Sick of Gas Price Talk... Even So:

Hoops on the Roof

I was first introduced to Hoop Dreams when asked to play in the "celebrity" basketball game during the annual 3-on-3 tournament in 2007. This organization keeps growing and giving!

Founder Susie Kay and a strong host committee, including many of my favorite friends, want to introduce you to the wonderful work of Hoop Dreams for our area youth.

Join us as we see the sites of the city from the rooftop of the NEW Liason of Capitol Hill Hotel. 100% of the proceeds benefit the scholarship fund.

Click here to purchase tickets for a the Rooftop Rendezvous at The Liason and to further Hoop Dreams!

Martha's Vineyard

I've finally been to the Vineyard, and it was everything I thought it would be. Preppy polos, lobster salads and beach novels abound! No, they are not really my usual vices, but yes - I enjoyed the weekend considerably.

We stayed at the Hob Knob Inn, a cozy bed and breakfast in Edgartown, and the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing weekend getaway. After a quick tour of the island, we realized we couldn't have stayed anywhere but Edgartown (mostly because the rest of the island is dry), because this was the essence of Martha's Vineyard as we imagined it to be.

Edgartown is an old whaling town that re-emerged in the 20th century as a summer sailing and beach town. It is populated with 18th and 19th century "Cape Cod" houses, historic churches, and a picturesque lighthouse. It also has a ferry to Chappaquiddick Island, which I was tempted to see, but just didn't have the time.

Of course we ate seafood! Delicious dinners were easy to find, but I recommend Atria and L'Etoile (the best tasting menu ever!) if you're looking for a Vineyard feast :)

Were my arms as sore as my legs from biking around the island, I might need another few days off from blogging to recouperate. Stay along the coast for views and gentle slopes... the middle of the island has some serious hills.

Next time I'm packing Lacoste and some boat shoes!

Power Player of the Week

Kudos to Carol Joynt and Nathan's Q & A Cafe for their upcoming feature as Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace's "Power Player of the Week!" Sunday morning at 9 AM (and again at 6 PM) on Fox, you can see highlights from this tavern talk show, which for over seven years has hosted such great speakers as Ted Sorensen, Tucker Carlson, and Phillip Cousteau.

Stop Traffick

Using fashion to raise money to fight human trafficking - what an interesting idea! And the designers who were a part of the Stop Traffick event last night at Lima certainly had intriguing fashions on the runway.

The VIP Benefit to stop child trafficking was hosted by Charity Network, Inc. with Channel 8's Beverly Kirk and C0-Chairs Ingrid Mendoza, Dipika Bhagat Ahluwalla, and Sakshi Bhagat.

Special thanks, as always, goes to fabulous photographer Pat Ryan, who shot both the runway show and the "socials"... You can see more of his great work at

Ted Sorensen @ NPC

Thank goodness for my National Press Club membership, since I couldn't make it to Q & A Cafe to hear Ted Sorensen speak about his new book, Counselor. As it turned out, I was able to speak more to him than I expected - we arrived at the same time and rode the elevator to the Club level together.

Counselor, Sorensen's sixth book, is a personal account of his 11 years serving as John F. Kennedy's aide and speachwriter. He is passionate about Kennedy's ideals for public service and duty toward civil rights and other advancements for the country. He was equally passionate in his dislike for the current administration.

I had not known...that Sorensen is responsible for most of Kennedy's famous speeches, including "ask not what your country can do for you;" that Sorensen added the faulty "ein" in Kennedy's speech in Berlin that famously made him call himself a "jelly dougnut;" that it was Sorensen that began comparisions between Kennedy and Obama.

I count myself lucky to have had the opportunity to hear him speak. It's also pretty cool to be able to say that Kennedy's speechwriter told me that I have a beautiful smile!

Double Play

When it comes to the Nats, I just can't get enough. So when Keri Ann Meslar's friends decided to hold a brunch and Nats game excursion in honor of her return to DC, I was so in!

