The District Dish: Lazarus Foundation SuperBowl Party

David Lazarus of the Lazarus Foundation details the place to BE for the SuperBowl... and to help provide scholarships to children in need!

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On Nancy Reagan: "She was thin, but she was made of steel"

Judy Woodruff with guests at the preview screening

Judy Woodruff, Senior Correspondent for PBS NewsHour, and a panel of documentary contributors shared their personal experiences with the former First Lady during the presentation of an advance screening of PBS's 'Nancy Reagan: The Role of a Lifetime' Sunday at the National Museum of American History.  
"She gave us four entire days to film an interview with her... the first of its kind ever done,"  Woodruff remarked.  "We collected so much information, it was painful to decide what to leave out!  What makes this documentary so important are the first person memories from this woman who had a front row seat to the making of history."
The documentary also shows the extent to which Nancy Reagan was involved  in the policy decisions of her husband's administration.  
"She knew how to take a punch.  She knew how to get back up... and she would knock you flat," quipped contributor Allida Black.  "She used power -- in a way that make her one of the top three most powerful First Ladies in history.  I would put her right up there with Eleanor and with Hillary."  
*'Nancy Regan: The Role of a Lifetime' airs Sunday, February 6th at 10 PM.  
** Also available on Niteside.

Hall of Fame!

The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) inducted five journalists into its Hall of Fame in a ceremony at the Newseum Thursday evening.  

The star-powered event included the following guests: Senior Advisor to President Obama, Valerie Jarrett; MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Chris Matthews, and Chuck Todd; President of NBC News Steve Capus; President and CEO of BET Debra Lee; Managing Editor NBC News', David Wilson and various Members of Congress.

Annually, NABJ pays homage to legendary black journalists who have made outstanding contributions to the industry. Over the last 20 years, NABJ has inducted over 40 journalists into the esteemed Hall of Fame, this year honoring CBS News' Ed Bradley, WGN-TV Chicago's Merri Dee, WUSA Washington's JC Hayward, The Washington Post's Eugene Robinson and KGO Newstalk San Francisco's Ray Taliaferro.  

DJ Neekola Launches Her First Album

Deejay Neekola held the launch party for her new album, Playtime, Thursday night.  Fans came from as far as Switzerland and Argentina to hear her underground sounds and dance at Adam's Morgan's District.

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The District Dish: Rich Amons' 'Man Rules'

Because we couldn't get enough of Rich Amons, we kept him on for a separate segment of "Man Rules"... who do you think he wrote THOSE for??!

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Fire & Ice Bar

Ice, ice, baby!  Starting today through the end of February, the awesomeness-on-high that in warmer times is  the Donovan House rooftop pool bar will now be a Winter Ice Bar sponsored by Russian Standard Vodka.  

Toast old man winter and stunning views of a (snow-covered) city as you warm up by the outdoor fire pits Friday and Saturday evenings from 5-10 PM.  Tell 'em K Street Kate sent ya! 

Pint for Pint: A Charitable TweetUp

by Amber Francis 

It was "Pint for Pint" night at the Mighty Pint (1831 M St. N.W.) as Sisarina hosted a DC Tweetup and blood drive in one last Tuesday evening.  

Attendees jumped at the chance for a social media meet-up with charity in the mix, making appointments to donate blood at a future time so they could get their happy hour on right away!

The Mighty Pint encouraged potential donors to give the gift of life by giving the gift of free beer -- pint for pint -- to those in attendance to who fill in the blank name tags which read: What runs through my veins is pure ______.

*Were you spotted and snapped? Photos available on K Street Kate's Facebook Fan Page!

STOMP Brings the Noise
It has swept, stamped and stomped through over 350 cities in 36 countries worldwide.  And now, for a limited engagement until January 30th, STOMP makes a spectacular return to Warner Theatre, giving an unmatched percussion performance that should not be missed.

