Tonight we also stopped by Georgetown's Four Season's Hotel to congratulate United Cerebral Palsy (remember those famous broadcast telethons?) on 60 years of assistance and advocacy to help those with cerebral palsy, and in fact any disability, to be an integral part of society.

Terry Moran of ABC New's "Nightlines" served as Master of Ceremonies for the evening of 'Toasts, Tastes and Testimonials,' with Emmy-nominated actress Cheryl Hines (who hasn't seen her on Curb Your Enthusiasm?!) presenting awards to deserving honorees who have help those with disabilities to come so far.

Getting It Off Their Chests

Getting it off your chest means something special to a breast cancer survivor. Today at the Hard Rock Cafe, a symposium of survivors, researchers and performers got some things off their chests and proposed some creative ways that we should go about handling the growing problem of breast cancer and how to fund research to combat it. This PINKtober event, partly organized by the Holster Project, supported the mission of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Special guest Melissa Etheridge shared her experiences as a breast cancer survivor - and extraordinary artist activist. The video above features a special sneak preview of a song on her newest album. When she gets the right key... she really gets it right.

Luck of the Irish... U2?

Tens of thousands (over 80,000 actually)slammed the stadium at FedEx field Tuesday night to sing along with their favorite Irishman and his band of brethren, also known as the rockstars of the band U2.

I was lucky enough to score an invitation to the event through none other than Bono's 1st cousin himself (Simon, not pictured), who brought along some Irish pals and other friends to hear the remarkable stage performances and get a chance to meet the politically active singer/songwriter in person in a brief presentation of the ONE campaign before the concert began.

U2's popularity filled the stadium and brought to the arena such notables as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senator Pat Leahy. Others were mentioned from the stage in Bono's overly nonpartisan way -Eunice Shriver, Tom Daschle, George W. Bush... Songs selected (22) included many from the newest album as well as many old favorites. Our favorite? "With Or Without You." A classic!
A snippet from Bono's speech before the concert:

The District Dish: Department of Employment Services

Today's new episode of The District Dish, at the new The Reserve resto and lounge on L Street NW, features the Director of the Department of Employment Services (DOES) Joe Walsh discussing some of the District's efforts at finding meaningful employment for District residents.

Did you know that the District has its own version of the Department of Labor that not only hands out unemployment checks, but also helps match residents to training opportunities? Do you know where to find employment sectors with current hot job hook-ups? Want to know if you can benefit?

Find out about all this and more.

Shout Out!

Thanks to WUSA9's Angie Goff for giving us a shout out on air this AM (9:20) for our work at the National Book Festival last weekend. If you missed our coverage of the annual fest of words and wisdom, see here.

Greening Up with the Jones's

The DC area has something new to boast about. We've got the Real Housewives of DC filming here now, Cavalia likes us so much they have extended their show for a few extra weeks, and now...we're opening the 1st carbon neutral house on the East Coast, right here in McLean!

The Green House, as it has been so aptly named, uses 70-80% less energy per square foot than a comparable new home. Geothermal heating and cooling, solar hot water systems, electricity gnerated on site, LED lighting, and rain-water capture are just some of the many ways this house helps its inhabitants to minimize their carbon footprint. Bet the neighbors can't beat that!

You can check it out on October 14th when Charity Works Young Benefactors Soiree (Hosted by Philippe Cousteau, Sophie Pyle, Piper Gioai, Dabney Doswell and Mark Turner) takes it over for an evening of Red Hot Green and Gorgeousness. Tickets and info here.

Do YOU Hold the Key?

Saks Fifth Avenue Chevy Chase, Suburban Hospital and a hefty host committee Chaired by Amanda Polk and Linda Courie invite you to join us in a special Breast Cancer Awareness Month event.

Haven't heard of Key to the Cure? You will! This is one of the biggest and best pink and pampered events of the month... or year! We're kicking off our Key to the Cure on October 15th at 6 PM. Shop all levels, try on some new styles while you try tastes from local restos, and enter our Key to the Treasure raffle for awesome prizes.

Fearless or Forgettable?

The 'What's Next Awards" celebrates the most fearless styles in the nation. They look for what's pushing the edge..the next BIG thing if you will. So we've excited that James, you'll remember him as my (equally fearless) and fab stylist at PR at Partners is in the running for a WNA!!