Brunch at Hudson, outside on the terrace, was scrumptious - so yummy that we stayed much longer than we should have, and were late to the game! (A misdirected cabbie didn't help us out, either. Who takes Constitution on a Sunday?? TOURISTS ONLY!)
Once at the ballpark we had to take a quick detour before heading to those fabulous seats Victoria Michael secured for us... to film a short commercial for the Nats. Let me know if you see it air!
Sorry we couldn't make the Nats win for you, but welcome back, Keri Ann! (Pictured above, Colleen Morrow and Roby Penn couresty of Nats fan photos.)

At Bat With the Nats

While the scene was out at Great Meadow for Courage Cup or fleeing town for the Hamptons or some other summer weekend getaway, the Michael sisters ate, and ate... and watched the baseball game from the very best seats in Nationals Ballpark (thank you Victoria!).

It was especially great to be there on the night that 1) the Bethesda Naval Hospital wounded were recognized for their service and sacrifice, and 2) the row of gents behind us were completing their nationwide tour of ballparks with only 3 left to go! And because we played the Rangers, we got to see Nolan Ryan - who I remember vividly from my brother's baseball card collection.

Sitting in the President's Club is a one-of-a-kind experience, and sitting second row is the most exciting. Not only do you have the best view of the game - America has the best view of YOU (and every single bite of hot dog and popcorn)! Thanks Pat Ryan for texting us to stop eating!!

YPFP Date Auction & Friday Fun

A quick cocktail on the Firefly and some scrumptious nibbles from Agraria at the Georgetown waterfront readied me for the YPFP date auction at City Tavern Club last Friday night. I entered the great room just as the band, Sick Feed, was winding down for the second round of dates on the auction block, er... balcony.

My good friend and Sick Feed musician, Tom Snedeker, was my auctioneer - and he made me nervous by starting the bidding at $250. Happily, I went for more than double that! And I have a dinner at Teatro Goldoni to look forward to with a nice Georgetown gentleman who purchased a date with me for $525. Congrats to Young Professionals for Foreign Policy on a successful event and much funds raised for your programs.

And Happy Birthday to Kathryn Minor. I left the date auction to find you at your birthday party at L2. Sorry to miss you blowing out your candles, but the party (and L2) was a blast as always.

Books, Rooks & Kiwis

Literacy - it is the cause closest to my heart; the foundation to live a good and successful life. Almost 90% of fourth graders in the District read below grade level. Doing my part to fix this, I have joined the Board of FirstBook, a non-profit which gives children from low-income families the opportunity to read and own their first new books. My first meeting was yesterday... and I'm excited to bring you more ideas on how you can help address youth and adult literacy difficiencies in our communitiy. Check back for more!

Elle Collver's New Zealand cutie (Quinn Lucas) was welcomed to Washington with a strong supper club showing at Sesto Senso last night. Seyhan Duru entertained us with stories of how the restaurant was the party spot in the '80s. Now... the food is good! :) The thirty-odd of twenty-to-forty-somethings split up between Fly and Rookery to end the evening.

I voted for the Rookery (it's blocks from my front door!) and got to rock out to the Winn Brothers Band before calling it a night. Thank goodness I could hear the band from the front porch... stifling temperatures kept most of us from perching at the bar. I got to literally 'rub elbows' with some old favorites, though... Joe Robert (III) where have you been all my life?? ;)

Date auction tonight - enjoy the weekend!

Stop Traffick (With Fashion)

I can't praise Aidah Fontenot's work often enough... and here's your chance to see it (and take some home)! The ever-involved Pamela Sorensen is playing a big part in this event as well. Sure to be a big success. See you Wednesday!

Cultural Cocktails @ Cusp

Social shoppers and lovers of art and design met at Cusp to escape the afternoon showers at the semi-annual Corcoran Cultural Cocktails yesterday afternoon.

The popular boutique was closed to the public while Corcoran 1869 members and guests sipped and shopped. New arrivals of summer pieces and great sales kept the place crowded until the party later moved to L2.