The premise of the show -- "to create rhythmic music with instantly recognizable objects, and do it with an eccentric sense of character and humor (Steve McNicholas, co-Creator) has the cast stomping sounds out of everything, including - literally - the kitchen sink!  (Our favorite routine involved impeccable timing, strong thumbs and a lot of bic lighters.)

The combination of movement, sounds and visual comedy is most impressive with an energetic and interactive audience.   So be prepared to stomp in sync!

*Tickets, $37 - $57, available for remaining shows.

The District Dish: Rich Amons

Reality TV sidestar, Rich Amons steps into The District Dish spotlight as we find out what it was like for him while filming The Real Housewives of DC.  Not just your average House Husband, Rich shares some of his most hilarious anecdotes as we settle the question... who's the hottest?

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Nick Galifianakis Says "If You Loved Me, You'd Think This Was Cute"

Nick Galifianakis' funniest topics to cartoon and comment upon are human relationships. At a book launch party for his latest "If You Loved Me, You'd Think This Was Cute," hosted at the home of the Washington Post's Katharine Weymouth, Galifiankis dishes on what interactions he finds the most humorous - and why men might want to read up on his subjects!

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DC's Fab Nightlife Empire

by Baille Gelwicks

The Fab Empire gave a toast to DC nightlife, throwing an invitation-only cocktail party at Recess Tuesday night for those it deemed major contributors to the city's party culture.  Beyond the velvet ropes, guests enjoyed signature Belvedere cocktails while listening to the beats of DJ Heat, producer for the Big Tigger Morning Show

Fab Awards honorees included Fisayo Esconsay, Mitch Mathis, Cheeky Sasso, Taz Wube, and DTNation.

Cymbeline: A Rare Theatre Treat

by Stephanie Green
Fans of the Bard are in for a rare treat at the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Lansburgh Theatre this winter with Cymbeline, a romantic epic, so obscure that some Shakespearean scholars have never seen it on stage.
The STC is producing  this lost but not forgotten gem of a love story  for the first time in its twenty five year history, and pulled out all the stops to give its convoluted plot an otherworldly charm thanks to an intricate set design, ethereal costumes, and creative direction by Rebecca Bayla Taichman.
One is thankful for all the bells and whistles on stage because they offer some temporary relief for the headache induced by trying to keep all of Cymbeline’s facts and characters straight.  
Pay attention, here is the not so basic story line:
Cymbeline is the fictional King of Britain, whose innocent daughter, Imogen, the main heroine of the play, secretly marries her childhood commoner love, Posthumus, who is banished from Cymbeline’s kingdom.Posthumus makes a bet with the scheming Iachimo that Imogen will not betray him, despite their   separation.
Iachimo sneaks into Imogen’s bedchamber while she sleeps and steals her bracelet, which he falsely offers as proof to Posthumus that he was able to seduce her.  Overwrought with anger, Posthumus orders his servant to murder Imogen, but the servant helps her fake her death, and Imogen takes on a secret identity as a man fleeing the country for her safety.
While in disguise, she befriends two young men, who turn out to be her brothers, who had been exiled by King Cymbeline twenty years before.  After an exquisite, but bloody, war scene, in which the actors wield swords with a graceful abandon, all the characters end up back at Cymbeline’s court, kiss and make up, and live happily ever after.
"Never was a war did cease, / ere bloody hands were washed, with such a peace."
Cymbeline is not a well known play for a reason: It’s no Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet.  But if you are looking for an artsy date night for Valentine’s Day, then this play has all the magic and romance you need.
*Cymbeline runs through March 6.  Tickets $37 - $88 here.  

Arabian Nights at Arena Stage

"In ancient Baghdad, a courageous young girl postpones her execution by weaving magical tales for the troubled king. Genies and jesters, lovers and thieves spring to life from Scheherazade's imagination – allowing her to win the king's heart even as she secures her freedom..."

