The District Dish: Art Jumping

Don't know what Art Jumping is? Neither did Allison Reimus before she invented it! This budding global movement is gaining speed by artists and art lovers everywhere... the MOMA even uses it as a museum promotion now.

If you still haven't heard of it, that's because you haven't yet watched our newest episode with artist-in-her-own-right and movement Founder, Allison Reimus.

Don't Expect Any "Lounge" Music

He's spun for Paris Hilton, Gwen Stefani, Fergie, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Carmen Electra...and Britney Spears' 27th birthday party. Would you believe he's coming to spin for you?

New York Top Ten DJ Chachi will be in DC to play at Lotus Lounge on Friday, September 4th from 12:00 - 2:00 AM.

A Day at the Salon

You would probably be surprised to hear that I've never treated myself to a facial before. Nope, pageant pretty doesn't mean big bank account, and I rarely enjoy the luxury of even a mani/pedi, much less the spa package extraordinaire. I now know what I've been missing!

Last week, Piaf Salon offered me the chance to "research" their delightful Spa Package #3 (which includes a skin renewal facial along with mani/pedi). I was totally psyched about the nail grooming, but I have to admit, I was scared to have someone mess with my face.

As Debbie led me to the back room for the preliminary once-over and skin consultation, I let her know that I was nervous and didn't know what to expect. Forty-five minutes later, I was relaxed as could be... various soothing creams, two face masks (moisturizing and protein!) that smelled good enough to eat, aromatherapy and light massage had me almost asleep on the table. And my face not only looked better immediately, but it felt healthier, too.

My first facial. Hooked. I knew I would be a repeat customer.

Haven't tried it? Pamper yourself before the summer ends... even if it's just for a mani or pedi (those services were great as well!). You can have an experience like mine or other day spa packages (and hair, skin and nail care and make-up application) at Piaf Salon. Spa Package #3 is experienced for only $125.


Thanks to all who came out to support the launch of PINK JAMS! Friday night at Current Lounge. If you missed the pink carpet festivities, you'll have another chance to support the cause in November when musical talent Justin Trawick performs in a benefit concert.

Watch K Street Kate video coverage of the launch party event in the site's video window.


Blondes may claim to have more fun, but the brunettes have more bragging rights. Especially when it comes to winning the annual Blondes vs. Brunettes flag football game to benefit the Alzheimer's Association! In DC, the Brunettes have won every year!
I say, in DC, because tis outstanding event has grown so quickly and garnered so much support that BvB football games are now played in cities around the country. Since 2005, BvB has raised over $150,000 for the Alzheimer's Association National Capital Area Chapter, and we look to add tens of thousands to that amount again this year. (In just over one week since fundraising started, we've already raised $10,000 this year!)

Important Dates to Remember: The match is set for Saturday, November 14th, with sponsors Peroni and Lienenkugel returning to make things interesting and help us keep our game faces on. Want to find out which 20 ladies will make each team? Join us in advance of the big day for a draft party and fundraiser at the Darlington House on September 19th... then save the date for the annual Michael Sisters fundraiser, this year on October 6th.

And if you can't make it out to any of the above and want to help us in our efforts to fund Alzheimer's research, please donate to my personal page or visit the BvB website (updated soon!).

A Meaningful Massage

It's more than relaxation through rubdown. A massage helps you de-stress, focus your more positive energies, and feel happier and healthier. But could a massage help combat cancer?? Yes!

Relieving physical and mental stress not only makes us feel better in the short run, it's been proven to help us combat life threatening illnesses as well. And on September 15th, your massage could help fund a cure for cancer! Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is teaming up with Massage Envy, a national franchise of member-based massage clinics to offer discounted therapy around the Washington area.

For just $35 you can get a truly meaningful massage and rest easy knowing that $10 from every appointment will directly benefit Race for the Cure. Make your appointment today!

PGP Produces Art Salon

K Street Kate sponsor PGP Group is enjoying success today after producing last night's D.C. Commission on Arts & Humanities ART SALON.

PGP Group was selected to produce the monthly Art Salon series spotlighting local artists and the growing artistic scene in DC, transforming the newly built (but as of yet unfurnished) retail space at the Solea Condominums into a Brooklyn style art gallery.

Last night's Salon featured locals Peter Krsko, Quest Skinner, Rogelio Maxwell, Cory Orbendorfer, and Decoy. Sponsorship from Peroni and Corcoran Vineyards completed the evening.

(Images: TOP Attendees Stephanie Raphael and Hanna Pakray view the exhibits. RIGHT Artwork by Quest Skinner.)


We're all about being social - did you know it's proven to help you stay young? It also has some pretty great eats... SOCIAL restaurant that is. This new resto is opening up at 1400 Meridian Place NW tomorrow.

The best part about this place is that it's perfect for mingling and meant to be a gathering spot; it's one part restaurant, one part cocktail lounge... and all living room atmosphere.

And you'll be sure to notice the friend-sharing sizes: items on the menu are offered in either intimate, social or gala sized portions to accomodate from one to nine tasters around your table.
Go and be social!

Phillips After 5

We stopped by the Phillips Collection last night to experience Phillips After 5, a trendy way for the less stuffy set to enjoy the Phillips' private collections. (Which we actually think is never stuffy - it's one of our favorite art museums in the city!)

DJ Donald Syriani spun house mixes while guests tasted wine, experimented with henna tattoos, watched 'Bride of Frankenstein', and took in the art, of course!

Phillips After 5 is a recurring event on the last Thursday of every month with new activities and art themes. Phillips Collection members enjoy free admission.

(Pictured: with Rodrigo Garcia, Donald Syriani and Patrizia Benneton)

Kastles Get the Key

A prestigious honor reserved for championship teams and major sports award recipients was bestowed upon the Kastles this afternoon. Mayor Fenty presented team tennis team Coach Murphy Jensen, Leander Paes, Rennae Stubbs, Scott Oudsema, and Olga Puchkova with the Key to the City.

After the ceremony at City Hall, the team and a large group of supporters continued the celebration at the Occidental Restaurant and on a Tourmobile visit of the city where VIPs had the chance to have their pictures taken with the King Trophy.

Congratulations once again to our city's championship team! *Photo courtesy of Washington Kastles.

