!!

Tickets to the event can be purchased for $65 at this link. Or, join me at the afterparty, with your ticket donation of $25 for this very worthy cause.

For questions, email

Sweet Charity... from The Examiner, Yeas & Neas

Wizards’ wives: They’re so sweet
POSTED April 24, 12:30 AM (Jeff Dufour & Patrick Gavin)

When you’re hot, it’s dangerous to wear clothes that might melt.

That’s the chance that a group of wives and girlfriends of the Wizards will take on May 5 when they don hats, handbags and even dresses made almost entirely of chocolate for the Sweet Charity event at the Mandarin Oriental.

Charrisse Jackson-Jordan (Mrs. Eddie Jordan), Ione Jamison (Mrs. Antawn Jamison), Sonia Daniels (Mrs. Antonio Daniels), Laura Govan (girlfriend of Gilbert Arenas), Andrea Butler (Mrs. Caron Butler) and Jackie Songaila (Mrs. Darius Songaila) are among those who will take to the runway in chocolate, along with former Miss D.C. Kate Michael.

An event spokeswoman said it has an agreement with the hotel “to freeze the dressing rooms at 50 degrees or lower so that the outfits have a longer life expectancy on the runway.”
"You have a secret admirer." - The receptionist in my condo building, this morning, telling me the maintenance man had asked her to give me his phone number. Yep, that's maintenance man #2, and I've only been there a month! Does this mean I'm high maintenance?! :)

Cure Bar & Bistro Opening

It's not even open to the public yet, so Cure Bar & Bistro must be as excited about next weekend's Gold Cup races as the rest of us! It held a "soft opening" VIP party for the Gold Cup last night, where we were able to test out the comfy couches, watch the big screens, and taste the delights.

I've been cure-ious about what would inhabit the space in the Grand Hyatt (10th & H Streets NW) downtown since it's lobby renovations. This lounge atmosphere seems to be the trend in restaurants lately, so it's sure to be a hit. Also, the food was pretty incredible. I wasn't too keen on the chicken liver pate, but the rest of the nibbles were scrumptious!
The food... yum! The other best part was chatting up the polo players.

Blog Balancing... or Journos Beaten by the Blog?

I attended (the majority) of a panel discussion on Blogging at the Press Club yesterday evening. As a blogger, and also a writer for a publication, I'm always interested to see how how bloggers are portrayed, or what purpose journalists feel blogging will/should have in the future of news.

More and more often, I'm hearing the mainstream news media argue that blogs are not valid news sources. They may give them the minor credit of being news summaries or news aggregates with a strong slant on opinion. True, they contain bias - but I don't know of many who would claim the major channels or newspapers weren't also politically (or idealogically) divided.

The main issues, as I see it, is less about whether blogs are ethical and valid means of distributing news. Rather, the issue is how blogs are changing the way we see news and how we want it reported. Perhaps individuals don't want news to be fair and balanced. Maybe (and I'll bet this is true!) they seek out sources of information that share their point of view and which make them feel comfortable with their opinions. Blogging is about creating a personality - sometimes a short, cheeky snapshot of a personality - but certainly branding the writer and the blog as a package entity. These brands may be more exciting, or even seem more personal and trustworthy, than an impersonal newsprint or a stoic reporter. Even so, I think all news mediums have a particular place of importance today.

With the increasing number of blogs started every day, and the strong desire of people to share and their own voices, blogging will not die down. It will only give way to the newest method of sharing information in real time. Just as newspaper writers had to alter their styles with the invention of the television news broadcast, so will some alteration of the rules have to occur with these new developments.

So many choices, so much news (and somehow you find MINE!) What is news, unless it is NEW?? Embrace the blogs - and enjoy!

Just Another Sports Show

Click the title link above to watch the show this week. We're auditioning for a new female host.

This week we hear from Josie Taylor, a Louisiana fan! I rant about how I almost got a ticket for being on my speakerphone and why we can't determine the NHL playoffs based on team slogans...

Miss Maryland Galaxy Pageants

I had the pleasure of co-hosting the inaugural Miss Maryland Galaxy Pageants yesterday in Germantown, MD with Miss Maryland USA 2007, Michae Holloman. National titleholders, Miss Teen Galaxy, Miss Galaxy, Ms. Galaxy, and Mrs. Galaxy were also in attendance.

The pageant was produced by Half Past Six Production company, and was the hippest (and most efficient) pageant I have seen, with highly energetic music and super fast show flow. Can I say that my favorite part was that we were out of there in under two hours, including photos after the crowning? Oh yeah, and I absolutely love making young women into Queens, too!!
Another highlight was meeting Leathia West, Miss Black D.C. Teen 1972. There are so few of us who have had the amazing opportunity to represent the District, under the many pageant titles now available, and I love to reconnect with others who have given their service to help make our home such a wonderful place. Leathia's probably off on her Harley somewhere in the sun today - her favorite pasttime now that her children are off in college :)
Congrats to Rachel Petty on a fabulous production and Best of Luck in your year to all of the the winners!