Arena Stage rolls out the Persian carpets for "Arabian Nights," Middle Eastern tales of temptation, sexuality and infidelity adapted from "The Book of One Thousand Nights and One Night."   Mary Zimmerman wrote and directed this mesmerizing two and a half hour show, now on view at Arena's theatre in the round in association with Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Kansas City Repertory Theatre and the Lookingglass Theatre Company.  It features delicates dances - both in the characters' physical movements and in sidestepping a potentially horrible fate.

Though it is the cliffhangers that keep Scheherazade alive, it is the comedy - and improvised pop culture cues - that make "Arabian Nights" a must see.  Historical and hilarious, the funny fables will leave you laughing with lessons learned - and Scheherazade's life! 

*"Arabian Nights" runs through February 20th.  Tickets and info here

You're Invited: SUPERBOWL @ 19th

Game on!  The Packers and the Steelers are bringing the heat... and we've got your hot party to catch all of the action.

Join the Lazarus Foundation for its 1st Annual Super Bowl event at 19th on Sunday, February 6th, 5-11 PM.  

It's about more than ultimate bragging rights.  Take advantage of the open bar, buffet eats, spectacular silent auction memorabilia (including an autographed Steelers football!), and the football game showdown you've been waiting for, all to benefit the Lazarus Foundation's educational scholarship programs.  

Get your tickets in advance here (or click on the ad in our sidebar) before our limited number sell out!

Prada Preview

Shoppers were invited to a preview and Spring Resort Trunk Show for Prada at Saks, Tysons Corner last weekend.

CityShopGirl's Kelly Collis, WJLA's Brandis Griffith Friedman and TBD's Laura Chavez were among those who took in the new collection of handbags, shoes and ready-to-wear -- while RiEN Online's Ryan Charchian registered to win a $450 Prada gift card.

The District Dish: DJ Neekola

DJ Neekola, one of DC's most popular female DJ's, dishes with The District Dish hosts about her new album and the upcoming release party at District.  Watch out David Guetta!

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Suspicious Package Blows Up at National Press Club

Members of the band Suspicious Package

A lineup of musical media acts performed Friday night in Journopalooza III, a cutthroat - and charitable - competition for the title of "DC’s Best Media Band," won by Suspicious Package, made up of Plumb Concepts' Tim Burger, Washington Post's Tom Toles, LATimes' Josh Meyer, HUD's Bryan Greene and USTR's Christina Sevilla.

A repeat performance for the group, this year's Journopalooza was the biggest yet, and marked the first that a winner was announced.

 "There were seven different bands and each sounded good and was fun in its own way, so it was a real honor to win," said Suspicious Package heartthrob Tim Burger (center).

"You never know how something like that will turn out for one individual band, and it's hard to know if the stage monitors reflect what the audience is hearing when you're on. But it felt like we hit a pretty good groove and the sound guys had done a nice setup and mixing job, so overall we had a good night. But what obviously made it for us, getting us pumped up and in the pocket, were our loyal friends and fans who showed in force -- and we thank them!"

And Burger shared the credit all around for Journopalooza's winning night.  "It helped all the bands that organizer Christina Davidson ran a tight ship -- and Nobody's Business guitarist Jon Landay meticulously mapped out the staging and equipment sharing -- and kept things pretty well on schedule, [which was] no easy task with the logistical quagmire such events present...Thanks to her and everyone else's efforts, we're told that the event raised about $34,000 for charity and NPC programs, so that makes it all worthwhile and everyone wins!"

You're Invited: DJ Neekola Launches 1st Album

Thursday, January 27, 2011, 9:00 PM, DC's own sexy spinmaster DJ Neekola will release her first album, "Playtime," at District (2473 18th St. NW), showcasing playful tunes mixed with her unique underground sound.

DJ Neekola will be welcomed by an opening set by J-Punch and a runway fashion presentation by Cantiore Avant Garde Collection.  Around midnight, she'll take to the stage with Rex Riot to perform "Playtime" and other singles from the newly released album, which will be available on Amazon.