The District Dish: Miss DC

On the latest webisode of The District Dish, newly crowned Miss DC Jennifer Corey joins us at Bethesda's Redwood restaurant to tell us about her emotional crowning moment (the segment was literally filmed the day after her win!). This opera singer spectacular tells us what it will take to compete in Miss America, how she's feeling about her preparations for the competition in Vegas, and why she's "talking trash."
Don't miss a moment!

Late Night Munchies? to the rescue!

Cookies, candies...Coca-Colas. Over 1,000 products to choose from, and all delivered to your door. What began as a fly-by-night college business idea is now the city's late night survival savior.

No, it's not all fast food (and you should know, there are some veggie items to select), but it does get to you in a hurry. Food, drinks, drug store and health items are all available to order online or by phone at 202.333.FAST.

The September Issue

At 825 pages of incredible fashion and Anna Wintour's unique flair, the Vogue 2008 September issue was the largest of its kind. I remember turning every page in anticipation. The chance to watch a documentary of the making of this masterpiece was equally as exciting - especially as it will not be released (first in New York) until later this week.

Gilt Groupe and local hosts Michelle Jaconi, Darcy Jones, Katie Rost, Tina Sutphen and Elizabeth Thorp (pictured) offered a theater full of invited the guests the opportunity to preview the film and experience the much talked about W Hotel after for a post viewing cocktail reception and recounting of every. single. minute. of The September Issue.
While the film was obviously an effort by Wintour to counter the establishment of her image as set by The Devil Wears Prada, it doesn't actually accomplish its mission. Still seen as harsh and unbending, though slightly more human and accommodating to family, Wintour's reputation as an "icy b*tch" remains intact. Instead, it is Grace Coddington who comes off as the documentary's heroine; an artistic visionary who understands fashion's need to push forward, but lives for the ability to use imagery for emotional storytelling. The act of putting together the issue is fascinating, and commentary from the players involved exceptionally entertaining... however the juxtaposition of the fashion spreads with the drabness of the office which actually produces them was shocking. How could Vogue staffers allow themselves to look so poor on camera??
One is left thinking they must not yet know about Gilt Groupe, a website which provides access (by invitation only) to coveted designer fashion and luxury brands at up to 70% off retail - a sponsor and host o the evening. We had the chance to chat with co-Founder Alexandra Wilkes Wilson about the site, the brands offered and how to shop (our suggestion, make use of the size tabs!) before dashing off to have our own Vogue covershot made (these were given out as party favors).

Interested in Gilt? Click here for an invitation to join. Interested in more about the September Issue? It comes out in theaters August 28th in New York/September 11th in Los Angeles and other cities.

Elle/Louis Vuitton Celebrated at Garden Party

Hosts Jaci and Morris Reid invited a few dozen guests for cocktails and sushi in a celebration of Roberta Myers, Senior Editor in Chief of Elle Magazine, and Heather Vandenberghe, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Louis Vuitton.

The guests of honor were joined in the garden (or backyard) by a choice guestlist of old-guard and newly appointed fashionistas and stylish gentlemen...and those that cover them... including Robin Givhan, Hani and Cheryl Masri, Angela Diba, Mickey Farivar, Lynda Erkiletian, Rachel Cothran, Christopher Reiter, Krista Slafka, and Joshua Beatty. No fanfare of introductions. No obligatory speeches. Just cocktails and conversation amongst the sophisticated set.

The party marks the iconic fashion magazine's entry into the Washington social scene and their partnership with luxury fashion brands sold around the area.

(Images: Above, with Hani & Cheryl Masri. At right, a view of the crowd not on the grass. Bottom left, even Elle EIC, Roberta Myers, couldn't handle her highest heels aerating the grass all night. We were so tempted, too!)

Nick Jonas at the NPC

Singer, songwriter, actor, advocate and teen hearthrob, Nick Jonas, youngest member of the 'Clean Teen Machine' Jonas Brothers spoke at the National Press Club on Monday. We were on hand at the luncheon, packed with far more than the usual share of pre-teen princesses, which was remarkable for several reasons. One, Nick is only 16 years old, the second youngest guest to speak at the Press Club podium. Two, for perhaps the first time (or that we've seen anyway) fruit was served in addition to the famous NPC dessert cake. And third, (the reason for the fruit) the pop star was there to speak not about his musical and entertainment successes, but about his juvenile diabetes -raising awareness for the cause and cure.

Nick was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when only 13 and has already shared the cause with thousands of youth through songs written about his illness ("A Little Bit Longer"), a partnership with Bayer Diabetes Care, and the Jonas Change for the Children Foundation (which received a surprise $100,000 support check from Bayer at the luncheon to complement the half million in funding already secured).

Talking about his illness, Nick said, "It's like something from a movie where you watch the character and you feel bad for him, but you never think that you could be you."

The District Dish: Paul Wharton

Media Personality Paul Wharton joins us on the newest The District Dish webisode. Find out what's up with Paul's contract on the CW, Paul's thoughts on how reality TV is shaping the city, why Paula Dean's cooking class had him chuckling - and more!

A Megatouch Marriage Proposal

Every guy tries to come up with the most creative way to propose. This guy wins for creativity... if not for romance. But, heck! If it works, it works. She said YES!

DC Tech Consultant Patrick Leonard knew his girlfriend Sarah Grossman was addicted to Word Dojo on the popular touchscreen bar game, Megatouch at DC's Townhouse Tavern. He called the makers of the game to ask if they would join him in a memorable proposal and reprogram the game to pop the question in the middle of her round of play.

Watch the video here and see how it happened. Patrick and Sarah, congratulations on your new high score!

Opera in the Outfield

For the second year in Washington, "pre-gaming" for the Opera will involve ballpark concessions, games, and giveaways. That's some open minded opera.

As Neil Alpert explained to us on an earlier webisode of The District Dish, the Washington National Opera (WNO) is bringing back 'Opera in the Outfield' for its second year. The program, a simulcast of the Opera occurring live on stage at the Kennedy Center, will bring close to 25,000 to Nationals ballpark for family fun and operatic fantasy.

On September 12th, opening night of WNO's 54th season, the general public (no reservation's required) is invited to experience 'The Barber of Seville', one of the most popular comedic operas, free on the ballpark scoreboard.

Catch some culture September 12th at 7:00 PM, "pre-game" activities start at 5:30.

