Street Soccer USA

This weekend (acually today through Sunday!) 16 teams representing social and homeless agencies in 16 cities across the U.S. will compete for the SSUSA (Street Soccer USA) Cup Trophy and a chance to travel to Milan for the Homeless World Cup.

In hopes that homelessness can be ended through sports, these men, women and youth have the ability to engage in team competition, "scoring goals on the field, and achieving goals in their lives."

See the event at Kastles Stadium, sponsored by The Leonsis Family Foundation, Nike, U.S. Soccer Foundation, Help USA, and D.C. United. Admission is free and we promise you'll be impressed!

Cheers for the Centerfold

Last night at Public Sports Bar, the "First Ladies of Football" - that would be your Redskins Cheerleaders - celebrated the publishing of their 2009-2010 calendar. As you can imagine, the three story bar (have you been to the roof deck?) was filled with lust-worthy ladies and every man in town wanting to meet them.

The event was sponsored by ESPN Radio 980, and featured the calendar release of course, and performances from some of the newbies on the team, as well as the opportunity to take pictures and get your favorite month autographed.

We asked around to find out which month was the crowd favorite, but the responses were all over the board. Everyone chose their birthday month!

On a Personal Note...

After K Street Kate's Third Anniversary Party earlier this month, there was much publicity and well-wishing. I was thrilled with how much everyone enjoyed themselves at the party - and that I had actually encouraged so many of DC's influential dudes and divas to travel to 14th Street for the grand affair.

Imagine my surprise when I picked up the newest copy of the Georgetowner to find a mention of the party... without a single mention of the host! Had the writer not been at the party, enjoying her free cocktails and fantastic conversation with K Street Kate readers, I might have accused her of not doing the proper research on her topic. But since she did take advantage of my hospitality and still failed to correctly identify the party's purpose, I'll have to assume she simply forgot the essential elements of the story, the WHO and WHAT she mistakenly identified that go along with the WHERE and WHEN... and oh yeah, that crucially dropped WHY.

I'm thrilled that the party was recognized for what it was, a savvy and sophisticated gathering of who's who in DC that brings attention to the city's best assets: its superior local businesses, outstanding people, compelling charities and eclectic neighborhoods. And thank you, again, to all who came out to support the Third Anniversary, realizing that the evening was a great endeavor for me... in addition to a show of appreciation for my loyal readers.

It is my purpose here at K Street Kate to provide you with best, most current, and most accurate of DC's lifestyle news. Imagine how interested you would (not) be if I left out the most important details! So find it all here in post, so you don't get half of it in somebody's local newsprint :) Thanks for reading.

"Up for Renewal"

Tonight at Ginger in Bethesa, local author, Cathy Alter, celebrated the release of her novel, "Up for Renewal" in paperback.

I recently finished the book, which I loved not only because it is based here in Washington, DC, but because it's a great and unique true story - the story of how one woman used women's glossies to change her life.

What would happen if we followed the advice given to us by Glamour, Elle, and InStyle? Do Cosmo's sex tips really make us better in bed? Can I make over my apartment in ten easy steps? Will Real Simple's cooking tips make my chicken edible?

Cathy gave over her life to the headlines for twelve full months and came out a totally different person, perhaps more on the inside than on the outs. The book may have been an experiment for her, but for us, it's a hilarious and genuine must read.

The District Dish: George Hawkins

With everyone talking about going green, we thought we should, too! Do you know about all the ways DC is quickly becoming one of the greenest urban areas in the nation? On the newest webisode of The District Dish, George Hawkins, Director of the DC Department of the Environment, tells us his favorite things about the country's most "walkable city," all about the youth participating in the Mayor's "Green Summer" program (please keep in mind that we filmed this episode a couple of weeks ago!), and even some dish about the city's new Green Agenda. This green discussion could even save you some green!

Pinups @ Public

Tomorrow night you could meet Miss July, Miss August or Miss September... all super Skins fans.

The Redskin Cheerleaders and ESPN 980 showcase the 2009-2010 Calendar in a release party at Public sports bar tomorrow night, welcoming calendar autograph seekers and those looking forward to a performance by the new cheerleaders squad.

In mid-May the team travelled to Marcos Island, FL to shoot the annual calendar images, which we are told this year are smoking! Check out behind the scenes images of the shoot from the local newspapers here.
And head to Public for the finished product! Entry is $10 until 11 PM, $20 will put a coveted calendar into your hot little hands as well. Which month is your favorite?

Peruvian Independance Day Party

The Peruvian Independence Day party was hopping at Poste Brasserie at the Hotel Monaco Tuesday night. Guests invited by sponsors Macchu Pisco, Evelyn Brooks Designs, and the Embassy of Peru celebrated the Declaration of Peru's Independence from Spain by Jose de San Martin in 1821 with Pisco Sours and a fashion show to benefit Coprodeli's earthquake reconstruction efforts in Peru. Award winning Macchu Pisco and its Founder/CEO Melanie Da Trinidade-Asher provided Peru's national drink, while co-Host Evelyn Brooks displayed her new styles in a jewelry and fashion show featuring her signature rosaries. The party was a success with a few revelers even wearing red and white, the colors of the Peruvian flag.

Joe Reblando contributed to this post. Photos also courtesy of Joe Reblando.

What's in a Name?

Attempting to always engage the public in activities surrounding the Dupont/Logan/K Street Corridor, the Golden Triangle BID has imagined a way for YOU to see and take part in some local beautification. Call it Art in Action.

Local artist, Rachel Horlick, has been commissioned to paint the 19th Street alley adjacent to Famous Luigi's Restaurant, and you are invited to stop by tomorrow from noon to 1:30 PM to see this full-scale artistic project completed in open air.

Action Item #2: You name the work.

Enter to win a naming contest for the artistic work at the BID booth adjacent to the alley. The winner, announced early next week, will also take home a $50 gift certificate to Famous Luigi's. Good luck!


