Chasing Fun

For those not hitting up Bisnow's party at the Shadow Room, be sure to check out the Rooftop Rendezvous atop the new Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel to raise money for the very worthy Hoop Dreams Foundation, or the many other fun events to be chased around town on a Thursday night.

I won't be chasing fun with those of you in DC - I'm leaving for Lyon, France in just a bit. Yayaya!!

But before I check out for a few days... HUGE Happy Birthday wishes go out to Andrea Rodgers (can't believe I'm missing the Big Blonde Birthday Bash!!), Joanna Block (belated), and one of my favorite partners in crime Anne Lee.

A bientot!

Fashion Fete

Click the title above for my latest published content... the Fashion Fights Poverty Eco-Fashion event held at Barney's CoOP.

While you're clicking away... tickets for FFP are on sale now!

Blondes vs. BRUNETTES

It's BVB time! As aggressive as I may want to be on the field, I'm voting for the 'help out, raise money and have fun without getting hurt on the field option' :)

Big sis and I already plan to do our Michael Sisters Happy Hour to raise $$ for both teams again this year... but you can help in advance by donating on my personal page:
Brunettes have more fun, and raise more $$!!

Social Sushi

Stopped by Mate last night to support Wendy Adler and friends who threw an extended Happy Hour fundraiser for the Young Benefactors of Capital Hospice.

Wendy explained that she became involved with hospice because of the passing of a
dear friend. As always, a ton of us were happy to help. Mate was packed!

(Above: Pamela Sorensen, Heather Guay, and Kim Luk. Right: Wendy Adler)


Life may be complete. Georgetown Cupcake now delivers. 202-333-8448

Nats and Nightclubs

As always, a huge THANK YOU to Victoria Michael for setting up a great time at last night's Nats game. We scored! We didn't win, but we scored - and held the Philly's to 2 runs.

Left: Michael Clements, Lara Driscoe, Amanda Little, my big sis and me.

(Clements may be the funniest man alive. I wish I had taken out the video camera to record his seat dancing.)

Smarting just a touch from the loss, we headed out to find fun at any of the traditional Tuesday spots. Well, first we thought we might hit up a new spot, ShadowRoom - no, not ShadowBox, but I know you keep wanting to call it that! - but the ridiculously high, non-voluntary donation to an unknown cause (though the doorman couldn't tell me, I found out later it was for the Kidney Foundation) moved us along pretty quickly.

Tattoo was much more appealing. And we spotted TIGER WOODS leaving as we were heading in!!! If only we hadn't stopped by SR!! At least we got to say hello in passing before heading to Jose Garcia's rockstar table for a recap of Tiger's short night out. (The table waitress said his group tipped well. Good boys!)

We met a birthday boy whom we followed for some dancing at Fly. (Red shirt at right with Terry Reiman and Phillipe Lanier of L2) but I peaced out before the night got too rowdy.

Pat's Pics

From my Patrick G. Ryan photo shoot. Isn't he awesome!?

Matt, not Mike

Kate,I luv you, but its Matt not Mike. Ha ha. I
know how busy you are.

Thanks, Matt

Wow. Inexcusable. But I'm reading Ted Sorensen's Counselor and must have mistaken him for JFK's Speechwriter #2 :) So I fixed it. See below. Love you, MATT!


A Matt Feldman original. So much for high fashion editorial - in candids the real Kate shines through :)

Photoshoot Saturday

From photographer Matt Feldman, who shot with Pat Ryan at his studio shoot Saturday. I was determined to do a more high fashion editorial shoot, but of course, some of the best pics are in a t-shirt and blue jeans.

Monday Night

Life maintenance necessary.


me: if there was one term that would as act as a
descriptor for you (like writer, model, software design engineer... what would
you want it to be?

AL: hmm - that's a good question! e-learning
no. e-business...
E-business specialist - but i don't know if i like the word

me: but that doesn't speak to your fun, social
side at all. How can one term brand us??

AL: hmm, something to mull over

Still trying to figure out what my descriptor would be...

Twilight Polo

I trekked out to Great Meadow for a twilight polo match Saturday night with friends. It was my first polo match outside of the District (I've only been tempted to see the Young Benefector's Cup, but polo is suddenly the event so I'm making exceptions.) Also, my good friend Ray Regan asked me if I would hand out the trophies.

I also got to throw in the ball, though I admit, I was terrible at it! Someone could have told me I was supposed to roll it! I threw it out like a baseball... yikes!

