Happy Memorial Day Memories

General Peter Pace served as Grand Marshall of the 2010 National Memorial Day Parade organized by the American Veterans' Center.  See selected portions of the parade in the embed video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIASoGJ1unw

Who's Your Dentist?

We're excited to announce that Dr. Claudia Cotca, DDS/MPH (remember her?!) of the Washington Institute for Dentistry and Toxicology has signed on as K Street Kate's newest sponsor, bringing us her expertise and enthusiasm for dental hygiene.

Dr. Cotca spends an extraordinary amount of time with her patients, helping them to fully understand their medical conditions, presenting a full dental plan with extensive explanation and remaining accessible to them not with extended hour office availability... but rather allowing them to reach her at any time via personal cell phone.  

It's almost unbelievable, but she's accepting new patients.

Find her information in K Street Kate's sidebar - and tell her you've been referred by K Street Kate!

Underground Hipsters Throw Above Ground Bash

DURKL, the fashion voice of DC's underground, helped to organize a community celebration on Sunday in advance of the city's other Memorial Day diversions.

"This thing is gonna get crazy," said Cole Sharp, one of the brothers behind the local trendsetting brand, as the block party started ramping up.  "But it's not about our brand (DURKL).  It's about Washington DC coming together.  And what a perfect day for it!"

As temperatures topped 90 degrees, the parking lot near DURKL's warehouse filled with the Sweetgreen Sweetflow yogurt truck, the Fojol Bros. meals on wheels and VitaCoCo, combining to create a pop hipster party to kick off the summer -- complete with yard games and blaring tunes from the likes of DC's Fort Knox Five and DJ Underdog.

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Social and Scandalous in the City

The scandal hungry and the social flocked to Hostess-in-Chief Juleanna Glover's Kalorama home Thursday evening to meet bestselling British author Frances Osbourne and find out more about The Bolter, the tale of her "wicked great grandmother."

Though she came from one of England's oldest families, Osbourne's ancester, Idina Sackville, didn't prefer to be proper.

She left her first husband - one of Britain's richest and most eligible young men - to run off to Africa with a penniless lover.  Five husbands and countless debaucherous circumstances later, she had lived the life that jumps off the pages of fiction... but makes for an even more remarkable factual read!

*The Bolter is available on Amazon and local booksellers.
(Osbourne signs a copy of her book for a friend in attendance.  Photo credit: Jeff Tong @gundamwing4132)

Pint Size

Size matters.

Smaller spaces are going places.  When the former Mad Hatter got too big for its basement britches, room was made for the Mighty Pint, a no frills watering hole opening this week to little fanfare but great local flavor.

A hip hole-in-the-wall, Mighty Pint's got that come as you are character that keeps you coming back for more.  Stop in to romp around with Reese (owner) or let Courtney, one of our fave DC bartenders, make your signature throwback... and whether it's a Guinness or a Jack and Ginger, it's coming at you big and bold - in a pint glass.

That's right.  Size matters.

No pretense.  No penitence.  Just Mighty Pints.

*Mighty Pint, 1831 M Street NW, WDC

Sneak Peek: Secret Sherry Society

The Secret Sherry Society, a clandestine "members only" group of guests who enjoy sampling sherry, has been holding meetings in and around the District of Columbia.  This is the latest Secret Sherry showcase - a fashion fete in which each of the models were dressed as one of seven stylish sherry wines.

Video embed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=966OZAfFu5U

Memorial Day Memories like Strawberry Wine

There's great grilling and a powerful parade - but maybe you need a bit more to do over the long weekend?  May we suggest some local fun on the farm? 

Great Country Farms' Strawberry Jubilee gets going May 29-31 in Loudoun County.  A true getaway that won't cost much gas, GCF is just far enough away from the city.  Save your sanity in the strawberry fields... and you'll get to pig out on Grandma Z's famous Strawberry Shortcakes!! 

