Skins' Cheerleaders Show Off Bikinis and Body Paint in 2010-2011 Calendar

Another year.  Another calendar. Another chance to choose a new favorite month. Beauties in Redskin bikinis and body paint have even DC's chilly winter looking hot!

As they do each Spring, the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders traveled to an exotic locale.  This year, the Dominican Republic was host to the troupe's annual sandy skinfest photoshoot.  Vixen venue: Paradisus Luxury Resort Punta Cana.

And Thursday night at Public Bar, the squad was ready to show - and sell - it off, racking up record sales for the 2010/2011 calendar with accompanying live performances, a fashion show and autographs from the First Ladies of Football in attendance.

Missed the madness?  Grab yours online here.

Lapping up lifestyle at M29

Fashion and Fido made a perfect pair at M29 Lifestyle Boutique for the Fashion For Paws Humane Society fundraiser Thursday night in Georgetown.  While the puppies had a play date, the 'parents' casually littered around the boutique atmosphere, enjoying drinks and hors d'oeuvres.

*Amber Francis contributed this post.

Vagabond Opera makes rare DC appearance

"You didn't really come here to hear opera, so how about something more interesting?"  asked Robin Jackson, saxophonist for Vagabond Opera, a unique vaudeville band from Portland making a rare stop at H Street's Palace of Wonders Thursday night.

Going on seven years together, the five men of the band - joined now by burlesque singing beauty Asha Grzesik - didn't originally intend to form an eclectic musical phenomenon, but "like minded weirdos can smell their own,"  joked bassist Jason Flores.

For one night only, DCists were privy to Vagabond Opera's cocktail of Bohemian cabaret - both shaken and stirred - accompanied by a playful theatrical performance best described as an "opera duel to the death."

The audience swayed, sang and shimmied to the band's infectious energy surrounded by the Palace's circus curiosities.

"This place could be my new favorite venue," admitted composer/cellist Skip von Kuske.  "We'll have to come back.  It's just too perfect for us."

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The District Dish: Queen Bee

The buzz...

Allison Brooks, the Queen Bee, stops by the table to dish with The District Dish hosts about her jewelry and upcoming trends.  These baubles, bangles and beads are statement pieces worn by some of the cities most notable politicians and personalities.

Video embed:

Thrillest and Heineken Turn up the Heat

Thrillist and Heineken Light celebrated summer with Light Up DC - a private bash overlooking DC at the rooftop ADC pool bar at Donovan House - Wednesday night.  See how Steph Woods captured the fun as attendees turned up the heat.

Photos available on K Street Kate's Flickr and Facebook Fan page

Tabi Bonney: "Fresh is the only way to do it"

Local Hip-Hop/Pop artist Tabi Bonney stopped by the Liaison Hotel's rooftop for an invite-only champagne soiree courtesy of Moet and Chandon's Nectar Imperial Rose.  He dished on what a future potential partnership with absent event headliner Rick Ross (filming Lopez Tonight in NYC) would be like and explained how he keeps it fresh while giving a sample of his style.  

Video embed: 
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Inside Chris4Life's "Blue Crush"

Artists and activists came together at Adam's Morgan strength training spot, STROGA, last night to crush colon cancer and celebrate patients, survivors and caregivers with Chris4Life. 
Pictured here: Tara Chantal Silver and Rachel Merritt
Colon cancer patient Jen Puglise with Michael Sapienza, Chris4Life Chairman
Stylist Ji Cha poses with Lacey James, Board Member of Chis4Life, Patient and Treatment Care Program
Wendy Gordon with Caroline Alexander, whose wellness center, Healthy Muse, offers colon hydrotherapy services
Donna Donella and Linda Krell enjoy an event line-up of notable creative and performing artists
Dancers from CityDance Ensemble fit in well at STROGA, showcasing strength and movement in a choreographed piece founders support the colon cancer cause through live musical performances
Local guitar hero Evan Bliss sings "Love is a Dancefloor" from his latest album
Grammy award winning performance artist and beat boxer Christylez Bacon with co-event organizer Philippa Hughes of the Pink Line Project
Allison Brooks, Heather Guay, Marybeth Coleman, Tara de Nicolas, Ashley Taylor, Pamela Sorensen and Maurisa Turner Potts
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Shoes for Souls

As any Carrie-Bradshaw-in-the-City can tell you, pumps are precious.  It's not just that ladies do love their shoes, but they are also, well, quite... necessary.  And a shocking number of individuals in the city and around the globe can't afford even the most basic pair. 

One of DC's ladies groups decided to put their best foot forward - literally - and give of their own closet castaways to help the cause.