*Thanks to Fletcher Gill for news of the event (and the +1!). The search for a perfect summer print dress eludes me (suggestions welcome), but my friend Yona Park tells me she scored some classic skinny jeans for only $70!

Sigma (Kappas) in the City

I'm a Sigma Kappa. Are you my sister?

If so, and you want to meet a great group of Sigma Kappas in DC, come join us for some love in the dove! We are starting a new alum chapter in the city (meetings will never be more than a metro stop away from DC) and we want to make this one great big SK family reunion!
See the new website often for updates, or be in touch with me for more information. Thank you to Jen Richer for the website contributions and Carole Dreher for organizing the first meeting.

Thanks to Teatro Goldoni for Donating My Date!

You still have a chance to purchase a ticket to Affairs of State: the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy Date Auction and Band Party Friday night at the City Tavern Club. You also still have a chance to bid on a date with me!

Friday night, probably after 11 PM (though the event starts at 8:30 with an hour of OPEN BAR!) I'm going on the auction block to raise money for this new organization and their efforts to foster the next generation of foreign policy leadership - goodness knows, we need it!

Teatro Goldoni has generously donated a $100 gift certificate to accompany my date. So break those piggy banks; I want to see some high bid cards in the air Friday night!

Lost in the Bermuda Triangle

While google'ing my name gets you more "Kate,Michael" references from Lost (the television series) than I care to admit, I wouldn't have minded getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle last weekend. A short weekend on the beautiful Bermuda beaches just was not enough!

I've wanted to visit Bermuda for years - since an old boyfriend thought he was going to be relocated there. I had done more than enough research to feel like I could be a true Bermudian! He never moved... and then moved on. :) Thanks to Molly Margenau for having a birthday, so I could finally make that short two hour plane ride!

So, for all of you who have yet to go... Bermuda shorts and knee-high socks really are the official dress code. Definitely drink a Dark & Stormy but stay away from Ginger Beer on its own. And try another island if you're looking for more than a few days of rest and relaxation (there is nothing open after 10 pm) - even the customs agent told me this was a place for the "Newlywed and Nearly Dead"!

Even so, I loved every minute. Happy Birthday, Molly!

Burnett and Galvanek Win LLS Woman & Man of the Year

Sixteen candidates were up to the challenge of a ten week fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, but it was two that had truly lived the cause - and survived blood cancer - that took home the titles of LLS Man & Woman of the Year.

Chartese Burnett, Communications Director for the Nationals, and Jim Galvanek of Gensler were triumphant Saturday, though all candidates collectively raised $785,000 to help research and programs to eradicate blood cancers. Donna McKelvey, Executive Director of the National Capital Area Chapter of LLS said that, "Both Chartese and Jim, in their cancer journey and their dedication toward finding a cure, are an inspiration to us all."

Other than the announcement of the winner's, a highlight of the night was the Adeler Jewler's Jewel in the Box auction. The high bidder on an unopened box at each table won the surpise inside, which could have included a loose gemstone, gift certificate to Adeler Jewelers, or a custom-designed necklace!

The evening was emceed by WMZQ Morning Host Brian Egan, who actively promotes LLS as a member of the LLS Team in Training Program, and WJLA news personality Alison Starling.

Amanda Lewis Gets Send-Off to Miss Black USA!

Last night Amanda Lewis' friends and fans gathered together to wish her well as she packs her wardrobe for the Miss Black USA pageant. (Remember her?) This pageant, like so many others these days, will be held at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NE, this Saturday, June 21.

Keep Amanda in your thoughts and wish her well. She's a great personal friend of mine, and a worthy representative of the District in the Miss Black USA system!

Happy Father's Day

To my Dad - who's been there through all the ups and downs (and waaaay too many changes of address!) and still takes pride in my accomplishments, laughs with me at my mistakes, and gives me advice on my future... though he knows I probably won't take it :)
I love you, Dad. Happy Father's Day!