You'll enjoy live music, hayrides to and DIY fun with u-pick strawberry fields. There's a Diaper Derby for the tin tots, a Tart Toss for the awesomely aimed - or chukker challenged - and the traditional Bluemont Vineyard Strawberry Wine tasting.  Save some room for an extra slice during daily pie-eating contests!  
*Great Country Farms, 18780 Foggy Bottom Road, Bluemont, VA 20135
 Admission: $10/person, CSA Members, Fan of the Farm, military ID card holders & children Under 2 FREE 

SAT2: A Fresh Look

Cosmos, Manolos, and a heckuvalotta Halston graced the lobby of the Georgetown Ritz for a VIP reception and pre-screening of the the much anticipated "Sex and the City 2" before it officially hit theaters.

Hosted by Kimberli Brown of Fresh Boutique, hundreds of DC fashionistas, dressed in their chicest cocktail attire, gathered for signature sips and to compare notes on the film's notable personalities before heading over to the Loews theater to preview the summer sensation.

Most admitted to being Carried away - arguably the film's most popular personage.  But a few Charlottes, Mirandas and Samanthas steamed up the social setting as well before settling in for the flick.

Described as "the ultimate Girls' Night Out," the movie actually served as a healthy dose of relationship reality for all of those who followed the four friends through their dating days.  Who makes up the rules in a relationship?  Is it ok if your kids drive you crazy? Does marriage mean the fun's over?

*Non-spoiler Alert: Liza Minelli steals the show... An exchange between Miranda and Charlotte at their Abu Dhabi hotel is the most genuine portion of the 3+ hour flick of friendship and fun...  The most cringeworthy moment comes as the ladies choose an extremely outdated Karoake song to push the film's female empowerment agenda over the top.
Were you spotted and snapped?  More images available on K Street Kate's Facebook fan page!

The District Dish: Memorial Day Parade!

Tim Holbert of the American Veterans' Center joins us at Farmers and Fishers to dish about the upcoming Memorial Day parade.

For nearly 70 years before 2005, there was no Memorial Day parade here in Washington, but this organization changed that!  Now a much anticipated annual tradition, the parade salutes America's servicemen and women, with a particular highlight in 2010 to the few, the proud, the Marines.

Find out Tim's suggestions for the best places to watch!
Video embed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epanKDHUfd8

Couture's New York state of mind

It was style on stage at the Woolley Mammoth theater Tuesday evening, as the philanthropically popular Couture for a Cure fashion event took over the theater's Kogod Lobby, putting on a show featuring DKNY's street chic youthful collection to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Honorees warmed up the runway, followed by models from local agency THE Artist Agency, sporting youthful looks from DKNY's 2010 "City in Bloom" collection.  Sometimes whimsical, sometimes grafitti-esque florals dominated on dresses, pants and oversized tees, while boyfriend jackets and pegged pants made a comeback for city-style ease and efficiency.

Showing the more secret "stuff" was also *apparently* in style.  There was one unexpected runway ruse that audiences are still ruminating over: smoothies (otherwise known as biker shorts) peeking out from skirts and shorts.

Exposed shapewear and sophisticated city style helped this event shape up to be a fashion fete that raised mega funds for the cause.

*Images courtesy of Moshe Zusman Photography.  More pictures available from these fantastic photogs:
Vithaya Photography
Walter Grio

Couture for a Cure organizers modest about modeling

A series of sad situations led to this year's DKNY fashion show to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Couture for a Cure.  Nadine Namoff, founder of the event with husband, D.C. United's Bryan Namoff, began the fashion event last year as she competed for the Woman of the Year fundraising title.  Collaborating with Micky and Shehab Farivar from Peacock Cafe and honoring many notables, including cancer "warrior" Jennifer Harlow, the event raises money to support the cause while offering a fun and fashionable tribute to loved ones - and survivors - who have battled blood cancers.  All were proud to stand on stage for the cause, but were majorly modest about the modeling.

Pictures from Couture for a Cure coming soon!