The winning title for the completed mural (shown at left) was "Ondo Urbana" meaning "Urban Wave" in Italian. So who won the gift certificate to Luigi's?? Unfortunately, the entry was anonymous, so... no dough.


Today I tasted my first Z-Burger. I figured if the experience was good enough for President Clinton (he ordered burgers, fries, and an Apple Pie milkshake last weekend), I should check out why this new local chain was getting such stellar buzz.

All I will tell you now is that my single hamburger was grilled to perfection, the fries/onion rings combo side is definitely the way to go, and polishing off a Peach/Mango shake is only the beginning. I have 78+ other flavors to try!

CEO Peter Tabibian (pictured) is an absolute sweetheart... and I had such a great experience, we've got big burger plans in the works. Check back for some huge news.

Another Kate on the Block

This message relates to John & Kate Plus Eight. Stop here if you don't care.

Ok. For the rest of (the two of) you... Rumor has it that Kate Gosselin and her eight tag-alongs will be moving to Rockville, MD in the coming months. Evidence to support this rumor comes from, which shows pictures claiming the reality show star has purchased a condo in the Palladian.

Why Rockville? Bodyguard Steve Neild's office is that city... or maybe she'd like to be in the running for The Real Housewives of DC, which we hear is also casting in area suburbs.

Nats & Luke's Wings: Hitting It Out of the Ballpark

Some servicemen received a special treat from Luke's Wings last week - and then the Nats stepped up to the plate to help the charity hit the experience out of the Ballpark!

VetTix offered Luke's Wings tickets to Friday night's baseball game against the San Diego Padres and the organization was quickly able to identify 16 servicemen and women and some family members that deserved a day of fun and games. Local businessman Bo Blair answered the call, adding to the day's events with a hero's welcome at the Bullpen... and to make it a true home run hit, the Nationals hosted the men and women in the President's Box and welcomed them and Luke's Wings on the JumboScreen!

Just another little way we can show our service heros how much we care about them and honor their sacrifices. Thanks to all who made the day.

The District Dish: Teddy Folkman

If you haven't been watching Food Network's "The Next Food Network Star" - or if you have and you can't get enough - we have contestant Teddy Folkman on The District Dish with us this week. He tells us what he can about what it was like to be on the show, his favorite type of food (bar food!), and why DC is becoming a "solid beer town." Who knew?!

Find out more by watching the newest webisode.

Kastles Get Kinged

Last night the Washington Kastles won the 2009 World Team Tennis Championship Tournment 23-20. It was my first Kastles game (thanks to Winston Lord for the tickets!) and I enjoyed finally seeing what all the fuss was about.
In advance of Sunday's match, on Saturday night, both teams convened at L2 Lounge for a reception in their honor prior to the championship game. Billie Jean King, co-Founder of WTT introduced the Coaches and Kastles owner Mark Ein and explained the significance of the King Trophy. With five individuals (four players and that integral Coach) all reaching for the serve, World Team Tennis is about achieving athletic prowess while working together. It's about involving your teammates and involving the fans - truly a group effort.

And it was a group effort that led the Kastles to the ultimate win last night against the Springfield Lasers. We congratulate the team, pictured at right with Coach Murphy Jensen, on their outstanding accomplishment and look forward to more accolades for the team, more trophies, and many more years of team tennis in the District.
(Photo credit: Angela Steever-Diba)

Consignment Chic

Has the economy put you in a fresh fashion pickle? Are your less than adequate closets throwing out your threads? Are you looking for places to shop for that extra-special piece that you don't want any one else to find? Dilemmas... I found the answer to all three!

It's as simple as consignment. These buy-and-sell boutiques are back in business in a big way! Call it rational resale. Put money in your pocket and get out of that pickle by finding sensational (sometimes brand new!) styles at reduced prices or relinquishing your gently used pieces to make room (and money!) for some new faves.

I took a stroll around my favorite city shopping mecca, Georgetown, to satisfy your curiosity on the summer's consignment craze. Here's your how-to on what to expect when you walk in, how to make money, and whether you'll want to be shopping where you're selling.

Annie Creamcheese (3279 M Street NW)
Annie's cornered the market on vintage. This store boasts DC's only place for vintage cocktail and formal gowns - I certainly haven't found one better outside of the city, either!

Secrets of the Sell: Make an appointment with the buyer (202.298.5555). You'll need a minimum of 20 pieces per appointment and can make up to 2 appointments per month. Your items will be purchased immediately from you (which doesn't exactly make this consignment), but guarantees you'll make some loot for your old looks. Choose from either 30% of the items' worth in cash or 50% in store credit (which never expires).

Browsing to Buy: When descending the stairs, save the room to the left for your splurge days, because this is where the really high end stuff is located. Personal Kate Note: This place makes me itchy upon entering, but era-inspired stylistas and costume characters can seriously score with very little scratch.) Another sidenote - Annie wins for best website of the stores I visited.

Second Time Around (3289 M Street NW)
Apparently secondhand shops cluster, because this one is mere steps from Annie Creamcheese. Second Time Around promises that "Resale Goes Upscale," but quite honestly, hasn't yet mastered the art of creating that notable niche.

Secrets of the Sell: You'll need an appointment (202.333.2355) and a collection (no max or min on item number) of high-end clothing less than 2 years old. Your goods get 90 days on the sales floor, and you get 60% of the payout price (that's the best percentage deal I found)!

Browsing to Buy: Second Time Around claims to sell high-end designer labels and boutique brands, but my quick glance landed on more J. Crew than J. Mendel. The handbag and shoe selections weren't shabby though - definitely worth more than window shopping.

Secondhand Rose (1516 Wisconsin Ave. NW)
A short walk up Wisconsin brings you to Georgetown's oldest consignment collection. Secondhand Rose opened in 1977 - and the longevity is for good reason.