Carl & Jossie's Birthday Bashes

I love it when birthdays turn out to be Who's Who parties! Carl Becker and Jossie Ali tried to have a collective birthday at L2 last Friday night, but the guest list got too big for its own britches. They split it up for the best of both worlds, with Jossie holding court at L2 while Carl lorded over the takedowns at SmithPoint.

I was too lazy for double duty, so was happy to see Carl at the beginning of the evening at L2, where I stayed all night. Jossie looked stunning, as always!

So.. I can't speak to the star-factor in Bo's Basement, but the eye candy at Leopold's Lounge was serious. You already know all of the ladies were lovely... some of the most brilliant of which were Tara DeNicolas, Ellen Grantham, and Andrea Johnson. Male attendees included Rick Rickertsen, Jimmy Lynn, about-to-be wed David Sutphen, and recently engaged Tripp Donnelly, who were joined by Redskin Shaun Springs about midnight.

And that's when I turned into a pumpkin. A girl can't travel to Bermuda on party fumes...

Press Club Statement on Tim's Russert's Passing

Sylvia Smith, NPC president, issued the following statement:

The community of journalists is stunned and saddened at the news of Tim
Russert’s death. Tim was a colleague and friend to all in journalism. He was
a role model for all of us, whether in print or broadcast. Tim epitomized
excellence in journalism and unflinching commitment to the craft.
Our profession has lost a stellar journalist. On behalf of the 3,700 members of the National Press Club, I offer deep condolences to the Russert family.

Just Another Sports Show

This is a screen shot from last week... this week's show is airing soon. Be sure to catch these last two episodes, as they will be my last on Just Another Sports Show.

I've loved giving you my take on the sports events of the week over the past year, but time contraints, brain capacity (I'm still in the learning curve on the new job!), highway toll fees and gas prices are discouraging me from driving to Reston each week to film the show.

To all the fans of the show - keep watching. And tell the guys I should be allowed to come back for sporadic guest appearances :)

My First Pair - Lacey K's

I have my first pair of Lacey K shoes - thanks to Lacey Kirstein, owner and designer of Lacey K Shoes! You'll see me flaunting my Paris pythons (at left) around town this summer.

Unlike me, Lacey has very narrow feet. She was frustrated by her lack of stylish options, especially for evening footwear, and - with her entrepreneurial spirit - decided to take matters into her own hands... and feet.

Lacey K shoes are made of fine italian leather, and are surprisingly comfortable to wear. And Lacey - thanks for making medium and wide sizes so those of us with feet not so slender can wear your slingbacks (and other styles), too!

Who Cares If My Stocks Are Down?

Serious pats on the back to good friend Michael Saylor of Microstrategy. He got to "ring" the opening bell (which really just means push the glowing yellow square) to open the markets Wednesday morning. That is SO COOL!!!

District Shopping Days

Love shopping as much as I do?

I love it so much that I got involved with the District Sample Sale and Labels for Love, a non-profit which uses the fun of shopping and style to benefit local charities. This week, we introduced a citywide shopping spree - and shopping cards are still available!

Better get to Green and Blue, Urban Chic and Wink before I get all the best deals!!

Snowball Express Fundraiser with Everclear

I hope you didn't miss the exciting FREE Everclear concert in Crystal City on Sunday. I was busy doing life maintenance (yes, I do somehow have to find time to wash the clothes and clean the condo!) but friends that made it told me about how awesome it was. Elle Collver sent me this great close-up picture...

Although I missed the big performance, I did make it out to the afterparty to benefit Snowball Express, a charity which has created a support network for the families of our fallen heroes. These families are heroes in their own right! For two years, the organization has arranged a huge event to gather these families and allow them time to try to heal together. Some major partners have given to the cause... American Airlines was mentioned profusely.

Andy Baldwin, former Bachelor contestant and Navy medic (pictured at left), was on hand for a speech and pictures. He made a generous donation even though his own charity, GotYourBack, fundraises for a similar cause.