At the Audrey Bouviers Happy Hour at Sette Bello Monday night, two organizations stood to benefit from the kind soles

Haile Gebregziabher was on hand from The Shepherds table  to accept donations of gently worn footwear to supply the Clothes Closet of its Silver Spring shelter.  He left with dozens of career, casual and kiddie kicks.

Meanwhile, Audrey Bouvier member Kady Hillman
may not be lugging a suitcase full of stilettos from DC  with her to Honduras, but every $5 donation she secures gives a substantial shoe to a South American native in need. 

Wanna walk a mile in their shoes?  Here are two ways you can help give footwear shortage the boot:

First Asian Pacific American Cabinet member gets a canvas to call his own

Norman Mineta, former Transportation (G.W.Bush) and Commerce (Clinton) Secretary, was on hand Tuesday at the National Portrait Gallery as an original Everett Raymond Kinstler oil on canvas painting in his image was introduced.

Mineta explained to those at the painting's unveiling that Kinstler had kept the project tightly under wrap until it was finished, not even allowing Mineta a sneak peek until he was satisfied with the likeness.

Given as a gift to the Smithsonian from the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program, the portrait is now on view to the public in the "New Arrivals" exhibit.

The District Dish: Jason Wright

Today The District Dish hosts are dishing with artist Jason Wright whose exhibit Take Me Home is opening at Gallery Plan B (1530 14th Street NW) this week.  Wright, who doubles as a professional artist and extreme sports athlete, fascinates with his artistic instrument and talks about raining Navy Seals to jump out of airplanes! Exhibit runs through August 29th.

Video embed:

American Idol Runner-Up Justin Guarini wants to earn the Grammy badge

American Idol runner-up Justin Guarini was on hand Sunday as thousands of scouts and spectators took in the Boy Scouts of America Grand Centennial and parade, taking place in the Capital for the first time since 1937.  A former Cub Scout, Guarini reminisced about his youthful days of adventure, badges he earned, and those he wishes he could now add to his collection.  

Video embed:
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Football and Fantasy at Famoso

Clinton Portis does "All White" all right.  In uniforms of colorless cocktail, former and current football players, music and media mavens gathered for a Friday evening reception put on by Redskin #26's Clinton Portis Foundation at Famoso in Chevy Chase (to be followed by an all-day exclusive pool party Saturday at Portis' McLean mansion).  The home team, suited in white for play day, scored a big audience with a league of athletes, celebrities, and DC studs, with proceeds donated toward Gulf oil spill relief.

Legendary Redskin Gary Clark, Jorges Andres and Rich
Chantel Wilson, Becky Lee, Alex Naini, Lily Mazarahy, Lauri Tamney, El Southerland
Lauri Tamney, Theo Abbott, El Southerland
Alex Naini, Lily Mazarahy, Mya, Becky Lee
Clinton Portis posing between two fans
*Amber Francis contributed this post.

Should I Quit My Day Job? Dance Off!

If you think you belong on "Dancing with the Stars," listen up.

Dance/Metro DC has announced a dance competition, pairing groups of everyday people - movers who don't make it a living - with choreographers to create routines for a judged performance.  The winners don't get a touring contract, but they will be featured in the region's 10th Annual Metro DC Dance Awards on October 6th.

So, you think you can dance?  If you're motivated to move it, score an application here.

Then get footloose and philanthropy free, as each group will dance for a charity of their choice.  Calling in on-line donations and coveting votes are as important in this competition as shining on the stage.

(Photo credit: ABC's Dancing with the Stars)

DMB hits DC, Packing Heat

Dave Matthews and the Zac Brown Band performed the third ever concert at Nationals stadium Friday night, transforming the ballpark into a rock arena that sweltered in DC's summer heatwave.

Headliner Dave Matthews performed for three full hours in what Nationals' President Stan Kasten called "the biggest concert of 2010."

Concert goers enjoyed a rare opportunity to stand sweating on the field of dreams listening to "A Dream so Real."

*On a personal note: Thanks to Vitamin Water for hosting us in their air conditioned suite!