His look 'Texture in Motion' is definitely not forgettable... but we need YOU to confirm that. Click here to see the entries and help us secure a win for James!

War of the Wings

Wondering what was the commotion at the corner of Wisconsin and M Streets NW Sunday afternoon? Our boy Tommy McFly was emceeing, so we knew he had to be mixing up something good! Well, it was an old fashioned Battle of the BBQs - pitting two Georgetown eateries against each other to win the annual title of the Best Buffalo Wing (and other varieties).

Proceeds from the "culinary" contest, the Buffalo Battle, between J. Paul's and Old Glory would benefit the DC Firefighters Burn Foundation. But it wasn't just the burn of the "4 Alarm Grill" wings that was to be tested. Chef Tom (Big Wing) Crenshaw of J. Paul's and Chef Richard (The Pit Master) Brooks would gear up for a chow down of their Classic, Jim Beam Red Stag Signature and People's Choice samplings as well.

So, you ask, who won??? J. Paul's took off with the tasty trophy.

Ridin' and Rockin'

'We hang out in the coolest bars, with the VIPs and the fancy cars...'

October 10th is going to be one huge day! After spending the (hopefully!) sunny parts of it out at Merriweather Manor for the Ride to Thrive Polo Classic, we've recently found out that Michael Saylor has chosen that evening to throw his ridiculously righteous Rocktoberfest party.

Two of Dewey's most famous bands (Mr. Greengenes and Burnt Siena) battle it out for supreme 'beasts of the ballroom' status, this year at the Mandarin Oriental.

Last year we went as one part of the Robert Palmer entourage... any ideas for how we should live it up rockstar style this year?

The District Dish: Ride to Thrive

On the newest episode of The District Dish, Warren Capital's Joe Warren joins us to dish about the upcoming Ride to Thrive Polo Classic held October 10th at famed Merriweather Manor in Leesburg, VA. This event of players and polo ponies benefits the Northern Virginia Therapeutic Riding Program, and provides a beautiful afternoon of sporting entertainment - just 20 mins outside of Washington!

Book Fest 2009

Would you believe that as many as 180,000 of us mobbed the National Mall on Saturday? We were unleashing our inner geek - the one that LOVES to READ.

The 2009 National Book Festival is actually an unmatched celebration of literacy. Participants catch the spirit by posing with their favorite storybook characters, hearing readings from preferred authors and poets, learning about literary activities in their home states, and nurturing that lifelong love of the written word.

This year's sampling of authors included some personal favorites: David Baldacci, Judy Blume (signing books at right), Lois Lowry, Paula Deen, James Patterson and Jodi Picoult among so many others.

For the fifth consecutive year, you could find me serving as a Junior League volunteer (we provide hundreds for the annual festival), captaining the Pavilion of States. I look forward every year to sharing my commitment to the community and love of literacy with the masses on the Mall. Next year, you come, too!

Viva la Victory!

Bright lights, blackjack and the ghost of Elvis. Friday night, the Sheraton National transformed into a Vegas gambling gala (though I doubt we'd take as many risks if it hadn't been monopoly money)! Former Redskin John Riggins, professional poker player Rhett Butler, Officer and Gentleman Andy Baldwin, WUSA 9's Angie Goff and beauty Queens from across the area (Misses Maryland, Virginia and DC) joined me and hundreds of guests for a casino night to benefit the USO Metro.

If you were at the blackjack table while I was dealing, thanks for keeping me honest. But honestly... who knew it was so hard to count to 21 when the pressure was on!? We had almost as much of a riot as Texas Hold 'Em, where everyone was trying to glean tips off Rhett so they could challenge him in his next high-stakes World Series show.

Fold 'em or hold 'em... both will help 'em. Monies raised from ticket sales, silent and live auctions, and all those additional chips everyone bought when their bets at roulette when awry, will help the USO to accomplish its mission: to serve those who serve, and their families. They are the first to greet our soldiers returning from overseas; they offer hospital and emergency services, organize job fairs, even provide free tickets to servicemen for cultural events and pastimes. But this is not all. They help our men and women of the armed forces to stand united, knowing we all stand behind them.

