That's Why It's Called the Washington INTERNATIONAL Horse Show

Brit Nick Skelton took top honors, a $100,000 purse and ultimate bragging rights after the Washington International Horse Show that took place at the Verizon Center last week/end. 

The Olympic veteran, riding mount Carlo 273, not only won the President's Cup Grand Prix with its grand monetary prize, but also wowed the crowd with a jump of 7' on Unique to clear the Puissance Wall and captured the speed class prize on the same steed.

This was the first year that equestrian enthusiasts around the world could watch this World Cup qualifier, a truly international event, that is a peak stop in the Fall and a fixture of the North American indoor council.  Showing the Show over live webcast, viewers could get in on all of the competitive action... though they missed out on some of the excitement that defines this big final galloping through the heart of the big city.

Further highlights of the Horse Show included:
  • Chase Boggio finishing 1st in Saturday's Equitation Finals with horse Massamo
  • Friday's edible jump over a tower of Georgetown Cupcakes
  •  private VIP dining in the "Fidelity Investment Club"
  •  a Show partnership with the National Museum of the American Indian  
  •  book signings, shopping and musical entertainment!

Halloween Horrors and Happenings: Night at the Newseum

by Jordana Merran

If you’re still trying to find Waldo we’ve got a lead: he - and about thirty of his identical twins - were seen roaming the dance floor at Brightest Young Things’ Night at the Newseum IV Halloween Party last Friday night at the Newseum.

This year hosted “in 3D” (guests were handed 3D glasses to watch skeleton and lightning animations projected on a huge screen), the sold-out party packed the six-story venue with zombies, M&Ms, cheerleaders, muppets and more. Budding meteorologist pirates and Pac Man ghosts delivered weather forecasts at the Newseum’s mock television news studios, while Che Guevara and Muammar Gaddafi mingled at multiple cash bars (there was even one IN an elevator!). Ladybugs and bumblebees jammed into a Halloween photo booth,80s rockers rocked the ping pong tables, and the rest of the motley crowd danced to music spun by DJs Questlove, Woolfy and Adrian Loving.

The one let-down? There wasn’t a single candy bar at the scene! Luckily, though, you've still got tonight to satisfy that sweet tooth. Happy Halloween!

Tory Burch Admits Favorite Politico at Tysons Fashion Philanthropy Party

by Casey Valerie Linsey

The old adage says not to talk politics in polite society. Here in our nation's Capital, that advice is obviously thrown out the window!  

In a special DC appearance at her Tyson's Galleria boutique, fashion designer and businesswoman Tory Burch named her favorite politician to a well-heeled crowd of admirers on Thursday evening.

"If someone asks who I admire in politics, I'd say Valerie Jarrett! She's an inspiration to me and to all women." In turn, President Obama's special adviser and Chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls happily returned the compliment. "You are my hero and a role model for philanthropy around the world. You show people that you can do well and do good!"

An exclusive list of Washington's fashionistas including NBC's Angie Goff, Dr. Elena Allbritton, Catherine Reynolds and CBS White House correspondent Norah O'Donnell met with the designer during the cocktail reception. Proceeds from the evening benefited the Rebecca Project, a human rights organization that advocates for vulnerable women and girls in the US and Africa.

Spotted & Snapped: See more pictures from the event on our Facebook page!

Jennifer Beals Honors the Promise, Talks Prevention

At a star-studded event at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Friday evening, Susan G. Komen for the Cure® paid tribute to leaders in the fight against breast cancer and honored Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker's promise to her dying sister that she would do everything in her power to end the disease.

"All of us know someone," admitted Jennifer Beals, who was among the Hollywood stars in attendance to present the evening’s Awards of Distinction at a program which featured performances by singer Natasha Bedingfield, Grammy Award-winning violinist Miri Ben-Ari, opera singer Denyce Graves-Montgomery, and more.

"One of the problems is that the notion of cancer has been so normalized," said the actress best known for her roles as Alexandra Owens in the 1983 film Flashdance, and as Bette Porter on The L Word.

"You hear about it so often, and it's not ok... it's not ok to normalize this disease. And with all of the pinkwashing that goes on --where companies are selling products based on breast cancer month -- it's a lovely gesture, but consumers get so used to it that it becomes more normal."

