To She... or Not to She? He did!

I've said since Obama beat Clinton in the primary: it would be smartest for McCain to choose a woman. He did it. Good for him. And he surprised us even more by choosing a woman not on the radar - not Kay Bailey or Eliz. Dole or Carly Fiorina. Sarah Palin. Wow.

Why this may be good for him:
-Believe it or not, there are women out there (a surprising number) who were voting for Hillary because she was the female candidate... and only because she was female. Tick those voters onto McCain's side of the abacus.
-Palin is a different kind of female politician than Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. She seems less harsh and more "motherly." (Not that Hil and Nancy are not fine mothers!!) Men and women alike may respond to that softness more favorably. On the other hand... she went back to work less than a week after the birth of her son... so I doubt anyone would call her "soft."
-She's not "just a girl." Her actions in Alaska show that she can be a hard liner... and can also help with a much needed recharging and rebranding of the GOP. Just what the Dr. ordered for McCain!

But, then again, I'm not so sure. There are, of course, those women who won't just vote for a woman... And Palin opposes a woman's right to choose - which could be a huge problem with feminists.

Personally, I've gotta love this woman because she was a runner-up in the Miss Alaska pageant. Those Miss America experiences (and scholarship dollars!) sure do help women to do amazing things with their lives!

You surprised us all. IMHO - Good choice, McCain.

Amer's Labor of Love Birthday

Anyone who hasn't already left town for a longer long weekend was at L2 celebrating Amer's birthday last night. Tara De Nicolas was our host and party planner... Anne, Lara Driscoe and I certainly had a fun night on the town in preparation for some big weekend plans ourselves :)

But there was no limbo-ing under the bar. I was a good girl. Happy Birthday, Amer!!

In other news... THIS is my horoscope today: "You may find yourself very much on your own as a result of a faulty decision made during the past few days. It's time to ask for forgiveness." WHAT?!?!

Meeting Mr. Mara

Colleen and I escaped to Adams Morgan for the night to meet up with Chandler Ramelli as she hosted DC Council candidate Patrick Mara at Bobby Lew's.

We doubled the amount of estrogen in the room for sure... but it was good to meet some politically active folks in the city and be all dressed up in a place that claims its dress code is "shoes and a wallet" :)

For more on Mr. Mara's campaign, visit his website.

Cupcake Craze

Thanks to those of you who helped me with this one...

Cupcake Craze
Cupcakes are the newest trend in consumables. Check out this quick review of the 5 newest cupcakeries in the DC area.
View more »

**CORRECTIONAL NOTE: Paola Domenge of Couture Cupcakes does NOT bake cupcakes out of her home, but rather in a commercial kitchen. This mistake was not able to be corrected after publishing.

80's Night - Ceviche

There's just something about Flashdance that makes my night... Good thing the entire guestlist didn't show at the same time, or there would have been no room to show off my moves to Michael Jackson and Tiffany, either :)

A large host committee, including my host, Tara De Nicolas, invited friends to the Glover Park restaurant last night for an 80's themed big bash, and the guests did not disappoint! Tight rolled jeans, slap bracelets, big bangles, and spandex were in the house, along with a couple hundred of my good friends.

View from the top above left: drink specials from the open bar until 11 PM.
Right: Omar Rahman and I take a break outside of the 80's culture craze on Wisconsin Ave.

DC Jam Session

I'll be rockin' out Saturday at the DC Jam Session (DC United and HiBall Events) at RFK, thanks to Sally Albright. The lineup includes: Mae, Mr. Greengenes, Dr. Fu, DJ Pat Premier, and DJ Rene.

Sally says, "$10 Tickets to the Jams are ALL-INCLUSIVE, meaning all your beer, Fuze, Nestea and water -plus food - is also included!"

For $30, you can attend Jams AND the DC United game in the televised, party section of the Stadium. I've actually never been to one, so Saturday might be a day for new experiences.

Consignment Cocktails

Entrepreneur... that's me! I've started a business (yesterday). It's called Consignment Cocktails, and you can check it out here:

The dress was perfect. You bought it. You wore it. You were photographed in it... And now you need another. Sure, it was tried and true, but don't waste your closet space when you could have something new to you! Check out the site to buy/sell your cocktail wardrobe. New postings are being added daily!

Enjoy the cocktails!

Michael Sisters BvB Party @ Hudson

Ok, the real kudos go to my big sis... we all know this party wouldn't have gotten off the ground if Victoria wasn't so amazing. But, since I'm going to take a little credit - it was the Michael sisters fundraiser after all - the night was awesome! Thanks to all of you who came to donate to Alzheimer's research and the Blondes vs. Brunettes football game. (And those of you who thought it was our birthdays can come back in March :) )

Hudson made these incredible pizzas (I honestly ate a whole one myself!) and crab cakes and quiches... and drink specials! We had the most perfect weather for a big gathering on the outside terrace. Seyhan kept the music spinning, and friends dropped in and out all evening.

