Miss DC Interviews

Some of the contestants in this year's Miss DC pageant before their 10 minute interviews. Each girl will spend time with the judges to determine 30% of their total score before the portions on stage Saturday night.

To warm up the judges, I did a sample mock interview with the panel, which included Marsha Mayo, Fernando Murias, Ted Trabue, Marsha Ralls and Kerri Strug.
These are the beautiful roses on my desk, brightening my office. I seriously doubt they make it through the weekend... but I have my fingers crossed. They are purple and yellow because that is my current favorite floral color combination :)

For all of you who may be planning to send me flowers, red roses are still my favorite.

What Is A Rookery, Anyway?

I hadn't gone back after the opening. I actually thought often avout going for dinner or drinks, but that always seemed to be on a Monday. You know how you always crave Chick-fil-A (if you're Southern) on Sundays... well, Rookery was my Monday madness wish, I guess. But, without a place to grab a bite on a random Thursday, it finally happened. And it's like I found Cheers.

We were sitting in the back corner... For a view? Yeah - of the Lakers/Spurs game that the Lakers were blowing - big time. That's when the spottings started. If I ever wondered where those people (that weren't living it up at Milano) were hanging on Thursday nights, now I'm in the know. A rookery is defined as a nesting ground for wild beasts... I found the ones I thought were in hibernation.

Checci was there to tell us about his new digs (after renovations we'll have an additional P Street party spot). Andrea Van Dell was looking for some generous donors in the final weeks of her fundraising push for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. John Galligan was taking in the full benefits of Rookery membership. And that random woman was at the bar.. she finished her entire crossword :)

By the way, I had the white fish entree, and I highly recommend it. Pineapple dessert only gets one thumb up.


To quickly recap my first trip to Chicago, I'll just say that the weather wasn't as disappointing as I expected, and there was certainly enough to do to fill the days!
While I didn't check off my primary objective, a Chicago deep dish stuffed pizza, until just minutes before leaving, I did manage to squeeze in a revolution on the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel (at left), a tour of the "Gold Coast" and home of Cyrus McCormick and the former Playboy Mansion. I did some shopping on the Miracle Mile, enjoyed quite a lucrative day at the flea market (I fell in love with a cocktail ring that was quite a steal!) and clogged my arteries with just ONE bite of a hot dog from Weiner Circle.
I suggest trying Blue Corral if you like sushi... and Nomi if you like to eat anything at all!! Deepdsih stuffed pizza from Giordana's was an all group favorite.

11th Annual Loudoun "Good Scout" Awards

Thursday, May 22nd at Landsdowne, the Loudoun County Boy Scouts of America held an annual celebration honoring their "Good Scout" of the year - this year's honoree was Bill Dean.

I'll "out" him now - he was never a boy scout, but that didn't seem to matter to the selection committee. Bill's companies are the 2nd largest employers in Loudoun County, so Bill knows more than a bit about stewardship in the area. He also knows how to rally behind fundraising for a cause he believes in.

Me, I CAN'T believe he wore that scout hat for even a second while he gave his speech...

Just Another Sports Show

In our last episode of Just Another Sports Show, I argue that this NBA playoff season is boring since every team is only winning at home, I show some disappointment in Olie the Goalie's lapse in professionalism, and I put our show in the penalty box for not covering any of the other (perhaps more minor) sports that are of interest in the area. I mean, we didn't event talk about the Kentucky Derby!
Click the title above to see last week's show.

Farewell to DC Style Magazine

You may have noticed I haven't been urging you to "click on the title above to see my latest post in DC Style Magazine" of late... If you have visited the site this week, you would have found that Niche Media chose to discontinue to magazine, instead focusing on their Capitol File brand here in the city. No word yet on how I might continue my fashion/events writing for the company... or if I will move to a new publication.

If you hear of a great gig that needs my freelance talents, please pass it my way! And thanks to all of you who have been such faithful readers of my articles outside of K Street Kate.