*A portion of the evenings proceeds will benefit the Greater Washington Fashion Chain of Commerce.

Tickets, $15 in advance, available here.

Ravens' Rice Makes Birthday Wish at DC's Lux Lounge

Rice parties at Lux Lounge
Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice didn't want to celebrate his birthday in B'more this year.  Instead, he marked some new territory in the District, announcing that he would be celebrating his 24th at a Capital City hotspot... and taking suggestions from his Twitter followers on exactly where he should blow out those candles. 

Rice and his party posse, which included Ravens teammates and rapper Jim Jones, ended up at Lux Lounge.

Apprentice Finalist Gets Nude

Everyone was getting Nude at Josephine late last week.  Steuart Martens, finalist on the latest Apprentice series and owner of Tradewinds Specialty Imports, treated a cocktail crowd to his newest distribution offering, Nude Vodka, with an open bar including specialty sips the "Playmate" and "Skinny Dip."

What's next for the enthusiastic entrepreneur? Martens tells us he's "working on a new TV show as we speak."

DC's Foodie Fans

Denise and Amy
Michael and Dawn 
It's not enough to be just a foodie anymore.  Now, to get the goods, you have to be a foodie fan as well!

Free Pizza!
Joining in on the latest trend of Facebook Fan receptions, DC's International Food & Wine Festival held a reception Thursday evening for only those who had 'click committed' to participate in the weekend food fest - or at least to be a fan of it.

Offering the festival's1,700+ Facebook fans complimentary drinks and snacks at Aria Restaurant was only the first in a series of events leading up to the big weekend of wine and nibbles, to be held February 10 - 13th.

The District Dish: Dawn Sylvia-Staciewicz

Our condolences to the family and loved ones of Dawn Sylvia-Staciewicz, who passed away just days after filming with The District Dish hosts. In this episode, hear about how she came to train the "First Dog," Bo Obama, why she believed that positive reinforcement is truly the only way to change behavior, and how you can donate in her memory to the APDT Foundation.

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Local Notables Evaluate Eden's New "Green Room"

Andre Wells and Chad Booker

After an extensive renovation, Eden opened its new first floor "Green Room" this week, inviting local notables to experience a completely tech-orated lounge, complete with digitally generated waterfalls, woods and a virtual koi pond. 

David Cronin and
Andre de Moya
Tempted by the invitation of an open bar soiree, what really brought in the crowd was their curiosity of the venue's au naturale new appearance. 

Mayor Vincent Gray's son, Carlos Gray, seemed content with the indoor outdoor theme, while Republic National Distributing Company's David Cronin was admittedly  "surprised at how they pulled it off."  Redskins' dentist Alex Naini "loved the whole thing," especially seeing the virtual koi scatter as she set her drink on the bar.  And distinguished event organizer Andre Wells, perhaps the harshest critic at the VIP unveiling, gave the venue a noble nod, describing the creative decor as "cute" -- and lingering for a few extra cocktails.

*Also available on Niteside.

Wolfgang Puck's Menu for a Promising New Year

K Street Kate reader Lilly Harris (at left with Wolfgang Puck) was part of a "spectacular evening orchestrated by...Nick Owens," last night at The Source, where Puck himself prepared a five course wine paired meal to commemorate the year of the rabbit.  "We sat in the same seats that were occupied by the POTUS and FLOTUS the night before.  The chef was very gracious and signed three books for me... we even talked about his menu, and about wine, and my recent trip to Mendoza."

Though it is the year of the rabbit, nobody was eating like one!  After drooling over a meal of whole steamed black bass, roasted rabbit loin and szechuan filet, Harris and the other guests finished off the feast with Golden Pineapple Sticky Cake, which, according to custom, is fed to the Chinese kitchen god so that he will report favorably on a family's behavior.