And she argued for a dual focus for cure and prevention -- "We need to talk about potential environmental causes, because that's something we can do something about immediately."

"I'm not a scientist. I can donate money, I can help raise awareness.. and what I can definitely do in a more immediate sense is to not buy products that have known carcinogens in them."
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The Tragedy of Othello, Now at the Folger

Janie Brookshire as Desdemona and Owiso Odera as Othello
with the cast of Shakespeare's Othello
Credit: ©Carol Pratt/Folger Theatre
 by Stephanie Green

“...I kiss'd thee ere I kill'd thee: no way but this; Killing myself, to die upon a kiss."

Those are the diabolical famous last words of one of Shakespeare’s most tragic heroes, Othello, whose tale is brought to stirring life at the Folger Theatre through December 4.

Othello (Owiso Odera) believes his wife Desdemona, played by the dainty blonde Janie Brookshire, is an adulteress, and in the end, strangles her in bed, rendering her one of the Bard’s most innocent victims.  And he is led down this path of murderous rage by the scheming Iago, whose cunning is played to perfection by Ian Merrill Peakes

It's the tale of the "kiss of death," with an electric performance by actors whose chemistry and physical dissimilarities provide a palpable force in their more intimate scenes together, all amplified by a Turkish set design, haunting music, rich oriental rugs, and belly dancers.  But the best reason to see Othello may just be how it works through the themes of racism, love, jealousy and betrayal to make it one of the best shows at the Folger in the past year.

Moby's Kindness Gets Physical, Photographic

Moby and Kindness Colelctive Founder Amber McDonald
Credit Gracy Obuchowicz of Houndstooth Photography
DC's kindest were treated to a sneak peek exhibit of Moby photography and acoustic song Thursday afternoon as the celeb singer brought his Destroyed tour to the launch of The Kindness Collective

Moby, an outspoken supporter of veganism and animal rights, played and for such like-minded attendees as Elizabeth Kucinich, Director of Public Affairs for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and wife of Congressman and Dennis Kucinich; Executive Director of Compassion Over Killing Erica Meier; and bestselling author and President and Co-Founder of Farm Sanctuary Gene Baur, who noshed on vegan foods from Elizabeth’s Gone Raw, sipped Vegan Vine wines and Chocolate City Beer and left with a "cruelty-free" gift bag.

Working at the intersection of human and animal welfare - thus, enter Moby, The Kindness Collective and Founder Amber McDonald have dedicated its first major initiative to focusing on the pets of domestic violence survivors.  (Up to 40% of domestic violence victims report that they are unable to escape their abusers because they fear for their pets when they leave.)  The Kindness Collective hopes to bring an end to abuse by negotiating shelter for both victims and their companion pets at abuse assistance housing.

The launch event and Moby concert was held at The Montserrat House, an art gallery and experimental performance space created by Thievery Corporation's Eric Hilton.  Moby’s photography remains on public display thru November 5, 2011.

Introducing DC Style File!

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Bachelor Pad's Michelle Money Credits Social Media as Her "Savior'

Among those sporting the blue ribbon and promoting colon cancer awareness with Chris4Life Wednesday night at the Decatur House was one seriously social Bachelorette.  As it turns out, Michelle Money, famous for her time on The Bachelor and The Bachelor Pad, is still living large online.

"Chris4Life heard about me through the Bachelor Pad.   I think they saw the episode where I was talking about my Father and his struggle with colon cancer, and they actually reached out through a Tweet," said the starlet, who flew in from Utah to attend the cause's Blue Hope Bash.  

 "At that time, my Father had recently passed away and I was very eager to get on board with anyone related to the cause."

Money explained how she has used her social media circles both to handle the grieving process and begin to give back to cause-related organizations in the just ten short weeks since his passing.  

"It's amazing how much support I have on Twitter.  Not only have I had people praying for me and giving me advice, but I've been able to connect with doctors and get really great advice about the mourning process. Honestly, Twitter has been a savior for me."

But she admits that her willingness to share deeply personal posts can cause some drama.  

"I am very open about everything in my life, and I think that...if I had never connected with people about my Father's passing, I would never be here,'  she says as she looks around the room of Chris4Life supporters.   