A New House of Hope

One of our faves, DC Jazz recording artist Ski Johnson will be performing from his album "New Beginnings" for another new beginning on Tuesday evening. He's set to provide the musical entertianment for the 21st annual Gala of the Children's Inn at NIH.

So what's new?? At this year's Gala, The Children's Inn at NIH will be introducing its longterm patient housing, "The Woodmont House," in response to the growing challenge of treatments requiring longer lengths of stay.

Cokie Roberts and a variety of Congressional spouses host this evening of pediatric philanthropy, inviting guests to join them in their fundraising efforts for the Gala at the still fresh W Hotel. Keynote speakers include Dr. Francis Collins, Director of NIH and the Honorable Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services.

For more info on the Children's Inn, visit here.
(Photo credit: Veronika Lukasova for NIH Magazine, Medline Plus)

Who's the new 'Daddy'?

Well, he did just get married, but Jeff Dufour won't become a new daddy until Monday - when he starts his new job as the editor of the daily e-mail magazine (now in 10 cities!) Today he announced his last day at the Examiner, where he's been the gourmand and the gossip for over three years now. launches in DC later this Fall. Congrats, Jeff!

The District Dish: Blondes Vs. Brunettes

Chair, Ryan Triplette, of the charity flag football game Blondes vs. Brunettes that asks hair hues to face off to score against Alzheimer's disease, joins us on the latest episode of The District Dish. This local battle of the boxed-color-dyes has become a national phenomenon of late, with games spreading across the country, and close to $1 million raised to fund Alzheimer's research.

I'll be cheerleading on November 14th. Find out how you can play, watch, and tackle Alzheimer's yourself!

Something to Talk About

Some are a ham for the theatre (like me!), but others shy away from the performance arts because they aren't sure what to expect - or don't want to spend beaucoup bucks on a show they aren't sure to like. Wouldn't it be great if you could pay for just a portion, a tasting if you will, to see if it speaks to you before going whole hog?!

Welcome to the stage, VelocityDC! Unlike any other dance festival, the Washington Performing Arts Society created VelocityDC to introduce those unfamiliar with modern dance, African, ballet, hip-hop - and everything in between - to DC's best performance companies.

On October 2nd & 3rd at Sidney Harmon Hall (610 F Street NW) just $15 allows you to sample six varieties of artistry in action. Participating companies and artists include: Ron K. Brown & Evidence, the Washington Ballet, City Dance Ensemble, EDGEWORKS Dance Theatre, Gesel Mason, Nejla Yatkin, Edwin Aparicio, Liz Lerman Dance Exchange... and even more taking part in VelocityDC Late Night!

That $15 gets you an experience to remember and reflect upon, as well as talking points for great future cocktail conversation! In fact, stay afterward at the bar to swap impressions, meet some of the dancers, and ask them in person what you want to talk about!

En Greve

If you didn't get your European getaway this summer, you could have pretended that you were in France while in the District this week. That country is known for its strikes - greves - in which workers use a one or two day refusal to work as a method of union demand, must have exported a bit of its social flavor into the DC Dominion on Cabdrivers.

For at least the third time this year, DC taxicabs have gone on strike for reasons we don't fully understand. Last Tuesday, for example, two cab driver unions influenced some 80% of cabs to participate in a strike protest, causing quite a bit of trouble for those looking for overground transportation.

Some reports stated that the DC Council was looking to implement a medallion system (now we've moved from France to NYC). Taxi drivers claim this is a limitation on their freedom to work and costs them more money, but doesn't it also discourage (or disallow) competition from entering an already seemingly saturated market? But more likely, the strikers were still angry over the fare change from zones to meters and the Council's refusal to allow cabs to pick up multiple fares.

"The Preview"

"The Preview" @ The Reserve on L
PGP Group and K Street Kate cordially invite you
to the introduction of
DC's newest chic space for wine lovers, gourmands and trendsetters.
Join us for cocktails, complimentary hors d'oeuvres and a private viewing on
Saturday, September 26th
7-10 PM
The Reserve is located at 1426 L Street NW.
Dinner seating will also be available on this Preview evening. If you would like more information or to see The Reserve's evening menu,
please contact Pergrin.
Dress: Classy Cocktail or Chic

Bibliophiles take over the Mall this Saturday

Let's play a word association. Curl up with a good __________.