Warming My New Home

I've been "home" in my new condo in Foggy Bottom for about a month, but had yet to invite friends to see the place. To tell the truth, I was still worried that my neighbors would throw a fit that I was inviting about 20 people to my little studio. Some of them have been living there since the place was built in 1956, and I think they might be a bit worried to have a 'youngster' around.

But I couldn't wait any more! So, I threw a small housewarming/stock the bar last Tuesday to introduce my new home and new neighborhood.

Yes, I'm proud. I painted and lugged furniture, and set everything up all by myself. It's the first place that is all my own, and I was beeming to show it off to some of my friends. (And cheers to you all - you were appropriately impressed...or were nice enough to say you were.)

Home sweet home.

Sushi with Date Auction Winner, Mourad

To help raise money for the GW Cancer Institute's student clinic, I offered some of my time (and hopefully fun personality) to a date auction. It is medical students that provide these clinical health services free of charge, so the least I could do was see if I could fetch $10 or so :)

I actually have no idea how much I ended up helping to raise, but I did have a fun time with Mourad, who "won" me. We enjoyed some sushi and chatted about my experiences during my year as Miss DC (and beyond!) and I learned even more about the wonderful clinic and GW med school from a(now) Sophomore student.

Thanks to Cafe Asia for donating a gift certifciate to accompany my "date". I suggest any of the banana desserts. The one with coconut and honey was especially yummy!

Making Money with TAB The Band

Friday night at Hard Rock Cafe, I Emcee'd the TAB The Band concert and Madison fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Thanks to all of the generous attendees, we raised some serious cash for breast cancer research.

We collected donations at the door, auctioned and raffled off two signed Gibson guitars for $1250 toward our goal of $12000 for Race for the Cure.

This band is awesome... and not just for helping us to secure such a large donation! If you didn't hear their set on DC 101 Friday morning, be sure to check them out as they tour with the Stone Temple Pilots this summer.

DC Greenworks Green Carpet Event

When your program leaflet is printed on seed paper (meaning you can plant it in your yard and flowers will grow) you know you've come to an event with some serious tree huggers... and plant lovers, too! And that's a good thing since last night's DC Greenworks "Rethinking the Roof" event was all about greenroofing basics. In other words, how to use plants on the roof of your home or office building to reduce energy consumption, improve air quality, and even extend the lifespan of your rooftop.

The rooftop at 1425 K was the first greenroof I have seen, but it is not the only one of its kind in the District. Increasingly, buildings are using greenroofs to obtain LEED credits and manage stormwater. To me, it seems like a fairly simple, useful, and beautiful way to promote environmental sustainability in an urban environment.

It's pretty peaceful, too.

"Way of War" Screening with Cuba Gooding Jr.

Now I know how much goes into making a movie - but this was my first chance to share in providing feedback with one of the film's major stars. And not just any star - the Cuba Gooding Jr.!

"Way of War" is an action packed suspense film where Cuba plays a paramilitary operative who goes on a rampage after he discovers a war conspiracy. After the screening, he was present to answer some questions and tell us about the filming of the movie.

You may also notice J.K. Simmons and John Terry, who also star in this indie film, set in our very own Washington, DC. The film will be released for audience viewing later this year.

Chase's Birthday/Mother's Day Trip to Georgia!

A break between the old and new job gave me the perfect opportunity to steal away to Georgia for a few days of 'home time'. How lucky was I? I was in time for my nephew's 4th birthday. He's the one that's always so awesomely appreciative of my giftgiving. I love it!

Other than family time, I had a fun night on the town (Virginia Highlands) with my best friend - since 7th grade, (at right) - my brother and his new girlfriend. Yeah - BIG NIGHT - first meeting of the new GF :) and I spent a lovely morning at the ballpark watching the nephews in their Little League games.
Now, refreshed and ready for the new job to begin!

TAB The Band At Hard Rock!