Madison Spring Fling

So many events this week (yes, even with the rain!), but if you're like me, you'll try to make it to them all! You can catch me here after the Georgetown House Tour Patron's Party Thursday night...

Qi Spa

Press perks are fabulous! Especially when they come in the form of a spa treatment (I hear the massages were wonderful - I chose a manicure...) at the new Qi Spa on M Street in Georgetown. I'm adoring my perfectly shaped pink nails as I type this entry, in fact!

Formerly a hot yoga studio, the space provides a intimate setting for every luxury treatment imaginable - mani and pedi (of course!), single or couples massages, facials, body polishes are a few. Qi Spa highlights its Hummingbird skincare treatment as the spa's signature selection.

The sun is shining and skin is showing. Take care of yourself :)

Press Club Turns 100!

Click the link above to read my write-up of the National Press Club's birthday party in DC Style.

SIN's Beauty Night Out - SWAG BAG ALERT!

It's not that we're happy to LEAVE, but one of the best parts about black tie events in Washington is the parting swag bag of goodies. Top swag bag awards go to SIN PR's Beauty Night Out... the event this year is in the Carnegie Building (801 K Street NW) from 5-10 p.m.

For $25 (more at the door, of course) we'll be treated to on-location spa services from the Spa at the Mandarin Oriental and treats from Cafe Bonaparte (amazing crepes!) and other stylishing secrets of the District... as well as the SWAG BAG!

This one is valued at over 2K... a veritable bankroll of beauty bliss. Items from Benefit Cosmetics, Clinique, Baby Phat, Boscia, The Remix, Urban Chic and more. Look for me there, covering the event for DC Style.

Doggy Style

Click the title above to read my latest article for DC Style Magazine, a write-up of Saturday's Fashion for Paws benefit for the Washington Humane Society.

Quote of the Day

"In D.C., perception is everything. It sucks if people are getting dragged through the mud unjustifiably, but we're in a town built on judging things by how they appear on face." -Anonymous poster on LNS

Fashion for Paws

I attended Fashion for Paws (2nd year event, 1st time for me!) this year as the guest of Event Chair, Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy. The sold-out fashion event was easily one of the most energetic charity events I've attended in Washington... with a large number of my friends commiting to raise funds for the Washington Humane Society in order to walk the runway and compete for the title of Model Washingtonian of the Year.

I did my own modeling earlier that day (see It's Prom Time! below) and was content to enjoy the fashion show with a front row seat (thanks again, Michael!). And thanks for the photo Jennie Kim!
One of my (many!) favorites was Kathryn Minor and little Spot (photo to come). Good thing Spot was tired after his bit of fame in the bright lights... although he was a hit on the runway, four-legged attendees were not permitted to party :(

Texas Wins Miss USA

Yes, Texas is one of those states where pageant winners generally come from. Something about the air, the water, or maybe just that Southern girls take pride in their appearances and personalities, and love to be on display. No big surprise then that Crystle Stewart, Miss Texas took the Miss USA crown last Friday night at the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was certainly one of my early favorites.

Crystle will now have a year of appearances, a modeling contract, and a new New York apartment in Trump Tower - yes, because (reminder) it's Miss USA that is partially owned by Donald Trump. (Miss America has a Board of Directors.)

She's going to be great at Miss Universe - held in Vietnam this year.

It's Prom Time!

The upcoming fundraiser, Once Upon a Prom, should have alerted me to the big event... but I still wasn't quite expecting to be modeling prom styles last Saturday at Neiman Marcus. This year the young ladies will have a color popping collection of gorgeous gowns to choose from. Bright chartreuse, classic red, and brilliant yellow... beaded, laced, rusched, and slit - some more glam, some more demeure, but all of them sure to be the Belle of the Ball.

No pics from my modeling gig, but you should check out the dresses for yourself. And if, like me, your Prom memories are in the wayback machine, donate your old dresses (or buy a new one to donate!) to a worthy charity so that another lucky lady can have the same "Wonderful Tonight" (my senior Prom theme...).

Aidah's Brush with Greatness

I've been saying Aidah Fontenot is amazing since I met her... and she's astounded me yet again. She makes the most beautiful clothes, takes oustanding photos, and now inspires us with abstract creations. She is the true definition of an artist.

You can join me to see some of Aidah's latest works in a really cool new place - the Jordan Flats Condo grand opening. But this is just the first of many new ventures for A++. I keep telling her that I'll tell the paparazzi I'm wearing her line if she'll make me a one-of-a-kind for my next event!

Warner Party at Teatro

I happened into a fundraising party for former Governor Warner last night at Teatro... and happened to see several friends in the process. I learned the hard way that it's hard to meet up with someone when a political powerhouse steams through the city - but he sure does draw a good (and enthusaistic) crowd!