Computer? No.
Blackberry? No way.
Cell phone? Not a chance.
Book. Yes! Don't you miss the good old days?

In case you hadn't curled up with one in a while, books still do exist. In fact, several hundred thousand were published just last year in the U.S. alone. And every one of those is catalogued by the Library of Congress.

Our trusty LOC loves books so much it just can't contain them in its three buildings near the Capital, and annually (for the last 8 years) lets them spill out onto the Mall in a celebration of the written word... otherwise known as the National Book Festival. Catch this free, and open to the public, day of literary love this Saturday, September 26th from 10 AM - 5 PM on the National Mall between 7th & 14th Streets NW.

Librarians from all 50 states gather in the Pavillion of States; authors, poets and illustrators will be reading or showcasing their works; kids can meet their favorite storybook characters in the PBS tent; and such famed writers as Judy Blume, John Irving, John Grisham, Gwen Ifill, Walter Mosley, and David Baldacci will be autographing.
An event not to be missed by bibliophiles... or anyone bored on a Saturday. Rain or shine, so hope for a reading rainbow.

Saluting Our Soldiers

I've just returned from a very rough, yet rewarding, USO "handshake" visit at Walter Reed. Every time I visit our solidiers who are recovering there, I am amazed that despite their sad stories, their smiles and good spirits are ever-present... in fact, so many of them are eager to get back out there and do it all again for us. It takes a special person to do that.

On this visit, my friend Rhett Butler (World Series of Poker 5th Place Finisher, 2006) and I met many special people, but I can't help but share one inspirational hero in particular. Just one hour, one hour, after our visit, this young man, Jeff, would be facing surgury to amputate his second ankle. Hit by an IED in Iraq, his right ankle couldn't be saved by doctors in Germany, and despite everyone's best efforts, he understands that his future mobility and health will be best served by removing the left one as well.

And just one hour before going in to face the operating table, he sat with us - all smiles and sharing stories - thanking us for visiting him... when it is all of us who have him, and so many servicemen and women like him, to thank instead.

Jeff, you are my hero.

Unwrapping the FREEBURGER

Thanks to all who came out for free burgers and milkshakes at ZBurger last night! ZBurger was good to you, now be good to them, by going back often. Tell 'em K Street Kate sent ya!

Stamp of Approval

DC is a city full of museums, 'something for everyone' we always say. But if you've never visited the National Postal Museum, your sightseeing just got a lot more interesting.

Gifted with the largest single donation in the museum's history Tuesday, it is about to add to its facilities near Union Station, finally planning to showcase more of the 6 million piece collection that has been hidden in the basement out of public view. The gift was made by Pimco Founder William H. Gross, who was a stamp collector since youth (his Mom started it all by saving 3 cent stamps to save for his college fund - those 3 cent stamps never gained in value, however... the irony!)

Three other historical itmes were also donated by Gross - not to miss!
- A block of four "inverted Jennys" (plane printed upside down)

-An envelope with the earliest known example of a U.S. postage stamp - a 10 cent George Washington!

- A commemmorative envelope from the Pony Express... unfortunately the Express rider was caught and scalped by an Indian, but the satchel containing the envelope was found on the dead pony 2 years later.
Go Postal! Find more about the National Postal Museum here.

You're Invited: PINKJAMS Happy Hour

Well Hello, Partner!

I can't tell you how elated I am to introduce the newest K Street Kate sponsor - a true PARTNER. I walked into PR at Partners before my Fashion Fights Poverty LookBook Launch event last week in a fret about my hair. It takes more abuse that it should handle with all the blow drying, teasing, heat styling, and... that's just what I do to it, you can only imagine how it looks after a runway show! And in addition to all of that, after all of this time in DC, I still hadn't found my stylist, you know, the one you would wait three months and travel across the continent to see just so your hair would be exactly as you like it.

And then I called James.

One part of the drama duo on Fashion BS, magician for models (hair & make-up), stylist at NY Fashion Week, and all-around 'Lord of the Locks', James not only managed my mane, but he gave me a style that got crazy compliments. So many, in fact, that PR at Partners Marketing Director Natasha Laws-Dunn took notice. And that's how it happened.
I'm beyond thrilled to introduce PR at Partners as the newest sponsor of K Street Kate and my signature salon and spa. I recommend any of the creative and competent stylists for your salon services, and if you're just looking to relax with a facial or other spa treatment, a little birdie tells us Angela (in Chevy Chase) is one of the best!
Good hair doesn't just happen. I needed a partner. You need a partner. Try PR @ Partners.