(I think the above should be our picture for next year's invitation, what do you think, Vicky?)

(At left, Aidah Fontenot and I. She kept me sane all night - and plans to play in the BvB game next year... for the Brunettes of course! And thanks for the photo Pat Ryan!)

DC Unveils First Green Curriculum

I went to a press conference this afternoon at Cardozo Senior High School where Mayor Fenty and Councilman Kwame Brown introduced the efforts of the U.S. Green Builder's Council (and DCGBC) - a curriculum and textbook entitled "Your Role in the Green Environment" for building trades.

This is REMARKABLE because it is the first of its kind in the country, has been approved by the National Center for Construction Education and Research and Green Advantage, and will be taught to over 550 youth and tradesmen in the upcoming year (100 at Cardozo alone).

We were already the first to have Green Building legislation, and now we are the first to train for jobs connected to that legislation. Isn't DC a great place to be!?

Founding Farmers

For those of you who know that I work in the "green" industry... and that I love all things DC, of course!... I was so thrilled to have Katie Hickman send along some info about the new restaurant, Founding Farmers, opening in mid-September.

Just blocks from the White House, at 1924 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Founding Farmers will give new meaning to “earth-friendly eating.” Sustainable agriculture is at the heart of its menu - and the space is even designed to meet LEED criteria!

I'll look forward to telling you more about the menu and green goodies when the place is open. Thanks, Katie!

Family Theatre

I just found out that a play I was in last year (at the Adventure Theater in Glen Echo) is up for an award: Favorite Family Theatre Production!

While I won't personllay get an accolades... you can vote for The Secret Garden here.

From the Weekend...

A very Happy Birthday to Amanda Walke (and a huge thanks to John Barnett for hosting) the Luau Birthday Party last Friday night.

Great job as always to the Winn Bros. Band. Y'all were awesome at the Rookery Friday...

I went to the Prince William Co. Fair! I learned I'm terrible at carnival games, but I'd probably be good at raising livestock :)

The Legg Mason Tennis Classic was interesting - I guess you've got to know how to play tennis, though. I'm gonna take lessons!

Thanks to Victoria Michael for arranging a phenomenal "Victoria's VIP" brunch at Hudson Sunday. The baseball loss was sad, but an afternoon out with friends is never a disappointment.

-- *Resolution* I'm going to try to be better about posting/twittering on weekends.

Michael Sisters BVB Party!!

The Michael Sisters Invite you to their Annual Blondes vs. Brunettes Party

Wednesday, August 20th to raise money for the Fourth Annual Blondes vs. Brunettes Flag Football Game to benefit the Alzheimer's Association, National Capital Area Chapter.

7 - 12 Complimentary Appetizers Drink Specials, DJ

Hudson Restaurant and Lounge

2030 M Street, NW

Please rsvp to

Suggested $10 donation via Victoria's (Team Blonde) or Kate's (Team Brunette) page or pay at the door:
-OR- (I'm gonna suggest this one since you're on my blog!! :) ).

All profits go to the Alzheimer's Association.

No, people... I AM NOT A PROMOTER!

That said, if you are a really cool business that wants to advertise on KStreetKate's sidebar (no, not endorsements!) contact me:

Flip Cup or Flippin' Out

Some brunettes hosted a flip cup tournament last night at the Gryphon Room, to raise money for BVB/Alzheimer's, of course. I have coordination, but I can't play flip cup. I did stop by to show some support, but the winners must have vanquished early... all that was left are the remnants (at left), and some randoms groovin' on an otherwise empty dancefloor at 10 pm.

If you weren't here (or in Georgetown in general), you were probably at Current's Grand Opening - not to be confused with the Friends & Family opening, the soft opening, the VIP opening, or any of the rest I've attended this week. :) I heard it was a blast - but I'll return when Rowdy Settles (Can you believe I actually have a friend by that name?! So cool, Rowdy!).

BVB Season

Blondes vs. Brunettes fundraising season is upon us - I've already gotten more e-mails than I needed from blondes who want to beat the brunettes (for the first time!) this year. It ain't happenin' :) and I'm CLEARLY a brunette people! So here's the lowdown on some opportunities to make sure the brunettes win the challenge...

My teammate Makeda Saggau-Sackey has an awesome idea for a fundraiser to coincide with the the 125th birthday of couture legend Coco Chanel! Celebrate, wear black & white, and raise money for the Alzheimer's Association at the Chanel No. 125 Black and White Birthday Bash on Tuesday, April 19th from 6-10 pm at Tattoo. $5 suggested donation at the door.

If you feel like some additional giving, visit my personal fundraising page and...
Check back in a bit for information on the Michael Sisters fundraiser next Wednesday!!