Data Diving on LegiStorm

At the Press Club again today for a timely class... I say TIMELY because the topic of the course, Legistorm, has been the topic of conversation all over the cover of the Washington Post and even the Drudge Report today. With so much traffic, we were worried that the servers may have been overloaded... and no access for our class.

But all the data divers must have been away for their lunch hour, so we could peruse the site and discover why it will be so important... and why it's causing so much of a raucous! This website allows anyone to view information, particularly on legislative salaries, financial disclosures, and travel information (that is free and available to the public anyway) now in one simple database.

I remember when it first came out (I was a staffer on the Hill) and we all spent hours looking up each others' salary information. A pointless exercise for me then.. it just depressed me to find out how little I was making. But now, on the other side of the typewriter... I can easily see who paid for Senator X's trip to Las Vegas, who went with him, what he says he went for, and even if he paid an exorbitant amount for accommodations!

It's easy to use - and free! - and information that has always been publicly accessible anyway. You can even look me up and see what a pittance I made as a lowly Hill staffer ;)

Sunday Funday Draft Party with the Madison

Each year, the Madison chooses to focus on a primary charity affiliation. This year, we are combining our efforts for Race for the Cure - to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation and funding for breast cancer research.

To make the walk even more exciting, Team Madison is dividing up into four groups for a fundraising competition! We held the draft on Sunday at Town Hall to select our groups. I'm on Mary Vaughn's team, and we need to kick butt and take names!

You can see my personal donations page by clicking here. Your help and support is always appreciated!
(Here I am with Breana Teubner, fellow Madison, at Town Hall. Photo courtesy of Krista Johnson, also a Madison!)

Leukemia Ball posted for DC Style

Click the title above for my latest article for DC Style magazine... the Leukemia Ball is one of D.C.'s largest charitable gala fundraisers. This year's headliner was Jay Leno!

Congrats on 100 Years, National Press Club!

Joining as a new member this year was perfect timing on my part, the National Press Club is having its golden birthday (100 years)!

Saturday night, after a week of celebration that included D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty proclaiming April 5th National Press Club Day, other special speakers, and a couple of days of birthday cake. I attended the Centennial Gala at the Club. It was a great night, although not many young members attended. Guests could explore the entire club, dance on the ballroom floor to Doc Scantlin's orchestra, and even watch the documentary of the club released this year.

Pictures to follow.

Birthdays @ L2... the Boycott Ends :)

I finally went to L2 for the first time this weekend. While I proudly promote membership in private social clubs (CTC, University Club, National Press Club), I've been vocally against private membership in nightclubs. Especially for girls... When have girls ever had to pay to enter a nightclub!?

But Friday night, four great friends convinced me to enter the swanky L2 in Cady's Alley. Happy Birthday to Heather, Luis, Anthony, and Doug! I have to admit that the place was great (though drinks were expensive!!), the crowd was the perfect size, and the birthday cake (purchased on site) was incredible.

To my friends that own L2, sorry to be so critical. I think your design concepts are wonderful, and I love the place. But I'm still not a fan of private membership nightclubs :) Even so, Happy Birthday to the gang!

Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce

The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce was in town last week, and planned an evening reception at Bill's house (since he is involved with Tibs, a company in Gwinnett that has a presence in the Chamber).

It was so fun to walk down memory lane and see some of the families of my classmates from Parkview High School.

Just Another Sports Show

Why is it impossible to capture a good screen shot?! Anyway, on this week's show I call out Matt for his "girly" NCAA bracket picks, I make the guys jealous that I attended the first game at the new Nats ballpark, and I call Arenas to task for making his boy Jamison feel bad about asking for a higher salary. We miss Lila, but we put on a great show this week!

80's for a Cause w/ City Club

Click the picture above for a larger view...
I just found out about this event from the lovely Ashley Gross, who got me excited about it because it benefits Miriam's Kitchen (I wonder if this is this the same Miriam of District Sample Sale charity fame? That Miriam is a do-gooder and a half!!) and Food and Friends.
Plus, it'll just be fun to dress up in our leggings, hi-tops, over the shoulder sweaters and BIG HAIR and act like we're the characters in Flashdance :)

Encouraging Youth Service

I was recently contacted by a 7th grader whose Father I had met while making a charity appearance as Miss DC. Even at the young age of 12, he wants to make a difference in his Gaithersburg community.

"I love sports," he said. "But, I always have the equipment I need. Other kids don't always have... even such basics as shoes. The City of Gaithersburg Department of Parks, Recreation, and Culture offers sports programs for kids and often even provides uniforms. need shoes. You can't step out onto a court without sneakers."

So yesterday I sent him 4 pair. It's easy! Wal-Mart even has some on clearance. If you want to help, send new youth shoes to the cause:

Andy's Shoe Mission
444 Placid Street
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

You can contact Andy for more information at Thanks for helping advance the cause of youth fitness.
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