Most of my friends are on the First Chukkars team, and they were the big winners of the night. Joe Warren even scored the final point in the last match as the clock was running down.

If I go back, I'll need some "stick and ball" - polo speak for personal practice time :)


Photos from the shoot to come. Watch the short video to see what it would be like to shoot with us today in Alexandria...

Sick Feed @ Skye

Had to leave the sick feed concert at Skye early so I could be well rested for a photo shoot tomorrow with Pat. Sneds, Chandler, Sam and the rest of the crew, y'all were awesome as always - way to PACK Skye Lounge!!

And all I got was this stupid t-shirt...

Yes, they actually make these. I don't own one myself yet. Yet. :)

Co-Op and CoCo

The Eco-Fashion event at Barney's for Fashion Fights Poverty was a sweltering success. Someone tell "corporate" they need to turn up the air for major events! People will stay longer and shop more! The fruity drinks were a bonus, although I'm always amazed when stores allow parties with roaming beverages... (At left with my girls from sinPR, Adra Williams and Kadrieka Maiden.)

Was interviewed by Todd Wiggins for his new Urban Revival Media Project. Can't wait to see how that one turns out!
Posing with my "We Want YOU" poster...
After Boris Gluck stopped spinning tunes and all the deals were stolen, we rushed over to catch the end of the Sinatra Soiree pre-game (and eat a bite) at Coco Sala. Decided not to swoon for Sinatra when I found out the party ONLY served RBV's...

International Guys on the Street

Anne and I with the super stylish men from France, the Netherlands and Canada we met tonight on the street. Chinatown.

Helter Shelter - Wednesday

Although I was planning to go to the Young Benefactors of the Smithsonian Birthday Bash anyway, it turned out to be more fun to cover it for The Scene Bisnow. No one was shy of the camera - or of the cupcakes!

This was the first time I could get my Georgetown Cupcake fix without waiting in a Georgetown super-long line. Chocolate with white frosting is my fave!! Confession: I just gobbled the yummy top part.

(At right: YB lovelies, Kim Kirkpatrick and Brittany Balmer.)

By the time I got to the Kennedy Center for Shear Madness, a monsoon was dumping buckets on the Beltway. I was shear madness myself, but the downpour didn't totally drench the evening.

Senator Robert Menendez (NJ) was holding a fundraiser at Morton's downtown which we kind of crashed unintentionally - though the steaks and cigars were only enhanced by a dress or two :)

Another DC Glossy

The addition of another DC glossy may strike fear into the hearts of the other luxury mags out there (competition!!), but it thrills this freelance fashionista (opportunity!!).

Washington Post Media announced the production of 'Fashion Washington'. Huffington Post has more.

My New Geekette Obsession

This little microlaptop (Asus Eee PC) is at the top of my wishlist this week. Just over two pounds and .8" thin for super portability!


Definitely going to this (Click picture to enlarge):
So I can't decide if I'm going to make it to this:

Both are Thursday, so we're making plans now. Tell me your stories if you've been to Sinatra before. I thought I had, but can't remember it from years past (which either means I had so much fun I can't remember it (which has never happened to me before)... or it was extremely unmemorable).
I also want to stop by and wish Courteney White a Happy Birthday at Town Hall. Other birthdays this week - Karolina Swiadek, and the boys... Fritz Brogan, Reed Landry, and Grant Allen.

Redskins/Zorn Get Twinkle-Toes

It only took a 2nd round pick next year and a 6th round choice the following to lure Twinkle-Toes Taylor from the Miami Dolphins.

Yes, they were close to winless last season, but that didn't stop the Dolphins from directing their anger toward Jason Taylor, who spent his off-season gaining fame, and perfecting his moves, on Dancing With the Stars instead of working with his teammates.

Taylor has played 11 NFL seasons, starting every game of the past 8 years.

We knew the Redskins' owner liked flashy moves... but this quick-step was also needed to fill in holes from preseason injuries. Go Skins!


I recouperated from all of the events (and rested for those to come!) with a waterside weekend in Snead's Ferry, North Carolina.

I didn't check my phone; I didn't pull out my camera; and no, I didn't catch any fish, either.

Fun, Fun, Fun!

This is the face I make when I'm having too much fun.
Thanks, Pat, for sending the photo. No doubt Pat Ryan Fan Appreciation Night was a smashing success.

With Sincere Appreciation

It's already been determined that Tuesday is the new Thursday, the night when everyone is out without a care about the following workday. So what is Thursday? Yep - still Thursday.