Social Media Spin at Public Bar

The social media savvy gathered for some non-virtual visitation Wednesday night at Public Bar, enjoying cocktails and conversations offline. For many, it was the first time they had met their Twitter and Facebook friends in person!

For Dr. Mark Drapeau (@Cheeky_Geeky), Peter Corbett (@Corbett3000) Chelsey Christensen (@chelseydc), Lisa Byrne (@DCEventJunkie) and Melanie Spring (@Sisarina), it was more of a reunion and social media rally.

Hiding away the mobile phone was the purpose of the evening - though exchanging twitter handles and checking into Foursquare got attendees a pass. Instead, spins of the social media wheel determined the drink specials of the hour, and connecting happened the good old fashioned way.

Check out more photos from the night on K Street Kate's Facebook Fan Page!

*Gallery also available on Niteside.

Our Social Success Soiree

Both BASHful and BOASTful!  The Washington Post announced K Street Kate DC's favorite "Social Butterfly" (#DCTweeps) and Glamour Magazine named K Street Kate a magazine "Glambassador," so Kate threw a BOAST BASH Tuesday, January 18th at The Mighty Pint.  Guests toasted KSK's social success with $5 16 oz cocktails and special Svedka flavored features of the "awards" while noshing on kater-tots, dancing to favorite tunes and dressing up for the Svedka BOT Video Booth.

Be our Facebook Fan and check out all of the event photos!

The District Dish: Dr. Harshad Sanghvi/JHPIEGO

This local development organization is doing global good - helping women and their children with health concerns in developing countries.  Dr. Harshad Sanghvi explains some of JHPIEGO's innovations, including the "extreme affordability project."

Video embed:

Miss DC Dishes After Miss America

Just days ago, Stephanie WilliamsMiss D.C. 2010, competed in the Miss America pageant in Las Vegas.   Now, the beauty Queen is settling back into her scrubs - returning to life in DC as a third-year medical student at the George Washington University School of Medicine.  But just how was her time in Vegas?!  
How was your Miss America experience?
My experience at Miss America was incredible. I made friends and memories I will have for a lifetime.
What did you think of Miss Nebraska [Miss America winner Teresa Scanlan] during the week of competition? 
She was very sweet all during our stay in Vegas. She is very bright and talented. I hope she has an outstanding year.
How did you feel when the top 15 were called? 
I was disappointed when I was not called as part of the top 15, but very proud of the job I had done representing our nation's capital.
Were you pleased with the winner? 
She is a great girl.... I expect she will be an excellent spokesperson for the Miss America brand.
What are your plans now? 
I get the privilege of being Miss D.C. until June. After my reign, I plan on finishing medical school.

*Also available on Niteside.

Enjoy Your Round, Bar Golf & Beers 1/2 Price

So, What's the Deal?  Click this link for 1/2 off at 19th Bar (and even more on Sundays)!*

This themed sports pub at the corner of 19th & I Streets NW is not only the go-to golf escape of DC's financial district, it's also home to what has to be the city's longest Happy Hour (11 - 8 PM).  Trivia Tuesdays, Karaoke Wednesdays... and always, the chance to perfect your line drive (with your drink) while working the swing simulator.  A hole-in-one!

*K Street Kate works in partnership with WTD to bring you great discounts on local experiences.

Let Them See Cake!

As though reinvigorated by last September’s fire, which forcibly closed its oldest gallery spaces, the Phillips Collection gleamed with pride and excitement this weekend, offering the public two days of free admission and flowing champagne to celebrate the grand reopening of the original Phillips house and “ninety years of new” as DC’s oldest art museum.

A kick-off to the museum’s year-long anniversary celebration, the weekend event featured a special exhibit of nine “cakes of art,” inspired by pieces from the collection and baked by local-area pastry chefs. On Saturday alone, nearly three-thousand people waited in lines curled around the block to see the cakes, and the museum’s myriad of contemporary gems.