The District Dish: Kerry Reichs

Teetering on the precipice of that first page? You may not know exactly what that means... but our guest on the newest episode of The District Dish sure does! And she's about to blast past that first page into another best seller.
Kerry Reichs, accidental author or literary lady luck, went from being a corporate lawyer in DC to a novelist with knack almost too soon. What's her secret? Find out on the newest episode.

Santa's Salute in September

Miscrosoft and the USO of Metro Washington kick off the 3rd season of "A Salute to Our Troops" tomorrow (Wednesday) with some help form SANTA!

That's right, Santa in September. Santa will take to his pedicab, giving out goodies and promoting the upcoming event to honor our servicemen and women around Union Station, the Navy Memorial, Constitution Avenue, 14th Street, K Street, the GW Student Union, the Linoln Memorial, and more. After lunch, he's meeting up with some of our all-time favorites, THE RADIO CITY ROCKETTES, who will travel with him to Fort Myers to meet and greet with the troops and ignite excitement for the December Radio City Christmas Specatular traveling show, which is coming to DC this year!

For more information on the "Salute," visit

And don't forget the annual USO of Metro Washington Casino Night fundraiser that we'll be attending at the Sheraton National this Friday. It's a busy time for USO Metro and they need all of our help and support.

(Picture update courtesy of WireImage.)

Kickers, craps and Kris Kringle!

Bald for Baldrick's

She went in with a healthy head of hair and the best of intentions. During the final months of her reign as Miss VA 2008, Tara Wheeler had a goal of raising $500k for children's cancer research because "to whom much is given, much is expected."

Tara met a special little girl during her time as Miss VA who didn't win her battle with cancer, but since "beauty is as beauty does (also a Tara catch-phrase), Tara wanted to do something spectacular in memory of her - and to help all of the other little ones who could use the love, support, and attention of a positive role model. And she raised some strong awareness for the cause as well!

While she didn't reach her goal in time to shave her locks before passing on the Miss VA crown, Tara did secure 500k last night and bravely shaved her head - going Bald for St. Baldrick's - last night at the Crystal City Sports Pub.


We Love DC: Coffee Cup Chats

It's hard to believe that anyone could love DC more than we do... but we have to give credit to online publication We Love DC, which has been detailing profiles of city people, places, and particulars for just about a year now.

I sat down with We Love DC writer Cathy Cooling last week in between prepping for the Fashion Fights Poverty LookBook Launch and the District Sample Sale, fittings for ALL ACCESS Fashion and the rest of the weekly routine to relax with a cup of joe from the new Bourbon Coffee on L Street (sadly, no bourbon to be found!) and answer Cathy's questions about why DC is the best place to be!

If DC could be a fashion brand, what would it be? Should DC be renamed? What would I change about my year as Miss DC? Read the full interview here.

ALL ACCESS Fashion Takes the Runway

Three days of backoffice to backstage info on the fashion industry and how to make it work for YOU right here in DC took place at Tyson's Galleria this weekend. From seminars about the business of putting together a fashion brand, to learning how buyer's shop for their stores, to showcases of the Galleria's current finds in Fall fashion, ALL ACCESS Fashion was a sweet shoppingcart full of success - though we have buyer's remorse on just one item.

Given our unique vantage point - ALL ACCESS from backstage to our own strut on the catwalk for such feature shows as Basler, Max Studio, Wolford, Saks, Nicole Miller, Karen Millen, Miller's Furs, Seven for All Mankind, and Betsy Johnson - we know how exciting Fall shopping is going to be! Yesterday's boring fashion designs have gone away, and the houses have really stepped up to give consumers what they want and need - something to shop for!