Nothing says 'I'm going to get the young professionals involved in my campaign' like an open bar party at one of the neighborhoods favorite haunts, so of course I took some of my politically minded friends to meet incumbent Councilman Jack Evans at the Rookery. No kiss and shake here! Rookery owner, Bo Blair, and Councilman Evans spoke a bit about the campaign and Jack's accomplishments during his several terms in office. Then Jack confused us a bit by calling for "change"... You want us to keep you in office, right??

Obama can keep the change, Jack. You want to call for stability. It's ok. We still love you. Ward 2 wouldn't be the same with out you.

And in extreme appreciation for Hillpix, we braved a new neighborhood to congratulate photographer extraordinaire Pat Ryan on his new website I have to credit Pat with my start as as model - he took my first portfolio shots. Proof that lights, make-up, and shutterflys can make all the difference! Congratulations, Pat!

Sultry Summer... and Secret Locations

2008 Rammy Award Winner, Chef Todd Gray delighted those of us who made it out for a 'Sultry Summer Evening' at Equinox - the restaurant, not the fitness center! - last night for palate teasers and ice cocktails.

I couldn't believe how close it was to my old office building (Farragut West), yet I had never been there! Chef Gray and the sinPR girls are spicing it up and enticing a fashionable younger set to enjoy the lux dishes, libations...and location.

Meanwhile, Katherine Kennedy was hosting a fundraiser for Tom's Shoes at the City Tavern Club last night. For every pair of shoes purchased, Tom's Shoes gives a pair to a child in need in an underprivileged country. That's pretty cool... and I'm sure the party was, too.

But I was waiting eagerly to find out from Latin Concepts where to go for their Secret Location party (though I guessed it would be Mate!!). Everyone converged on the chic spot for sushi, saki, and a serious good time.

On tap for Thursday? SmashBash with the Kastles and Madisons (also an opportunity to benefit Fashion Fights Poverty!), handshakes with Councilman Evans at the Rookery, and some much deserved appreciation for one of my fav photogs, Pat Ryan (that's his picture above).

We Got Served!

There was more Tuesday trickery at The Park after the Kastles team tennis game. Everyone was in high spirits because WE WON and because rumor had it that John McEnroe was coming to the Park to heat up the afterparty.

Cat provided the girls with another awesome table, which meant that while we intended to stay for an hour or so... we couldn't tear ourselves away until the DJ was just about on his last mix.

Thumbs down - no John McEnroe sightings. Huge thumbs up - we scored a bonus sighting of Robin Thicke! Is he as hot as he is in his music videos?? Hotter.
(Above from left to right: Sasha Horne, Yeshia Carter, me, Anne Lee, Morgan Ortagus, and Grace Won.)

Breaking Into Freelancing

One of my favorite professional development sites (for writers) is MediaBistro. (You're welcome, I just gave away a great secret!!) I check this site every day, not only for possibilities for writing jobs, but also for news on the profession.

Tuesday night, MediaBistro engaged Karen Sommer Shallet, Editor-in-Chief of DC Magazine, to teach a course on "Breaking into Freelancing" for some MB regulars. She taught us about the business of freelance journalism, with an overview of the DC freelance scene, how to go about pitching stories, and how to try to make a living doing what we love to do --on our own schedule.

Wish me more luck!

Fashion Fights Poverty Shoot w/SinPR

Fashion Fights Poverty is one of the largest fashion fundraisers in DC and I'm proud to have been asked to join the effort by my friends (and founders of FFP) at SinPR. Sunday we shot in Georgetown at the SinPR offices... Here's the information on the shoot and a few of the marketing images that came out of it:

Clothing: Tulle
Hat: Cha by Chandra Anderson
Photographer: Michael Dumlao
Photography Assistance: Sebastian Jensen, Lynnphuong Frazier
Hair/Makeup: Kenyetta Greene
Styling: Adra Williams
Additional Styling: Elaine Mensah
From the website:
"Fashion Fights Poverty is about two things: one, it rewards and recognizes designers and organizations who embrace the powerful potential of creativity and design to address issues of poverty by adhering to such principles as fair trade, equitable compensation and the use of environmentally-sustainable materials.

Two, Fashion Fights Poverty is about responsible consumerism and providing equally attractive marketing and branding platforms (such as the "Dress Responsibly" lookbook which I shot for last weekend) between ethical designers and the growing population of socially-conscious shoppers. "

The big event is coming up September 26th at the St. Regis, but you won't want to miss any of the exciting pre-events going on around the city.