*Post also available on Niteside. 
Video embed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSBM4U6cvxo

Fire Alarm an alarming start to Couture for a Cure event at Woolley Mammoth Theater

A persistent fire alarm setback preparations for Couture for a Cure at Woolley Mammoth Theatre on Tuesday night. Guests who showed up to the VIP reception and DKNY fashion show never knew the hullabaloo that happened behind the scenes.  Here, James Cornwell, stylist from PR @ Partners, explains.

ReCommerce: Gracefully Green

What should you do with your old electronics?  You might have tried hauling your electronics to a recycling center, but more likely they collect in a closet until they are too old for reuse.

Gazelle leaps in to save the day.

The company pays good money for cameras, cell phones, MP3 players, laptops, gaming consoles and more!  You enter the model and condition on Gazelle's website, and if the gadget is still worth some green, Gazelle will send a box to collect it for reuse: removing your personal data and giving it a new life with a new owner.  If the item has no market value, never fear - the item will still be responsibly recycled.

Go, go gadgets!  Gazelle is good and green.

"Ugly Betty" Star America Ferrera hosts DC screening of "A Dry Land"

Ryan O'Nan, America Ferrera and Wilmer Valderrama were on hand at DC's Naval Heritage Center Monday night to preview the movie "The Dry Land."    

The stars of the film joined General Casey, Chief of Staff of the Army, to screen this story of a soldier returning from duty in Iraq and the impact this service has on his life moving forward- and dish on why they accepted their roles. 

Ferrera, originally slated only to serve as Executive Producer of the film, was so compelled by Writer/Director Ryan Piers Williams' passion that she took on the title of the returning soldier's wife.  

Valderrama, on the other hand, was looking for a movie about the military to show his support for the troops.  A veteran of numerous USO tours, he didn't want any part of a film with a "political agenda" but signed on for "The Dry Land" because it of its "authenticity."    

*Marlene Hall contributed this post and pictures.

Ancient Beauty Secrets Spruce Up Our Style

Our tresses are thrilled to announce K Street Kate's newest sponsor: Cibu!

If you haven't been introduced to Cibu's ancient beauty secrets - read, bamboo, water lily and lotus flower - your mane has been missing out on supreme shine and major moisture.  Cibu shampoos, conditioners and finishing products have helped us create looks from daily diva to runway ready and we haven't even tried them all yet!

What's in our secret styling stash?
Lo Meintain - an everyday gentle shampoo that won't weigh you down.  We noticed body, shine and strength.
Miso Knotty - a leave-in detangler.  We also scrunch this into our hair while hanging poolside to create a "beachy" 'do.
Ancient Serum - a miracle!  This Argan oil extract works on everything from hair to skin to nails, soothing and moisturizing.  We rub it into everything.

Our hair is happy to have Cibu on board and we think you will be, too.  Look for Cibu promotions (and Free Fridays??!) in the near future.  Have questions about Cibu?  Tweet with Cibu Brand Leader Jenn @Cibu17.

The District Dish: DC Diva Donna Wilkinson

DC Diva Quarterback (and sometimes Tight End) Donna Wilkinson, dishes with us on the latest episode of The District Dish.  This counterpart to our other famed football team has accumulated numerous accolades, including a Superbowl title!

Hear about how our women's professional team is taking over the field... Donna is even heading to Europe to play in the world championships this summer!

Video embed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Va5n-d9bq9I

An "Over the Top" Opera Ball

Widely recognized as one of Washington's top tier social events, the annual Spring Opera Ball draws in a long list of notable art patrons (Chief Justice John Roberts and Jane Sullivan Roberts (credit Russell Hirschon)).  Held at various embassies in year's past, 2010's over 600 guests got a particularly icy reception from the warm Ambassador and Mrs. Kislyak of the Russian Federation - at an Opera ball that was oft described throughout the night as "over the top."

In fact, the Ice Lounge (Petrovskiy Hall seen at right) was but one of the themed anterooms and visual displays that guests enjoyed that evening, although remarkable sculptures, authentic vodkas and imported caviars set the stage for the spectacle.