And, of course, Everclear was on hand to sign autographs and meet the families.
Super kudos go out to Milinda Jefferson for her organization of this event and her personal and professional commitment to the cause. Congratulations on much success and a job well done.

Race for the Cure

Team Madison was out in force for the Susan G. Komen Race for Cure Saturday morning.

We got up extra early to warm up and get to the start, ready to race that 5K and stomp out breast cancer. Well, kind of. We got up extra early, but I wasn't too smart about getting to the starting line. I happened upon Lee, Samantha, and Thalia as I was heading to the metro... after a failed attempt to drive close to the start line. I know, I know. I should have known better!!

So we missed the running start, but that didn't keep us from running. We weaved around the walkers for the first mile and found our stride for the last two. Samantha Dredge, you kept me going. Teammates, I'm so proud of all of us for commiting to this charity, fundraising, and showing up in the heat early Saturday morning.

We are still collecting donations to reach our goal of $20,000 for this crucial cause. Contact me to find out how you can help!

Benefits and Baseball

It's only the 2nd year of the Young Benefactors of the Smithsonian's Polo Cup, but the sport in this city is suddently in demand. Who would have expected that D.C. could support enough interest for three big polo events a year? The YB Polo Cup is in it's 2nd year, and is my favorite, only because it is played on the Mall (in DC, not Great Meadow, VA) and several of my friends actually play in it.

Last night we gathered at the Argentine Embassy to Kick-Off the Cup, recognize some of my polo playing pals, and raise money for Smithsonian educational programs.

If there was tango dancing, we missed it, because we had to race across town to the new Nationals Ballpark to see the perfect defeat of the Cardinals. Home run at the bottom of the 10th inning to secure a W!!! Our group was in the President's Club (yes, the one right behind home plate). The best part was that I'm sure Kate-Marie and I were on TV a bunch. The worst part... that someone sold seats right behind us to OBNOXIOUS Cardinals fans. Seriously - who teaches their 12 year old to talk to an adult like that?!?

Victoria Michael set up an awesome afterparty in the President's Club after the game. Everyone was happy to show up after the win, including two of my favorites - soon-to-be grandpa Stan Kasten, and my sorority sis Barbra Silva. I heard a rumor the party was in honor of Ryan Zimmerman's new bobblehead, but I don't think they have given any away yet. He asked me if it looked like him...I'm sure the cuteness factor can't be translated in plastic.

Even after all of that, we actually made it to the Madison Mad in Madras event (to benefit Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure this Saturday!), unplanned. The fundraiser wasn't at Smith Point (although I swear I saw that on my invitation), it was at the Rookery, and a great place to end the evening as it's my neighborhood bar.

An Author and A Lot More

My Father, who I largely credit for my love of reading, has read every Jeff Shaara novel written (I haven't, but I read his father's novel, The Killer Angels which turned him on to writing in the first place). So when Jeff's book signing tour for The Steel Wave brought him to the Press Club for a small group discussion, I HAD to brave the stromy weather and get a book signed for Dad.

His talk was riveting. I love to hear how authors think up the ideas for their novels, how they research them, and the writing process... and Jeff has this amazing way of making history exciting. Though it's not hard to make history exciting to me - I love it!! Can't wait to read the new book!

But last night was proof that sometimes you just HAVE to put a good book down, because I also had to dash through the monsoon and rush over to the Park Hyatt's 2 year anniversary party. Last night's delicious dishes were even better than the Valentine's dinner I enjoyed there earlier this year, so I'd say the place is aging beautifully. Maybe it's the "fault" of new General Manager, Walter Brindell. Sadly, we did have to say goodbye last night to Michael Mouraw and wish him luck at Andaz West Hollywood.