Venezuela Re-Takes Miss Universe Crown

SPOILER ALERT: If you Tivo'd the Miss Universe pageant, Miss Venezuela wins again. Her gown was just incredible... and her onstage answer was as well. Incredible in the I-Can't-Believe-She-Just-Answered-That-Way way. I'm not sure she answered the question at all. Good thing we can always blame it on potential translation error.

The top competitors were a mish-mash of countries that were probably as shocked to be in the Top 15 as we were to find them there. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall backstage when the strong (and usually consistent) top contenders were sent packing. Rehashing the results over the phone with one friend, she asked of the Top 5, "Kosovo? I don't think I've heard of that one. Where is Kosovo?" Kosovo, friends, is a landlocked Eastern European country in the Serbian region. This whole exercise takes us back to Lauren Caitlin Upton, Miss SC Teen USA 2007...and we realize she was right! Most Americans don't have maps...

It came down to Venezuela and Dominican Republic, who we thought was winning from the moment she stepped on stage. Gorgeous! Maybe was a bit surprised too, because when she went to crown her successor, that crown dropped right out of her hand and fell SPLAT. No word on if any of the stones were missing... Stefania Fernandez wore it proudly, if unemotionally, for her first walk as Miss Universe.

*I was watching the pageant at a fabulously thought-out party where each viewer took on the role of competitor (complete with sash and title), and our predictions and tabulated scores at the end of the evening resulted in a a winner - and crowning of our own. I was Miss (e)Spain... what happened!?? In the end, it was our own Miss (Mr.) Puerto Rico who predicted the most correctly - and thought Miss Venezuela would take it all!) and was crowned 'Miss Whirled Peas.' Because that's what we pageant girls really all want, whirled peas!

Beckham and Team at L2

Flanked by members of his L.A. Galaxy soccer team, David Beckham went out on the town Saturday night, just as he has for at least the last few years (since Becks joined the team) when coming to town to play D.C. United. In 2007 it was the then-swank nightspot Play that caught their eye. In 2008, a supposed resident-in-the-know suggested they try Georgetown's Smithpoint (no word on if Beckham joined in on that one). And last night, they finally found L2.

But even a lounge tucked away in quaint Cady's Alley couldn't keep the secret for long, with dozens of fans and women with their sights on the soccer stud crowding the front room where the teammates were quietly enjoying cocktails. Two bodyguards kept watch over the room to keep everything kosher. No harassment. No pictures.

They stayed a while after closing time, allowing the common paparazzi to disperse before heading back to their hotel (wherever that is... we're guessing the Ritz on M). L.A. Galaxy played D.C. United in a match that ended in tie earlier Saturday afternoon.
*Image courtesy of UK's DailyMail

Don't Miss This! PINK JAMS!

Dining in DC, Capitol B, City Shop Girl and K Street Kate join with Founder Christa Floresca in announcing the launch of PINK JAMS! PINK JAMS combines promotion of breast cancer awareness with uplifting live music performances in a goal to raise $10,000 for the DC Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in 2010.

On Friday, August 28thth we launch PINK JAMS! at Current Lounge with a pink carpet spectacular. Don't miss it! RSVP here.

'GO-GO' Gets a STOP Sign

Congratulations to Chuck Brown, Godfather of Go-Go and perhaps the District's most well-known homegrown musical celebrity-about-town. (Seriously... if you've ever walked around with this guy, he gets mobbed for autographs and happily signs them all!)

On Saturday afternoon, in a celebration complete with MOON BOUNCE, Mr. Brown got his own boulevard... well, street... named after him at 7th and T NW. The street festival was then followed up by a concert with Chuck at the 9:30 Club.

Naked Nibbles Recap

Friday night at Current Lounge... Naked Sushi!

We made it through the crowd just in time to see sushi chef Niki Shimasaki put the finishing touches on this body of edible art while onlookers started diving in for the first tastes.

Who knows how she managed to stay still for so long - especially when pranksters in the audience started to tickle her feet!

What Happens in Arlington...Goes to Vegas!

Here at K Street Kate we're getting ready for one of our favorite events of the year, USO Casino Night! We've been involved in this great night to benefit the programs of USO-Metro and its services to support local active duty military and their families for years and are excited to re-join them on September 25th at the Sheraton National Hotel for the 6th annual Casino Night.

This year, join host John Riggins, former Redskins running back, 2006 World Series of Poker Finalist Rhett Butler, our favorite "Bachelor" LCDR Andy Baldwin and myself as we try our luck at roulette, blackjack and poker. $150 gets you entry and $1,000 in free game chips. The night's overall winner leaves with a trip to Vegas to woo Lady Luck again!
My favorite part of the evening is meeting soldiers from Walter Reed and kicking their butts at the card table! See here for more information.
*Image above, with Tara Wheeler, Miss Virginia 2008 and LDCR Andy Baldwin at last year's event.

What would you do with the Hope Diamond...

It's been 50 years since Harry Winston donated the Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian Institution. And now, he's taking it back! Why? To commemorate the occasion (and to allow for some new forensic tests) the diamond is being re-set. And who gets to decide on the setting? YOU!

For the first time ever, the diamond will be displayed sans setting while Harry Winston resets the stone in one of three new options. Vote here.

But make your plans to get in to the Natural History museum soon, because this sparkly switch is only for a short time. The diamond will be returned to its original setting after a limited viewing.
We guess History trumps Harry.

The District Dish: Trapeze School New York/DC

We're on a high here in the District. Maybe because we're enjoying these last weeks of summer.. or because we've finally got ourselves some flying lessons!

On the newest webisode of The District Dish, Rig Manager Scout Day (that name may be more complicated than learning how to fly!) tells us all about how the trapeze school came to be right in the middle of City Center DC. Ebong tells us he almost crashed his car watching the action!

The buzz has grown so much we hear the lessons are already selling out, so watch quickly and then give them a call!


A quick congrats to The Fab Empire, a blog we enjoy - celebrating its second anniversary tonight at The Park at Fourteenth. Success is sweet and you are sweeter, Fab... now go party with everyone who parties with you!

Reminder: Don't Miss DSS!!

Don't forget!!! Only a few VIP tickets remain and general admission are also selling fast. Tell them you heard about it from K Street Kate :)

Do You Dig Diamonds?

Can you dig it? Mervis Diamond Importers is planning a major dig... and what you mine, you keep!

