Baby, You Can Light My Fire: DC's Favorite Fireplaces

Looking to cozy up to your own flame during the crazy colder weather ahead?  We've compiled our best bets for burning love... because it's tougher than you might expect to sneak in that snugglefest at a fireplace in DC - unless you happen to have one at home!

10) The roaring fire at the Jockey Club's Fairfax Lounge is a once.. and future... favorite.  Stroke the embers at this Embassy Row location that blazed in its glory days, and now gets the gas going again!

Courtesy, Tabard Inn

9) Would you believe you can get some cozy with your coffee?  Yep, two local Starbucks boast fires to go along with the caffeine fix.  Visit the locations on Capitol Hill SE and upstairs in Georgetown's M Street venue. 

8) To get some flames with your Asian-fusion - or to add some red hot to its winter white decor - check out the long fireplace in Oya's main dining room. 

7) Not one, but two, historic stone fireplaces add some atmosphere to the delicious seafood dishes at SeaCatch.  Turn up the heat while you enjoy that halibut!

6) The Washington Plaza Hotel and its International Bar fight against falling temperatures in the heart of the city (Thomas Circle) with special winter cocktails and noshes near its wood-burning wonder.

5) One part rustic lodge, the other, ritzy lounge, Cure Bar & Bistro is a perfectly relaxing place to hang up the winter hat and mittens while diving into traditional cured foods and that flaming fire you've been craving. 

4) Eight.  That's right, there are eight fireplaces in the Russia House... so you can rest assured something will be burning - if not the logs, then definitely the vodka as it goes down!

Courtesy, Ritz Carlton

3) Whether it's a gathering for telling stories of the ghosts that haunt this historic residence or just dallying before dinner, the fireplace at Tabard Inn has been a consistent off-the-beaten path favorite.
2) With its library, piano bar, spa and suites, there's almost nothing more you can ask of the Jefferson Hotel - except nestling into your own nook next to the fire in its Plume restaurant.  Most inviting!

1) One of the city's most famous hearths takes center stage in the lounge of the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown. Not only do patrons assemble for some welcome warmth, but the hotel takes advantage of its popularity by offering complimentary s'mores and hot cocoa.

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