And FINALLY, I made it over to Tattoo (Can you believe that it was my first time at Tattoo?? Where have I been?? Busy!) for the Summer Singles Bash hosted by pretty much every one of my 'single' friends. The Tiffany tunes (and all the best from the 80's, 90's and today) were rocking. No word yet on any hook-ups from the singles bash leading to sweet summer love...

Didn't get enough last night? Tonight is the Nats/Cardinals game with a reception to follow in honor of some of our favorite players, the Smithsonian Young Benefactors Polo Cup Kick-Off (hosted by Capitol File) at the Argentine Embassy, and Madison's Mad in Madras at Smith Point!

The UnaBomber's Log Cabin

OMGoodness, the UnaBomber's Log Cabin is coming to the Newseum! I'm not sure why this is so exciting, it's actually pretty morbid, but I'm just amazed that this new museum has such an incredible exhibit coming so soon after opening.

It might be hard to justify a $20 ticket price in the city of the Free Smithsonian, but on Friday June 20th, we'll be able to see the cabin, John Dillinger's death mask, and the electric chair in which Bruno Hauptmann was executed (he kidnapped Lindbergh's baby). Remember when the Newseum was cool just because you could pretend to be a newscaster??

This exhibit "explores the role of the media in shaping the bureau’s image and the sometimes cooperative, sometimes combative relationship between the press and the FBI." A must see.

Young Professionals in Foreign Policy Date Auction

Click on the picture for a larger image...

Bet you didn't know that my first pageant platform was Cultural Connections, creating youth ambassadors to explain America's culture to foreing nations. It came out of my International Business studies... and my love of travel. So, while I'm not a young professional in foreign policy, I still think we are ALL in foreign policy. It is our job to show America's best face to the world- and sometimes we do that by showing our best faces on the date auction block!

Join me as I co-host a date auction at the City Tavern Club for the newly formed Young Professionals in Foreign Policy Foundation. Tickets on sale now!

On the WIN IV

After sleeping off the pageant, I spent a true Sunday Funday on board Win Sheridan's boat, the "WIN IV"... apparently there had been a WIN I, II, and III. Who knew?
Black bikini bathing suits were apparently also a must for the women on this maiden voyage for the WIN IV in the summer of 2008. :)
We cruised up the Potomac past Mount Vernon, then over to see a water-view of the new Nationals Stadium, and over to the Georgetown Harbor to dock and soak up some more sun.
Pictured from left to right: me, Bill Dean, Jennifer Millard, John Checci, Doug Dixon, and our newest friend Kelly.

Kate Marie Grinold Wins Miss DC 2008

Here she is... your new Miss DC! Kate Marie Grinold won Saturday night at the Lincoln Theater. She won the interview competition and tied for first in swimsuit and evening gown. Kate Marie is a recent graduate of GW University, and will definitely enjoy her year as the District representative to the Miss America pageant this year.

Kate Marie's 1st Runner-up was Jen Corey, moving up a spot from last year, who will represent the District at the National Sweetheart Pageant. 2nd runner-up, Jordan Kaye will go to the Cherry Blossom festival and parade.

I thought this year's pageant was a big success - I loved the opening number and, although it went a little long, I have to commend the judges for making such a tough decision. Two ties must have been particularly hard to break! Some of us past Miss DC's were able to serve as Co-Hosts with Lynn Keegan (of HGTV's Design-to-Sell)... my portion was to ask the Misses their on-stage questions.

After Kate Marie won, we took her to Rugby Cafe (where she is a Manager) to celebrate with her co-workers and continued the celebration at Degrees Lounge in the Ritz.

Night on the Firefly

After the Miss DC interviews, I caught up with friends and Michael Saylor, who had his smaller yacht, the Firefly, docked at the Georgetown waterfront for a few hours.

At right, me and my friend Amit Anand, who is always the first to know where a party can be found. Below, the small boat party before we got on board.

Yes, that's a huge pile of shoes on the boardwalk. No spiked heels allowed - the Firefly has real wooden decks! And yes... I was able to find both of mine (matching!) at the end of the night.
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