"I don't take things personally at all, but every now and then you get tweets about ridiculous things. Like last week, this girl had the audacity to accuse me over Twitter of using my Dad to get famous. I wish I could remember her handle, because I'd love to call her out for this!"

The social media scrimmage was all out war in the making, but Money kept her cool... and concentrated on the colon. 

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"A Night in Old Havana" with Innocents at Risk

Last week, the Mayflower Hotel took a trip back in time to A Night in Old Havana,with Debbie Sigmund and team greeting guests as part of Innocents at Risk's exciting evening of Cuban-inspired cocktails, food, entertainment, and dancing. The Stand Up for Children Gala featured celebrity singer Gabriela Ferrer and the Miami Sound Machine while bringing together the who’s who of Washington with those dedicated to fight the commercial exploitation of children.

*All photos credit: Becky Siegel for K Street Kate

Dead Men Walking... Celebrate Halloween at Congressional Cemetery

by Stephanie Green

Looking for a good spook this Saturday without the gratuitous gore and debauchery found at so many Halloween parties?  Have your hair stand on end at the Congressional Cemetery’s annual Ghosts and Goblets Soiree, where tricks and treats abound for history buffs... and those looking to celebrate the holiday with fellow Washingtonians long departed.

Before the bones, there are bites and beverages.  As its name suggests, Ghosts and Goblets offers a fair share of libations as well as tasty treats provided by the restaurants of Barracks Row.  Then, while sipping your cider, guests embark on a haunting lantern tour of the capital’s most illustrious graveyard  -- as actors (portraying some of the more colorful characters RIP’ing there) greet you by their tombs and tell you their stories.

Beware: the centuries old cemetery, now the haunted home of more than a few presidents, members of congress, and other figures from the annals of American politics, also churns out spooky sounds from its historic chapel organ.  

Sound so chilling you're turning chicken??  Don't let those goosebumps get to you.  The evening is more fun than frightful -- and totally appropriate for the young... and young at heart.  Tickets are $ 75 per person.

25th Annual High Heel Drag Queen Race

Meet some of the costumed characters of the High Heel Drag Queen Race, a 25 year tradition, which returned to DC's Dupont Circle neighborhood Tuesday night.  Thousands of spectators flocked to see costumed drag queens in elaborate get-up racing down 17th Street -- an annual pre-Halloween parade!

Check out KSK's photos from the High Heel Race here!

Video embed:

TMZ Founder, Harvey Levin: "Every day when I walk into my office, I walk in scared."

National Press Club President Mark Hamrick described it as the digital duopoly of the "glittery and grimy," but TMZ Founder Harvey Levin insisted his #1-in-the-world entertainment news site/TV show/radio program/celebrity bus tour empire is actually "aggressive, but we've figured out a way of doing it that is relevant to what is going on today... [As a nation] we have our eyes on the wrong thing a lot, but it's not limited to celebrity."

Speaking at the Press Club's renowned speakers series, Levin spoke about how he's managing "an industry in trouble" and creating a workable niche. "I bet Tom Brokaw is not gonna talk about Lindsay Lohan in the morning!" he laughed in reference to the upcoming luncheon schedule.    

"Every day when I walk into my office, I walk in scared about what's happening to the business.  But I don't run scared looking at others.  I run scared of myself... In five years, this will be a radically different business, and my effort is being spent on blending the elements."  Blending... and building trust.  "Trust is the biggest thing."

He admits he's also spending time preparing for a TMZ DC, and a relocation to the Beltway may be in his future.  "It's gonna happen, someday.  I want to do TMZ DC more than anything... but I realized it will require me to be here for a while."  Politicos, prepare to mind your Ps and Qs!

Cooking, Entertaining, Boxing... and Jacques Pepin Skyping

Sure he can whip up an impeccable classic French omelette, but can he Skype?!  Jacques Pepin, the legendary French Chef and television personality, joined media types at PS7's Restaurant Monday evening as they previewed the upcoming Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show (Nov 5-6)

Pepin, Paula Deen, Giada De Laurentiis and Guy Fieri headline the show at the Washington Convention Center, which features all aspects surrounding food -- from making it to meeting up around it.  As explained Monday night, guests will taste items fresh off the James Beard Cooking Stage, judge the National Beef Cook-Off, shop from over 400 specialty food exhibitors, and meet the authors of their favorite bestselling cookbooks.