Sixty diamonds of various sizes and shapes will be buried in a massive sandbox in the parking lot next to Mervis Diamond Importers. Once every hour for five hours from 10 AM - 5 PM on Friday, August 28th, a new set of diggers will have the chance to sift through the dirt for the chance to find one of 60 stones. You could walk away with a piece of the $15,000 in diamonds buried in the sand!

To be selected as a digger, register here - and be sure to tell them you heard about it from K Street Kate! Five additional diggers will be chosen at random from the crowd at the event.
*UPDATE! Diggers have been added - now 100 diggers will dig for 100 diamonds. Good luck!

Good luck at the big dig!

Fall Intern Wanted!

It's that time again, K Street Kate and The District Dish are looking for an exceptional intern. If you are a student looking for credit in journalism/communications, or perhaps just interested in learning about new media, consider applying for an internship with K Street Kate, and its online talk show production, The District Dish.

Learn about personal branding, blogging, website design, booking guests for interview appearances, and so much more. The ideal candidate will have some experience with new media and a passion for the in's and out's of DC.

To apply, send a resume and cover letter detailing why you are interested in the internship to Finalists will be notified by e-mail. Internship starts September 7.

Impact. Make One.

I know we all like to have fun - and we certainly do! - but let's do something important together as well, like help stop breast cancer. I am putting together a K Street Kate team to walk in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure next Summer, and though I know it's tough to make a commitment so far in advance, I hope you will join me.

Yes, we're a little early, so why now? A note from a good friend who found out she was diagnosed today is one good reason, but there are so many others.

More than 50,000 people will all gather on the National Mall on June 5th to take a stand in this global movement to end breast cancer forever. Because of the cause's commitment to keep most of the funds raised locally in the area, I renewed my commitment to serve on the Global Board of Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Please join me and K Street Kate as we represent this commitment and help to make a difference. I have had several friends diagosed with breast cancer this year. I know you know someone touched by this as well.

We're getting a very early start, but hope you'll come on board. With your help, there's no limit on how much we can raise and the impact we can make.

Let's get started today. To register, go to Or if you are unable to walk or run with us on the Mall on race day, please consider registering to Sleep In for the Cure. Or simply show your support by making a tax deductible donation. Find our team web page at this site.

Thanks for making an impact.

Face of America: Glacier National Park on LTL

On Let's Talk Live I had the chance to speak with Wolftrap Center for the Performing Arts President and CEO, Terre Jones, about the National Park's newest showcase: Face of America: Glacier National Park.

This is the sixth in the FoA series, focusing on a different national park in a unique and artistic way... Wolftrap is a performing arts park, so live musical and dance performances accompany majestic images of the park's great outdoors.

The newest Face of America begins today... so take advantage of travelling only 45 minutes to see the wonders across the continent.

You Have to See This!

20th Anniversary of the Jello Jiggler. How do you jiggle yours? And how did I keep from cracking up at the jiggle jokes??

The District Dish: Jane Stanton Hitchcock

What does a murderer look like? Could s/he be one ofus, passing us on the streets of Georgetown, attending our social functions, or even (gasp!) dating us or our friends??? New York Times Bestselling Author Jane Stanton Hitchcock keeps us in steady anticipation with her newest thriller set in Georgetown, "Mortal Friends", and tells us all about how she came up with the idea and the characters on the newest webisode of The District Dish!

Tuna Rolls on the Torso

Japan claims to have popularized "Naked Sushi", or Nyataimori, the art of sushi on a woman's body, but we're pretty sure we saw it first on an episode of Sex and the City. Nevertheless, this is the ultimate dinner theater.

K Street Kate sponsor, Current Lounge, is featuring some "Naked" nosh this week, and it's a
sushi show you won't want to miss. Legendary sushi chef Niki Shimasaki (Dragonfly) will be presenting beautifully sushi artistry - or naked nibbles - in two showings on Friday, August 21st... at 11:30 PM and midnight.

To rsvp or for table reservations, click here.

Fashion for a Cause

Saturday night at the Westin - Arlington Gateway, guests gathered to experience Pakistani fashion and fund raise to help the plight of Pakistani IDP's (Internally Displaced Persons). Short speeches by Dr. Nasim Ashraf, Executive Director of the Center for Pakistan Studies at the Middle East Institute, Congressman John Moody, Chairman of the American Fund for Human Development (the night's beneficiary), myself and Pakistani designer Deepak Perwani were followed by a one-of-a-kind auction and cultural fashion show.

See portions of Perwani's fashions above on KSKTV.

By George!

After a successful soft opening Thursday night, George opened in full force Friday. Mystery surrounding the new hotspot, matched by interest in the partnership of Reed Landry and Hunter Campbell (of Late Night Shots) with lounge veteran David Chung (K Street), resulted in a velvet rope mob extending almost to the doors of Milano from the adjacent courtyard. Were you on the list?

Once inside, the old Georgetown Billiards space was decidedly less 'K Street crowd' and more Georgetown preppy chic, seemingly imported directly from a popular watering hole up the street that the Bush twins used to frequent.
What to expect: A dark, loud, large L-shaped bar with prominent tv screens and all of your favorite beer and cocktail offerings.

Why you'll happily go back: "You want to go where people know [you and the people are] all the same. You want to go where everybody knows your name..." until those signature RBVs make you forget your own name!

Why you'll hesitate: Poor acoustics will make it hard to enjoy your happy hour, or too difficult to approach that target on your 'hunting range.' Or, you've graduated from that scene... enough said.

"We want George to be a place that people are comfortable walking into alone, knowing that they will be surrounded by familiar faces," Landry told us. And that's bound to happen, since only those on the list will be able to enter. (George is list-only Thurs, Fri and Sat from 10-3.) Open happy hours with light fare on Thurs and Fri from 6-9 allow the general public to see what they're missing.


Happy Birthday to the Rock and Roll Hotel, which turns three this weekend with a blowout bar spectacular and some of the area's hottest DJs and live entertainment including local bands Jukebox the Ghost, Title Tracks, Tereu Tereu, and Bellman Barker.

$14 at the door will gain you admission August 14-16... Sunday is also the start of DC Beer Week, where $20 will buy you 4 oz sample pours of rare craft beers.

Put another dime in the jukebox baby. We love Rock and Roll!

DC Beer Week

We celebrate our charities, our style and our restaurants - everything that's special about our city. Now we celebrate what's in our mug. For the first time, DC is organizing an official Beer Week.