Secrets of the Sell: Make an appointment (202.337.3378) (sound familiar?!), with no max or min item number. Your castoff couture gets 90 days on the rack here as well, with a 50/50 percentage split of the profits. You'll want to go in to reclaim your unsolds at the end of the period promptly... Secondhand Rose is a small space and donates those duds to make more room. Personal Kate Note: Another reason you might want to consign here, you'll get double exposure - Secondhand Rose is adding an Ebay Boutique to sell its wares outside of its Wisconsin Ave. walls.

Browsing to Buy: Ascending the staircase into Secondhand Rose is like walking into your uber-chic Grandmother's attic. It's cramped, hot and stuffy, but with some searching, it becomes a treasure trove! When I say brand names, I mean brand names. Timeless St. John, Michael Kors, Yves St. Laurent, and Gucci can be found, but it takes patience and purpose to find it.

Julep (Above and A.K.A. We One You Two) (1525 Wisconsin Ave. NW)
The newest neighborhood recycling route - or maybe just a closet swap for the bold and beautiful. Julep is the secondhand sister of We One You Two, a popular boutique run by some social scenesters that caters to their own.

Secrets of the Sell: Surprise, surprise...make an appointment (202.298.5999) for your trendiest take-ins. No max or min. You'll want to take in your chicest choices, however - see below. Like Secondhand Rose across the street (I told you they clustered!), Julep holds items on the re-sale rack for 90 days and then asks you to come and get 'em. Sold items earn you a 50/50 percentage split of the profits. Julep does, however, tack on a $10 registration fee to open a consignment account, a minor addition to keep in mind.

Browsing to Buy: Shopping at Julep is like shopping at We One You Two downstairs. Yes, it's resale, but it literally just jumped off the pages of last month's InStyle. Can you believe that some of DC's diva social set buys clothing and never even gets around to cutting off the tags?? Well this is where those party princess pieces bolt to escape the back of the closet forever. New and never worn trends from Intermix, Cusp, Wink and other local "List" dressers can be found for a fraction! And to make us swoon even more... it's all easily organized and coordinated by color. Go NOW!!

Mortal Friends

One of my favorite things to do is read. My childhood love of historical fiction has recently morphed into an obsession with local fiction. Taking the sights, sounds and styles of the District and creating a story to complement them doesn't seem a tough task to me. What better location to base your novel than a social, political town with a charity addiction??

New York Times bestselling author Jane Stanton Hitchcock agrees with me. As you'll hear when we interview her on The District Dish in a few weeks, DC provides the perfect backdrop for about a billion plotlines... so why not a multiple murder mystery that takes place in your own neighborhood??

Hitchcock combines Georgetown high society (with its not entirely fictitious cast of characters), politics, and scandalous secrets to give us a page turner that I couldn't put down. From lunching at Cafe Milano to walking the C & O Canal, attending performances at the Kennedy Center to shopping at some of my favorite local boutiques - not only was Mortal Friends a story that we could have lived... when you read it, you'll realize that you probably know some of these people, too!

Browse Inside this book

How to Pitch: A New Media Journalist

Thank you to Amanda Littlejohn of Mopwater PR & Media Notes for interviewing us for her latest 'How to Pitch' on pitching new media. Interested in pitching to magazines like us? Check out the article to find out the do's and don'ts.

Social Media and the Privacy Perspective

Thanks to Publicist Aba Kwawu for sending on this important information; K Street Kate readers who use Facebook should pay close attention.

According to Aba and other sources, Facebook has agreed to let third party advertisers use your posted pictures in their advertisements without your permission. You can do someting about this. Here is how:

-Click on SETTINGS (at the top where the Logout link is located).
-Next, select the tab that reads FACEBOOK ADS.
-Select NO ONE in the drop down box and SAVE the changes.

We believe that you have a right to choose the products and services you (or your image and likeness) endorse - and so do we. Thanks to Aba and others for bringing these steps to our attention and if you know of other useful tips such as this, please comment below.

Spy Cart

Care for eggs with your espionage? Spooks with your sandwich?

Dan Mesches, CEO of the StirFoodgroup and the International Spy Museum have formed an alliance to offer some secrecy with your supper (and breakfast and lunch...). A sidewalk food cart with fresh "to go" option will now be stationed in Penn Quarter at the corner of 9th & F Streets NW.

Do a dead drop by seven days a week from 8:30 - 5:30/6 to get some parameter surveillance on the options served up by graduates of the DC Central Kitchen's Culinary Job Training Program. (No one expected Julia Child was a spy either...!)

Agents of efficiency.

Up for Renewal (In Paperback!)

Sometimes those little snippets on the front of the lifestyle mags really speak to you, don't they?? "Dress Yourself Thin." "Get Your Skin to Glow." "Make Men Melt."

But "who would be crazy enough to believe a bunch of women's glossies?" asked author Cathy Alter. And then she thought... it might be a really interesting experiment. So she spent a full year of her life following nine of the top female files to see if they could really make her the perfect person.

"Up For Renewal: What Magazine's Taught Me About Sex, Love and Starting Over" was the result of the of the provocative experience. And now, after being recognized by People magazine and optioned for a made-for-TV movie, the book is out in paperback, just in time to devour over your summer stint at the beach.

Get your copy and meet the author! On Thursday, July 30th (6-8 PM) at Ginger Boutique on Bethesda Row, Cathy will be reading, signing, sipping some cocktails and introducing renowned jewelry designer Suzanne Somersall for an on-site trunk show of her new Barcelona Collection.

At the Theatre...Congratulations

A dramatic interlude, a comedy of errors ... or just a night out in DC. Thursday night we stopped in to congratulate DC's newest crowned head, Miss District of Columbia 2009, Jen Corey at the Dupont home of Miss DC Scholarship Pageant Executive Director Teri Galvez and Michael Cleary.