Text read: "There's no sign. It's a dark red/brown door. Knock on it in order to get in and tell them you are with a party in the back room."

While it sounded super sketchy, Anne and I were in the mood for an adventure, so we met Morgan and Megan out in Morocco... uh - out on the town at Marrakesh - for authentic Moroccan cuisine, and to continue celebrating the twin birthdays.

We washed our hands and sat low in our seats for the seven course menu that included eggplant and carrot salads, roasted chicken, lamb, couscous... and other delicacies that we all ate with our hands.
We easily lost ourselves in Moroccan culture and spiced wine. And the bellydancer was pretty darn entertaining, too!
We looked like we were having so much fun (and the twins were so captivating) that the manager took a picture of them to grace his website!
Have your own Arab League city escape at 617 New York Avenue.

View from the Top

Rooftop Bash 101. What will you need? Perfect weather, enough bars and passed hors d'oeuvres, and amazing views!

Yesterday was the start of what I'm calling the View from the Top series. Everybody but everybody is holding their soiree in the heights this summer. Two big bashes put on last night marked the start of the season:

First, the Green Cup of Polo party above BLT attracted crowds all night long. Literally. I was there at 6:30, left and returned at 9:30, and left and returned at midnight, and each time the masses multiplied! Players wore their polo outfits and beautiful girls wore breezy dresses - but conspicuously, I didn't see anyone wearing green. Just a lot of very happy, very fun people.

The other rooftop rendezvous was thrown by Capitol File and Bacardi... a Pre-Opening of the Rooftop Pool and Bar at the Donovan House. In between jaunts at the Green Cup, I enjoyed a somewhat tamer set at the new hotel... and a raspberry mojito, which was quite refreshing! Apart from the monumental views, guests could barely feel they were in the heart of the Capitol City. And don't think I didn't contemplate a dip in the rooftop pool!

** I also made a stop to celebrate the birthday of my great friend Morgan Ortagus. This gathering wasn't on a rooftop, but didn't need to be. This is a birthday girl who shines brighter than the stars! Happy Birthday!

Taking Your Gas Temperature

This article from today's ExecutiveBiz struck me, so I had to pass it on.

"Do you think you are being gauged at the gas-pump—or do you brag about how little you pay compared to a friend who lives across the state-line? Now there's an online color-coded heat map where you can see who pays an arm or a leg or who has to shell out both limbs for a gallon of Gas in the USA. You can zoom in for details."

Yeah... I live in the darkest red zone. This is why I metro to work. On that note... who can tell me why all the tourists... (I'm not hating you - I love that you come to see my great city!) why do you choose to also ride the metro during commuters rush hour??

(Table) Tennis

The hype continues surrounding the Kastles home opener last night featuring Wimbledon doubles champ, Serena Williams. The match was a huge success by almost all accounts - a sold out crowd, the Mayor and other boldfaced names in the stands, and a Wimbledon decorated headliner for the main attraction. The only rough spot... the Kastles (team) didn't actually defeat the Lobsters. But practically no one is reporting on that.

The other success of the evening? We scored a rockin' table at the opener's after party at the Park at 14th (sponsored by Ciroc vodka). I was actually able to round up a gaggle of gorgeous girls out on the town - on a Tuesday no less. We celebrated Grace Won's birthday and attracted some serious attention. (Thanks to K Street Kate anonymous reader who left such a nice compliment following the last post. That was me... on the 3rd floor.)

Thanks to all the gals (and readers) who rallied to come party with me and the Kastles. And super thanks to Cat Bynum of The Park at 14th for making it happen.

(Thanks to Anne Lee for the pictures.)

Cupid's Arrow Strikes Uncle Sam

Sincerest congratulations to amazing Associate Editor (Capitol File) Jayne Sandman and the lucky guy that won her heart, Jeff Dufour, on their recent engagement last holiday weekend. We wish you all the best! And we can't wait to see the ring!

And while we're on the topic of upcoming nuptials, bring on the Wedding Season! Let me ask you, readers, for some thoughts to help with me with an article I'm working on...

Evening Out in Eka

I first learned of good friend, Ebong Eka's, intention to start his own men's fashion line while writing a profile of his do-gooder deeds for the former DC Style. Since that post, I've been waiting to help unveil Mi Chiamo Eka... and Ebong has set the date!