Sunday through August 21st, try out some new beers and sample brew with food pairings. You'll get discounts all over town including Brasserie Beck, Cafe St. Ex, Marvin, and Palace of Wonders. And Friday, for a special treat, the Nationals take on the Milwaukee Brewers! 25% off tickets to the game in select areas (enter promo code "BEER" to receive discount) and microbrews specials around the park.

Conspicuously absent from the brew bash is our only beer made locally in town (Silver Spring), Hook and Ladder... but you will have the chance to enjoy Abita, Rogue, Victory, Chimay and so many others. Delish! Find out more about DC Beer Week here.

"Say Something Strong" on Stage

Joey DeGraw, older brother of platinum recording artist Gavin DeGraw, brings his unmistakable sound, honest and witty lyrics and sharp outlook on life to the stage of the Hard Rock Cafe for a live concert on August 20th at 8 PM.

Just days earlier (August 18th), his newest album release "Say Something Strong" will have dropped. Be the first to hear the new tunes from this independent rocker/songwriter who has collaborated with Joss Stone, Leslie West, Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors, and of course, his famous little bro.

Splash Hits

Coming to a poolside near you (the Capitol Skyline Hotel) this summer: swimming and a movie! Spike Mendelsohn, of Good Stuff Eatery and Top Chef fame, presents a Sunday night swim'n'see film series dubbed "Spike'd Cinema."

For only $10 all day - which includes 1 free burger before 4 PM - screen movies under the stars after enjoying the sunny day. Pool opens at noon, funny flicks begin at 8:15. Here's your line-up:

August 16: Anchorman
August 23: Office Space
August 30: Old School

*Capitol Skyline Pool image courtesy of

Storytime: Saving Sweetness

Forgive me for the following rant/storytime. Though an unusual post for KSK, I hope it at least brings you some amusement and gives you a great bodyshop referral!

DMV does not mean District/Maryland/Virginia. It means the Department of Motor Vehicles. That dreaded spot that no one wants to visit because the wait times are always atrocious, you discover fines and fees you never knew you had, and let's face it... the place is confusing! I've been spending a lot of time there lately. I'm only telling you this so YOU can avoid it. I shouldn't tell you. I would have loved sane company...

And now for storytime.

The backdrop: Sweetness is Kate's 1997 Honda Civic. My first and only car. I love her, but she's getting old. Nevermind that she has well over 115,000 miles. Nevermind that she's a Honda and should therefore last forever. I've been driving her with a faulty transmission, a broken left axle, and some brake issues for about two years now. Bad Mommy.

The bad news: All was going along fine until it came time to renew my registration. I'll skip the part about renewing the parking and tags - suffice to say registration is now done exclusively on line and you must check the address on record to make sure your registration is sent to you (and not a previous address) or you will spend hours correcting this minor error. And yes, a move means a new license or ID card. Get ready to cough up $49 bucks. So registration in hand, I trek out to Half St. SE to wait in line with 200 of my closest friends who also all waited to renew their inspection on the hottest day of the year. I'll fast forward a bit on this one, too, because you remember... transmission, axle, brakes, etc. Sweetness failed.

The begging: Someone could have told me not to visit the Honda dealership for repairs! $100 for a "diagnostic" later, I was looking into the Cash for Clunkers program (Sweetness didn't qualify!) and wondering if the poor girl was at least worth anything for parts. Friends directed me to a second shop, in a somewhat sketch part of town, but I was willing to do (almost) anything to save my baby. No go. The quote was on par with the dealership... and I was back to huffin' and puffin' and using the metro. Is the third try the charm?

The break: We convinced WagonWork, a bodyshop off Route 1 which usually deals in vehicles of the much more expensive variety to take a look at my ailing auto. Iwould say they either felt really sorry for me or someone slipped them a tip in the back room, but that would downplay their professionalism. They wanted to keep Sweetness out of the junkyard, too. They took on the job!

The finished business: Whatever miracles they performed, WagonWork fully repaired Sweetness and gave her new life with a new (used) transmission. And they did it all for less than the dealership quoted me for just the transmission! I went to the DMV inspection center yet again today to sit with Sweetness in the hot sun and consider the saga we had just been through together. And since I know you're dying to know - she passed!

Twelve years and counting! Thanks WagonWork!

Summer Sparkles

If you enjoyed the wine at K Street Kate's Third Anniversary party, you know how wonderful Virginia wines can be. We want to again thank Corcoran Vineyards for their generous donation, and let you in on some news.

Just in time for the final dog days of summer - and it sure is getting hot out there! - Corcoran presents its newest... CAVA, a Brut Reserve (or bubbly) sure to make these final summer days sparkle.

Want a taste of more than just what's in your wine glass? Lend a hand! August 27th is Corcoran Bottling day, and K Street Kate readers are invited to join in on this fun (but laborious) experience. To volunteer, e-mail

Baller Behind the Bar!

Beware of the bartender this Thursday night at the Rhino Bar in Georgetown! Allie Long, the Washington Freedom's famed Forward will be behind the bar serving it up in style as a precursor to the team's playoff game Saturday against Sky Blue.

Go Thursday and see for yourself why a professional soccer Forward makes a perfect bartender... she helps you score and takes most of the shots!

*And don't forget your tickets to the match on Saturday.

The Loft Life

The latest in the Michael Romeo Group's string of openings, "Midtown Loft," though it sits above the clubbier second floor Midtown Lounge, seems instead to copy straight from the Georgetown home of one infamous DC bachelor. (Yeah, you know exactly which one we are talking about!) Midtown Loft claims status as DC's first entertainment parlor... but we may have to reserve that distinction for the Dodge Mansion!

What's in Romeo's parlor? Just a 26 foot bar, six 52" plasma screens, a raised platform for live music performances (in fact, a Dewey band (Doug Segree) is coming to play the day after the Loft's Grand Opening), and "parlor games" to include pool, foosball, megatouch and shuffleboard.

Certainly more mellow than Romeo's other offerings (Lotus Lounge, Tattoo, Fur, and the Dirty Martini being built mere steps away), the Loft is like the living room you always wish you had - complete with free beer from 5-6 PM and $5 happy hour cocktails for those of you with a taste less Grolsch and more Gin and Tonic.
The Loft officially opens August 17th.


Tonight we were invited to preview Brightstar, the story of the secret love affair between poet John Keats and the girl next door, Fanny Brawn. They were an unlikely pair, but the affair grew with unstoppable momentum...