Continuing with the crowning, we passed by to congratulate Teatro Goldoni on its remarkable RAMMY win last month. The popular Italian restuarant won a people's choice award - and further solidified itself as a power spot to eat, meet and mingle.

Then on to the last stop of the evening, to congratulate bronzed birthday boy Jimmy Rayborn on the successful passing of another year. Jimmy and a guest list of over 700 of his closest friends (not all were able to fit in the lounge, of course!) toasted his unknown age at L2.

TGI (now) F!!

Chocolate & Diamonds

With his usual South African swagger, Ronnie Mervis and son, Jon, finally took some K Street Kate advice and threw a brilliant bash at their downtown DC showroom at 17th and K NW.
Chocolate and Diamonds turned out to be a truly decadent affair - with attendees gorging themselves on selections from the chocolate fountain, sipping rich chocolate martinis, and eyeing the other icing - the frosting under the glass cases.
Surprisingly, the store was full of women. It would have been a single man's dream come true! Honestly... because these women were were not only savvy and sophisticated, but self-sufficient. We saw three separate ladies purchase for themselves what is now commonly known as a "right hand ring."
No cocktail rings for us - just cocktails! But if you missed the sweet soiree, be sure to stop in and see Ronnie and Jon anytime, and at any location, and tell them K Street Kate told you those tinkling treats were too beautiful to pass up!

The District Dish - Councilman Jack Evans

On today's new webisode of The District Dish, Councilman Jack Evans tells us why he loves serving the city. How did he come to "run" the largest Ward in the city, which even contains the White House? Why was he such a proponent for baseball? What has been the biggest challenge in the city over the past 20 years? And more!

Something Sweet

Busy man Bo Blair is at it again. Hasn't anyone ever explained to him about summer vacation?!

Well, the sweetness of summer may have encouraged him to start his newest venture, with doors opening TODAY, a confectionary reminiscent of yesteryear called Something Sweet.

What's the sugar rush? Cupcakes are common these days, but they serve 'em up special at 3706 Macomb Street (near Wisconsin). Something Sweet will also serve your sweet tooth old fashioned milkshakes, brownies and sundaes.
Expect longer lines than the summer ice cream truck for the highly anticipated opening today, but head back all summer (and all year) when you're in the mood for a little sugar!

WaterGATE Keeper

We live across from the famous site of that historic 1972 political crime that led Richard Nixon to become the 1st President to resign, so perhaps we've paid a bit of extra attention to the place over the past few months - but the Watergate Hotel sure has been drawing some particular interest.

The (empty) Hotel's owner, Monument Realty, couldn't sustain payments for its $40 million loan on the property (keep in mind, there are also separate condo units that are not affected). Monument watched its foreclosure expire last Thursday.

Today, the historic complex went up up on the auction block. Ten potential bidders showed their sincere interest by putting down $1 million as a deposit in order to bid, but when the time came and bidding started at $25 million... the auction closed as quickly as it began.

Not. One. Bid.

Stay tuned.

That's SOME Pig!

It wasn't a spider writing adjectives in her web that brought American attention to the Iberico pig. Rather, it was restauranteur Jose Andres.

As the story would have it, Andres was at Wagshal's market enjoying some culinary delights one day and happened upon an American butcher who possessed those rare, old-world skills that could help a premium product, Iberico de Bellota - the highest quality pork - to shine in the United States. Of course, Andres would help to bring attention to it at his many restaurants, including Jaleo, as well. And a tasty match was made.

We were on hand last night as Andres and Wagshals brought the one-of-a-kind Iberico de Bellota to taste test at his home in Bethesda.

Trust us. Each and every bite was incredible. These Iberico pigs feast almost exclusively on fallen acorns and wild herbs, ranging and grazing freely in Western Spain. The result? An unsurpassed quality and taste that just may be good for you. Iberico de Bellota ham contains over 70% monounsaturated fat - or "good cholesterol" - which has been linked to a decreased risk of heart disease.

And even if you don't trust us, trust the experts. Wagshal's has been DC's premier delicatessen, butcher and caterer for over 84 years and who wouldn't trust Jose Andres with a cut of meat? Find Iberico de Ballota in unique dishes at Jaleo or available for public sale exclusively at Wagshal's.

(Images: Top left and top right, Jose Andres serves Iberico de Ballota ham to his houseguests.
Bottom left, Aaron and Brian Fuchs and Amanda Manion tell us about the many Wagshal's offerings...we hear there is also an incredible cheese selection!)

Leveraging Social Media

Earlier this year, I was a panelist at a Vocus Conference on leveraging social media. The conference was such a huge success that Vocus has decided to re-purpose some of the conference content and invite us back to a virtual conference.

Live on your desktop, without any travel required, you can learn from industry experts (and personalities like moi!) how to expand your audience reach, create buzz and improve brand awareness. Find out more here.

"How to Effectively Leverage Social Media"
July 23, 2009
10:00 Am - 6:30 PM EDT

But since you're all good friends, I have some specials for you! Want $20 off that $129 registration fee? Use the coupon code FOS, Friend of Speaker, to receive your discount. Or let K Street Kate make you really lucky! Five loyal readers will receive comp passes! The first five readers to e-mail me their name, title, company, address and e-mail address to will receive instruction on how they can join the virtual conference for FREE.


Thanks to DC Philanthopy Examiner Rachael Glaws for featuring this write-up of K Street Kate and our philanthropic efforts last week:

It's nice to be recognized, Rachael, and thanks for reading!

The District Dish - Micha Weinblatt

So, what is a Crooked Monkey anyway? Micha Weinblatt, owner of the increasingly popular, irreverent t-shirt company by that name tells us we'll have to use our imaginations on that one. You'll find these tees flying off the shelves from Urban Outfitters and Kitson to big box retailers like Neiman Marcus...and on celebs like Ryan Seacrest and Miley Cyrus. (And in your gift bags from K Street Kate's Third Anniversary party - thank you Micha!!!)

Don't miss your chance to find out how you can submit a design...