Skye's the Limit

Celebrated Pamela's birthday (again! Happy Birthday!) at Skye tonight. The theme was "white hot" which I actually did this time. You'd be surprised how creative people can get with their white... and how much DC loves white parties.
(Above: Colleen Morrow, me and Whitney Cole.)


Pamela's 2nd birthday party (#3 tonight is at Skye) was organized by Jessica Gibson and Tara de Nicolas at Ceviche last night. As much as I was looking forward to the restaurant tasting menu, I filled up on guac while standing and chatting :) Good thing restaurant week lasts all week!

It was a night for seconds of all sorts - like a second chance for Current Lounge to impress me with another "opening" as they start serving their sushi menu. I can give them a thumb up this time!

(Above: Chris Rothstein, Osmar Nunez-Vilches, me, and Amanda Walke - another birthday girl!)

Ideas Needed

Writing an article on personality branding through social media.

Are bloggers really just social climbers?
Is it important to have a personal brand?
Do mainstream employers really frown on MySpace and Facebook accounts?

Send me your thoughts on the topic and any personal stories you want to share -

Thanks for all of your e-mails. Keep 'em coming!

Did you buy your tix yet?

Milano on a Monday

The usual crowd crawls into Milano on Thursday nights for a night of elixirs and eyecandy. Mondays it's usually just dinner and a couple of regulars at the bar.

I ordered my drink and sat to watch the Olympics THEN realized the huge partition dividing the dining room. Yes, that was a crowd of Mets fans, rumored to include owner Fred Wilpon, though I didn't get a good enough look. Mets @ Milano on a Monday :)

Fuego Caliente

I think each one of them is planning three birthday parties apiece, but the one they had together Saturday night at Teatro was Fuego Caliente... or mucho caliente, anyway. It was rumored that everyone should wear red, so I didn't. :)

Pamela Sorensen was beautiful (not in red herself, she called her outfit "a golden flame"), Michael Kosmides not only had hundreds of friends, but his sister and father to watch him blow out the birthday candles, and Jose Garcia was the life of the party in his red tux and tophat.
Teatro's rooms were filled with red balloons and revelers. Those red balloons were released into the heavens. Where did the partiers go? This partier headed back to L2 for a repeat of Friday night's fun. Fuego Caliente!

Doug Dixon gives Pamela a chivalrous birthday kiss.

Jose and Dawoud Al-Khabbaz. Someone stole the tophat, I bet. Great picture prop.

Don't Forget - DSS Tix on Sale TODAY

AT 10:00 AM sharp! $40 General Admission, $125 VIP (Includes a goody bag valued at over $150) - or $250 for a Benefactress ticket, and you'll get published credit for your generous contribution to the sale and our help of the DC Rape Crisis Center.

Here's where you'll get to shop: Caramel * Daisy Too * Ginger * Green & Blue * Harriet Kassman * Hysteria * Lettie Gooch * Little Shoe Box * My Sister's Closet * Periwinkle * Proper Topper * Sangaree * Sherman Pickey * Simply Soles * Sugar * Terra * Urban Chic * We One You Two * Wink

... at liquidation level prices!

Friday's Foolery

It's been a long time since I stayed out until 5 AM. With how the night began, I wouldn't have expected such craziness. Call it a house party gone wild!

She'll hate that I'm calling it this... but I started Friday at the home of chick-lit author Kerry Reich's who was not only gracious enough to open her house to friends for a viewing party of the Olympic's opening ceremonies, but also confirmed with me that she will donate an awesome silent auction item for the District Sample Sale.

I was covering the opening of Current, and wanted to get there when it would be at its best, so I stopped by Coco Sala for a quick chocolate mojito. Bharet Malhotra hooked me and friends up with a comfy table and let us try some spicy chocolate delicacies... yum! (I'm with Megan Ortagus at left.)

Current was, as expected, a scene. I always wonder how these masses of people get invited to private openings - but at least everyone was having a great time. There was even bodysurfing upstairs! (Prohibited, of course.) I heard sushi would be served, making it a Dragonfly #2 in the space of Dragonfly #1, but I didn't see any. Most likely a good thing. The real grand opening (doubtless after several "soft openings" Park style) will be next Thursday.

But I did run into some great friends and tagged along on the way to Tattoo for Jose Garcia's (2nd of 3) birthday parties.
We will be singing to the birthday boy again Saturday, so it was off to L2... now one of my favorite places to finish the night. I made the DJ play some Michael Jackson tunes and we turned the lounge into a dance party. There was even some limboing... well, maybe that was just me :)

Mi Chiamo Eka is DC City Style.

Published story and more photos from the Mi Chiamo Eka show.

It's beautiful outside!

Sometimes I feel like this, too. But not on Fridays :) Today is going to be an awesome day!