The Yellow Hall was transformed into a Russian Tea Room complete with cheese blinchicki and vatrushki on the menu.  The main ballroom was a believable extension of St. Petersburg's Winter Palace, decorated with 200 Feberge eggs doubling as delicious cakes!!  Palekh Hall became Tolstoy's Library, adjacent to performances by members of the Russian and Bolshoi opera companies.

Guests marveled at the whimsical details and cultural displays of the Embassy of the Russian Federation, which held the Opera Ball for the first time in the event's decades-long history.  Though they had dined at intimate formal dinners at 22 participating embassies prior to the main event, the draw to Russia was most intoxicating.  

(Images: Left to right, descending - Three hundred Faberge eggs commissioned by Sylvia Weinstock were cut and served to more than 600 guests throughout the evening; Kate dances with Liam Bonner, "Hamlet" in the current production at the Kennedy Center (Russell Hirschon), The Embassy of the Russian Federation (Russell Hirschon); Veronica Sarukhan, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and Ambassador to Mexico Arturo Sarukhan;  Entertainers perform in the Embassy's evening "Snowglobe" -- an enclosed courtyard complete with magical falling snow (imijphoto.com); Ambassador of Great Britain Nigel Sheinwald, Lady Julia Sheinwald and Ambassador of France Pierre Vimont (Russell Hirschon)

Tinsley Mortimer dishes on her new tats

Reality show starlet Tinsley Mortimer made a special guest appearance at Friday evening's Bethesda Row Front Row fashion show.  The socialite explained why charity work is causing her to cut her trip to the capital city so short, why she probably won't be returning to film here, and all about those new tattoos on her wrists.

Video embed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCuCI6E_YZ4

Project Runway Finalist Laura Bennett impressed by DC ladies' shoes

Laura Bennett, Project Runway finalist, made a special guest appearance at Friday evening's Bethesda Row Front Row fashion events to introduce her latest book "Didn't I feed you Yesterday?" and check out some of DC's finest.

"I didn't know what I was getting into when I did Project Runway, and I don't think I would do that again.  Plus, it's a hard time for designers right now," said Bennett.  "But I love writing, so I'll keep dong that."

T. Boone and Madeleine Pickens' Ponies

Madeleine and T. Boone Pickens hosted a heritage celebration at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian on Thursday, May 20th.  Several hundred guests - and dozens of Congressmen and notables - milled around the cultural center's courtyard teepee before heading in for a dinner with prominent Native American tribal leaders. 

Also in the courtyard, were seven wild Mustangs, on better behavior than some dinner guests.  “We recognize the horses we are presenting for the significant role they played in the history of our beautiful country," said
Saving America's Mustangs Foundation Founder Madeleine Pickens, while honoring the Horse Nation - which turned out to be the real guests of honor at the evening's event.  

The evening also featured entertainment by GRAMMY nominee and eight time Native American Music Awards winner, Jana Mashonee, head of the Jana’s Kids Foundation, and singer and actress Katharine McPhee with opera singer Josh Page performing David Foster’s “The Prayer.”   

(Images: Top to Bottom - Christine Sequenzia of the Animal Welfare Institute with Fox's Greta an Susteren.  Stephanie Green with Carlos Alvarez-Aranyos.  Tribal dancers post performance.  T. Boone Pickens with a group of young professional female fans.  Bret and Amy Baier with Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss.  James Mitchell with Nevada Congresswoman Shelley Berkley.   Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich with Chief Arval Looking Horse and Smithsonian Cultural Protocols Coordinator Terry Snowball.  T. Boone meets and greets.)

The District Dish: Stephen Harrell

DC boasts that it's one of the most walkable- and bikeable - urban cities in the country.  And Bicycle Stations owner Stephen Harrell is happy to help it stay that way, selling high end bikes to everyone in the city who uses this trusty transportation.

On the latest episode of The District Dish, Stephen dishes on the etiquette of sharing the road and the proper equipment you'll need to do so.