- There is a review embargo on this film until opening. -

Brightstar will be opening in DC theatres on September 25th.

The District Dish: LDC

Hundreds of ladies already know about LDC, Ladies Dinner Club, or Ladies DC as it has come to be known. We love this listserv for its excellent recommendations and referrals, but forming a sisterly bond here in the city is equally as important.

On the newest webisode of The District Dish, we talk with LDC Founder, Lindsay Mask., She explains the origins of the club, how the group has grown, and how they fit 500 or so women around the dinner table!

Check it out at And follow us on twitter @thedistrictdish

There S/He Is...

We learned more Saturday night about being a "woman" than we ever anticipated. Who knew it was so hard to be one of us!?

Saturday was the Miss Gay DC Pageant, and a homecoming for Victoria DePaula, Miss Gay DC 2009 who went on to be the first Miss Gay America from the District of Columbia, The pageant resembled Miss America in several ways, and in many other ways... it did not. We were honored to have been asked to judge and share our own Miss America experience.

Miss Gay DC is a competition in the art of female impersonation. Straight males are also invited to participate, but only males may enter. The interview portion of the pageant is completed in male dress and with a male personality. But then the on-stage performances begin! Each contestant performs a solo talent, a larger talent that can include accompanying dancers, etc., an evening gown and on-stage question performance (no, no swimsuit). To give the contestants time to change, various other solo acts take the stage in drag, collecting tips for their performances. (I had no idea to expect this - and had to escape to the bar between songs to exchange for one dollar bills!)
At the end of the evening, a very talented Jessica Jade (or Billy Wilson) was crowned Miss Gay DC 2010 by both Victoria DePaula and our reigning Miss DC, Jennifer Corey. S/he goes on to compete for the Miss Gay America title in St. Louis, MO in November.
Get it, girl!

Saloon Standoff

BlackFinn American Saloon was first opened in New York City in 1994. If you're like me, you're thinking.. Saloon? New York City? Does this remind you of the Pace Picante commerical?? Well, BlackFinn's owners have decided to grace our more southern city with their "New York style saloon experience," which will be opening shortly at 1620 I Street NW.

Check out the website - it's minimal currently, but does have some imported pics from New York - and claim your free tickets to the upcoming opening. Until this point, our favorite saloon on I Street had been the Bottom Line... so if the bar was at the bottom, bottom's up!

DC Attractions - The Don't Miss List

Vacation or staycation...whether you are coming in from out of town or acting as a tourist in your own city, the many sights of the nation's capital are not to be missed! Here's your guide to the sights and their schedules. Plan well so you can see them all this summer!

White House & White House Visitor's Center:
DC's most famous address, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The White House is open for tours, but you'll need to make reservations six months in advance with your Congressman or Senator's office. Even if you don't make it into the East Wing, you can see just as much about the White House's architecture, furnishings, first families, social events, and relations with the press and world leaders - as well as a great thirty minute video - at the White House Visitor's Center. Located at the SE corner of 15 and E Street NW in the Department of Commerce Building, this facility is open daily, seven days weekly, from 7:30 Am - 4 PM.

Library of Congress:
How could we possibly fit all the nation's books and copywritten material under one roof? Actually, the Library of Congress is three! But the most public of these buildings is the Thomas Jefferson Building, located to the east of the Capitol and to the south of the Supreme Court on 1st Street SE. Tours are held at 10:30, 11:30, 1:30, 2:30, and 3:30 Monday to Friday. Saturday tours run at 10:30, 11:30, 1:30 and 2:30. (Closed on all Federal Holidays) Reservations for these tours can also be made through a Congressional office, which we strongly suggest. Don't miss this one... for its walls of inspirational quotes and excellent gift shop!

Supreme Court:
The highest court in the land... hear the arguments inside, or join the protesters outside! The Supreme Court, once found within the Capitol Building, is now located on 1st Street NE, directly to the east of the Capitol. There are lectures in the courtroom, every weekday that the court is not sitting, every hour on the half hour from 9:30 - 3:30, and the building itself is open from 9:00 - 4:30 M-F. (Closed on all Federal Holidays) You can call 202.479.3211 to check to see if the court will be sitting during your visit. Reserved tour passes can be obtained by contacting your Congressional office, or if you are interested in attending an oral argument, visit the website for instructions on how to gain admission.

Bureau of Printing and Engraving:
Everyone wants to see where the money is made, and admission is free, though tickets are required. Get them on a first come, first serve basis at the ticket booth located on Raoul Wallenberg Place (formerly 15th Street). This booth opens at 8:00 AM and closes when all same day tickets have been distributed, usually by 8:30, and in summer's peak season, maybe earlier. We've seen the line start at 5:30 in the morning! Tours are given every 15 minutes M-F from 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM with breaks. Kudos to you if you can avoid leaving this popular tourist destination with some shredded currency... we suggest sheets of $2 bills as a more fitting souvenir of this memorable tour experience.

National Archives:
Always a popular destination if only to see the nation's founding documents, the Archives has become even more of a must-see after the release of the major motion picture, National Treasure. Want to get in to see if you can crack a hidden puzzle found in the letters of the Constitution? The Archives are located at the corner of Constitution and 9th Street and offer guided tours M-F. If you want to go in and look around by yourself, the building is open Monday - Saturday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Last admission is 30 minutes prior to closing, but we recommend giving yourself at least 90 minutes to go through the exhibits. Reservations are not required, but are encouraged... get them by e-mailing

Arlington National Cemetery:
Four million people visit these headstones of history annually, whether to honor our war heroes or to see the many attractions within, including the mast of the U.S.S. Maine, Kennedy's grave site and eternal flame, Arlington Mansion (otherwise known as Lee's home, though it actually belonged to the family of his wife), and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - be sure to see the changing of the guards! Arlington Cemetery is open every day.

All the culture you can crave! The Smithsonian is the world's largest museum complex, offering FREE admission to a variety of exhibits from 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM daily, except for Christmas Day. See the Hope Diamond at the Museum of Natural History, the Enola Gay at the Air & Space Museum, Old Glory (the flag that inspired the Star Spangled Banner) at the American History Museum...and so much more! All info on permanent and travelling exhibits can be found at the Smithsonian Castle - the original Smithsonian building. You've seen 'Night at the Museum', now spend a day there... or several!