Neyla Night

The calendar was too overwhelming, so I went for the relaxed and easy.

A great group met at Neyla for a dinner to celebrate Elle Collver's return to DC from abroad/moving abroad for 'good' (and not the place we all thought she was moving!) - and chair dance to some tantric tunes. Does it defeat the purpose of choosing a mediterranean restaurant when we mostly pick steaks off the menu?? Why are french fries that much better when cooked in truffle oil??

Since we couldn't make up our mind which nightclub party to hit after dinner, we did the usual lazy thing and found the one within walking distance. And still drove there anyway. Just in time to catch the remnants of the Capitol File/Washington Ballet Jete Society event at L2.

Happy Birthday, Atila! Sorry I missed the sweaty dancing in the Gryphon Room!

Calendar Collision

Just looking at the calendar of events for the evening is enough to overwhelm me:

The Smithsonian Young Benefactors party at the Australian Embassy, Amstel's party at D'Acqua and afterparty at Josephine's, the Sneakerball Friendraiser at BLT, a dinner party with friends at Neyla, Atila's birthday bash at the Gryphon Room, and the Capitol File/Jete Society party at L2 were just the ones that fit into the space on my calendar.

So what's a girl to choose?

Executive Biz

Good Press.

I flip-flopped about this one, because normally I refrain from posting any personal information about relationships. But this was 1) super cute and 2) such a great article about what an ambitious businessman and great social citizen he is... that I'm ignoring my own rule.

Or, you can just skip to the bottom and read the part about me being in Miss America :) He knew I would think that was the best part!

Urban Revival Media Interview

Off the cuff interview with Todd C. Wiggins of Urban Revival Media at the Fashion Fights Poverty event at Barney's last month. I show up about 5 mins 45 secs in...

District Sample Sale - Tix on Sale MONDAY!!

Tickets go on sale MONDAY for the Fall District Sample Sale - the District's biggest and best sample sale from Labels for Love that happens only twice a year!

Here's the down and dirty on the details:

WHEN - Tuesday, September 9, 7-9 pm (VIP hour from 6-7)

WHERE - Galleria @ Lafayette Center

WHY - This year's charity - the DC Rape Crisis Center (and SHOPPING!!!)

VIP ($125) & General ($40) tickets go on sale Monday, August 11 at 10 am!!! Tickets will only be available available online here. Make sure to tell them you saw it on KStreetKate :)

Project Beltway

Pretty sure this is my debut on Rachel's Project Beltway, which I read daily. And I'm lucky enough to be photograhed with the lovely Lindley Thornberg in her super HOT Herve!!

Soon Night (French Website)

The French have their own lifestyle magazines and websites. Meet Soon Night.

As short as my petit sejour in Lyon may have been, it sure was documented well!

You can see the page and some of our fellow French party-goers at Cosmopolitan Bar here:,3,4,0,12,74805.html


Click title above to see what's everyone is sending these days.

And on another note... I got two e-vites yesterday. E-vite is out.

Mi Chiamo Eka

Ebong Eka celebrated his men's clothing line launch with a crowd of his most supportive (and stylish) friends last night at K Street Lounge. Some of our cutest male friends strutted the runway... probably as much for ego as for charity - a portion of the proceeds from the night went to Ebong's cause, the Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund.

Ebong may be the most popular man in town. The party was more than a who's who. It was a Who's writing about who?!

Chandler Ramelli, and Rachel Cothran were snapping pictures faster than I was - wow, I want their cameras! Some lovely ladies there to cheer on the men included Redskin cheerhotties Anabel Dela Cerna and Abby Dymond, Cat Bynum of the Park at 14th, and the always sexy Alexandra Simms.

Left - me and Donna Lee, Ebong's biggest fans.

Below - Carl Becker and Steve Chenevey on the red carpet runway.

Check back for a link to a full write-up of the event and more pictures!

NOT PARIS - Because there are other cities in France.

A whirlwind weekend. I'm a lucky girl.

This weekend, I was able to spend time with my boyfriend (who has been working in Europe for weeks!) and see some great friends that I used to dance with in Lyon. It was a long flight for 3.5 days of fun, but soooo worth it!!

I lived in Lyon while studying at Lyon III, so I'm very familiar with the 2nd largest city in France (Marseille can dispute it all it wants, Lyon is #2... and IMHO much better than Paris).

As one reader suggested, I made sure to revisit the Gallo-Roman theatres (above, at left), and took time to enjoy espressos and excellent scenery at Les Terreaux (above, right).

Carine Perrier and I enjoyed some time together... and Bill and I gorged ourselves at all the best spots, including Nardone, my favorite little ice cream parlor.

Now I'm back, probably 10 pounds heavier, and certainly not well rested after all of the fun and the flight. :)
But yes - I still remember my French!
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