*But let's take a quick sentence(or two!) to talk about what was missing: Thank you, Mr. Tim Gunn, for coming HOME (Tim's a fifth-generation Washingtonian!) and sharing your expertise with the hundreds of shoppers and spectators who flocked to the Galleria to see/hear you prove that the DC area is not as style-stupid as we are made out to be. But the next time you come to help us prove the point we've been making for years let's not transport models from NYC (or elsewhere) for your show... we've got plenty of exceedingly capable ones already here! In fact, we walked every catwalk but yours!
Our congratulations go out to The Aba Agency, Lyndsey Higgins of Tyson's Galleria and all others who dreamt up the ALL ACCESS Fashion idea and gave us a taste of what Fashion Week should be like here in DC. In case you missed it... here's a sample of our savvy style as captured by photographer Joseph A. Reblando!

BRIGHT STAR Screens in Georgetown

We told you about it when we pre-screened it a couple of weeks ago and now you're seeing info about it in all the entertainment rags: BRIGHT STAR. Will it live up to the Oscar Buzz?!?

K Street Kate offered readers a chance to attend a pre-screening reception at the Georgetown Ritz Carlton tonight followed by a special advance screening of BRIGHT STAR at the AMC Georgetown just around the corner.

Congrats to twitter winners:

for scoring tickets to the event. And watch for thier tweets as they tell us all about it!

The Local and the Londoner

More proof that DC's HOT on the design scene:

London's Ray Harris, known for his textile based womenswear and accessories, joins local rockstar jewelry designer Sissy Yates for a meet and greet trunk show at DC's Upstairs on Seventh this Thursday, Spetember 24th from 5-8 PM.

Check out what's new and fresh from around the Potomac and across the pond - and buy in bulk as a percentage of sales benefits the Southwest Comm-Unity Forum for at-risk youth.

Kurdistan Headquarters Opens

Thursday night on U Street, an atypical opening occured. It wasn't an art gallery or a new lounge or restaurant opening in the now-sophisticated and swanky area... it was a "cultural" opening of sorts. The Kurdistan Regional Government finally finished restorations on its new terrific townhome headquarters and Representative Qubad Jalal Talbany threw a welcome reception to introduce himself and the staff to his neighbors... and several additional friends.

What work will be done in the place? Qubad, who also just happens to be the son of Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, explained that he would like to establish a "Kurdish Congressional Caucus" and "Kurdish-American Business Council," but we think the best purpose of the house may well be just to introduce Kurdish culture and promote linkages with the U.S., and literally the neighbors.
Take note "Kurdish-American Business Council"... the space next door is up for commercial lease!


Z-Burger is not only a sponsor of KStreetKate, but her favorite hambuger as well! Haven't tried one yet? We want to show you what you've been missing. Come out to the Z-Burger location in Tenleytown to enjoy FREE burgers and milkshakes courtesy of Z-Burger and KStreetKate on Tuesday, September 22nd, from 5-7 PM.

Anyone mentioning KStreetKate will enjoy a delicious hamburger, cheeseburger or cheesesteak accompanied by one of Z-Burger's droolworthy 75+ milkshake flavors. How can you resist? Join us!
*As always, thanks to PGP Events (formerly Jolt Events) for assisting with the planning of FREEBURGER Night and the invitation artwork.

H Street Festival

There's so much of this city to love...

Why do we love H Street? Because there really is something for everyone on this revitalized avenue of and hodgepodge and history. Like sword swallowing, Scientology, African stepping, indie bands, doowop, boxing rings, climbing walls, chess challenges, and Curbside Cupcakes (yep, the sweet treats have gone mobile!) - and you should see this place on a normal night! All that and more, the best of the best of H, is this weekend at the H Street Festival.

On Saturday, 9.19.09 from noon to 6 PM, enjoy all of the above (really!) as well as the National's new NatsMobile. a tattoo contest (??) and a Double Dutch Jumproping Competition on four blocks of H Street from 10th - 14th Streets NE. Oh yeah, and there's food, food, and more food.

The H Street Festival: it's Hullabaloo on H!

Caycee Chic

We stopped in to Hu's Wear (2906 M Street NW) to meet Caycee Black, fresh from New York Fashion Week and ready to meet the style shakers of DC on her own terms. Over the last few years, she's designed for such brands as Tibi and Club Monaco, but then set off on her own to design sweet feminine numbers that can found in only five, count 'em, five locations... and DC's Hu's Wear is one of them. Aren't we lucky?

Well she is! This 28 year old New Yorker - by way of Houston - was recently selected by Lucky Magazine as one of the Best New Designers for Fall 2009. But we have to give her rocker b/f some style points for choosing her amazing accessories for the party, like this looking glass necklace she paired with her teal top and gorgeous greys (power pants and pumps)... she says it works, too! What do we see through it? Clearly big success for this darling with a design dream.