Battle of the Biceps

We've got your tickets to the gun show! Show off your manly (or womanly) muscles, pulverize your pals and give back by striking back next Saturday as the Madisons and friends return with the now annual Battle of the Biceps, to raise funds for Community Lodgings ($10 door donation).
Last year's champions in each weight division return to reclaim their arm wrestling titles against some fresh blood that's been talking smack. You'll also enjoy drink specials (and a keg toss!), music from Sick Feed and fast pitch softball at The Bullpen, located across from the main entrance to Nationals' Ballpark.
Start polishing those guns!

Welcome New Sponsor - PGP Events

Please welcome K Street Kate's newest sponsor, PGP Special Events Planners, formerly Jolt Events. With all of the events we go to, you would expect us to know how to put on one memorable shindig... but we're not event planners. No, we know a good party when we see one, but a good plan? That's up to the professionals.

When PGP first came to us with a potential partnership, we were thrilled. But owner Pergrin Pervez didn't just want to be listed on KSK's sidebar, he wanted to prove his company's acumen by helping us to plan our Third Anniversary party. And what a party!

From designing the invitation to arranging for sponsors and waitstaff, PGP was there for us through it all. Pergrin and his team were knowledgeable, responsible, professional.

Thank you PGP Special Event Planners for helping to make my event such a success. If you are looking to plan a successful event for yourself, make sure to get in touch with the team - and make sure to tell them you heard about them on K Street Kate!

Summer Love and Lasting Commitments

Sincerest congratulations to Jose Garcia, one of the owners of the great Italian spot Teatro Goldoni, and a good friend of mine. On Saturday evening, friends gathered to toast Jose and his new fiance, Michelle Lutter, on the occasion of the couples' engagement. We all wish you both all the happiness in the world - and a loooong life together!


Congrats to Ada Polla and Alchimie-Forever on the opening of their new flagship store and workshop space in Georgetown! The popular Swiss skincare company just opened a beautiful and spacious new Wisconsin Avenue location near Water Street where customers can access Alchimie-Forver's remarkable products and wholesale clients can take seminars on the products' benefits and applications.

We were on hand at the intimate opening reception last Wednesday evening as Ada unveiled the new location at 101 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 201. Stop in and see for yourself, and please tell them K Street Kate sent you!

Michael Wilbon on The District Dish

You read his articles in the Washington Post and his sports commentary on ESPN. When Mike Wilbon asks you to "Pardon the Interruption," you do!

Wilbon is one of those guys who lives, eats, breathes and LOVES sports. According to him, you have to if you're going to make it your career. But is it about loving your team or loving the general excitement of play and thrill of competition? Find out on The District Dish as we talk to Michael Wilbon about his life, his love of sports, and whether or not he's a Washington sports fan.

Third Anniversary Celebration

If you missed it - YOU MISSED IT! K Street Kate's Third Anniversary Celebration was one smashing great time... Muleh was overflowing with friends, supporters, and some newly introduced to what the online magazine has to offer - the best this city has to offer!

Even if you were venturing into uncharted territory for yourself (14th Street is rockin' and Muleh is too much of a gem to be hidden... KSK readers know that!) you knew you were in the right place when you pulled up to four hot Ferraris from our sponsor Ferrari & Maserati of Washington at the entrance.

If you hit the first bar, the Corcoran Vineyards wine bar, you tasted some of the best of Virginia wines... including that Viognier and Cabernet Franc. Thanks to Jim Corcoran for sharing some local flavor with us - everyone loved it - and we're planning some K Street Kate sponsored tasting trips soon.
Through the furniture, fashions, and friends - and DJ Neekola's hot beats - we hit the vodka bar, sponsored by the fabulous Emperor Vodka. And no one could get enough... so we had Emperor Vodka in the K Street Kate-ini too! Pairing it with Domaine de Canton, a french ginger liquor (that was so yummy people started drinking it on the rocks as well) and some strawberries and lime made this K Street Kate signature drink a little sweet and lot sassy - just like us!
Speaking of sweet... did you have any of those Darlington House cupcakes?? They may have looked too cute to eat, but we gobbled them up!! If the dessert is this good, imagine what the pasta is like...

We have to thank our incredible hosts, Christopher Reiter (Muleh was the PERFECT venue!), Lynda Erkiletian of T.H.E. (thanks for bringing the beautiful people!), Rodrigo Garcia (my #1 fan and partner) and Anne Lee (who understands that being Kate's best friend sometimes means manual labor...) for making the night one to remember. I also could not have done it without the help of Victoria Sanders who has been incredible to work with, and PGP Events (more on that to come...)
I'm thrilled about KSK's three incredible years, but want 30 more just like them. Thanks to everyone for helping me realize the dream! Check out the slideshow for more pictures from some of the talented photographers on hand, including Pat Ryan, Michael Domingo and Joe Reblando - and of course, an event video is coming soon to K Street Kate.

Not Dogs & Lettuce Wraps

An annual tradition meant to coincide with the American Meat Institute's (AMI) Annual Hot Dog Luncheon, this PETA-sponsored event seeks to promote non-meat alternatives by giving away veggie hot dogs or "not dogs" as they're often called. Every year they dress up Playboy Playmates in lettuce bikinis (not real lettuce, unfortunately for the men!) who give out not-dogs to anyone willing to wait in the huge line. This year's Playmate guest of honor was Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole.

But AMI faked PETA out for the 2nd year in a row by scheduling their Annual Hot Dog Lunch a week later than originally planned. For those that like the real thing and think that meat is yummy, AMI's annual Hot Dog Lunch will be held next week on 7.22.09. But before you start salivating, the event which boasted over 1,000 attendees last year included more than 50 Members of Congress and United States Secretary of Agriculture Edward Schaffer, Hill staffers, industry officials and 30 members of the media is invitation only. It remains one of the most popular events of the summer on Capitol Hill.