Photography is for Everyone at DC FotoWeek’s Summer Kick-Off Party

The real hit of FotoWeek DC’s summer kick-off party last night at the Corcoran Gallery of Art wasn’t the open bar or digital display of award-winning international photography, but rather the old-school photo booth tucked in the corner of the gallery. Guests could pop into the curtained cubicle and exit with a printed copy of their photo, and see it streamed live on a giant screen overhead.
While harking back to days of yore, the booth in fact highlights FotoWeek’s “bigger, better and more innovative” approach than in years past to bringing photography to the masses, according to Executive Director Theo Adamstein (above with Ayris Scales and Latrina Owens).
“Photography is for everyone,” said Maha Alkhateeb, Managing Director.  In keeping with this vision, and bolstered by its strengthened partnership with Corcoran, the organization has launched its new FotoPage initiative—an online community in which amateur and professional photographers alike can post their work to be reviewed by Corcoran and FotoWeek curators throughout the year.
This year’s FotoWeek will take place throughout the city November 6-13; stay tuned for a launch party, and according to Ms. Alkhateeb, another possible summer kick-off event.
*Jordana Merran contributed this post.

Kastles Washed Out

"You can't stay clean off yesterday's shower,"  said Kastles Coach Murphy Jensen, explaining how the team would need to redirect their focus post win (Wednesday) before traveling to Boston for Thursday's matches. 

But even bathing in tennis balls, the suds weren't strong enough.

The Kastles season ended in Boston with a loss to the Lobsters, 24-15. 

From the Kastles website: "Thank you for a great season, fans. While the Kastles narrowly missed the playoffs, you've made this a season the team will never forget."

Women 'Twirl' for Empowerment at Josephines

Jordin's Paradise workout lounge took over Josephine Thursday evening to  "Empower Her World with Every Twirl."  The pole dancing cocktail party would benefit the Tigerlily Foundation for young breast cancer victims and survivors.   (Tigerlily Vice President Donna Kaufman is pretty in pink, above.)
Designers Kenny "Kas" Flanagan and Minoo Figuera helped decide the prize for best dressed.
A silent auction, pole dancing competition and best dressed competition were among the activities of the evening.
Marae, Rania and Tiffany, the newest pole dance instructor at Jordin's Paradise, plot to win the pole dancing contest.
Rania Jaziri of Jordin's Paradise organized the event to use her pole dancing lessons and skills to raise money for breast cancer victims.

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Georgetown Business Association invites ghosts to monthly reception

Halcyon House owners Benjamin Stoddert and John Dryfuss were seen passing each other in the living room.  Nevermind that the men occupied the Federal style mansion 200 years apart!

In the decades since Stoddert built his home, the Georgetown neighborhood and business community have grown, but as in the early 1800s, Georgetown's Halcyon House continues to be a center of social life...and commercial connections.

Wednesday, the Georgetown Business Association held a monthly networking reception at the historic home, complete with period personalities (Benjamin Stoddert and Abigail Adams are seen here with Betsey Johnson's Jenny Zinn).

Members and guests of the association sauntered through the spacious mansion, complete with three living rooms, a chapel and crypt, to meet, greet, and exchange ghost stories with the Halcyon House's uninitiated.  Rumored sightings of Ben Stoddert cat-napping and sobbing sounds from a sealed door believed to lead to the underground railroad were among tales told.

Current owner/occupant and famed sculptor John Dryfuss (middle photo with Allen Lewis) denied seeing or hearing any ghostly antics during his time at Halcyon, yet his eyes widened as a costumed Stoddert fell in step beside him before vanishing to talk history with guests in the hallway.

The District Dish: Shawn Westfall, DC Improv

Yes, and...

According to Shawn Westfall of Improv Tonight, those two words are the basis for all improvisational comedy.  On this episode of The District Dish, find out how one teaches improv, how it's helpful in everyday life - and stressful work situations - and how you, too, can "create the funny."

Video embed:

Kastles Owner Mark Ein on Kournikova, Williams

Celebrating at Ping Pong Dim Sum after coming off a win against the St. Louis Aces - featuring Anna Kournikova - the Kastles team leadership showed pride in their players, and a little practiced caution.  Owner Mark Ein explains how the team has stepped up in the absence of injured power player Serena Williams and what it will take to move forward toward the King Cup.

Video embed:
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Sound BITES:

"There are some comedians in Washington!"   - Daphne Ziman, Founder, Children Uniting Nations, shown below with Randy and Jermaine Jackson.

(In response to Congressman Jim McDermott's dig on the glories of California: "I'm Jim McDermott and I'm from Seattle.  That's not California!  Although I know that everything good starts in California... everything good in the world is California.")

"We are the World, We are the Children..."

Randy and Jermaine Jackson, joined by Oscar winning actress Beverly Todd, actor Quinton Aaron (Blindside), and Island Def Jam artist Abraham McDonald enjoyed a Lebanese late night at Georgetown's Neyla Restaurant on Tuesday. 

Coming together to kickoff the 5th annual Children Uniting Nations conference, the Jacksons reminisced about their own family's humble beginnings, how they plan to use their upcoming tour to help children's causes, and why their brother Michael would favor their support of Children Uniting Nations.

