"Jingle" Designers Give the Holidays.... a Haircut?

by Casey Valerie Linsey 

"I’ve always felt Christmas is more than just red and green – it’s about bold touches of colors like purple and orange.” explained ASID Interior Design’s Patrick J. Baglino, Jr. about giving the season some color treatment. 

Local interior designers - on a mission to stop limiting holiday decorations to clichéd red and green - are decking the halls of the Four Seasons in Georgetown as part of  the 6th annual Georgetown Jingle.  From angels made out of recycled maps to a tree with more bling than a display at Tiffany’s & Co., the yearly benefit, and its 12 themed trees, brim with innovative holiday spirit through Christmas and benefit the Georgetown University Hospital’s pediatric oncology programs.

Among the dazzlers on display are Gary Lovejoy’s pyramid of personal elements - like favorite hobby and interest items - in clear boxes; SCS Interiors’ Shazalynn Cavin-Winfrey turns to fishing wire: stringing the ornaments, and hanging them from a chandelier in the dining room.  Dee Thronton of Houseworks Interiors found inspiration on vacation, designing a Caribbean-themed tree with a fish frenzy of ornaments. 

Tradition tree or no, the designers stress knowing what fits your personal style. “It’s like finding a good haircut!" notes Rosie Sauser of Cultivated Gardens.  "Look at a bunch of magazines, clip the photos you like, and you’ll discover [your] decorating style.”

Here's your tip: The" trees "on display are also for sale.  But hurry, hotel guests have already snapped one up!

In the Thicke of It

Photo by: GearShift TV
Spotted at club Josephine Wednesday night: Robin Thicke.  The smooth crooner - who has been known to enjoy DC's nightlife on previous visits - didn't just make a quick appearance following his performance at the 9:30 Club (as part of his "Love After War" tour).  

Toasting with fans and Belvedere Vodka, Thicke humbly accepted congratulations on the concert - and his relationship with
Paula Patton
When told they were "the cutest couple in Hollywood," he laughed back, "I don't believe it - but thank you!" 

Magic & Miracles 2011: Well, well, Wells!

Attendees at Ready, Willing & Working's 4th annual Magic & Miracles event weren't expecting literal magic and miracles at the Ritz Wednesday night, but then, they met the miracle Men in Blue... as well as saw slight of hand, Magician Aedryan Methyus' telepathy experiment, and a "performing" politician!

"I am very familiar with the Men in Blue," said Councilmember Tommy Wells, the lone political attendee from the event's honorary Host Committee, speaking of the formerly homeless or incarcerated men who now receive paid work opportunities and supportive services through RWW.  "This program makes me proud of our city."

Guests agreed that Wells should also be proud of his candor... and his stand-up comedy skills.  After his introduction by program host Kojo Nmamdi, Wells, calling the emcee "an old-school throwback," delivered some humble political pie - and some of the best lines of the night.  

"Kojo, you don't even know the word 'snark,' I think... What gives [The Political Hour] extra polish is your contrast with the rough and - kind of not well spoken - Tom Sherwood," he joked.  "I'm proud... that you're keeping our residents informed of the latest things happening in DC government.  Some things are actually good that happen.  But, well... that's not on your show much."

Wells: Ready, willing... and witty.
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