Joe Reblando photographed and contributed to this post.

Want to Be a Madison?

Join us for the annual recruitment event on Sunday, August 30th at the Rookery - rsvp required. For more information on the ladies of the Madison and the purpose of this social and philanthropic organization, visit here.

Confirmation Cocktails?

Supporters of Judge Sotomayor organized a private and intimate reception at The Park at Fourteenth this evening in her honor. Sotomayor, the first Hispanic Supreme Court nominee in history, entered her first day of questioning in confirmation hearings today, facing 19 Senators on the Judiciary Commitee.
Thanks to Felicia Montgomery for sending K Street Kate this sampling of those present:

Soiree Bastille Chic

In case you missed last Saturday night's Soiree Bastille Chic, check out the K Street Kate video above to see all the fun and fashion!

Planete Chic and sponsors, including hair by KMS California, make-up by E.L.F. Cosmetics and accessories by 213 Industry packed the house for the pre-Bastille party and eco-friendly fashion show at the ever-popular Darlington House...

Saddest News, In Memory of a Friend

Just knowing Desi Deschaine would put a smile on your face. This 30 year old Communications Director for DC Councilmember Jack Evans was active socially, in the community, and in area political circles. He was a super smart, enthusiastic and supportive friend and will be missed.

The saddest news came this morning. A body that had been found but not identified in Baltimore's Inner Harbor was confirmed to be Desi Deschaine. Desi has died from apparent drowning after disappearing from a party.

We're all shocked and saddened by this news, but keep Desi and his family in our thoughts, asking that you will do the same.

C'est la 14 Juillet!

Mais oui! We're celebrating the storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789 by storming Adam's Morgan's Mainstreet for our own Bastille Day celebration.

If you want to start out by being truly French, go en greve (strike) around 4 PM and join us for live music and petanque (like Bocce Ball, but so much cooler because it's French) at Marie Reed School (18th & Wyoming Ave. NW).

Later at L'Enfant Cafe (2000 18th St. NW) a re-headed King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette will "let [us] eat cake" while they host the French Maid Relay Races. There will be french music, french food, and some door prizes a la francais as well.

Then we'll continue to Napolean (1847 Columbia Rd. NW) to laissez les bons temps roulez and toast the French with free champagne offered to anyone wearing red, white, and blue. Ca va? Bien sur!!

The District Dish

Tonight we filmed episodes of The District Dish (in advance so we can have some summer vacation!) at Redwood in Bethesda. Redwood is owned by the brilliant masterminds who brought us some of my favorites...Mendocino (now under new ownership), Sonoma, and other wine bar/restaurant delights.

We filmed with the newly crowned (as of YESTERDAY) Miss District of Columbia, Jen Corey, and the Founder of an international art movement, Art Jumping, Allison Reimus. Don't know about art jmping yet? You will - check back in August!

But on today's new webisode, we feature the beauty behind a local skincare business, Ada Polla of Alchimie-Forever. And if you like what you see, keep in mind that the brand is opening a new flagship store this summer in Georgetown, so the goods are near you! Tell 'em you heard about it on The District Dish...

Beauty Night OUT

Do you love to shop, sample, and score? Five fun and fabulous hours of complimentary cocktails and hor d'ouevres will introduce you to some of the must-have Spring 2009 designers and their ideas of what's hot right now in beauty services, products and fashion. It's one of Style and Image Networks signature events...

On Wednesday, July 22nd at the Beacon Hotel (1615 Rhode Island Ave. NW) check out Beauty Trends from Beauty 360 and hair styling from PR at Partners, and snag one of those coveted Swag Beauty Bags - these are legendary! (And are only guaranteed to advance ticket purchasers - $25 in advance)

*This event benefits Through the Kitchen Door. Find out more and purchase tickets here.

Miss DC 2009

Last night at the Lincoln Theatre on U Street, the dream of yet another young lady came true - she was crowned Miss District of Columbia and is on her way to Miss America! A packed audience waited with anticipation for the crowing moment of 21 year old American University student Jennifer Corey.

Jen, as her friends call her, took home the top prize as well as preliminary awards in swimsuit, talent (opera) and evening gown. Sophia Davis would win top honors in the Interview competition. Jen's court consisted of 4th runner up Ashton Kunkle, 3rd runner up Sophia Davis, 2nd runner up Randi Levendusky and 1st runner up - and first time pageant competitor- Stephanie Williams.

With a platform on recycling entitled "Let's Talk Trash!", Jenn will begin preparations for Miss America immediately. Watch for Jen at appearances around town and find out more information about the Miss DC program here.

Ferrari California Dreamin'

Vroom! Vroom!

Allow us to introduce our newest K Street Kate sponsor. She's sleek, chic, has a rockin' body and we hear she's equally attractive to the men and the ladies. Yeah, she goes both ways...and from 0 to 60 in about 3 seconds!

Owning a Ferrari or Maserati is the dream of just about every guy we know. And the ladies are right there behind them these days! These are extreme cars. They have passion, prestige...and serious power. They also have uncompromised quality. Not a bad thing to dream about.

Don't think it'll ever happen for you? Wrong! We have it on good authority now is the best time to buy! Ferrari & Maserati of Washington provides both new and pre-owned models to the mid-Atlantic region, like the Maserati GranTurismo, GranSport and Quattroporte or the Ferrari F430, 360 Modena and the new and hotly anticipated California. And while these investment rides will look hot for summertime cruising, you'll get just as much of a thrill from these headturners years down the road... until you just have to trade in your model for that newer one you've been dreaming about.

And we just have to add, you'll be happy to be part of the Ferrari and Maserati of Washington family. The new owners are great people that we trust and are proud to call our friends. Go in and just take a look - and tell them K Street Kate sent you!

Dog Days

You know I love Georgetown, but lately, the 14th Street/U Street area has been my go-to location for a fashion fix. If you haven't had an opportunity to check it out, I've got the perfect time for you to get some trendy local glam for a great deal!