A sampling of savvy stylistas in attendance: FW Senior Editor Betsy Lowther and Editor Jennifer Barger, stylist Indrid Elmore (pictured with Kate and Caycee above), Tiffany Carter, and Kamari Wheeler.)

The District Dish: ALL ACCESS Fashion

On the newest episode of The District Dish, we're talking with Lyndsey Higgins of Tyson's Galleria about a HUGE fashion event going on this weekend: ALL ACCESS Fashion. Didn't make it to the runways of Fashion Week in NYC? No problem! See current styles on the runway... and then go shop them at Tyson's this weekend when ALL ACCESS brings local stylish celebs and the big guns... like Tim Gunn... to the Galleria for a three day interactive fashion experience.

Don't miss this episode! And don't miss me on the runway Friday and Saturday night at Tyson's Galleria. K Street Kate will be bringing you what no one else can, posts LIVE, from the runway and backstage... that's true ALL ACCESS.

Fashion Fights Poverty LookBook Launch

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the launch of FFP last night (Wednesday) and peruse - and purchase - the newest lookbook! The vibe was great, the people were beautiful, and the party... much talked about. Close to $3,000 was raised to suport the cause -that's a lot of poverty we're fightin'!
The main event takes the runway on September 25th, check here for more information. In the meantime, enjoy! (Images courtesy of

Get Shot at the Drive-Thru

I'll admit, I've never gone to get a seasonal flu shot in the past. I've taken my chances and been lucky (crossing my fingers and toes!). But this year... H1N1 and the hype has me running scared. Don't tempt fate. I've found a quick and ridiculously easy way to get vaccinated, without even leaving my car.

That's right - drive-thru flu shots! Nova Medical (a 4 site integrative medical center in NOVA) is offering flu vaccine clinics on Saturday, September 26th (10-3) in Ashburn at 21785 Filigree Court (off Loudoun Parkway and Waxpool Rd) and the 27th (11-4) at the East Market Street Plaza Shopping Center (on Rt. 7) in Leesburg.

This "roadside assistance" takes only 5 minutes and is only $25.

*Remember that these vaccines are for seasonal flu only. H1N1 vaccine is not yet available and will require a second, but not conflicting, flu shot. For more on Nova Medical, see here.

District Sample Sale

Busier than ever before, the Fall District Sample Sale featured racks upon racks of clothes - every item marked down to its lowest price of the year. Anticipating fab finds and savvy steals from their favorite stores, attendees lined up over an hour in advance (see line at left) to be first in the door for shopping at such independently owned retailers as Wink, Urban Chic, Lettie Gooch and Poppy & Stella (joining DSS for the first time this year!).

Actual finds included $5 deal staples from the bargain bins,
$40 Tory Burch flats and an amazing $300 cocktail dress from Imagine Fashion Apothecary.

The best deals are always gems to uncover, but every purchase helped raise money for the event beneficiary, Rachael's Women's Center. Look for the next DSS in Spring 2010.

(Image courtesy Barbara Martin)

Scoop! Q & A Finds New Home

If you were a regular attender of Carol Joynt's Q & A Cafe interviews at Nathan's before the resto's unceremonious closure... you'll be able to find them right up the street at their new home: the Georgetown Ritz Carlton.

Carol resumes interviewing Ali Wentworth,an actress who is famous for, among other things, being married to George Stephanopoulous, on October 15th. No word on if that $35 price tag for the meal and musings will follow the Cafe on over to the new barstools.

FW Alert!

The newest issue of FW hit newstands (or came with your Washington Post if you're that lucky!) TODAY! Why to rush out and get it...? Besides all of the fab finds, fashion advice and amazing editorial pics, this issue of FW has information about the publication's one year anniversary celebration next month (Monday, October 19th) at 14th Street's brand new Masa 14.

Remember when they were just starting out??

50 lucky FW readers will get to attend. Info on how to enter for these tix here.

Who are YOU? is proud to be a sponsor and host of the release of what Kevin Liles, EVP of Warner Music Group calls "an amazing tool for young or old, student or professional." What's this tool? Jeff Johnson's new book, "Everything I'm Not made Me Everything I Am: Discovering Your Personal Best."