“It reminded me a little [scarily] of the MOMA on the weekends,” joked Chair George Vradenburg at a cocktail party Saturday night. Joined by an audience of donors, patrons, artists, ambassadors, and other guests, he and Director Dorothy Kosinksi reiterated the Phillips’ “spirit of open-minded, interdisciplinary and collaborative inquiry,” and officially welcomed two twenty-foot Howard Hodgkin prints to the collection—a birthday gift, of sorts. 

Following the remarks, guests meandered through the halls, sipping on champagne or Cointreau-infused hot chocolate, taking in dumplings, truffles, and gorgeous landscape paintings, confirming that while the Phillips may be old, it still knows how to party.

'Van Wilder's' Comedy Censored

by Amber Francis

It's a good thing that no children accompanied their parents to the McLean offices of a national technology company Monday night, as the web development firm hosted comedian Bert Kreischer for a night full of adult content and politically incorrect jokes during a 'Night Live' event.

The comedian, whose life was the honest-to-goodness basis for the movie Van Wilder, shared stories of everything from his parenting experiences to his Russian traveling adventures in this exclusive event held just after Kreisher's short series at the DC Improv.

No subject was off limits - and no one in the crowd could limit their laughter - especially as individuals from the crowd started to join Bert as shirtless comedians. (*Pictures had to be censored since Kreisher performed most of his act with his shirt off, although, not to the insult of the attendees!)   

Movement & Martinis

Capitol Movement's 6th Annual Winter Fundraiser and Silent auction gathered the who's who of Washington DC at Dirty Martini late last week to enjoy  cocktails, network, gather with friends and bid on a silent auction items...all for a child to "Live...Dream...Dance!"

To fulfill its mission of a better District of Columbia, CMI partners with community organizations to offer free or reduced-cost dance education to low-income neighborhoods, leveling the playing field in dance for those that have money for excellent training and those that do not.

The CMI organization provides at-risk youth with traveling classrooms and mentors and offers scholarships to deserving youth to pursue their dreams in dance. In return, scholarship recipients are required to commit to giving back to the D.C. community.

Senator Mark Warner, Redskin Cheerleaders and Wizard Dancers were among those who attended to support the growing organization.

*Gallery of photos available on Niteside.

Big Names Break Bread Over Big Issues

Photo credit:
Olympic Legend Carl Lewis, NBA All-Star Dikembe Mutombo, Chef Barton Seaver and Media maven Arianna Huffington sat down together at the Newseum for a Sunday Supper just prior to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  

In honor of the 25th anniversary of this remembrance day, DC Central Kitchen and the Points of Light Institute/Hands on Network gathered the group for a mealtime dialogue concerning national issues, from hunger to homelessness, poverty, bullying, etc.  

They also encouraged DC residents to engage in similar intentional dialogues over "Sunday Suppers."  

"We're taking ideas on thin paper and putting [them] into thick action."  

The District Dish: James Cornwell

PR @ Partners' James Cornwell rounds out The District Dish's New Year/New You segments with tips, tricks and trends for your tresses in 2011.

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STOMP Gets 'Social" at Safeway

by Baille Gelwicks
Last week, Georgetown's "Social" Safeway shoppers were privy to a sneak preview of the internationally acclaimed hit show STOMP. For a little under six minutes, four cast members from the show shook, rattled and rolled the grocery store aisle, using no more than your ordinary random items off the store shelves. 

If you missed the performance you're still in luck!  You can see STOMP's full show at the Warner Theater January 29-30. Tickets here. Mention "Hunger" when ordering to direct $5 from your purchase to the Capital Area Food Bank.

Video embed:

A 'Common' Commotion

by Evan Ibrahim

Smith-Commons (1245 H St. NE) - anything but common - is the Atlas Arts District's hottest addition, a neighborhood nosh spot setting itself apart in the up and coming H Street corridor. 