It's the Tenth annual Dog Days of August. On August 1 and 2 shops, theaters and restaurants along (and just off) the 14th Street and U Street Corridors will throw open their doors and celebrate the heat in one of DC’s coolest neighborhoods with spectacular sales, give-aways and entertainment.

But if sales and deals aren't enough to get you out, the Dog Days will also feature the Studio Theater’s Annual Garage Sale, a Source Family Open House, a ceviche tasting at Café Saint Ex, a community festival at the 14th and U Farmers’ Market, the Washington Improv Theater’s improv-a-palooza and much much more.

Don't miss out on these Dog Days or you'll be giving us those sad puppy dog eyes.

*This annual event is sponsored by the MidCity Business Association, a member organization representing over 200 businesses, galleries and theaters along the 14th and U Street corridors.

Barefoot on the Beach

For more information on the Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project coming to the District of Columbia at Hains Point on July 18th, see here.

Want a Better Website?

On July 13th, Revolutionary Performance Management will be sponsoring FREE website evaluations and consultations. We know we'll be taking advantage! Go and talk to developers, graphic designers and website strategy specialists about anything from colors to content to search engine optimization... Don't know what any of that means? You definitely need a better website!
Stop in July 13th to the Doubletree in Dupont Circle - 1515 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20005, Cabinet Room, from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Call Daniel at 202-360-4WEB (4932) to register!

The District Dish

Continuing the tradition of beinging you ALL that DC has to offer, The District Dish posted a new webisode featuring Destination DC's Manager of Communications, Carla Barry Austin.

Formerly known as the District's Tourism and Convention Corporation, Destination DC is equally as important for locals as those coming to visit the city, with important information on area activities and useful deals!

Carla tells us why DC is powerful... and how you can make it personal! Watch it!

W Hotel Opens

Though the W Hotel is saving its massive opening showdown until later in the Fall, the doors opened to the public today, first with a preview of the famous Bliss Spa and then with a more select who's who cocktail reception on the roof.

Lined up down the block (both blocks) to get a glimpse of the "View from Above" - which is, obviously, the same view that the hotel has always had, it was previously the Hotel Washington - non-invited guests of the opening party still had the chance to enjoy the skyline by making dinner reservations. Whether they had seen it before or not, even the view was "new" tonight.

But even if you didn't play the name game to guess which friends of yours might have scored resi's upstairs in order to make it past the clipboard gals and onto the elevators, DJ Neekola was spinning the party downstairs in the lobby and everyone ran into someone they knew. In terms of buzz generated by W's opening night, we'd say it was a "W"... a win that is.

Video Didn't Kill THIS Radio Star!

To all of our friends and fans in Springfield, Massachusetts - thanks for waking up with K Street Kate on your radio this morning! Around 8:30 AM on 91.9 FM, WAIC, we had a chance to tell "Bostonians" (ok, nearly Bostonians) all about KSK, The District Dish, and other stories of style and sophistication in the District.

Thanks to Crazy Joe for having me on the air and for telling all of his "most dangerous morning show" listeners all about K Street Kate and what we're doing in the Nation's Capital!

Drinking in Sync

Well, K Street Kate sponsor, Glaceau is at it again. Creating a quenching VitaminWater with only ten calories was not enough. Now, they have introduced a new flavor, Sync, a berry-cherry blend. How did they know cherry was my favorite?!

Be on the lookout for Sync to get your "daily download of vitamins and antioxidant," and speaking of downloads... for some added fun, under each 20oz bottle you'll find a free download of music from Amazon Music, which can be converted to iTunes.

Check out this website for more info and to register to win 2 tickets for 10 shows (!!!) at the 9:30 Club.

So You Think You Can


If you thought that wildly talented mover and shaker on the popular hot TV show contest looked familiar, you were right! That is little local lady Caitlin Kinney from Annapolis who has made it to the Top 12 on the show, and needs your votes to progress even farther.

Annapolis Mayor Ellen Moyer is hosting a viewing party at the Annapolis waterfront tomorrow evening, June 8th 7:00 PM at City Dock for those who want to cheer her on en groupe.

So you think you can dance? Well, she sure can! Congratulations on your already wonderful accomplishments, Caitlin!

"Love" in the Afternoon...and Evening

It's hard to play a team with a Pro at your season opener, but the Kastles did DC proud tonight against the Philadelphia Freedoms and Venus Williams. For those who didn't understand even after the match dust had settled, in team tennis, it's the collective points of the team that determines who wears the bigger smiles to the afterparty.

And that afterparty was held atop the city in grand style on the Donovan House rooftop. While fans (both those who attended the game and those who just hoped to score a player introduction or handshake in the afterglow) milled about and enjoyed the fantastic views, the players noshed on delectable dishes from the downstairs Zentan restaurant.

Check my upcoming coverage in DC Magazine for more details.


It's that time again! C.O.W.P.I.E - that is, Committee of Wyoming People in the East. And for those of you uninitiated, it's a beer and bull ridin' good time!

This one's for you if you like line dancing, amazing country music, cute cowboys and cowgirls, and want to try your hand at taming a mechanical bull. July 18th from 8-12 at the Sewall-Belmont House, the fun opens up the public - or enjoy an earlier BBQ if you're part of the WSS (Wyoming State Society). Yeah, we're not either... but we love this event!

This will be, as always, a sold out event, so don't miss it. Buy tix here.

Screen on the Green Schedule

Screen on the Green, a free and open to the public viewing of classic movies on the National Mall, has released the line-up of films to be shown on that giant 20' x 40' outdoor screen between 4th and 7th Streets NW on Monday nights this summer...