Who is Jeff Johnson? You may also remember him as "Cousin Jeff." He's an award-winning journalist, BET personality and Tom Joyner Morning Show commentator. And he's releasing his book on Thursday, September 17th, 5-8 PM, at The Park.

With a forward by the now-infamous Kanye West (what lessons might he have for us??!) the book shares Jeff's life lessons and proven "best practices" to become your best self.

Jeff is currently on a national book tour, but comes to DC for his only official book release event. Don't miss it! RSVP here.

Two Big Events Tonight!

Don't forget two awesome events tonight!

1) The District Sample Sale. I've been involved with this one for several years now and it just keeps getting better! Odds are that tickets are sold out, but if you're lucky enough to snatch one... do it! Great shopping. Really. Great. Shopping.

2) If shopping is not your thing... (who are you?!?) make sure to make it out to the Fashion Fights Poverty LookBook Launch tonight. I'm hosting the party at L2 and welcome you in to the usually members-only lounge to enjoy some cocktails, get a preview glimpse of the LookBook, and get your tickets to Fashion Fights Poverty coming up later this month! Everyone is invited, until space runs out.

See you tonight!

Wow. That's a LOT of $$

This just in... and originally reported by the Washingon Post. Read their article here.

Children's National Medical Center will receive a $150 million donation from the government of Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi Health Authority). This is one of the largest philanthropic donations ever made to a pediatric hospital and was arranged by local celeb/charity hero Joseph E. Robert Jr., a philanthropist with deep ties to Children's and "personal connections" to UAE's royal family.

Way to go Joe!

Cavalia's Horseplay

Some 'sports stuff' was going on last night, but if you wanted to see true sport, you were with me watching a troop of artists, dancers and riders from around the globe dancing with horses live on stage. That's right. Horses. Cavalia is in town, and if you haven't made plans to see it, do so. Now. Normand Latourelle (pioneer of Cirque du Soleil) has surpassed himself with this performance event. And special thanks to Stephanie Green of the Washington Times Green & Glover for allowing me to accompany her!

The show was spectacular. Breathtaking from the first moments (actually I wasn't sure I was going to get my breath back after watching a video birth of a young foal!) and spellbinding as it continued. "Whether on two or four legs, each artist adds a personal touch," says Latourelle, and the touches given by this cast of over 120 reach beyond the imagination.

It can take from six months to 10 years for a horse to be trained for Cavalia. Who knows how long the artists and acrobats need to get in the shape they are in! And it is watching this training of the horses - through real communication with the trainer on stage as well as free expression while performing - that makes Cavalia such an interesting art to behold, and watching the strong and nimble athletes that makes you want to get in shape so you can give it a try!

"Five Stars," says the San Francisco Chronicle. "The best show I've ever seen," says Larry King. Robert Duvall enjoyed the show in Pentagon City, adding his ringing endorsement to the 2000 or so others of us under the Cavalia bigtop tent.

Cavalia remains at Pentagon City until Sunday, September 27th. Check here for more information.
*Top image courtesy of Cavalia. Below left: Stephanie Green meets the horses after the show. Below right: Robert Duvall talks with some of the crew.

More Art in the Alleyways: A Mural of Messages

DC-based artist Joel Bergner revealed one of his amazing and timely murals... and hosted a slamming party to celebrate... last Saturday in a hidden alley off U Street.

Over 200 people gathered in the alley to celebrate the mural of Afro-Colombia culture viewable on the 3 story wall of the multi-use building at the intersection of 14th and U Streets NW. The mural, vibrant and colorful, is also loaded with political messages learned from Bergner's experiences with Afro-Colombians here in DC and his travels to visit their families in Colombia.

Other than food, music, and admiring the art (the mural begins with images of dancing and singing and morphs into a tale of refugees fleeing their ancestral land and the on-going armed conflict), the folkloric dance group, Tangare, presented traditional Afr0-Colombian marimba and curralao dances.

Check out the mural and its messages for yourself just one block from the U Street/Cardozo metro station next to 1344 U Street NW. And find out more about Joel's murals here.

*Felicia Montgomery contributed to this post. Imagery by Felicia Montgomery and Carlos Quiroz.

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