A beer, wine and spirits pavilion highlighting local mixologists is also sure to be a showstopper according to the evening's preview, and especially if the boxing gloves come out from behind the bar (It's a crush cocktail competition: Check out the video here!) Gina Chersevani and Owen Thompson allowed attendees advance sips of their best spirit concoctions. 

Pepin - though present in more than spirit himself - had to talk food more than taste it.  "I'm going to cook with my daughter [at the show]... we'll make a ragout of mushrooms with polenta and a little steak and glazed carrots, and crepe suzette..." he tempted.  "And I'll go see Michel [Richard] and eat with him and cook with him," he said of his French compatriot (also in attendance at the preview), who was later questioned about who may be the better Chef.  

"Oh, Jacques, for sure!  He has more experience.  I've only been cooking for 50 years!"

Big K.R.I.T, RedBull and the Rapper Emcees

RedBull EmSee, a rap battle series designed to find the best freestylers in the country, stopped on its eight city tour at The Fillmore Monday night. Up-and-comer Big K.R.I.T - an event judge and performer - explains how participants came up with hard-hitting verses straight off the dome based on visual cues and themes text messaged to screen.

Video embed:

Kerry (Washington) Comes for Cupcakes

Award-winning actress, and George Washington University alum, Kerry Washington will be sharing some frosting with fans this Saturday in Georgetown.  The sweet meet-and-greet is to take place at Sprinkles Cupcakes from 3:00-5:00 p.m.

Her appearance kicks off a nine-day event benefiting Americans for the Arts, a leading organization for advancing the arts/arts education. From October 29 to November 6, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Sprinkles Red Velvet cupcakes will be donated to the cause.

WIHSful Thinking: Win Tix to the Washington Int'l Horse Show

An equestrian tradition since 1958, the Washington International Horse Show is the country's leading metropolitan indoor horse show and the pinnacle of the equestrian year, with leading riders (including Olympic medalists) and incredible horses.  More than 500 horses will compete in show jumping, hunter and equitation events during the six day show ... and you can be there, too!  

Tickets available here, but your chance to win a pair of tickets to the show, click here to send in your answer to this question:
The standing North American indoor Puissance (high jump) record of 7 feet 7 1/2 inches was set at Washington in 1983 by which horse and rider?
*This contest is sponsored by the WIHS.  Tickets valid for any one day of the Show, subject to availability.  

Pink Party!

It was an overpour of pink: dresses, decorations, candy, drinks... even the men's hair! Cate Minotti of Lipstick Rocks hosted a rosy afternoon, dubbed the Pink Party, at Trump National Golf Club Sunday in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Attendees of the blush bash were surrounded by fun, even through the formalities, receiving mini makeovers by Tracie Rosales, custom bra fittings from Trousseau, meeting Redskin cheerleades and Playboy calendar girls, and posing in the VitaImages photo booth  while hearing from Maimah Karmo of Tigerlily (the event's beneficiary) and watching a video of survivors sharing their stories... all before the highly anticipated fashion showcase from Annalee's Formals of Ashburn, which featured community models including Ashley Boalch (Miss DC 2011).

 Spotted & Snapped: See more photos from the event here!

Christian Siriano Brings Collection to DC for Pink Rocks the Runway

Christian Siriano, the youngest winner and a fan favorite of Bravo's "Project Runway" as well as a rising star in the industry, brought his recently unveiled Spring 2012 Collection to DC for a showcase with Pink Rocks the Runway at the Ronald Reagan Center Saturday night.  Before the show, the "fierce" designer dished about his involvement with the cause, favorite celebs he's dressed (Pussy Cat Dolls??!), his interest in men's fashion and whether Project Runway prepared him for the real world of fashion. 

Video embed:

Arts for Autism 2011

Paola Quiroz, Amit Anand, Kimberly Glenn, Lauri Tamney and Shelley Tidmore were among those who shared an evening of children, adolescents and fashionable fundraising adults showcasing their impressive talents on stage and walking the runway to support families impacted by autism at the Clarendon Ballroom Saturday night at Arts for Autism.