Exciting news! 1) TAB is coming to Hard Rock here in DC for an awesome show on May 16th They are set to tour with Stone Temple Pilots soon after this show, so you won't want to miss out! 2) TAB and Hard Rock have very generously offered to donate ALL the proceeds from the night to my team, the Pink Ladies of the Madison, for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure to benefit breast cancer research!

We definitely expect Hard Rock to be at capacity and the show to sell out fast. Won't you come support us and see this great band?! You'll see me collecting donations at the door and raffling off fun prizes!

Evening of Champions

It was a night where you could chat up soccer with new D.C. United midfielder Marcello Gilardo and then turn to discuss financials with Richard Fairbanks of Capital One, the Greater Washington Sports Alliance Evening of Champions. It was also my last big function of affiliation with the Sports Alliance. (More later on my new role at the D.C. Department of Employment Services!)
The big highlight of the evening was the celebration of Art Monk (formerly Redskins #81 and Darrell Green (formerly Redskins #28) and their upcoming induction into the NFL Hall of Fame. Surrounding the excitement of this induction, the two have formed a foundation to further their accomplishments in favor of area youth. It's called Route 281... and you can find out more about it here.
Above, Britton Miller and Daniella Levy, colleagues I will miss at the Sports Alliance.

NFTE "Fuel Your Ambition"

NFTE is Nifty. Yep - it's cool to support the National Federation for Teaching Entrepreneurship. And this year's annual Gala event, themed "Fuel Your Ambition", was pretty nifty, too. They bottled up the talent, inspiration, creativity, and drive of these young entrepreneurs and the mentors that support them and served it to us as an energy drink! (Actually, I think the drink was similar to Red Bull, but it was a cute idea.)

At right, Norm Corkhill and I at last night's NFTE Gala.

It was a night to honor the young business mavens and raise funds for future NFTE programs. In addition, real estate developer, Victor McFarlane, was honored - and will hopefully join the ranks of NFTE supporters, mentors, and talent judges for the years to come. We also congratulate Julie Kantor on her new job as Vice President of the NFTE policy office - she does more to fuel the ambition of area youth than anyone else I know!

The best part of the night is shopping the entrepreneur's booths and talking with them about their business plans... oh - and maybe watching Marsha Ralls put the audience on the spot for donations!

Sweet Charity

It was a heavy duty to be Miss Sweet Charity for the Sweet Charity chocolate fashion show tonight - "heavy duty" mostly because of the 25 pound chocolate cake on my head. It isn't a heavy duty at all to help raise money for children's literacy... especially when every dollar raised buys a new book for a child, or fills the shelves in a neglected library.

The Heart of America Foundation has been producing Sweet Charity, a fashion show sponsored by Des Alpes and Albert Uster, which features models on the runway dressed in costumes of chocolate, sugar, and marzipan. It was a sweet night for an even sweeter cause!
(Photo credit, the fabulous Pamela Sorensen of Pamela's Punch)
And you can check out my write-up of the event in DC Style by clicking here.

Fox 5 Media for Sweet Charity

Fox 5's Holly Morris came to the Mandarin Oriental to do a tease for the Sweet Charity event tonight.

She wore my costume for tonight, Ms. Sweet Charity, while I was a white chocolate ice princess.
Don't miss Sweet Charity tonight - limited tickets still available. And finally, it's for MY CAUSE, children's literacy. Seriously sweet!

Sunday Funday

I would venture to say the most popular Sunday brunch spot for the D.C. social set is Peacock Cafe in Georgetown (before heading down to the waterfront for a relaxing aftrenoon by the water). Even getting to Peacock super early can't guarantee you a seat, but the conversations to be overheard are worth the wait. Today's gossip... what went down at yesterday's Virginia Gold Cup races.

Before our big brunch, Elle and I found a new shopping treasure! It's probably only new to us - since Fresh has been across from Dean and Deluca for some 5 years - but the 2 for $99 deal (good for dresses AND bags!!) got us pretty excited.