At none other than K Street Lounge (no relation to K Street Kate other than that I'm smitten with owner Dave Chung) on August 5th, Ebong will launch his pret-a-porter line - you can get specially made duds, too - with a menswear fashion show featuring some hot bachelors.

Ever the philanthropist, Ebong has dedicated that proceeds from the evening will benefit the Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund. Show your support for the education of inner city youth and fashion! Tickets will be just $50 in advance, $60 at the door, and include an open wine bar, passed hors d’oeuvres and music mixology courtesy of DJ Dirty Hands. Advance tix can be purchased here.

Kastles Afterparty @ The Park at 14th

Heading to the Kastles home opener tonight at City Center? Then you won't want to miss the after-fun either, as we all head to the Park @ 14th to celebrate what promises to be a smashing win.

Thanks to the Kastles PR team (CB) for offering me and friends a table. Ladies - let me know if you want in on the fun!

Weekend Warrior

This is what happens when July 4th falls on a Friday...

Thursday night had to be tame - besides, it was an anniversary of sorts. Dinner at Milano was just what was needed to satisfy our craving for social activity. Thursday there is always a scene! We ran into the ever-lovely Amanda Little dining with her father and friends Annie Van Meter, and Marybeth Coleman.

Friday - the 4th - Independence Day. Without a new patriotic bikini, I had to find something red, white, or blue and pool party appropriate. What to do?? I scoured the shops in Georgetown and eventually found a coy and cute white skirt suit at our new Juicy Couture. The best part about it - no one else came with it on! Bill's Little Bikini Pool Party was a blast by all standards. The weather held off, the food was great, and the crowd was major. (Above I am pictured with the winners of his "Best Bikini" and "Best Bikini & Body" awards...)

The second stop of the evening was supposed to be fireworks watching at the rooftop of the 'Water Building' courtesy of a rockin' Michael Saylor party. I was only there for a few short moments, but watched as much of the lights display as possible. I can't think of a person that didn't end up at that party... and I can't think of a person that remembers much of it. Good work, Michael!

With the rain on Saturday, it was the perfect day to stay in and cool our party heels. Those that could rally headed to Richard Strauss's condo party, complete with chocolate fountain ;)

And Sunday... more pool party time! This one was an all-female shindig hosted by Victoria Michael and Pamela Sorensen at the home of a very generous friend. Dipping into an infinity pool in the lap of luxury with a great group of my girlfriends was the perfect Sunday Funday.

It's Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July!

Today is going to be a day of BBQ's, pool parties, and spectacular fireworks (if we can hold off the rain). The entire weekend is packed with festivities for those of us who stayed in the Capitol City. Check back for pictures of some of the best Independence Day/Weekend revelry.

*By the way - this bikini I ordered for the weekend fun didn't come in. Totally bummed...

King of the Kastle

Last night, on a rooftop overlooking City Center, where the Kastles (D.C.'s new Team Tennis Team) will play, some enthusiastic supporters celebrated the introduction of team tennis to Washington and the upcoming season opener featuring Serena Williams next Tuesday.

Team owner Mark Ein was all smiles in anticipation of the opening match, coach Thomas Blake entertained with a few stories about his brother, James Blake, at Wimbledon, and teammate Sacha Jones politely posed for photos with fans.
A very few tickets are still available for the match. You can purchase yours here.
Above: Keri Ann Meslar, Katherine Kennedy, Councilman Jack Evans (Ward 2), myself, and Pamela Sorensen.

YB Birthday Bash

I have just purchased my ticket to the Young Benefactors of the Smithsonian Birthday Bash on July 23rd. I'm looking forward to celebrating 19 years of cultural programs for young professionals at the United States' leading collection of museums, a tour of the City Club of Washington (I can't recall that I've ever been) and cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake!!

I don't think I've ever been to a birthday party where professional attire was required, but I'll try to figure out how we can make that creative.

You can get your tickets here.

Miss Earth Send-Off

Best wishes to Michelle Crosby when she travels to Portland, Oregon this weekend to compete in the national Miss Earth pageant.

Michelle is a former Miss DC competitor, who represented the District at the annual Sweetheart pageant and took third runner-up! The Founder and President of a non-profit encouraging women to enter math and science professions, Michelle will undoubtedly do well at Miss Earth, and hopefully will go on to compete in the international competition. Her pageant family and friends wish her all the best!

Here, Michael Cleary and I give hugs and well wishes to Michelle at her Send-Off last night at the Mayorga Cafe and Lounge in Columbia Heights.
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