Lisa Spoden and Andrea Johnson took top honors as fundraising champions, helping the organization to raise funds to benefit the Intervention Assistance Fund, providing families with mini-grants offered by the Autism Society of Northern Virginia (ASNV) to pay for treatments and therapies not covered by local or state services.

Video embed:

Key to the Cure 2011

Saks Fifth Avenue in Chevy Chase stayed open late for the annual Key to the Cure charity shopping benefit last week, inviting shoppers to kick off the chain's nationwide weekend effort to fight breast cancer. 

Attendees enjoyed pampering before -- or after -- perusing and purchasing.  The event, as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, showcased culinary treats from local restaurants and shopping at the classically stylish Saks Fifth Avenue.

Co-chairs Maura Fitzgerald Shannon and Nina Snow encouraged guests to make charitable donations, which translated to "keys," each with the chance to open a box of prizes.  Keys to the Cure!

Spotted & Snapped: Connect with KSK and see more photos from the event on our Facebook page!

Pink Rocks the Runway

by Amber Francis 

PinkJams!, a Washington DC area non-profit promoting early detection and breast cancer awareness to men and women under 40, hosted a runway fashion show event featuring local designers dressing fourteen cancer survivors, "Pink Tie Guys" advocating for male involvement in the cause, a concert by the Charm City Devils -- and Christian Siriano's Spring 2012 collection -- at the Ronald Reagan Center Friday evening (10-21-11).

Video embed: Edit this video

Diddy Does DC (Again)

Rap mogul Sean ("Diddy") Combs will be spotted in DC during Howard University's Homecoming this weekend.  It's a true homecoming for Combs, a Howard alumnus, who will be hosting a Stepshow Afterparty at Love Nightclub as part of the weekend's festivities.  Also in attendance: AJ Calloway, former "106 and Park" host and "Extra" correspondent.

Salvation Army Does Good: with Saks and Geurlain

Models backstage
The Salvation Army is "Doing the Most Good" - and having the most fun doing it.

Model in fashions from Saks 
Over 400 friends, supporters and sponsors of the Salvation Army joined the charitable organization's women's auxiliary for the 62nd annual Salvation Army Fashion Show Wednesday afternoon at DC's westend Ritz Carlton, filling the ballroom for a luncheon, runway event and fundraising auction.

This year's fashion presentation, chaired by Carmen Stull and attended by international embassy representatives and other local charitables, featured Fall and Winter pieces from Saks Fifth Avenue Chevy Chase paired with the four trend "looks" of Guerlain's make-up collection.

The District Dish: Pink Rocks the Runway

Pink Rocks the Runway Chair Wendy Gordon dishes on your last minute chance to purchase tickets for this Friday's fashion show with Christian Siriano and the Charm City Devils.

Video embed:

Meridian Ball: One of the biggest black-ties of the year

The Meridian Ball is widely recognized as one of D.C.'s biggest black-tie bashes, attended by public officials including Cabinet members, Supreme Court Justices and members of Congress.  The Ball, now in its 43rd year, celebrated the Meridian International Center, the nation’s premier forum for the advancement of the United States’ public and cultural diplomacy efforts.

Honorary Chair First Lady Michelle Obama, Congressional Chairs Jill Cooper Udall and Linda Mays McCaul, Honorary Sponsor Ambassador Capricia Penavic Marshall, Chief of Protocol of the United States, Honorary Benefactor Mayor Vincent C. Gray of the District of Columbia, Ball Chair The Honorable Mary M. Ourisman and White-Meyer Dinner Chair Susanna Quinn began the evening with formal dinners hosted by 22 ambassadors at their embassies or residences and then a Ball at the Meridian's White Meyer House with drinks and food stations representing more than 12 nations and regions.

“There is no other place in Washington or maybe the world where leaders from so many sectors gather for a night like tonight," noted Meridian President and CEO Stuart Holliday. "Functions like the Meridian Ball, along with the events we do throughout the year, are a crucial platform for building and strengthening relationships and international diplomacy."

Josephine Paints the Town Belvedere RED

Josephine Lounge (1008 Vermont Ave. NW) painted the town red Tuesday night for the launch of Belvedere RED - raising proceeds for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria - as well as unveiling its new interior decor.  