Video embed:
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The District Dish: Tien Wong

Capital connector Tien Wong joins The District Dish hosts at Floriana to dish on his company Opus 8, a "super angel" investor in local companies. Find out why it's named Opus 8, how they decide what's worth throwing money into, and how you can get them to throw their money at you... by watching this episode.

Video embed:

Sun Salutations for your Art & Soul

Capital Hill's Liaison Hotel has your chakra covered.  Their new Tone, Taste and Tan package may be all you need to achieve zen...along with some poolside zzz's.

Hotel guests can now take advantage of daily complementary yoga classes with (Yoga Journal cover model) Faith Hunter or one of her faithful yoginis.  Participants will relieve stress through the one hour practice of Vinyasa-flow yoga, replenish with an Art Smith inspired breakfast post workout, then rejuvenate poolside, soaking up the sun on the Liaison's rooftop. (Sounds like a staycation is in order!)

But calling up good karma, the Liaison is offering outside guests the opportunity to take advantage as well!  Starting July 25th, locals can participate in the week-end workout (food and lazy lounging) on Sundays for only $50.  Reservations required (15 fills up a class).

Get 'em while the rooftop's still hot!

Video created by Drew Xeron.  Music by Hypnotic Gurus.
Video embed:

Keeping Bubba Gump in Business

Thinking twice about savoring those Gulf shrimp?  Fighting the misconception that any Gulf Coast catch would be tainted, Hudson Restaurant taunted taste testers by smothering them in oil - olive oil - with cheese and tomato sauce, making a delicious prawn pizza pie.

Oyster cocktail shooters (ask for the Bloody BP Oyster Shooter) and cajun chicken wings were additional themed items on the menu for Hudson's healthy Gulf get-together Monday night, with specials that will continue all week.

Aaron Viles, Campaign Director for the Gulf Restoration Network was on hand from New Orleans to answer questions about how fundraising money will be used to restore the coastal wetlands, reminding supporters that capping the catastrophe was but a mini-victory for the larger mission.

Tony Horton Wants You to Be "Fit to Fight"

Calling new attention to the state of physical fitness within the U.S. military, Tony Horton, workout warrior, P90X promoter and National Press Club "Beat the Deadline" Race Marshall, stunned a luncheon crowd, telling them "Push-ups, sit-ups... those days are over!"

Before inviting the audience to join him in a workout post speech, Horton suggested that it is, instead, variety and consistence that are the keys are success.  "Four days on with three days off is counterproductive," he argued, prepping them for the the next day's 5k race.

Horton, admitting that he's not an avid runner, still managed to complete the race in *quite* respectable time.

Video embed:

Spotted: Lone Star(s) in DC

Show stars James Wolk (playing Bob Allen) and Eloise Mumford (playing Bob's leading lady Lindsay), stopped into the Capital City last week for a private viewing of Fox's new fall pilot, Lonestar.

*Khaleelah Po Rome contributed this post

Life in Plastic, it's Fantastic!

Hosts Lindsay Mask (with Kate at left), Ray Regan, Stefanie Ball and Andrew Bullion (at right) convinced cronies to get their plastic on at L2 Friday night for a Barbie and Ken Do Georgetown themed bash.
A mixture of Mattel dolls showed for the soiree, including Malibu Barbie, Tennis Ken and Skipper!

Guests enjoyed theme cocktails, an informal costume competition and picture posing in L2's Barbie and Ken boxes.

Meet the Maryland Galaxy Pageant Winners

A record five titleholders were crowned Sunday at the Miss Maryland Galaxy pageant in Rockville, a pageant which includes categories for teens, young ladies, married women and divorced/single Moms.  After competing, the winners describe their favorite portions of the competition, and give some insider dish on the pageant insanity.

Video embed:
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New York 'Strip?'

Yes, it's a strip club... but the owners of the new Stadium Club want to convince you that they have another kind of meat market. 

Side items on the club's menu include the choice of luxury cigars, limousine pick-up and "five star food" to complement your night of pole dancing nudity.  But can a Gentleman's Club go gourmet?  And does it matter?  We asked.  General Manager Jalel Azaiez answered:

Video embed:

Sponsors Get "Mighty" Generous

Congrats to winner Jessica DiRocco who not only enjoyed the FREE Svedka cocktails, but also won the raffle for a bar tab at The Mighty Pint during Thursday night's What's the Deal Happy Hour.

Sign up for WTD specials here, or check K Street Kate's sidebar for daily discounts and fun freebies.