After brunch, we waited in the longest line I've ever seen... for a cupcake! We've heard so much ranting and raving about the Georgetown Cupcake, I finally had to try one (or four!) for myself. I did predict that designer cupcakes would be a new trend, but I wasn't prepared for this! I'm telling you, it's better than New York's Magnolia. I am reserving judgement on calling it the best cupcake, however, because I have yet to try my girlfriend Paola Domenge's creations at Couture Cupcakes.

Though I never made it to the waterfront (I had a BBQ in Virginia), Sunday Funday was a mission accomplished.

Super Saturday

Saturday night's activities were super for many reasons, including the people, the causes, and the food!

I was honored to have been asked to present awards at the annual G.W. Cancer Insitute Gala. Husband and wife team Robert and Paula Siegel won the highly deserved Commitment to Overcoming Cancer Award for their team effort in patient care, outreach, and continual research. Cancer survivor extraordinaire, Sean Swarner, deservedly took home the Spirit of Life Award as his survival story inspires courage and hope in ALL OF US. Dr. Margaret Foti's outstanding public leadership in cancer health care and public policy won her the Distinguished Public Service Award, and Archibishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu made us all laugh and cry with his acceptance speech of the Cancer Compassion Award.

From such a distinguished occasion, I wore my black-tie attire over to the soft opening of Coco-Sala, a chocolate/coffee indulgence lounge that I have been waiting for!! The decadence was incredible - even the art is made of chocolate (more to come on that theme this week) - and the tastes are scrumptious. You must enjoy a signature chocolate mojito when you go!

And then I rejoined the ballgown crowd for the afterparty to the reception of newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. William Finnerty at L2. Their happiness was contagious! My sincerest congratulations.

Ready for a relaxing Sunday Funday.

Miss DC Tickets on Sale

Click the title link above to purchase tickets to the 2008 Miss District of Columbia pageant held at the historic Lincoln Theater on May 31st at 7:30 p.m.

Photo Shoot for Aidah Couture

Just a tease... from my photo shoot last weekend for Aidah Couture. Aidah's new line is incredibly comfy. She wanted this shoot to reflect both the ease and elegance of what her designs have to offer. And I think the shots turned out GREAT! (Helps when the artist and designer is equally as talented behind the camera lens.)

The new line will soon be available on http://www.aidah.com/.

Goldini Wins Artini

At last night's Artini competition, hosted by the Corcoran's 1869 Society, one of my favorite restaurant's... and my favorite bartender, won top honors!! Teatro Goldoni won for the best Martini in the city, a tiramisu-flavored delicious martini. You can sample Omar's creation, the Goldini, anytime at 1909 K Street NW.

May Day!

We're at that point in the year when the calendar is so full that you have to pick and choose the events you can actually make it to. Even with the best of intentions to "party-hop" it's impossible to support everything. If I could clone myself, I think I would!!

As I've mentioned, I'm supporting Andrea Van Dell's campaign to be named Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Woman of the Year (there are some amazing candidates, including Mrs. Chartese Burnett, VP of Communications for the Nationals, whom I also support). Andrea is putting on a Top Chef event this evening, where local socialites will test their kitchen skills to tantalize your tastebuds. Who is DC Top Chef? Help me decide! You can still buy tickets (JB graciously opened up more rooms in his home...) at www.llsangels.org

It's Lei Day at the Rookery! Don't know about the Rookery? Check out my first write-up, here. It's members-only... but I may find a way to get you in :) I promise, it'll be a great time.

My friend Ebong Eka is starting his own clothing line, Mi Chiamo Eka. Remember, I featured him in DC Style just a little bit ago? Now DC Modern Luxury wants in on the action! We'll be doin a fun shoot for him at an undisclosed DC hot spot tonight. Check back for more details!

AND... it's Thursday. So, all bets on the table say I'm sure to be spotted at Milano. Will you be there?
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