Lounge Co-Owner Alain Kalantar, Redskin Edgar Jones, Carlos Gray, Paul Wharton, Dr. Ayman Hakki, Moet-Hennessy USA's Michelle Desrosiers, Public Bar Co-Owner Tony Hudgins, The's Meredith Fineman,  and Crooked Monkey's Micha Weinblatt were among those toasting the lounge's new look with champagne and Belvedere cocktails. 

Miami-based designer Mark Lehmkuhl's redesign won't disappoint Josephine's loyal lounge fans, who will enjoy an expansion of the venue's usable space, an incorporation of cutting edge technology and intelligent lighting throughout.  

Spotted & Snapped: Connect and see more pictures from the night on our Facebook page!   

Encore!: Snapped at the STC Gala After-Hours

Michael Kahn Takes Center Stage for his 25 Years at Shakespeare Theatre Company

hMichael Kahn is a man with a love of Shakespeare.  America's leading classic theatre director and a renowned teacher, Khan has also served as the Shakespeare Theatre Company's Artistic Director for the past 25 years.  

"Never, ever, ever back 25 years ago did I ever expect that I would be here and I would have the chance to work with such extraordinary people and spend my life working on the most wonderful plays written in the English language," Kahn said as he took center stage at the theatre's annual Gala Monday night at the Company's Harman Theatre.  

Celebrated performers, political and community notables, including Chelsea Clinton, Lynn Collins, Denyce Graves, Terrence McNally, Bradley Whitford and Sir Patrick Stewart lauded Kahn for his warm spirit, terrific direction, and recognizeable influence on the prosperity of DC's arts environment. 

 Kahn's leadership and accomplishments have grown the Company into what has been called "the nation's foremost Shakespeare company."  (Wall Street Journal)

"I'm a perfect living expample of how wrong F. Scott Fitzgerald was when he said that there are no second acts in American lives... Because I've had three wonderful acts.  This being the third stage of my life - the best stage I've had.  I've had 25 years of people who actually embraced the work we did and supported the work we did."  

And the best is yet to come. 
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Solen's No Longer a Secret

by Casey Valerie Linsey

Şerefe! (or "cheers" in Turkish) to Dupont Circle’s Agora Restaurant, which unveiled its second-floor private dining space - the Solen Room - Monday evening.

Over a glass of the traditional Turkish drink raki, Agora’s general manager Ismail Uslu had difficulty explaining the chemical composition of the drink to guests. He noted, “I hate chemistry but I know what tastes good! And trust me, everything on the menu is so good that it all goes right into my tummy! Can’t you tell? Look how round it is!” 
The good humor extended well into the night as the intimate group of media guests including Jason of, Greg O'Neill of Greg’s List DC, and Girl Meets Food founder Mary Kong mingled and sampled Mediterranean cuisine prepared by executive chef Ghassan Jarrouj

Though Uslu insisted on keeping the recipes a secret, Jarrouj laughed as he reminded guests that “all the recipes are already online if you want to try making it!”

*The Solen Room opens to the public this week and can be found above Agora Restaurant at 1527 17th Street NW.

Inside Boxwood: A VIP Tour and Tank Tasting

With DC Wine Week well underway in the District, other opportunistic oenophiles took a 'swirl, sip and spit' roadtrip to the nearby Boxwood Estate vineyard in Virginia for a rare tour and tank tasting experience.

With Middleburg's harvest and grape pressing at an end, requests for tours of local wineries - and the chance to taste the fruits of their labor - increase in late Fall.  But this walkabout, hosted personally by Boxwood's EVP Rachel Martin, was even more wonderful. 

An intimate group gathered to taste directly from the tallest tanks of fermenting (soon-to-be-barrelled) wine, listen to the malolactic fermentation in Boxwood's oak barrel aging room, check out the winery's own bottling line and sample the estate's finest finished product.

Boxwood, Topiary and Boxwood Trellis wines are available on site, online and in the winery's retail Tasting Rooms Wine Bars around the region. 

The District Dish: Carmen Stull, Chair, Salvation Army Fashion Show

Salvation Army Fashion Show Chair Carmen Stull gives all the detail on this year's runway event... and the one-of-a-kind Guerlain styles that will be debuted on the catwalk this Wednesday (10-19-11)!

Video embed:

Butterfly Bash!