Rooftop Rendezvous Helps Men Return to Work

TV personality Paul Wharton and PR power player Erika Gutierrez joined forces to host a rooftop rendezvous and fundraiser to celebrate nine years of helping disadvantaged men return to work.

David Washington and Jessica look forward to an informal fashion show by Jewell Green (wife of Redskin Darrell Green) and Eric Finn custom clothier.
DC Housewife Mary Amons joins anchor Will Thomas and Peggy Ioakim for the poolside party.
Jewelry designer Lisa Nik and clothing designer Aidah Fontenot lend their creativity to the cause.
The fun was also philanthropic: MenzFit provides professional interview clothes, career development and financial literacy services to male participants.

Pete stops in from San Francisco for one night to surround himself with blond and brunette babes Jennifer Barrett and Alex Naini.

Helen and David supported the cause while enjoying some cocktails.

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Is DC Honest?

Read on for a product placement opportunity turned ethics experiment...

For the past two days, unmanned pop-up shops have appeared around the city offering bottles of Honest Tea... on the honor system.

Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago have already tested their truthfulness.  (Boston was the most honest - 93.3%!!)

So, did the District cough up $1 for the cold drink or was it a free for all tea party?  Check back for hidden camera footage.

DC 93% honest!!

The District Dish: Kathie Truitt

Author Kathie Truitt sits down with The District Dish hosts to discuss her thrilling tale/memoir, False Victim.  

Pageant patty turned psychopath? Or neighbor gone nuts?  False Victim is the story that no one took seriously, until it spiraled out of control.  Truitt's main character becomes a target... and even ends up on trial for murder.

Video embed:

Snapped: Storming the Bastille en Masque

Revelers celebrated French National Day/Independence Day/Bastille Day with a booze-fueled street festival put on by L'Enfant Cafe. Partiers wore masks and sang La Marseillaise in celebration of the French national holiday

Photos available on K Street Kate's Flickr and Facebook Fan Page

And see NBC's video of the Maid's Relay Race here:

View more news videos at:

Keeping Up with (the) Jones

The 'Green' carpet was rolled out Tuesday night at Longview Gallery for Washingtonian Magazine's 2010 Green Award Winner, Green DMV.  

Spotted at the event were DC WASA Director, George Hawkins, influential in the local green movement, and Van Jones, lauded for his work toward a clean energy economy before stepping down as President Obama's Special Advisor for Green Jobs.  "Being green is about helping people," said Jones.

(Image: Green DMV Founders Rhon Hayes and Philip O'Neil with award recipient, Van Jones)

*Amber Francis contributed this post.

“It’s Not Always So Sweet”

Sisterhood, that is, joked Katherine Kallinis, with her sister Sophie LaMontagne at her side.  The cupcakes, on the other hand, are always sweet—and last night’s reception was no exception.  The champagne and mini cupcakes flowed at the Ritz-Carlton in Georgetown Tuesday as the two sisters—co-owners of DC culinary landmark Georgetown Cupcake—were joined by friends, family, and hungry media (literally!) to screen the first episode of their new reality show DC Cupcakes.

The series, which premiers this Friday on TLC, films Katherine and Sophie as they bake their way through Valentine’s Day preorders, 1000-cupcake charity centerpieces, and plenty of staff and family drama, iced with fun, charm, and of course, sugar.  It’s a tale of two women who left behind successful careers for the uncertainty of launching a small business—to pursue the American dream; and best of all, it all happens in our own backyard.

“We really hope the show gets more people interested in Georgetown and this great city,” concluded Katherine, raising a glass to an audience that included members of the TLC and Big Fish production crews.

With flavors like coconut and peanut butter chocolate, and lines out the door any day of the year, who wouldn’t be interested in tasting the world’s best cupcakes?

(Image: Katherine, mother Elaine, and Sophie)

*Jordana Merran contributed this post.

Internet Co-Founder Vint Cerf Describes the "Experiment that Never Ended"

"In 1997, it wasn't obvious that this was going to become a major global infrastructure," said Vint Cerf, one of the Fathers of the Internet.  "In fact, it wasn't even clear that it was going to work!"

The man behind why we "surf" the internet made a special appearance at a Palantir Night Live tech talk Tuesday evening to discuss "the experiment that never ended."

"I have been watching things I never anticipated - like internet embedded refrigerators and picture frames, which I at first thought sounded about as useful as an electric fork."

And he's been watching vicious hackers, organized crime and state-sponsored cyber warfare take over the tool that he helped create for useful connections.

But it's simple human error that he finds to be the worst online offender.

"The worst things that happen to the net are just dumb ass human mistakes."

Vint Cerf on surfing the net:

Video embed:
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