Video embed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HCSjmYDriM

Having a Ball for Social Change

Thursday night's Sports for Social Change Awards honored Street Soccer USA and individuals who help the organization use sport to end homelessness. Street Soccer athlete and Achievement Awardee Christopher Lodgeson told the crowd, "I am no model or extraordinary figure.  I am but a man.  And I have been given a gift - you have given me my future back."
Heather Guay, Kim Luk, Tara de Nicolas and Wendy Adler have a ball at the event, held at the  Organization of American States.

Ted Leonsis with his family and Susan Koch, about whom he said later in the evening, "She showed us that a ball really can change your life."  Ted's son Zachary Leonsis was recognized with the Youth Service Award during the evening.

D.C. United's Kevin Payne and Greater Washington Sports Alliance President Bob Sweeney flank Business Leadership Award winner Fernando Murias.

"It would be an interesting game if we played them.  They have a great team." said D.C. United midfielder Clyde Simms, here with Sports show host Ivan Carter and Matt Hebert.

Street Soccer athlete Angelo Espiritusanto looks forward to another exciting soccer season

*More pictures available on K Street Kate's Facebook Fan page.
*Gallery pics also available on Niteside.

Laugh your way through a Melting Pot of Comedy

Come get your inappropriate chuckle on at the Exotic Imports Comedy Show. Remember, we told you about this one a little while ago, and don't want you to miss it - in fact, we've found a way to save you 20% on the ticket price, through KSK partner What's the Deal! 

The show will feature four amazing entertainers, all 2nd Generation Americans coming from different cultural backgrounds. Come watch this ultra-talented bunch of comedians make you laugh about being a minority of America.  Last year's show was SOLD OUT, so get your tickets now!

Click here for Saturday, June 12th tickets 

The cast of characters includes:
  • ELIOT CHANG - Featured on Comedy Central, ShowTime
  • FELIPE ESPARZA - Featured on Premium Blend, Comics Unleashed
  • ESAU MCGRAW - Featured on BET, Comic View, 1st Amendment
  • MAX AMINI - Featured on Comedy Central, ShowTime, Axis of Evil, NBC
Laugh your way through a Melting Pot of Comedy
Make sure you get there early so you don't miss any of the pre-performance entertainment. Also, check out the seating chart so you can pick the perfect spot. Both Friday and Saturday's show start at 8pm followed by a free after party.
*K Street Kate is ROTFL to be the local media sponsor of this comedy event :)

Author Jill Kargman Says She's No Arm Candy

There was enthusiasm... and there were some expletives.  Jill Kargman, fashionably clad, jet black hair and sweet smile showed at her Bethesda Row book signing Thursday night that her personality is far from the characters depicted in her novels, including Eden, the heroine of Kargman's fun and flashy latest novel, Arm Candy.

As a child Jill was obsessed with beauty - staring at magazines and versing herself on all the models.  While working in fashion for publications like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, she was shocked to find out that these beautiful women were so unlucky in love.  So she nabbed the stories of some in her social circles and started writing.

Her latest, Arm Candy, is an entertaining tale of an older woman's male pretty young thing, high society, a materialistic world and love.  Not Kargman's personality at all, she claims, and you won't find any trace of Eden in her, yet she manages to infuse her humor and great  gossipy style to hook readers with what seems to be an intimate inside story.

Look out for Kargman's new release, "Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut" in February 2011.

*Khaleelah Po Rome contributed this post.

Fair Fund's Jewel Girls and their Pearls of Purpose

Fernando Batista and Nelson Lewis explain the importance of the Fair Fund after an event to support the anti- human trafficking organization and its famed Jewel Girls at the Austrian Embassy.

Over the last six years, the Fair Fund has assisted over 2,500 teen boys and girls in half a dozen countries and addressed the problem of human trafficking around the world and right in DC's own backyard.

Video embed:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbFSSOO_Big

Kastles kick-off an attempt to "Do it again in 2010"

Washington Kastles team owner Mark Ein and Coach Murphy Jensen were on hand to kick-off the 2010 team tennis season at Ping Pong Dim Sum Wednesday evening.  Hoping to match last year's spectacular season, which included winning the 2009 World Team Tennis Championship, bringing home the Billy Jean King trophy and accepting a ceremonial Key to the City, Murphy sums up the team's slogan for the season ahead:  "Do it again in 2010!"