The revamped venue serves uncommonly comfortable cuisine with a cozy atmosphere to match.  Check out the bar on each of its three levels, with inviting high-back couches and fireplaces in the public rooms, while drooling over Executive Chef Frederik De Pue's internationally inspired menu. (May we recommend the Duck Leg Confit, or a side of Mac and Cheese?)    

But food is not the only draw to Smith-Commons Dining Room & Public House.  You won't want to miss “Smith Hour” (actually 5-7 PM) which features $5 favorites from a long list of wine, craft beers, specialty cocktails, and small plates served throughout the venue Tuesday - Friday.  

Tell 'em K Street Kate sent you!

LDC Gets a Spa Soiree

LDC Founder Lindsay Mask explains how members of the all-female professional group came together at L2 Lounge for a pampering event that had "everything a girl could want" including that fresh spa scent.

Video embed:
*Also available on Niteside.

The District Dish: Rachel Machacek

There a science to being single?  In her new book, "The Science of Single," author Rachel Machacek explains how she systematically went about trying to find love in the nation's Capital - and her lessons learned are entertainment for everyone.

Video embed:

18th Annual NBC Health & Fitness Expo

This weekend's annual NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo features a FREE and interactive learning environment for participants to plan for their personal health, including screenings and some exciting sightings!

Among other attractions, attendees will have chance to meet "30 Rock" actor Grizz Chapman and Redskins players Reed Doughty and Lorenzo Alexander at the National Kidney Foundation exhibit.

Check it out Saturday and Sunday (January 15-16) 9 AM - 5 PM each day at the Washington Convention Center.

Kate Marie Grinold Advocates for National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

A series of events took place in DC Tuesday night to feature National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, including a staged reading of Body & Sold, a play depicting the stories of 10 victims of human trafficking, at the Kennedy Center.

Among those educating and inspiring awareness about this human rights issue was Kate Marie Grinold, Miss DC 2008, who took the issue to Miss America as her platform and now works full-time for the cause as the Development Director for Fair Fund.

"Body & Sold is a creative way to educate theater goers on the issue, raising awareness of trafficking and advocating for victims everywhere.  The most important message I hope to spread today is that trafficking occurs at home, in the United States, in Washington, DC." 

*Also available on Niteside.

What Miss DC is Wearing at Miss America

Wanna know what Miss DC 2010, Stephanie Williams is wearing during Miss America week?  Watch this video from her send-off celebration at the Institute of World Politics and join us as we wish her the best of luck!

Video embed:

DCWEEK 2011 Dates Announced

DCWEEK (Digital Capital Week) is a festival in the US capital focused on bringing together designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and social innovators of all kinds.  Over 10,000 people are expected to participate in 100s of distributed events (conferences, parties, projects, showcases, etc.) during this weeklong brainchild of the innovative iStrategyLabs and Tech Cocktail
Last year, the opening and closing parties had a particularly large draw - bringing together a mix of culture clubbers and tech-centric trendsetters.  The first 2,000 registrants get to participate FREE.  Check it out here. 

Join Us for K Street Kate's BOAST BASH

K Street Kate got some accolades, so you get some awesomeness!

Join us for a BOAST BASH on Tuesday, January 18, from 6-9 PM at one of our very favorite hang-outs... The Mighty Pint! 

We're gonna be toasting with $5 16 oz cocktails and special Svedka flavored features of the "awards" we won, along with $2 PBRs and 1/2 PRICE KATER-TOTS !!!! 

And we'll all be jumping into the Svedka BOT Video Booth to commemorate the celebration. Because we're BOT, we're BOT, and we know it :) 

*The Washington Post announced K Street Kate DC's favorite "Social Butterfly" (#DCTweeps) and Glamour Magazine named K Street Kate a magazine "Glambassador." Let's party!!!