Over 500 Washingtonians came together Friday evening to celebrate Fair Chance at the 5th Annual Butterfly Bash. Honorary Chair, Katharine Weymouth (WaPo Publisher) joined Founder, Amanda Marshall, and Co-Chairs Julie Maner and Megan Rupp at the Mellon Auditorium to positively impact the lives of over 54,000 children in DC's greatest communities of need.

“When I started Fair Chance in 2002, my vision was to provide dynamic and passionate nonprofit leaders with critical business skills so they could not only help more children, but be around for years to come to support the families who were counting on them the most. And, it has worked!" Marshall beamed.

The 2011 Butterfly Bash smashed previous years’ fundraising records, bringing in $200,000 including more than $22,000 raised in a live auction at the event.

Tailgate Time: 74th Annual International Gold Cup

Winning the cup at the International Gold Cup Races isn't just about crossing the finish line -- there's a Fall tailgating tradition, too!  K Street Kate joined in on the judging of the annual bars and buffets for a Saturday afternoon of food and fun that was equally as exciting as the equestrian action on the field.

What makes a winning tailgate?  Equal parts enthusiasm and preparation!  A theme, decorations, signature drink and homemade gourmet goodies are perfectly prize-worthy as well.  Check out the video to see how tailgate judges delighted in the day.

Video embed:

DC Wine Week Toasts the Town

by Pete Waters 

Wine enthusiasts in the District have reason to celebrate with the arrival of DC Wine Week, which started off strong with its “Official Opening Bash” hosted at Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar in Capitol Hill on Saturday night.

The event, co-hosted by DC Event JunkiePivot Point Communications, DC Magazine, and other local supports was attended by such patrons of the pour as attorney/advocate Stef Woods, WUSA’s Lindsay Mastis and Patrick O’Brien -- all sampling the fruit of the vintner’s art.  Hors d’oeuvres were also provided, with connoisseurs like Food and Wine Diva Summer Whitford on hand to enjoy them.

Of course, the opening reception was just that – the opener - according to Lisa Byrne, DC Wine Week organizer. Wine Week runs from Saturday the 15th to Saturday the 22nd.  Drink to the full schedule... available here. 

Zentan Pops the Bubbly with Moët and Chandon

by Kathy Guzman

Thursday night, the official Moët and Chandon oenologist, Marc Brevot, hosted an exclusive vintage champagne and food pairing at DC's own Zentan. Together with Zentan's executive chef, Suser Lee, Brevot and his team put together an exquisite five-course menu paired with some of Moët and Chandon's finest vintage champagnes.

Moët Rose Imperial... Moet Grand Vintage 2002... 1992 Blanc Moët Grand Vintage... flutes couldn't stop begging for more.  "2002 is our latest vintage champagne on the market and worldwide," explained Brevot, "an exciting vintage because the year had fantastic weather, great potential, and gave the wine more than 7 years in the cellar. It gave the wine a deep harmony in its creation."

While the words "Moët & Chandon" certainly invoke a number of iconic descriptors like "exceptional," "elegant," and "luxurious," dinner guests may now associate "trendy and tasty" with their champagne pairings.

Ballpoints and the Ballet

by Pete Waters 

Even the pens were doing pirouettes Thursday night as the Washington Ballet hosted a "Great Gatsby" get together at Tysons Galleria's brand new Montblanc.  The international jeweler invited guests to the grand opening of its new spacious boutique that featured the company's recently expanded offerings (timepieces, eyewear, leather goods, and fragrances) as well as it core businesss (dating back to 1924), “jewelry that writes."

Patrons cocktailed while perusing collections including Montblanc's Christopher Columbus pen (at left) -- The Galleria's display boasts Number 12 in a series of only 14 ever made -- a diamond-studded jeweled pen with engravings in the Toledo style, listing for a cool $67,000.

In keeping with Montblanc's philosophy of quality craftsmanship becoming art, the company's patronage extends to its local sponsorship of the Washington Ballet’s reprisal of The Great Gatsby at The Kennedy Center (November 2-6). In the word of Elizabeth Early, the Ballet’s Manager of Special Events and Stewardship, “Montblanc is the perfect lead sponsor ... because its timeless pieces of art perfectly match the theme of the 1920s jazz-age lifestyle.”
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