Spy Museum:
Gather your own intelligence at this museum dedicated to espionage. It contains the largest collection of spy-related artifacts ever on public display, and is a clear favorite among the museums in the city. Open everyday except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day, tickets are required, with costs variable depending on the tour. Adult general admission is $18. Last admission is two hours prior to closing, which makes sense as we expect it takes about two hours (or more!) to fully review the exhibits, which feature stories of real spies. Learn about who created and cracked the earliest codes. Be amazed by double crossed agents and celebrity spies. And see some of the most interesting tools of the trade.

Ford's Theatre:
The Lincoln Theatre and the house where Lincoln died (across the street) are open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day except Christmas day. They are located on 10th Street between E and F Streets, within walking distance of both the "Metro Center" and "Gallery Place" metro stops. Fifteen minute historical talks are presented at the theatre at fifteen past the hour (except for a break between 12:00 and 2:00). The public can tour the theatre and museum at their leisure after entering with (free) timed tickets available here. Tickets for performance events at the theatre are also available here.

Mount Vernon:
Open every day of the year 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, George Washington's home is the most popular historic estate in America. Located 16 miles south of Washington DC on the banks of the Potomac River, it is a perfect day trip. Visitors can tour the main house and outbuildings - slave quarters, kitchen, stables, greenhouses and gardens and see George and Martha's final resting place. Attractions and special events are offered throughout the year, but even on a regular day Mount Vernon offers enough activity to fill a full one - or plan a return trip!

Holocaust Museum:
Saddening, yet important, the Holocaust Museum provides a narrative history through artifacts, film footage and eyewitness testimony. Open from 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM everyday including weekends (closed only on Yom Kippur and Christmas Day. Passes for visiting the permanent exhibition are required for entry, but are free, and are distributed on a first come, first serve basis on the day of your visit. If you would like to get them in advance, passes can be obtained from for a small service charge - which we think is well worth it! Most first time visitors to the Holocaust Museum spend an average of 2-3 hours on a self-guided tour of the exhibitions, so allow plenty of time to see and be moved. The 'shoe room' is particularly powerful. *We recommend this museum for ages 11 and older.

National Zoo:
Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! A part of the Smithsonian, admission to the National Zoo is free. Pandas seem to be everyone's favorite... unless the monkeys are out and feeling playful.

Don't forget to see all of the monuments along the mall and tidal basin. No need to bore you with details of the most popular: Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial... but don't forget about some of those off the beaten path as well. Some of our favorites include the FDR Memorial (on Ohio Dr. SW), the DC War Memorial (west of 17th St. and Independence Ave. SW) commemorating the 26,000 citizens of Washington, DC who served in World War I, the recently finished Pentagon Memorial at 1-395 and Boundary Channel Drive recognizing the 184 lives lost in the Pentagon and on American Airlines Flight 77 on September 11th.

Even this list doesn't exhaust all that is to experience in the District of Columbia. Perhaps you'll happen upon the Marine Barracks Parade at 8th and I Streets SW, or the oldest outdoor farmers market at Eastern Market, or take a leisurely stroll in Rock Creek Park. However you spend your days, this city is full of sights, events and attractions not to be missed.

DC is truly a destination of culture.

Bringing Sand to the Beach

Thursday night at L2, Luke's Wings and friends (myself included) hosted a tribute to an endless summer of sun, fun and fit bikini bodies. Well, at least some of us got into the spirit and dressed the part!
Whether you watched classic beach flicks, tested out the surf simulator (it was HARD!), earned shots dipping under the limbo bar, or hula hooped your way through the crowd, this beach bash was one for the record books! And I'm proud to say that strutting around in my swimwear and dashing around for donations - there were about ten of us entered in the best beachwear contest - helped Luke's Wings to raise an unconfirmed $2,000 or so. And it earned me $500 to Bloomingdale's!! Thanks to all who pitched in that $5 vote to make me the beachwear winner!
I may not have conquered the Big Kahuna on a simulation surf board, but we all made a splash - and had a blast on the "beach" supporting our wounded soldiers. For more pictures from the event, check out the website of the fab photog Michael Domingo who also captured those pictured here.

Krimson by Kwame

Tonight at K Street Lounge, Kwame Jackson showcased his latest styles in the Krimson by Kwame necktie collection. You may remember him from his fame on The Apprentice, but Kwame wasn't about to let his star shine bright for only 15 minutes or so (ok, it was much longer than that!). Ask him how he feels about Bill (the Apprentice winner) having another reality show with new wife Giuliana, and he'll say, "Good for him. But good for me, too. I've got a major chain carrying my collection."

And that he does. Kwame's ties are selling in Macy's nationwide (even New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was wearing one last week), and he is poised to further develop a men's fashionwear label with strong backing... Backing that even explains the name Kwame chose for his line: Krimson.
The majority of the attendees at the K Street event were members of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, colors Crimson and Creme, who were taught as brothers the value of entrepreneurship, and to develop as leaders in the arts, athletics, business and civil rights. To give back to the brotherhood that has given him so much, Kwame donated a percentage of the sales of Krimson by Kwame ties from the event, and indeed, all week long, as Kappa Alpha Psi events will be held all week in DC, for their annual convention.
Look for more Krimson by Kwame ties to come - and Kwame to spend more time in DC as he further develops the line and other promotions.

The District Dish: Mark Ein

On the newest webisode, Mark Ein talks to us about owning the city's only championship sports team (though we filmed well in advance of that feat), why he chose Serena Williams to add to the Kastles team, and a wealth of philanthropy work that Mark does on his own time and in conjunction with his many business endeavors.

This one is quite a treat! Enjoy!

On the Boardwalk: DC's Local Beach Reviews

One of the best things about DC is its close proximity to... everything! Even if, like us, you didn't (or won't) get to take that big summer vacation, you can still get to a great beach for some sun and sand in just a few hours. To help you know how to make the most of a 2/3 day getaway, we took an expeditious expedition to research some of our local beaches in DE/MD and brought back the goods (and not so goods) on how you can take advantage!

The quick and dirty on your four options:

Rehoboth Beach, DE
This beach gets a lot of slack from DC locals about the types of people who frequent, but what we noticed were families in full force! Hotels seem to be touristy, so most regulars rent, which also means they're staying a week or more. If you're short-term, it will be hard to find parking. The Rehoboth Commerce Department pushes an $8.00 parking permit for the side streets, but after lugging all of your gear from your car through the city, you'll see that it's easier to just feed the meter every 2/3 hours (yes, I said it!). Take cash as most beach shops here don't accept credit cards... but you'll spend it all at Dolle's Salt Water Taffy - that place is so good! If you want a real meal, we suggest the Blue Moon.