Beat Boxing Christylez Bacon

Grammy Nominated Artist Christylez Bacon brought his beat boxing instrumentals to the Corcoran Gallery of Art for a special performance during DC SCORES' Inspired Art event Wednesday night. Performing before a group of students in the DC SCORES program, Christylez mesmerized the audience with his drums, the spoons and an original vocal arrangement. "I use my body - my voice. It was the first instrument that came to me for free dollars."

Video embed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwXfRRXNRPY
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What Would You Do For A Fiverr?

One of our new favorites sites to browse around on - for business or for fun - is Fiverr.com.

This is the place for people to showcase their willingness to do just about anything for $5...from designing a signature scent to creating radio jingles to cycling naked around London.  See what odd jobs you think are worth a Lincoln, or suggest your own!

Ben & Quinn Bradlee Dish on the Wilderness and Women

At the National Press Club to introduce their newest tome, "A Life's Work: Fathers and Sons," Quinn Bradlee revealed some of the biggest lessons he has learned from his famous Father, Ben Bradlee.  Born with a severe learning disability among other challenges, Quinn bonded with the celebrated Washington Post Executive Editor in the wilderness, getting an enthusiastic education on everything from chicks to chainsaws.

Ben learns a thing or two (or 20 stitches) about chainsaws:

And Quinn learns how to relate chainsaws to..women?!

But the touching tribute of the event - and the book - are the lessons Quinn has picked up from having a famous father:

The District Dish: Success in the City's Cynthia di Lorenzi

Success in the City CEO Cynthia di Lorenzi joins us on The District Dish to explain the huge need for the women's organization.  Successful females seek out others like them for a variety of reasons - including friendship and networking.

Find out more about Success in the City and how you (men and women!) can be involved.
Video embed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkh7Kqg87J4

Give K Street Kate a High 5!

THANKS TO ALL WHO CAME OUT TO SUPPORT US!  We raised $200+ for Susan G. Komen's Race for the Cure.  Want to make a donation?  See here!

Tonight (Tuesday) at Current Lounge, enjoy $5 drink specials from 9-11 PM while hobnobbing with DC's influential social set and doing your part to fight against breast cancer.

And it's not too late to join K Street Kate's team to Race for the Cure.  Sign up here: www.globalraceforthecure.org and choose our team!

What is Foursquare?

It's a friend finder, a city guide, and a tool for stalkers.  Foursquare is also a clue to the next big thing in conversational/social media.  So should you be on it?

It's not new to connect with friends via mobile device or digital application.  Hello Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.  But Foursquare is taking online communities by storm and those other conversational apps are aching to get in on the action, incorporating their own geo-location software to stay relevant as Foursquare is popularized in hyperlocal metrohubs.

It all starts with the check-in.
"Checking-in" via the Foursquare website or a phone app allows you- in one click - to publish your location for friends and followers to see, as well as write reviews or make suggestions to others that find themselves in the area.  It's not just your opportunity to announce your antics to the waiting world, it can also be a boon for business.  Showing a loyal audience, celebrity clients, and offering special coupons for Foursquare check-ins are just some of the ways that businesses are using the system to their advantage.

What will keep you hooked?
Foursquare makes a game of the status update - bribing participants with points, badges and titles (I'm the "Mayor" of....) Users can leave suggestions of activities for you in the area where you've checked in, which can add to your adventure if you're exploring.  

So is it worth it?
Only you can say because it requires active participation and a willingness to share your schedule (and pass on privacy!) to experience.  It's free and fun - and the best way to see a 300,000 mile overview of your daily routine... as will everyone else.  Friends - meet up!  Stalkers - our restraining orders are at the ready!

*And once you get it, you'll be all over this new hilarious web series: Foursquare Cops

Kick the Keg for a Bar Tab with Bruce Lee

Kick the Keg with K Street Kate sponsor Wisdom on Wednesday, May 17th.

Whoever is lucky enough to order the last of their Ayinger Double Bock keg will win a bar tab - for beer or any of those Wisdom cocktails you crave.