The District Dish: Nycci Nellis

What do local foodies have to look forward to in 2011?  "The List: Are You On It?'s" Nycci Safier Nellis shares trends for the year's most enticing eats.

Video embed:

Our #1 Online Shopping Secret

Sometimes our online shopping addiction has us wishing we'd paid more attention in economics, but there's this one theory (now an online application!) that's really paying off!

Invisible Hand, 100% free, saves time and money - and truly opens the market for your own self interest... the lowest prices.  The application remains invisible until it finds a product you're searching for, then alerts you when the items can be bought elsewhere for less, linking directly to the product page at the competing retailer.

Use Invisible Hand for sales and shopping stealth - it even knows the price when the retailer tries to hide it.

Sweet Charity at Sweet 16

Ginuwine gives Cypress a birthday kiss
Photo credit: Dave Phillipich
R&B star Ginuwine and rapper Sole (Tonya Lumpkin) hosted their daughter Cypress Lee's Sweet 16 birthday party at Eden Saturday night.  

Though she claimed it didn't really feel "all that different" to be another year older, the young lady made a mature decision, asking her guests for donations, in lieu of gifts, to benefit the Somaly Mam Foundation.  Over $2,000 was raised.  

"My Mom had a book on [the foundation] and I read it for school and really liked it.  It brings awareness and tries to fight child sex slavery in Cambodia.  I realized how fortunate I am -- and wanted to give back. Besides, I didn't really need anything."

As she blew out her 16 candles and made her wish, Cypress was serenaded a cappella by her Dad singing a "Happy Birthday" song.

*Also available on Niteside.

Annual No Pants Metro Ride

The No Pants Metro Ride, a global event started by Improv Everywhere in New York in 2002 and supported locally by, took place in DC Sunday afternoon (1.9.10).

Participants de-pants'd at 3 PM at the L'Enfant Metro and then dispersed throughout the rails, pantless, to act as if nothing was the matter.  Some 500-1,000 people participated.

Video embed:

Late Nite Appetite

It can be hard to find nosh spots when you're a DC night owl.  But we've got the goods on where you can find some late night grub that's a '10' - even when you're out after 10! 

Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar (801A 9th Street, NW) serves their full selection of ceviches, and a variety of "piqueos" Fridays and Saturdays until 1 AM

Current (1215 Connecticut Ave) your go-to sushi spot, keeps rolling even while the party's rocking upstairs. Tuesday - Thursday dinner is served until 11, Friday and Saturday until Midnight.

Zaytinya (701 9th Street, NW) invites you for dining diversity - Greek, Turkish and Lebanese cuisine - Tuesday - Thursday evenings until 11:30 PM.   Check out the $4 selected mezze and $4 Pom-Fili specials in that last hour.

At AGAINN, (1099 New York Avenue, NW) a "Pub Grub" menu highlights the cuisine of the British Isles on Fridays from 2:30 PM to 11:30 PM and Saturdays from 5 PM to 11:30 PM. We've heard you should try the Virginia Grass-Fed Beef Burger or the Pint of Atlantic Prawns.

Dubbed one of the "Best New Restaurants in America" by Esquire magazine last November, Bibiana Osteria-Enoteca (1100 New York Ave, NW) has a late night menu available on Friday and Saturday from 11 PM to 12 AM.

Three kinds of freshly shucked oysters are only $1 from 11 to Midnight at Hank’s Oyster Bar (1624 Q Street NW and 1026 King Street) on Friday and Saturdays (from mid-March through mid-Fall).

Have a Latin-Asian late night at Masa 14 (1825 14th Street, NW) with food and drinks specials available Sunday through Thursday from 11 PM to 12 AM and Friday and Saturday from 11 PM to 2 AM.

Black’s Bar and Kitchen (Woodmont Avenue, Bethesda) has your late night fix every Thursday from 10 PM to 11 PM, Friday and Saturday from 11 PM to 12 Midnight. 
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