Dewey Beach, DE
If you are over 30, or out of your binge drinking days, you might skip Dewey. This place is less about the beach and more for the bar scene. But if you do decide to brave the 20-somethings, or you are one...the town is full of favorites, especially for live music, including the Starboard (great for Bloody Mary's), Rusty Rudder (see Burnt Sienna!), and Bottle & Cork. The hotel options are slim, but we got lucky at the Atlantic Oceanside Hotel (which has fridges, microwaves, etc. if you're on a budget bender).

Ocean City, MD
The most commercialized of the local beaches, the crowds are vastly different here... maybe that's what happens when you cross into Maryland?? But we must say the beaches were beautifully maintained, and since Ocean City is a barrier island, we enjoyed the best of both worlds - beach on one side, bay on the other. Other than the touristy traps (that can be fun if you haven't experienced them!) like Ripley's Believe It or Not and shopping at the Outlets or on the famous Boardwalk, the main attraction here is Seacrets . Also worth checking out... nine miles away are Assateague's Wild Ponies.

Bethany Beach, DE
Our favorite of the beach towns, Bethany used to to be known for quiet resorts. This isn't quite so true anymore due to increased development. Now everyone rents private beach homes for week stays... though there are other slim options. If you want some serious luxury, check out the Addy Sea B & B - we loved this Victorian style bed and breakfast with all the amenities you could ask for and a private path to the sea!! The best thing about Bethany is that there is ROOM to enjoy the beautiful beach, but don't miss some great spots in town as well. Everyone told us to visit Frog House Family Restaurant - and breakfast there was pretty good - but we also happened upon Patsy's, a Key West style restaurant that we highly recommend!

Now you know... and you're ready to go! Some general things you should also keep in mind:
The local area beaches are equally as famous for dolphin sightings (yay!) as jellyfish (boo!). Stake claim to your spot first thing in the morning - these beaches get crowded early and everyone leaves their chairs/towels while tooling around the city during the day. And while we love our own recommendations, try new things... and tell us all about them!

It's Better on Top...

...that's what they say to get you to take a look at the Georgian, a newly renovated apartment complex in Silver Spring, MD.

The 800 room (from studios to two bedrooms) complex features re-done abodes with finely finished common areas and an array of enticing amenities. What enticed us to take a look? The re-grand opening celebration boasted a radiant rooftop soiree with sounds by good friend DJ Seyhan and spectacular views. Well, the view doesn't quite extend to the Capitol, but we did get an eyeful! Two sushi models were hired for the event, which made even those (like me!) who wondered if the Georgian in Silver Spring could make suburbia sophisticated feel like we were experiencing some urban chic.

Look for my interview with the Georgian's ownership coming up soon on Let's Talk Live.

Endless Summer Beach Bash

Join us Thursday night at L2 for the Endless Summer Beach Bash. This is your one and only chance to wear those flipflops and board shorts...and still pass through the L2 velvet rope!

Test your balance and board skills with a surf simulator, listen to beach tunes, enjoy little umbrellas in your drinks, and check out hot bikini bodies (beach attire is strongly suggested, skimpy swimwear is optional) while donating to Luke's Wings charity.

We'll be on hand to help select the best dressed - who will win a $500 gift certificate to Bloomingdale's (courtesy of the Lazarus Foundation) to take advantage of those "endless summer" sales and more!

Donations suggested for entry - come early to guarantee space available! Doors open at 8 PM.

The District Dish: Luke's Wings

On the newest webisode of The District Dish, charity co-Founder Fletcher Gill tells us more about the budding organization Luke's Wings. This cause provides transportation and assistance to loved ones of wounded service members to aid in their mental and physical healing.

Why do soldiers need to see people other than those immediate family members the government flies to see them? How can YOU help a soldier? And... who is Luke?? Find out on the newest webisode!

Art & Awards

Washingtonians seeking some education and entertainment...

Want to see how the Oscar trophy has changed over time? An exhibit showcasing Katharine Hepburn's record four Best Actress Emmy Awards goes on display at the National Portrait Gallery today, giving you a unique and close-up look at the Oscar and how it changed over the years.

The Oscars will be on view on the third floor of the National Portrait Gallery as a part of the permanent exhibition "Twentieth-Century Americans" (next to Hepburn's 1982 portrait by Everett Raymond Kinstler).

Now that's award winning art!

*The Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery tells about Americans in history who have shaped its culture. It is part of the Donald W. Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture located at 8th and F Streets NW.

DSS is Here Again!

Before you know it, the District Sample Sale is back! SO before you know it, tickets go on sale today!! At 10:00 AM!! (We'll admit, it snuck up on us, too.)

Held again this year at 3336 M Street NW in Georgetown, the seventh annual DSS will be packed with fabulous shopping. Get your hands on items from Washington's top boutiques at up to 90% off! And of course there will be cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, the silent auction and that infamous VIP goodie bag. Tickets sell at three levels - and VIP ($100) always sells out almost immediately (We mean, like, in the first days!), so get them now! General admission tix go on sale Thursday... when purchasing your tix, please use the drop down menu to tell them you heard about it from us - indicate "Haute Committee Referral", then type in K Street Kate!

This year's DSS chosen charity is Rachel's Women's Center which provides shelter and empowerment counseling to area females in need.

We'll see you at the shopping!

Tennis LOVE

Washington, DC showed some LOVE to professional tennis tonight at the Legg Mason Tennis Players Party at L2 Lounge in Georgetown. Hosted by Mayor Adrian Fenty, the Puerto Rican Tourism Company, and Rums of Puerto Rico... with fantastic food from On The Fly... the party boasted some high profile players from the Legg Mason Tennis Classic, including a TALL (6'10") Ivo Karlovic and several local VIPS.

While the anticipation of great tennis was the main highlight of the event, guests enjoyed experimenting with the many rums of Puerto Rico, the main attraction at the bar. Our pick: Bacardi Coconut and Coke. Try it out - it won't improve your backhand, but it'll help you with a baseline rally!

For more information on the Legg Mason Tennis Classic, now through August 9th, see here.
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