What's more -- you'll be chugging that beer with Bruce and other Kung Fu faves.  Movies showing all day... or until that keg is kicked.

The District Dish: Robyn Webb

Nutritionist and Founder of DC Foodies Do Good, Robyn Webb joins The District Dish hosts at Hamiltons Bar & Grill.  Just what is  a "foodie"... and how can you get involved in making food and fun philanthropic?

Video embed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9X6jAzJCvIE

Model/Host Katie Rost: "I'm Lady Luck!"

Show host Katie Rost missed her own "Celebrity Hook Up" Saturday night when event co-headliner Sugar Ray Leonard failed to show at their Monte Carlo themed benefit for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society at the Potomac Country Club.

Despite the disappointment, Rost, a model best known for dating Russell Simmons, may not end up needing the boxer-- or Blackjack -- to win an annual fundraising competition put on by the Society.

"I think my odds of winning are 100%," she said, confident of her efforts to raise funds for the LLS "Woman of the Year" title.

But throwing her hat in the ring doesn't mean she's a ringer.  "I don't really know how to play any of these games," she claimed while doing more greeting and gabbing than gambling throughout the night.  "So I'm just blowing on the dice and letting somebody roll for me.  I'm lady luck!"

(Images: Top Kristen Lyle with Bobby Mitchell and Katie Rost.  Below: Allison Brooks joins the poker table.)

*A version of this post is available on Niteside.

A 'Mixer' with Michelin 3 Star Mixologist Brian Van Flanderin

Lani Hay, CEO of Lanmark Technology, is known for throwing some impressive mixers.  Adding a Michelin 3 Star Mixologist into the mix might have made her the mix master.

Last week, Hay hosted a private reception at her home to introduce world renowned cocktail crafter/author Brian Van Flanderin (below right) to some local notables in collaboration with DC Magazine (Editor in Chief Karen Sommer Shalett pouring at right).

Around the table were also Prosper and Martine Assouline, publishers of the new "Vintage Cocktails" volume from which attendees fixed their own drinks under Flandarin's direction.

*Images courtesy Lani Hay.

DC's Ultimate Fashion Delegate

Supporters at the launch of Fashion Delegate - a site about fashion and politics in DC - at the home of Redskin Clinton Portis last Saturday (5.15.10) answer the question "Who is your ultimate Fashion Delegate?"

Video embed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0F1VSLhQSM

You're Invited: Art of Living Well

We only suggest leaving Narnia for awesome occasions.  When On Tap Magazine asked us to share this free event with our readers, we knew it would be musical and magical. 

Arlington's newest masterpiece, the Siena Park Apartments holds their grand opening event - a contemporary trend in the apartment market - with The Art of Living Well on Thursday May 20th, 7-9 PM.  The elements of living well in Arlington – music, art and dining - come together for one special evening, with a live performance from Danni Rosner, a demonstration from acclaimed artist J.D. Miller and a showing of works by local artists.

Sample from a dozen area restaurants.  Drink free beer and wine.  See spectacular roof top views.  And taste all that Arlington has to offer.

Free, but RSVP required by Tuesday, May 18th.     

*Siena Park is located at 2301 Columbia Pike in Arlington, just minutes from 1-395.  

Glenn Close's "Pax" portrays puppy love at the GI Film Festival

Glenn Close made her directorial debut at this year's GI Film Festival: a showcase of the successes and sacrifices of the American military through the medium of film.

Premiering the movie she directed, "Pax," Close shares the true story of an Army Sergeant who returns home from war with trauma inside and out yet heals thanks to a dog that has been trained through the Puppies Behind Bars program.  

Close said she became interested in sharing the Army Sergeant's story and telling more about Puppies Behind Bars after meeting a dog trained through this program on the set of her TV show "Damages."  Puppies Behind Bars encourages prison inmates to train dogs before releasing them to their new owners.  
 The GI Film Festival continues through May 16, 2010 in Washington DC .

*Marlene Hall contributed this post. 
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