Here's your free flick-fest for 2009:

Watch the skies! Richard Dreyfuss embarks on an obsessive quest for answers after witnessing a low-flying UFO. Legendary French director Francois Truffaut plays a scientist seeking communication with the (friendly?) aliens. Stephen Spielberg takes us from Mexico to Mongolia, from India to Indiana to show that we earthlings are not alone. The majestic musical score was Oscar-nominated, but double nominee John Williams lost to himself for “Star Wars.” Pre CGI, “Encounters” is movie magic of the first kind. 132 Min. (1977)

July 27 DOG DAY AFTERNOON (Warner Bros.)
Sonny (Al Pacino) sets out to rob a Brooklyn bank to pay for his boyfriend’s sex change operation. The job doesn’t go as planned. Based on a true-life story, the screenplay won an Oscar and a Writer’s Guild award though reportedly much was improvised. No matter, “Dog” is great stuff. Director Sidney Lumet gets the New York flavor just right and Pacino is simply stupendous. Memorable support comes from Chris Sarandon and the late John Cazale. All together now…”At-ti-ca! At-ti-ca!” 125 Min. (1975)

August 3 ON THE WATERFRONT (Sony/Columbia)
Powerful, man-vs-union-racketeers drama set on the New Jersey docks remains a contenda. Winner of eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director (Elia Kazan). Marlon Brando was named Best Actor after being shut out the 3 previous years. Lee J. Cobb, Karl Malden and Rod Steiger were all nominated for Best Supporting Actor. All lost. A very pregnant Eva Marie Saint, however, picked up an Oscar for her effort. 108 Min. (1954)

August 10 REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE (Warner Bros.)
Landmark tale of teen angst is still disturbing today. Natalie Wood and James Dean star as the tragic lovers, while Sal Mineo provides sensitive support as the outcast, Plato. Direction by Nicholas Ray takes full advantage of the wide screen canvas. 111 Min. (1955)

Enjoy the show!

Talk & Tennis

Last night at Hudson Lounge, fans rubbed tennis elbows with some of the racket wielders they'll be watching on the court tomorrow (Tuesday) in the Kastles season home opener.

A patio full of enthusiastic fans welcomed Leander Paes, Olga Puchkova, Rennae Stubbs and Scott "Boom Boom" Oudesma, pictured here with Kastles owner Mark Ein and General Manger.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Food & Wine Festival

In case you missed it on The District Dish... the 1st ever annual VA Food & Wine Festival is coming up this weekend, July 10-12th at the historic Whitehall Manor in Bluemont. Tasting pavillions are open Friday and Saturday from 6:00-9:00PM and on Sunday from 5:00-8:00PM.

What to expect? Tastings from 20 Loudoun wineries, dining, entertainment, culinary arts and estate tours. That means, you not only get to taste some incredible VA viogniers and cabernet francs, but you'll learn about the art of winemaking, food pairings and appropriate glasses to use, along with other fun facts and entertainment.

Advance on-line ticket purchases only. And don't forget about that great deal from Reston Limo for convenient transportation! Choose from these three pick-up locations: DC- Park Hyatt Washington, West Falls Church Metro, or Reston Town Center, and with just $20 additional to your ticket, you'll have a safe and secure ride through VA's wine country. Purchase here.

*Clink, Clink.* Cheers!

New News: Nathan's to Close

Despite our earlier news that Nathan's would, indeed, be able to continue to remain in operation with a renewed lease, we learn today that the tune has changed yet again.

From Proprietor Carol Ross Joynt:

Dear Friends,

After 40 years of serving millions of happy and loyal customers, and opening its doors 365 days of every year, Nathans will close at last call on Sunday, July 12. This ends an era of delicious, interesting and often outrageous moments at what Zagat called "the quintessential Georgetown saloon."

We hope over the next week you will find the time to come in and enjoy a last drink and meal with us. We wish we could give it away, but economic reality is that we need your dollars. Also, if I may, I urge you to please be generous with the staff.

With a heavy heart and much gratitude,
Carol Joynt

"You gotta know when to hold 'em
know when to fold 'em
Know when to walk away ...." - Kenny Rogers
Join us in toasting the many memories of this historic establishment any night this week.

"Meet the Players"

Join tennis enthusiasts and Kastles supporters tonight at Hudson Lounge to "Meet the Players" before their season opener tomorrow. Tonight, thanks to Hudson, Absolut Vodka, Voss water, and VM Public Relations, you get 'served' complimentary cocktails and hor d'oeuvres while talking tennis with Leander Paes, Olga Puchkova, Rennae Stubbs and Scott "Boom Boom" Oudesma. 6-9 PM.

THE VOLUNTEERS on The District Dish

On today's new webisode of The District Dish, Dan Goddard, lead singer of THE VOLUNTEERS drives down from New York to tell us his favorite DC venues to play, how his ex's inspire his songwriting, and how he came to idolize Jimmy Hendrix...with his violin. Don't miss an episode -new interviews every Monday and Thursday!

Happy Birthday, America!

When tourists ask me about great ways to spend July 4th in Washington, DC or how to find a great place to watch the fireworks, I usually tell them to check out PBS's A Capitol Fourth on the mall - or at least watch the fireworks from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial (my family did that when we came on a family vacation). I'll admit, I knew A Capitol Fourth was a great show, but I had never actually seen it live myself! Until this year...

Thanks to James Delorbe and the Lantos Foundation for inviting us to join them for their annual "Take Pride in America" celebration, which allowed me to enjoy both the A Capitol Fourth entertainment (Sesame Street chracters, Natasha Bedingfield, Aretha Franklin, the National Symphony Orchestra, and...) as well as those spectacular Independence Day fireworks from the West Front Terrace of the Capitol Building. What a show! And what a remarkable place to view them!

"Take Pride in America" has taken place every year since 2003 thanks to the vision of the late congressman, the Honorable Thomas Lantos and his wife Annette. Their shared belief in the greatness and promise of the United States makes this annual celebration of our nation’s birthday, A Capitol Fourth, and the stunning fireworks display, an essential July 4th tradition.
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